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3-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. You would. Think. The whole -- And welcome to the New York's. If they -- be extremely conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. -- -- -- -- -- Tom -- -- that -- but he's shown that certain spot news radio 930 check out the big grade all of. On his radio. There VW the end good to be here with you thank you for making me a part of your day. And John Sherman is back master control and -- gates is your act calls credit and let out John's service but hockey player. Right gates -- the right place but he looks like hockey player and he's got the name of hockey player. Maybe think he would -- Orlando -- well but anyway yeah. Advocates is that the radio station and does some sad news today. Regarding any recurrence of cancer I don't know if you just heard about that but. Former Buffalo Bills quarterback and NFL hall of Famer Jim Kelly is any recurrence of cancer this is according to. Roswell park and I certainly. Actually -- Roswell park greasy MCI have to double check your PC MC. Museums he says halting quarterback Jim Kelly has any recurrence of cancer and we certainly wish him nothing but the best for a -- In -- lovely family in I will certainly keep him and everybody go through health issues. In my upper most of thoughts and prayers and the positive energy and there was obviously. Nothing but the best for everybody. Going through every health issues are right now. Just wish him the best by the way if you. Would like to be able find out news as we get the news here are easy ways to do it what you're gonna do is you're gonna send us. Three different tests one will say news what will say traffic what will -- -- I've sent those text to 3930. That's thirty. 930. And send news traffic and weather three separate text and that when news breaks will send to the update when traffic is an ungodly mess will send you an update. What whether. Bulletins come through Wilson the update it's a very popular service and frankly. About quietly -- area that I use it myself and it's like a lot of my news on a daily basis because I don't feel like being tethered to the Internet 24/7 like some people that like to -- real information is my business at all but you -- get away from that with a cellphone -- -- alert system we kind of act like electable filtering your own personal wire service again that number is 39330. 930. Text the word whether. News. Traffic three separate text them that we will hook you up. Well let's get back to what job in the camper Erica we're talking about what offense. What benefits you and why. But -- very few things offend me people going after your freedom now that. I find offensive what -- it. -- Shane -- I find that offensive and I find it offensive because it is as I've said a million times focus. Liberty and freedom and rights. They are not just to be taken for quit. They must be fought for they must be recognized. They must be defended verbally orally and god forbid by force if need. But you have to be aware year of the fact. That our founding fathers knew that government could be the biggest enemy of the people ever. And it wanted to put our founding fathers. Into place a system in right. Which codified preexisting. Natural law. Your bill of rights number one through -- the First Amendment of the constitution. Folks they don't you view rights those rights are your entitlement as an American. All the constitution does is give your entitlement specific numbers -- specific verbiage okay. The rights are given do you as an entitlement from nature from nature's god from god however you want a phrase. Now -- the other countries also have their own rights some have more rights than others some are more diligent about enforcing those rights that others George Carlin does agree -- it out. But folks justice does not happen. Because it happens it must be fought for rights do not occur because it's the natural weight governments treat people. Rights must be fought for. At every step of the way. Every generation has responsibility. To pass on to which spawned not simply that it can ever -- back but also a recognition. Of the rights for which so many have given so much over the years. Nobody expected John Hamburg -- WB -- -- I like the what do you think because basically you're absolutely right. 2030 years ago it was people like Tipper Gore and the people going after lyrics in music way back then which seemed rather open mind to what I'm hearing now. They were the new puritans. That is the Tipper Gore where it was eight new -- with with like which. And the -- it's funny because we see the educational establishment. Cracking down on people like -- hit me. And we see local politicians. Cracking down on people like the -- that far from here with his insight into why state side. We see a bully taking place against Americans exercising. Their first amendment rights and John I like the way -- -- out of the box score a little bit further. They're definitely I mean the main point of it is is there are printed sure there are certain who have pieces of literature there are very of course -- Some go very very part of the -- -- some people are. But the fact remains is that an instrument called elected maybe it was decided by the Sudanese. It's it's cute that you don't want him reading the book which should agree that they actually very good book he didn't really it's an -- in the book -- -- and a radio show. -- the future and have read something else and sure there was a compromise. But the problem is immediately that -- -- -- to do this -- that you you're you're -- everybody -- the ability to. Great act like you know make that decision yourself into the third -- pocket about the need to be picked up at this school. Reader can go in and buy an album that you might find offensive pocket and that's what -- was. John a -- it up but job because I can't dialogue with Jonny what was. Sir John thank you for the call is open at an exchange review that are part of having your air exchanges or knowing when to not exchange and knowing when the lesson that I think I. With more than willing to listen what you have to say I wish there would have been some reciprocity -- I would say that I find it offensive. But that which is that we have -- I don't know exactly the lesson that is taught by. What was the book the mystery of the dog in the -- time. I don't know if there are similar books out there are bodies of literature out there were out. Short stories even that make the same point I have the -- -- But when you're dealing with a public school system. OK it's like dealing with for a mass media you will never please everybody and I know that some of you who. Are very big fans of mine might think that universally beloved and if that is not the -- mean I'm honored to vote you're right I've honestly folks that I've said this before right I feel your love. Sometimes on a daily basis more than you'll ever ever know. But I also recognize that just like the public schools I can't please everybody. With -- election. With the words I use with my unique way of thinking. I can't please everybody with that. Public schools can't please anybody or -- they can't please everybody either but my suggestion to the fellow who called it if you were listening was that. If his sensitivities. Are that. Much offended by what is being taught in the public schools there are other areas there are other ways in which to educate young people. One of them of course is home schooling and the other I would be the the religiously based schools but again. You need to be careful which religiously based school you can -- because just because I don't try to bash Catholics please understand this I hope you know we bettered that but some of the schools which should talk about a Catholic education. Well there's Catholic others Catholic. And even within the church as you know there are cafeteria Catholics and there aren't the hardcore Catholic. -- that a million times if I were Catholic I would be the guy going to the Latin masses first on my knees first up and probably saying via our father as loudly as I possibly could. So you can't please everybody and any situation so just words to the wise from the otherwise. Let's go to -- Man in buffalo on WB at eighteen minutes after five Raymond what offends you. Or irritated -- I am so sick of being referred to as a racist. Simply because those are the conservative. I mean rule any it's pretty bit. Oh -- Woolsey or her Harry Reid or any of these and -- all and these terrible that. -- by itself corporate -- ticket range. From you know these these awaited referred to anybody that does agree with. Why would they do that let's let's just that take this logically OK why do you think that people are called racist who are on our side of the -- -- Well first they have no argument to ring connect what ever is being sent -- On the other side so they had the word that we don't wait that is simply aware of your races you disagree what Obama. And. Do the Michelson always does Sean Hannity does rush does he -- this -- we you know. We challenge it of course our reward is to be called a racist. Great reporter what all the fault but I always do it. Which -- you know. Whenever I'm on my cutting short at all -- -- will put more because I think this is a very very interesting. Area and it's one that I really wanna address and I'll try to addresses briefly as -- camp before getting back to you and your thoughts I think the tragedy. A Barack Obama. Is the fact that you have been the nation's first biracial president who isn't unique position to reach out and bridge America together. Okay and he instead has chosen the low road he has chosen division instead of cohesion. And I can honestly tell you. Over the radio. That what I look in the mirror. I know that I have done more on a daily basis to try to bring people together in love and mutual respect. That America's first biracial. President and when you listen to my show. And you hear me refer to my black Brothers and sisters my Jewish Brothers Brothers and sisters my transgender Brothers and sisters this is the language of inclusion. And it's very important to me to do that. Because this is that we are all in this together OK it just because somebody is looks different than you. Or is so oriented different than you are in terms of sexual preference does not mean that we can't agree on 90% of the world elsewhere. And I only wish that the nation's first biracial president had a heart that was as sincere. As mine. When it comes to bridging people together he is a phony he is a fraud. I am the real deal the irony being I'm a white guy who grew up in the -- but certainly keep you out here Raymond but I -- -- check with traffic right now WP -- and here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather reports tonight breezy shower late this evening followed by a couple of snow showers that heads up because -- overnight -- going to be 32 degrees that's going to be an -- Average so if you that rain. And then the temperature goes to 323130. Degrees. Be careful you don't want and that the side of the road coming home Friday night that never looks good the cops. Believe me. Why isn't that this guy has to talk in the PA at the minute I turn my Mike it would at ten minutes of silence is not the -- I don't understand this Saturday it will be cloudy windy and colder rain or snow showers in spots at 37 the high. Right now it is 51 -- news radio 930 WB yeah we live at Hamburg. Hamburg we are at the -- giving and I had fun just a few months ago watching the chicken outsmart human beings that. All right let's go to what Raymond again in buffalo who is -- well whose defense. What conservatives are called. Racist because they disagree with Obama -- because -- -- but you know what's the what what also is very telling about this Raymond is. The dearth of criticism. That is heaped upon those who go after black conservatives. As if they have no independent thoughts of their own and as -- black conservatives are immature. Little babies who were simply you know the white man's bitches I have never been dealt with that I think that's that that in itself as an insulting argument. Oh my goodness what I ever see you know that song you know really. In you know law. On top of Hawaiian people like current era I don't wedge and armed. Below. Or -- -- and travel -- -- Worst -- com our secretary state performance -- Thursday ever get into. Ever abandon. Children honored that way if you ever been held up well as in -- perfectly suited confirmed that they'll want me. And it's but that's it's a big thing at you what once celebrates. A person of this stature. Because it. Riviera. I think we know exactly where you've gone with this phone call I'm glad you called and I have to get to a break. But you make excellent excellent excellent point and it's the same argument I've made about homosexuals bisexuals and transgender. Jobs because they have a different lifestyle. Does not mean they can't be welcomed as conservative periods but with the progressive Communists that many EU. Engage in your own personal diversity. If you were a black conservative if you worry transgender conservative suddenly you're not welcome by the pressure groups because in order to belong to -- pressure groups you have to be all lefty all the way. All day. And believe you know a lot of gay men and they are all conservatives. And they do not. They are not welcome within the quote unquote gay community. Because of their political preference. Which says all you need to know about the rainbow flag at the fraudulent. Diversity. In the context. It's. Okay. And how to be heterosexual and still enjoy it up. You know that that's not the present for them really. And it's -- fun look at all upset with me here its power they were talking about that what offends you. How easily offended RU. And if you missed it earlier. I have this theory now for several years that there are literally people in the world and thank god it very small percentage of people probably less than 1% -- -- out there. And I think he literally wake up every morning in the hopes that somebody in media will say something. Where -- they get their day in the sun would they get their moment to shine. OK so they can write letters in B -- ended because nothing says your of the moral high ground like writing a note or even -- Setting up a tweet. Where you are offended because people will automatically assume that your ears have been victimized. That somehow what you are a victim. And in this day and age in which we -- being a victim is a -- glorious glorious thing. Personally I think being a victim is great glorious thing. And if you think about your life long and hard enough. Believe me. If you haven't at one point or another felt were being victimized. You probably haven't really lit it happens to all of us it happens to the best of it. The best of us now you've got a choice that you need to make. You can either be consumed by the bitterness. You can allow yourself to be eaten from the inside out with hatred because you have been victimized or you can say you know what. There are times and everyone's life where bad things happen to good people can't you accept that as part of life and you move up. And unfortunately. And believe me I've learned a lot of this the last three years of my own life no matter how in control you like -- No matter how much you like to believe your Superman -- you can fight back anything. There are times when there you are in the middle of -- Europe. And it is November 1913. And you're caught in a cyclone of events over which you have absolutely no control. Can't you have to simply relinquish it and say you know what I'm just gonna have to write this one up. I'm just gonna have to roll with the punches I'm just gonna have to ride with the win it. And if you can master the art. Of surrendering your -- When things are utterly out of your control. I think that in the long run that's gonna make you much better person and a stronger person believe me for me it's very tough to give up control of a control freak. It's one of my weaknesses it's also one of my strengths but. You know what -- told. And I'm talking about you hear what you have been told by your doctors that you've got cancer or you have a a situation which you were adrenal glands or you've got a problem with your stomach or whatever. You know there are times when you just have to say. I can't do anything about this and I guess you could allow yourself to be consumed by it. Or you can let it roll off you like water off the ducks -- -- shores nobody can make that decision for you that's got to come from within. To get back to -- -- is with us on the line guys such as my computer's doing that funky thing again. A little help here guys like one. John back to the station. Okay he's not there I thought he was okay well that lets Eric go to. John in the buffalo. On the WB at John how are you offended -- I don't -- All I'm. They get an -- if you're out there. Okay arms pumping it come about the past few months that really apparently in Bavaria dependable person. And outside what -- -- really -- I worked two jobs my second job and -- just -- and -- -- talked to a lot of people. And what really offends -- is the people who support obamacare. What has nothing to do it and it let me elaborate respectively. The people who support Obama here who have nothing it has to do it. I'm a lot of educators come at a particular pride back then that the -- -- about obamacare and this is why has nothing to do with them. There -- ensured that Robert David Lewis visit November they think it's such a great thing. But I'd say don't let -- go without -- -- -- plant and fire up that -- web site that wants to judge me. Three times more than what I think hurt recovered last November well that -- -- come. John and I furthermore may just have add to your sense of being offensive. You do know that the people who bitch the lot motorists when it comes to their choice of health care providers are teachers specifically teacher's unions -- remember the hassle. Win the buffalo schools one of the go to -- single Payer system and the teachers just got all of their panties in an outrage. The fundamental goal of Obama here anybody who is paying attention. Knows this. Basically it's good -- put the private health insurance industry out of business so that all of our health here. Ultimately is decided by that in the hands of the federal government. And John German back at the station I want -- the audio with the lady asking President Obama about 100 year old mother. And a pacemaker and -- quality of life. And the fraud the phony Obama. And his hate filled comments about well maybe she should take a pain pill because I guarantee you if a conservative president heads at something like that. It would be the same as mom being pushed off the cliff in her wheelchair you want to configure job. Yes but they'll have one more thing and I'm pretty sure he'll be on -- -- this once so. Also -- the same people also support the sit back there on the back of your background. I've lived about football's most mileage about hardworking guy but I'm not stretched so. Sometimes I don't live in the greatest neighborhoods. Twice in my life -- that apartment broken until while I was home. Twice in my life well the first time -- put the barrel match well -- job my door Riverside. The fact is -- a -- probably Obama stares but I had a gun and I didn't have anything taken from me. Ever those people that say that we're safer nobody has gone except for the criminals. Well they're pretty much higher drug or something that's all I can say about it. I don't believe if you don't like guns you don't have to all the book or you to tell me that I got to be unsafe because you don't. Like. Three worked at like its response amen amen amen I think you know my position on the Second Amendment. Even the god almighty. In any religious faith of which I have any awareness has always regarded. Your right to preserve your own life and the lives of those you love. As even recognized in in scripture whatever scripture whatever holy book we have the speaker. That the first law of nature. He is self defense the first law of nature is the ability to keep yourself alive. What would like here's some -- that they felt. -- -- -- that we have to do traffic guys are we to a traffic now or not yes no OK yes I would like -- -- but. -- right now I have a sample just the fact I guess that maybe once every two years. I was they would go to the doctor I brought -- probably 400 yards to the camp by itself to become that the people this weekend and that value of that. It also affordable well that is just hilarious to me. I think it beyond hilarious to me. Job every great health plan through my employer ever count. And it is the kind of planned though where you have basically those who use it the most and the most out of pocket unfortunately. The use it a lot. And that even with health insurance if I told Ellis but -- has spent the last three years and doctors and hospitals you would plots. Probably what it probably for eagle -- -- regular electric -- area. They brought that Havoc but thanks thanks -- here. -- -- of thinking about that but again folks that this gets back to what I just -- a few minutes ago. There are times that life in this very difficult for those of us were control freaks where things are out of your control. -- there's nothing you can do about it. And no matter how much you loved him. He ain't ever gonna be yours. No matter how much you want your leg to heal from that to -- -- from that. For that fracture with the ball poked through it it's never going to be the same like this what are you accept that. The better off you're going to be and the more positive the F you -- have -- about it the better off you're gonna be it's either that or let it consume you. And you don't wanna be consumed by things that are out of your control just be concerned about mostly those things that end. Be controlled or at least fall like the safer if we hope. Let's go to John in buffalo on the line in the I outlined five John you were on hello. John going wants. John going twice as good Davis like -- that a life for. David Lancaster -- like for you were on WB and hello. Yet heard. I got -- LA is -- thing that really. While knowing me well I think what quickly I'm. First ball I just bombed out -- I pretty much got out I got the boot out of of the united harder work. So that literally literally get my mirror I can't believe how many -- they had it out you. Well you YouTube played the you've started the band and they kicked -- the -- -- an unbelievable. That they can't believe these people like it look like old white guy. Well you know. -- if you like I can try to get all the Don -- And get his comments on that but that probably is going to be possible before 7 o'clock Q apart what guys -- to the music industry. Unbelievable there who don't believe -- -- and I just -- austerity bill. Figure that let my excuse to that you I'm curious what excuse they gave for kicking you out of bed you start. Syracuse was that I didn't seem to be focused enough and I would I would put it marked one of the -- -- -- ever came along and -- And god. I I'm on the on the -- I I can you believe it yeah I think it's more. Bomb it is like everybody have a personality complex as well bring in -- -- -- Number wonder I don't I never really understood that I I knew that from the CIA now. Well unfortunately. As you know performers. Have issues. There is not a single performer who is absolutely 100%. Normal. And I don't care if you're playing at a local cover band I don't care you're playing -- garage band I don't care you're working a 500 -- daytime radio station you work or to have people who work bit eccentric you let people who believe it's got to be fairways were no way. And Dave. One door slammed shut another one opens up you may very very well find. Start create establish another band except this time do it Smart. Which you wanna do is trademark or incorporate the name and make the other guys signed contracts with you they become your employees they can't fire you. You can fire them. Right right and it you know. I mean it -- this kind of setting is -- thin and it -- gonna get all this this is taking a few days well it's kind of bother me. They wanted to clear that on their door and I I just found out that day that my hours of my job got caught completely. Out. Due to my employers. Financial responsibilities. And I've been here awhile and in his short district in this economy around here is is why it -- saints and to find yourself today. -- do you think that it might weekend you know and I'm just fine. That I never seen this coming out or did I ever ever ever he had come. It does hurt her all the they've all due respect you've been through too dramatic events in a short period of time right you load up playing in the band -- lost that. Your job has been cut back out to half of what it used to be. That is a traumatic experience now when you cut back because your employer wanted to keep you under the benefit level because of obamacare. I'm just a good question I I did some mom asking around in the company now that's not exactly and it could be because nobody's. Certain narcotic mountains -- it -- it or not because -- There was actually more employees that were added into the company's recently. So I'm wondering if maybe if that was the case that they exactly what happened. On the -- that -- Short on time I have to ask your quick question and here it is so how are you gonna handle this what are you going to do about it what is your strategy what is your game plan go. My game plan is to make myself more. Available they do more things that were bombed by and then probably go out and look for something close within a neighborhood that I can. I'll make up the other hours. And as far as the next band you start when you gonna do. I am going to take one -- at a time and I'm going to be very collective. And dog -- my mind open and be more sense -- -- what I did before. Well you're you're you're also going to name the band that. You are going to be in charge of getting the band's web site up and running in your name you'll be in charge of running the band's website and anybody you agreed to -- play with you will be a contract player they will work for you that's what you're gonna do that will prevent this from happening in the future. -- her in on better paper might do. Well thank you very much area -- -- -- I hope things look up for human and that remembers him as one door slammed shut -- -- opens wide we have. I'm glad you called in tonight. That the smartest thing I heard all day thank you very much. Well Dave thank you very much is not an original thought but you'll you'll get through years you'll get through this lawyer but again folks -- grew up with I grew up with bands my entire life right in the house so I have some familiarity with how things -- and how painful it is when somebody gets to Austin also helping -- sometimes for the other guys in the band to throw somebody -- Dave thank you for the call we need to break -- the -- Here because that we have breaking news and I'm still trying to figure out the difference between what I heard fifteen minutes ago when blunders during now but AccuWeather. Tonight breezy a shower this evening followed by a couple of snow showers late 32. John Sherman if you give me Michael good food so I appreciate that. We should have his number in the system. He's been Donald to drops the F -- On this right now it's 51 degrees that WB yeah. So what -- -- -- as much as I would look to continue the topic of what -- you. We have breaking news and let me. Give that to my cellphone which is it that might have its -- today. Donald Trump has tweeted that he won't run. He and his tweet today Donald Trump says. Clearly stated. That if the new York Republican Party is able to unify. I would run for governor and win. They can't unify said that while I won't be what -- it is. While I won't be running for governor of New York State a race I would have won but I have much bigger plans in mind state to and it will happen. Well. Donald Trump thank you for absolutely nothing thank you for wasting our time. Thank you for giving us false hope. Thank you for doing this only for Donald -- by the way one -- FaceBook followers Rachel wells -- call this before it even happened. She says that this is all about Donald Trump. She is he is not going to run. And she turns out to be correct. So what Donald Trump you've now become a persona non productivity and -- true that retro old day but basically. Donald Trump you just decided that. New York State and basically. Take a flight -- Donald Trump was not running for governor. That makes me so -- it makes me angry I need to break we'll take calls. Did Donald Trump make the right decision how let belt area but it is only a month ago we was -- pound. And that now we find out that he basically not only -- breaking up -- -- wanna go out with us that makes me sad WB.

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