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3-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EA. Rebels but. He would -- -- -- -- -- No one songs with an assault rifle knowing. Yeah. -- they ought to be extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got -- your -- Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take out. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American family that's on the under when that happened. -- -- -- That was -- maverick. -- -- we can move ten new must eat these greedy and dirty I like Q. You have blows. Like a bonus yeah. Today he is well. Mario I'm sorry Mario Cuomo son is gonna be your governor. For the next five years including of course this year. This is a campaign year I will expect there rob asked the Reno or whomever the Republicans. -- to be slaughtered to be slaughtered. And I hope you enjoy the New York safe act that I hope you enjoyed it and -- if there is -- happy this person in New York City. -- in all of New York State right now it's got to be Andrew Cuomo. Because he is going to not be reelected governor of New York State there's not a damn thing we can do about it. Donald Trump after jerking us around and jerking us around jerking us around. As finally said yeah. Story may beneficial joining us right now is that somebody who's been very close to this from the get go. Michael -- on WBM Michael first of all how did you work. When did you get the news that Donald Trump but is in fact not going to run. Well I got the news via Twitter and Flickr video. Even though like I've had belonged to start with the last couple days. I honestly didn't expect that he would -- Again. Probable for the weekend so we've I thought we might hear from the -- -- that there really are right. So oh. I hate it never understood. Michael the attitude that he brought to this discussion which was. If not greater run and I expect everybody else to drop dead and let me be the nominee never quite understood that because that to me always seemed like it easy outs. And it will -- easier. I think it it -- it. It's a legitimate. I think for sure I'm I don't. I don't agreement that however because I understand the fundamental nature of the Republican Party. Of New York City. Not if it's not strong enough -- any person to stand off and if you're going to ruin your belt and everything you worked all of your life. Include competitive and you want to be able to count on some peoples to keep -- out of about it much as possible the fact is we got Nadia on. 20%. New York State Republicans that are they're actually. Working or am helping and voting for and getting people to vote. Pretty -- were already the minority party in -- -- walk that many of our supporters to Andrew Cuomo we don't stand a chance. No matter who the candidates. I think that the inclusion in the game. It wouldn't want -- -- it is known that tweet he said he believes he would have -- But I mean frankly he contradicts himself he wanted to be the governor but he won the Republican Party to unite behind him. But that he goes on to say he thinks he would have won. I mean I always. One and Tom I think you wouldn't want to do but at the same time that it -- He was -- Carl Paladino. What Andrew Cuomo is capable of doing it how far will go to win that want it understood when it. But Carl Paladino also you know he didn't have 200 million dollars he was willing to put toward the races Donald Trump I believe told us he was willing to put towards his campaign -- spent about and build his own money. Right I'm a little bit let navigate -- I believe -- both -- -- must see that you would do. But he just wasn't part on Monday -- when you realize that Long Island for example. You know the Republican a lot of the Republicans on Long Island. Are loyal to -- horrible and long you as a Republican you have to do very very well. I think Donald Trump what it -- independent and Democrat along with them like you said many times on here. But I think if the end of all of its analysis. He finally thought that it wouldn't be worth the bluntly. Who wouldn't be where you pair of my family. And it wouldn't be worth all the back -- I would give me. In order to get there but you know -- that wanna sacrifice himself on the all verbal off of a failed Republican Party I can't blame -- But we're talking with -- Michael Capuano who has been very involved with Donald Trump as Donald Trump has finally reached his decision which is that he is not. Going to run for the governor's job in New York State. We are taking your calls 8030930s. The phone number 8030930. Start it thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM. Michael I'll tell you one of the reasons this surprises me. You gave -- hope. A few weeks ago would you -- that Donald trumps family. His his daughter. His wife and his sons were solidly behind the idea of Donald Trump running for governor of New York I thought you know what. That is huge because if you go to one or -- Well because if you've got support from your family that is 99 point 5% of the battle right -- but even with that support. Donald Trump has basically decided that the you know like I guess you must like the food itself a two hours. Well I'm cool couple who does right but operated. -- you have to give the man do I mean I don't care who he is for what he's very. -- comical here that there's the media has -- for a victory for what you believe. The person that I saw the replay will be on many other people are behind it being really you're thinking about. You have to give the man do you have to be happy people but the most. Incredible life in the world. In the most notable worked in the world you have to put the very night for him you risk you know -- -- we even had you know. All of you have young son now. -- to put it on the line up against the brutal you know theater by Andrew Cuomo at the same time. So this is what I believe -- the result of supposedly the west of Reno has more courage than Donald Trump. Newscast drills will do it at -- we didn't break. Up and come together sorry I thuggery. You can after the everything you just like you. Are sorry he I applaud her that's accurate here for a while. I mean I I don't think it -- I don't think yet -- risking anything I mean running for governor the ultimate motion for a county that it is. In New York State. I think you know from -- -- And that the right thing to do in it back and -- -- -- the -- -- or deal with. And maybe in four years you'll be able to run again in my hand like he did -- we got from county executive VP and cement man. I do think it might be like you do you're not going to be much of -- carpet -- your -- but apparently it. Well we have a governor who has had that conservatives have no place in New York State fact John -- has access to -- but there that we're all familiar with -- with the expression. And what Andrew Cuomo told an Albany radio station and it went viral of course like any other time a liberal issues hate speech -- the media will not call him on it except. Curious talk show host and certain radio stations. How big a blow is this to love. The more well of people in New York State. Who wished Andrew Cuomo which is dry up and blow away because. I could face up that I. His decision is gonna have repercussions in my life and -- lives all across western new York and New York State. It really is -- -- -- -- to exploit -- point. And there's been fundamentally that I have with our over the problem the way I know what kind of review work your role going to reluctant. And I don't like what I see in the future. I don't really have a brief you'll cope with and I'm a devout Republican I might have been all of my a -- white. And I'm not an office holder nor do -- which Oval Office or the partners ever worked on election. Like you know you very -- -- someone who knows nothing Republican Party unity seeking any of the Republican Party party. We're in the real world of hurt. And while Laugh Factory that would make -- governor I don't think he can get that and the sellers and could get there who happens not yet. All the notes today. And it really people don't -- will trigger them. Well I believe -- much that Donald Trump had he run by the way if you're just joining us it's official Donald Trump tweeted at about 530 this afternoon that he is not. Going to run for governor so basically Donald Trump you know thanks for -- thanks for wasting -- time. Thanks for getting your hopes up. Because I believe I still believe. That Donald Trump would have beaten. Andrew Cuomo and I believe right now we'll let me ask you this question Michael Caputo how. The is Andrew Cuomo right now because if not him I'm -- my reelection party tonight. Well I'm not -- they thought about I think about and fifteen million dollars in the -- And probably. Triple quadruple that in the -- -- -- a lot of money. Obviously all week. Counting upon. A very -- reelected with Ronald -- there in the limelight on this end and talked about it considering the idea of running for. For governor I think it really shook into global it made him rethink what kind of if he ever run. And it wasn't until he started getting -- little bit -- -- -- -- it's not what we're going to -- -- -- the governor probably started doing what -- No Michael is that what disadvantaged their position here because Amman remote -- don't really have access to what do you ordinarily would be able to grab onto. I have to ask you this on the year for how long are you free and are you able to take phone calls -- -- that everybody in the world probably wants to talk to your right now but let me know for how long ahead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I don't often hear that from such distinguished people but usually have to pay by the hour -- hold hold on the levee along time Michaels so don't go anywhere it's official folks Donald Trump. Has let us down Andrew Cuomo is going to be reelected. They've got to the bank no doubt about that he's going to trial so Iraq -- -- or anybody else. The Republicans up put up against him Andrew Cuomo is probably. Right now he is probably the happiness man in New York State. In the second half is people who New York State the recipient class right now though let's go to traffic in here is Allan Harris. -- are older users quickly and painlessly as it can. Tonight is going to be breezy a shot or this evening and then that maybe a couple of snow showers overnight low 32 and please be careful drive it out there. Because. As if it's 35 degrees and it goes down to we get precipitation it frees you could end up with black eyes and I don't want to get hurt tonight. Because -- already heartbroken because Donald Trump isn't running and I feel used like a cheap Taiwanese or. And I don't like feeling that way at least not without money Saturday. -- it'll be cloudy tomorrow windier colder. It doesn't snow showers in spots 37 the high end Sunday. Something going on outside Sunday what might that be buckle up -- twenty degrees will be the high right now 51 degrees at the WB and Michael up before tickle our calls and I don't profile be able to -- before the 630 news or not but. Because -- -- Reno is right no effect it's right there in his name. Does this mean Carl Paladino we may see him announce that he is now a candidate for governor. Well on the appellate you know -- I think and that he grew up on the order of lying or or even don't line group. But its profits which -- its flight. And point and be very adept if they think that this thing he can do it it probably a -- or are there any audio -- your beer right now. -- I've been very loyal following. Under my suspicion that he probably leaning more or petitioning and many of the conservative line because it appears. The conservative line may be handed to -- Reno by the chairman of the concerted party -- Michael Long art east. Edit but are in the interviews so -- Carl going to get in there you'll most likely do it via. Petitioning yet gather upwards of 30000 petitions to get it done. Can bet it is in the that he's speaking right now. Or we're talking with that Michael Caputo and Michael -- geographic beverage and may be a box of Kleenex or whatever tissue you prefer. Because of your crying. I mean you're not a crime speaking metaphorically were not a literary sense I am however crying because. I thought Donald Trump was the only hope we have in new York state of -- typify this up mummified state. I thought that Donald Trump was the only person with the financial resources the name recognition and the -- state ability to gather votes away from Andrew Cuomo. And I think it's going to be a slaughter in November I think Andrew Cuomo is going to be reelected he'll be reelected in a landslide. And Donald Trump basically. You know basically came into our living rooms he dropped his drawers and it is business and then walked away and were left to deal with it at war with nowhere left to deal with a New York State under at -- ball while he's off but -- Florida -- -- -- someplace enjoy your life which is his prerogative don't get me wrong. But you know what else for missile thought Jesus and then not deliver the goods you know. Seriously don't do that -- so that's putting it comes all the way to buffalo. Meet people get people's hopes to run well run -- -- ultra run home run. And that in the end you know we're left with a -- and we're left with at least four more years of up to Andrew Cuomo. Then the again is -- gonna have a impact your life. Michael Caputo has been in this from the get go in terms of talking with Donald Trump about running for the governor's job in New York State. And he's joining us now on WB yeah we'll all they want wide open look at some calls coming right up after the news break. 8030930. Start like 3180616. WBP and the if there's one word actually two words describe me right now number one it is consulate. Number two lack promotes number three actually billiards. Not before it's hello realism pissed off on WB. And I thirty WBM broadcasting live from Hamburg gaming yeah. In Hamburg will be here until 7 o'clock dead tonight. Hand big breaking news and of course -- happens when -- on promoted always does. Donald Trump is not. Running for governor after jerking us around him jerk -- surrounded jerking us around. Donald Trump says that's okay New York State I'm happy with my lifestyle the rescue industry yourselves he didn't say that as we got -- her phrasing. -- by the way calling nine right now I have a pair of tickets for James Taylor. Tuesday July 20 night 7 PM first leg -- that -- minimum value seventy dollars courtesy of beaver productions general contest rules apply -- tonight at 6449875. We're talking with the Michael Caputo. And I wanna play -- here from -- Donald Trump so anybody who does not understand. Why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling right now -- -- Donald Trump will not run the -- notes that he basically has told assault destroy ourselves because he knows he's the only person. Who could won the race let's listen that Donald Trump when I spoke with a about a month ago. It's the biggest event they've ever had by four that's a good thing that that tell you. That there's a long mean to win they want somebody that's going to win. Already them. That's what he had to say about the -- at this all the doors and the people who were. Basically lined up barriers to. Wish that he runs for the governor's job. And he believes there's still does that he would have. One had he run did we have any other audio from a Donald Trump where he talks about winning I didn't realize that -- lasted like two seconds. Well let's just go back to Michael -- -- don't actually ready to take some phone calls. -- -- All right let's let's go to -- I can see the name on line one so I'm just gonna have two guests at stand. Outline what WB and Europe with Michael a footnote Donald Trump is not running for governor what do you have for us. OK guys two words. Voter apathy. The problem I'm having is when people do not go out and vote. They get what they deserve it 2012. Was the most important presidential election and -- -- time. Right and I talk -- -- normal today -- cannot. -- talking about the governor's race this year I don't want to talk about Mitt Romney right now let's not revisit that give me your take on Trump's announcement today. And don't want me if you talk about voter apathy forgive me for nothing excited about another light no -- get asked to Reno. Okay let me tell -- about. The -- trump. He likes to dangle -- he knows he couldn't serve as a desperate for a winner they'd do anything. -- be able to -- and then in the final. The end when no limo door open standard -- can't stepping out six crown dump out. He'd have a good time. You know he's not gonna lose it having that content to living in new York and then he I want to be approaching -- Jack I have been well writers pick probably dump out. Beat you up what are you may be laughed and think it -- going to be able to do you have so glad you would call them you wanna talk about that Donald Trump dangling the -- do you feel like you were strung along -- Michael occasions but a lot of your own time. Talk with that Donald Trump and you know at the end of the day he's got billions and you know you've got a mortgage to. Might break time and money you know bill a lot of people put a lot of time and effort that a lot of optical popular pick it from your outlook on. But that the responsibility. Of every member of the Republicans maybe. If you're registered member of the tree you know. That your elected to that position ordered -- seek out and that. That's our job and that we didn't and it's institute convinced that once Iran is it possible reform want unity -- we -- And that's what we do you do on the Democrats like to see entity that can win and in Islamabad Donald Trump I don't know where he's coming. -- thought that call was gone guys I don't you are right we're -- second. Right now we're all right sir about that I. The -- on -- five you're WB and John you a question for Michael to -- -- -- You're all right -- look I'm not talked. Yeah I mean I think it was pretty clear from what they're running it is -- look just like he wasn't running for president. And I think you know they're pretty much sums it up that he wasn't running. When he says well I'm not gonna run consecutive win which is true. Whatever mr. buy hourly things about how the election when it came up. For your thoughts on what your next first of all John -- -- -- about it John John he's got his facts straight. Because Donald Trump did not say he was not running because he couldn't win so that error number one. Error number two I guess we'll never know whether Donald Trump would have won or not because he's not running. So get your facts straight to your homework before you call Michelle -- Donald Trump's America tweet as I did a little bit earlier. Michael he said he still believed Donald Trump and his own -- that he can win. -- -- -- Yeah I think there are I think you know been recovered pieces that I've had with him in the last couple of days. None of it have gotten out -- none of our what he did you know. None of our our our hope have been diminished -- -- explain it and want to you know once again -- review in the last couple of days. Are what we thought the path to victory blog and frankly -- A traditional. You know but the conventional wisdom. Are kind of political consultant or -- and old school guys would any network. But the reason why the numbers work for Donald Trump. It is the only work if you believe in. The radical change in the electoral landscape if it normative it would be with brain like you talk about on years somebody who has. The name Mikey and money to attract the independent and Democrat voters -- partner of the persona that they break. -- an -- who believe in -- with -- you bought it never went if somebody who believe in France for me and the day. You start at the victory he saw that. We went -- in the last couple of days brightly in the end. You know he doesn't want to. Jump in the game with what it's -- Republican Party and its ailment that helped them. I don't think likable and it. Exactly could the state Republican Party have done for Donald Trump that he couldn't do himself see me again we get back into this said jerking us around thing. I. I don't think you were I don't think -- dirt around common -- not -- we -- and -- that no -- it and that thank you very -- a little salute. And we wait for him and I was offered that. Reconsider which -- a month later he said he would it's something you would period we do if we unite we put it all together. What I do that's what I mean by jerking us around this whole idea again like I gotta get back to what I said at the very beginning of the show the idea that he had that -- now. The entire Republican Party ought to drop dead and unite around him because he was Donald Trump. Was very unrealistic and frankly as a kind of attitude for which any contestant on the apprentice would have not even made the to be on the show. Well I mean I believe did Donald Trump another candidate to beat you with they were all of it ask for special consideration. I think if it was something that. -- are without their -- it sounded like art too much as we'd be fine for him what what unity was. -- -- at arm or union it would be asked for unity look at it every single time he carefully chosen words. You want to look at -- present what he wanted what possible. But in the end I think he thought -- many many in the upper. But he thought it was possible with. -- -- -- wind -- pretty you're pretty often work with their you know there are going to be some threats. And it just believe an -- in the Republican Party in your -- -- so Campbell. But OK but give them this treachery in the Republican Party. I hope we have time to get that but a lot of people wanna talk to you. I just ask that you do your homework before you call you know exactly what Donald Trump said and we didn't say. And I'll try to repeat the -- when I can. Here is Jim in Appleton on WB -- Jim hello. Why one guys Jim and Appleton Europe WB yeah. Yes very disappointed that he bowed out then. But him saying that they he has bigger plan that had you know if that's possible indication that this run for the presidency. I think -- fouling out here knee. Tarnished the credibility further which you you're gonna help -- and it's not gonna help you know. Meaning. If you're gonna run again on the same platform that it hurt that said he was looking at New York State. Yeah a lot though. Jim I think you have just hit it out of the ballpark. Donald Trump is never going to run for political office and I think any time he ever says indicates or anybody even asks him. To run for political office I think we just laugh it off and I didn't pay any attention to it. Right exactly what -- cities he started this credibility. And it's fire as a rapist -- I don't know enough about him. And then a brief interview that I heard from them this is regarded as that are -- or or whatever but -- If if he is their only hope I think we should back them and I don't know yeah I counted only sound okay what they outbound OK you know. I don't I'll be voting libertarian. Because I will lots of forty Republicans about voting for Mitt Romney about voting for John McCain I'm not going to enable it Republican Party that I would like. I -- frankly that is dead and deserves its death. Didn't I -- this -- become more American vote but he's gonna he's got to get in the way it's it's over today the election for governor bigger state ended. It will be Andrew Cuomo for more years of Andrew Cuomo. I am sorry it -- look I wish I didn't have to say it pains me as traitors like you wouldn't believe but it's over. Did beat New York governor race was decided today it's done it's Cuomo done. Scientists are. Sorry Jim automated state the obvious -- that you bring the hammer down but. A pretty upset about this. Donald Trump has tweeted and those -- -- -- subscriber service at thirty. 930. You found this out first. Donald Trump tweets today I have clearly stated. That if the New York State Republican Party is able to unify I would run for governor and win but they can't unify sad. -- Donald what's sad is that it jerked us around for months. That you gave people false hope. That he flew to buffalo. You got a hundred dollars or whatever per person to have people come a mixed with glory you Donald Trump. And at the end of the day with millions of people counting on you to be the transformative candidate to beat in Cuomo to restore some sense of sanity to New York State government. You decided that you do have the stones to Ron. And that's what happened now he went on to say by the way in this statement. The next that we. While I won't be running for governor of New York State any race I would have won. I -- much bigger plans in mind to stay tuned it will. Happen. Well I don't care what Donald -- future plans are. Anything at any time anybody's gonna make him for public office. It it it's not going to happen because why would the why would give up. The lifestyle Michael -- while he give up being Donald Trump even to be president if that was possible. Well I'll record there and fight fight fight no bird you know from the time I spent with Mike but I might fit with our you know but he adds that it. That -- to -- -- back and get involved in and out of public service. I mean he's made that very weird here very. Quote poverty over dinner without being Karl at the point where we believe you mothers. And I aren't content that you want to do something and in the realm of public service. We were trying to convince them that it it the opposite governor and it all but do you think I have to disagree with -- -- to the -- -- First of -- if if you wanna blame somebody. Port while getting into this thing in and it would value it out to really only aptly be. Because he didn't want. We brought him and ask you. This week we told you you have time to meet its mind. You build up some kind of -- -- -- -- You know any movement. Political web site in China built it was it was a grassroots effort. In order him to or it bail. -- movement rarely. Work. I try to Brandt. Larry a blow to run against Chuck Schumer in 2010. And that's -- And I've been involved and -- over thirteen different -- Movements. Not while I'm very disappointed palm I'm not angry at mr. -- for considering -- that many people asked him to consider. It happened -- there or something. And it won't allow. No with an answer it's just not fair. And and back to earth. You know what Michael here but a allow Bleacher Report. If -- -- -- by Samuel Jackson from pulp fiction I think he'd do this a month ago that he was a gotta run so why delay it. Well all I wanted to play if it's a month ago with the -- I thought it would -- We are right -- -- -- turning in the wrong direction. It's when yet but -- meeting with about about 63%. Of the weighted vote of a Republican chairman -- at all. In and and we were supposed to get together put down an exploratory and the moody didn't bat I realized that it made me look you know the correction. And we started talking about trying to -- is -- for him to questions were more focused on. We were trying to describe for them what are brokered convention would bring meaning. Out of a convention fight or are you -- an app to eliminate. At the -- by giving more than 75% of the vote on war. If he yelled at that which is probably what we were going to have to do. If there was some treachery. Among Republican ranks which they're all way it is. Then you would have actually you know in a primary. All the way until September. And it would have been. You know -- you you'll. -- that all along the way I think that's what. It did not want to do. I'm I'm I'm just in its spring economic and I thought sparkle and felt we started talking about a brokered convention. And I realized that that you aren't -- program if you want it more acclamation. Now unfortunately. -- we will all we will all suffer I'm -- up stay with us Michael -- on our -- -- one thing don't. -- to get a break bucket where it got that yet if I don't get a break -- I won't be around to talk with. It has hourly for him bird get it make -- -- -- the last 7 o'clock -- like him forgiving is located on the Erie county fairgrounds in Hamburg. Used to South Park entrance to enter. Am current promotion is -- -- -- Does that stick to Bechtel which is kind of fun to watch actually it's a lot of fun to watch because. And seeing people play tick tack toe against any real life -- And that's gonna be taking place until March 29 he runs from noon until 10 PM daily you can or five points and a player rewards card to play against the chicken or. New members play free. Beat the jets can win 250 dollars in free play at a T -- say you were the champ it is the ten year birthday celebration coming up on Monday. With free T shirts and cupcakes to the first 15100 guests through the door plus theater -- a bit of local Elvis dude -- -- Walt. So that is against that is Hamburg a game. With over 950. Video game machines and funny happening all right log of all weekend long here at Hamburg game. It is power they with Michael cook food -- in in case you weren't listening yeah. Donald Trump is not running for governor he's finally made it official Michael you have a thought go. -- you know that type of thing I want you to know what -- -- -- that we've talked about your column that. I've heard you referred after -- at the right note and I I really did agree with that. That vector they -- No market it's my my problem with that Reno with I didn't understand the app -- -- the victory. I didn't -- any normal regular Republican put. -- -- and I thought somebody that was part of the bank standard model and I thought perhaps the victim. That a lot that -- -- improvement at Marino's record. As well -- -- word. Point to somebody who really. Probably more right the better than they did you work even comparable -- But who's who's supports whose support -- -- -- element. Why does he enjoy the support of the very snakes in the grass in the GOP of whom you have spoken. All the knowledge won't endorse or support at all you'll enjoy their pledge to support. The bottom and and Arnold action -- -- watch news. There -- thousands of boat that he was supposed to get somehow they have. So yeah. So what you tell me that as you think that has to know is being hung out to dry by the GOP grass. -- -- -- It is important that as we through here. Not yet on the -- -- you know but if rock that they don't realize that anybody who knows much about your Republican Party. Knows that air -- for Andrew Cuomo in the heat for him very -- In favor along you can neighboring area there where the county RB couldn. Are you exporter for people and while. I understand this but I think in -- don't calculus which I don't know who. You'll have first -- the thing he did what it decently this time. And not run next time and waited even though we got. Back maverick and Cuomo -- records. Don't speak but he got to deal with. Well Michael. I wish I had more time I am very much indebted to you for joining us the final hour of the -- program. With your comments and your insight into this the end. -- seconds or less is there any reason you see any productive citizens to stay in New York State. We do do what you want to do and that is to let me -- from the equation. I think it's time for all with acrobat. But I'm not gonna do it I'm not -- your book. But it sure you'll like it there. Well it seems like you know to -- trump was the last -- you know he was the great last hole and you know it just isn't going to happen and I would expect the typical results from a New York that Michael again thank you very much I appreciate your time. -- got about thirty seconds left that we're not gonna play the -- tonight but I do wanna encourage you to stand by because Sean Hannity is coming up -- supplemental -- -- Savage Nation Michael Savage from -- -- one. And it will leave you with that two simple words. As we head into the weekend have to thank you John Sherman back to the radio station that those words are simple no yourself.

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