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3-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I wore us down -- the -- with great big thing. If India the whole -- not bought that ends this month brought. That we have to pass the -- that you can find out what is it. But it's not my responsibility but if you got -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. There really is nothing like a short time. -- -- Today and I don't mind he's ready at 930 excuse me while I whip this out. You know three on I'm thirty what offends you that his mind yet that's what I topics that I got that others have got introduced at the same time. Because. Got some unfinished business -- from this week that I need -- do but what -- suspected serial line one in north -- Wanda. Jury is also a graduate of by the -- worked out not a lot of school system back what educators actually educated they did not inculcate with political views. And they taught and we learned at all like hot there's actually a rifle team it can work -- they may still have your rifle team -- ten or east. But what I see is given Grand Island. Being bullied by school officials over a short which is far less offensive than my it would be perceived as being today -- and -- and -- the pistols shirt which I have to put up on my FaceBook page I get all right. Good intentions you know. It's alarming when they go to Jerry in north I don't want to get to wrap things up -- -- what you -- 2014. You're grown up what makes you billions what offends you would have -- This boy with a teacher that I'll have a rifle team. Thank god for -- that I. That I learn out of -- sharpshooter in the esteem ballots or you're an active duty in the military retired in 2001. Or Mike some bad time. And I -- skills for the people you mention all the teachers I had those features. And I vendors -- to respect brother people. And I learn a lot nicer place you're probably get this your family and just a wonderful thing gold go to get Maurice. And you thought about it he thought about putting Gaines park over the years. You've -- back a lot of memories for people a year ago here. Well up there and thank you -- chariots -- kind of view but I -- memories are good. Memories are good -- reflecting. In the past but what I really like to do is to compare the way things used to be in terms of education. To the way they are now. There's a world of difference I think we're hurting our own children. By the -- were doing it let's find out what's happening in traffic right now I knew this was gonna happen it's a Friday with decent weather after days of bad weather so here's Eleanor is with an update. That's accident in the united east there's ninety west ramp on the left side it's clear that totally out now. That's the good news the way in the back up but to an accident there was another one farther back between Sheridan in Maine over on the right side. There's one parent last checked sitting over there on the right side. Not really blocking at this point the backup is still there -- going back about the 99 even now that the accident has gone -- he would starting to move its way through. Everywhere else are pretty good shape northern major problems to report. And arabians and -- command I'm Eleanor instantly -- And a reminder of just any traffic issues about which we need to know we love would help us with traffic 80303210. Job that I get that number right -- I don't ever written down probably 8030321. Thank god that's -- WB in traffic command number that Ella watches every camera he can't. But here's -- -- -- lot of you notices but it seems like every time there's an accident at point -- that is precisely where the camera goes out. Just before the accident it's almost like it's -- -- or something so we always appreciate your help with traffic. What offends you argue easily offended. Can't I've got another question I'm gonna whip up a second but they go to bill in tunnel one -- lying to bill and WBBM built what -- your. Boldest sense is for Barack Obama's policies while Boston completing a military. What do you -- into the country gab on the foreign policy. Well -- you just that don't know whether to call you racist or you know it Neanderthal I just don't know where to go through stuff. Well -- would not matter race and Arabian phony or. August illogical. Or people yet it was I -- all over there -- I mean these people are were. But the Republican Party does the impetus for me. Certainly the Republican Party what serves our. Wolf the Republican Party is so they're weaker than what you so they don't and are regularly anymore Broderick was less welcome that and so. Well. Actually yeah I was invited. I have a sound like it in great here I was invited to a big here Republican function as a guest of honor and I can't go kick goal because the Republican Party is not my party I wouldn't support -- Republican Party have no use for the Republican Party it's dead it's dying it's -- -- -- get written. And I just have no no use for again I appreciate the invite for a nice of them but my views and their views like I kind of feel like the godfather meeting with a lot so. Heavily you have business in my business. We just have different interests and wish the best in the event here. And good luck. Okay. Adulthood and also I think film that it says Beckel is sitting at you know at that it will that this particular report speculates who. Against. This particular people expect support and generate future. Well they did so no may be punished upload all. Don't know if you read the -- the superintendent -- wasn't published punished for wearing the T shirt he was punished because. It was dangerous to the the regular -- of the -- the exact quote an elaborate from a media but it was disruptive to the educational process -- to have embroidered guns on clothing and -- -- that he was in support. By the way so -- George Washington Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin James -- James Madison and a whole bunch of other people that's what we have the USA. Because they were supported -- simple the king of England. Well back effectiveness that there there were able wrote these -- what it's who've gone across. Open whether it's if you -- at school -- you -- this story that sort of -- insert yes because like it's ridiculous. I mean you have -- But what -- Others though is it is one thing to be offensive over things that have no impact on knew we could just change the channel changed the dial OK that's one thing. It's another thing. To be like you are bill and the way I. Not offended when people have a power over you. Pot over me and they are on American constitution. Heeding -- -- -- -- Like to deliver an awful film rights to we're losing our rights what you what you without these these that this sickness sudden -- they're gonna take away. All the human and Verlander. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Buffalo raceway at the fairgrounds and you really got to check out the ship attacked oh it's a plane took effect though against a chicken. I -- that just to see if it actually is fun to watch and the chickens are very well cared for. IE I might -- Let's go to like three right now this is William in buffalo on WB -- Williams how easily offended RU and at what does have been user. Well planted by the way -- country treats -- record I -- -- disabled that. And I'm very open the way they treat us like we. Explain. It's gone because when you go off we are visibility. They keep -- you know deny and deny and -- And we got sleep well out paperwork together they show they you know we're actually we're disabled by a series connected. You know Nike buy an item that the only one. There's a whole bunch Specter is out there are getting her claims -- What they're telling you is are the fact that you have breathing issues that are just right you know right at the spot where we dropped napalm back in 1968 that has nothing to do they service related injury you -- that kind of nonsense. Although the whole bunch of evil area are actually Gainer claims that guy in football as paperwork. You know look like you're yet they would validated Gary what you. Understood and it. Question for you do you have an advocate. With the VA -- patient advocate -- -- veterans advocate with preferably some kind of a medical background who will go to bat for you with the VA to make sure you don't get bone but because our country historically and I hit the break this to you guys were about the sign the paperwork to list. Our country historically screws veterans in fact when you look back at the pension applications from the war of 1812 I believe even the American revolution. The vast majority of people who applied for aid from the government. That they helped to establish got screwed by that same government even going back to the revolution and the war of 1812 and I've always been offended by that. And the William I did not Wear the uniform but as you know these things offend me because you put at all. On the line I'll -- you were leavenworth or Afghanistan. You played a role in defending this country in this country should be doing right by you. Well -- -- right now -- calling us here for the. Well he you know you're right it may -- so many words but there it is people can go over as if they want West Point. West Point. The pointy heads at West Point. Actually put together a scenario. Of how to deal with -- insurrection in America not bite -- lot -- fascists not -- jihadist but -- I'm. America's. Own. Veterans in Tea Party patriots and conservatives we have become. The Jews of the United States of America as the Jews were in Germany in the 1930s but that's scumbag Hitler. They're the conservatives are the new Jews. That's who you know because we're -- -- from two earlier characterizes. This what I do in my country for five years. You know -- story. Well maybe according to our president did you ever achieved the -- of -- when. I -- -- -- our hot button quite Robert. Wrote god bless you sir I was I'd like this -- that I intentionally did that because that is what the President Obama. Believes the word I should there is if that's how he believes that ought to be pronounced now if George Bush this illustrates something -- -- up in the last -- if George Bush had referred to somebody is being a corpse -- The media would never have let that go you have to understand. We have got the White House who is they follow president the -- a fraud he's a phony he's not that intelligent. He is not that Smart. And the media coverage up every misstatement every underhanded thing he says like 57 states because they love the guy they love his policies if it was a Republican conservative which said. Corpse man they never ever ever would elect bill. Double standard that offends me. Well that's -- people I'm Obama don't you think get Obama's spirit you brought up what -- Richard Nixon. And -- speak out -- don't you wish your black like me. Well you know that thank you thank you very much see that's that's the tragedy. Barack Obama. Had such a unique opportunity. Two. And by the way William thanks for the call and we can hit that drop but there guys. Barack Obama had a unique opportunity. To bridge the gap to bridge. The residual racial hatred in America. -- instead of using his unique position as America's first biracial president to do. Instead it in his attempt to reconstruct America according to his vision he has chosen to that fight people. I think that is to his everlasting shame. Dr. Martin Luther King tried to bring people together. Barack Obama. Is not Dr. Martin Luther King the majors over the same skin tone. But in terms of ideology and in terms of a basic love of humanity no matter what the color. Doctor King was demand. Barack Obama is a chance let's go to traffic right now on WB yet here is a terrorist elements of Friday and boy is it has to. -- AccuWeather reports tonight it will be breezy. And you'd expect to -- or this evening but. We also might see some snow showers. The overnight low is going to be freezing 32 degrees so I'm thinking to myself wait a minute we get showers in its 32 we can get some black ice after tonight for your drive home so please drive safely tomorrow Saturday it will be cloudy windy and colder. Raiders though showered spot 37 will be the high and it someday I'd wanna bundle up for anything you might wanna be doing outside so they can imagine what's going on MB over -- the high on Sunday easily would you like twenty degrees day it's 51 that news radio like thirty wait 51 jobs coaches out. Thank you jumped 51 news -- 930 WB yet it has hourly what offends you. That's what I like questions also a lot of bread sticks out here before -- more calls because -- -- follow up to a program we did earlier this week. Were all wondering what happened to that at Malaysian air planes the Boeing 777. And all kinds of theories are about. Do you have a theory now picture a theory changed my theory has not fundamentally changed. Until I know that -- terror group has claimed responsibility. We're either pirating the aircraft or blowing it up I -- goal with terrorism. I mean I'd like to if I could but I can't. Because I don't think the evidence is there has to do absolutely prove that at this point. I still gonna say I think it was some kind of a catastrophic mechanical on the intentional. Failure because that plane to go missing and crash in the ocean crash out of island. War otherwise banished perfectly within the realm of understandable. Probabilities. OK -- going with aliens I'm going with some kind of a bizarre terror -- like the Chinese wanna retro engineer 777. I'm sure they've already figured out how to bright people you know to -- to basically reverse engineer their own version of -- 777. -- honestly to this date as of right now. Pending further information I do believe that it was an accident. I believe it was a failure Dan I also do reserve the right to change my opinion if the facts a lot but if they don't if they don't. I will hit a 30 thirtieth default ever start -- thirty cellphone. 180616. WP. Me. Yeah yeah. Yeah. These. Alone again this. -- I hear. -- -- -- And land -- now. -- -- And games. Thousand miles and these days. And really need it. 930. We're broadcasting alive. From. Hamburger Hamburg gaming. Buffalo raceway. At the fairgrounds in by the huge two -- plate check back to hell it's -- really fun to watch if you don't play watching people putting their wits against the with the chicken. Is these -- tell a funny -- and thought highly entertaining yet my dad and that particular is very well cared for you know that I am a believer animal welfare. And IA had no issue at all. Check it was obviously having a fine line. Anyway. There's nothing like other Saudi -- ways I could go with that but I think I'm gonna just afraid to take the high road. Much to the delight of my immediate supervisor Tim -- he knows exactly there are two lines that of the use but I just can't Patrick is joining us welcome to the show thanks again for making -- part of your life but really appreciate that I'll always do it -- doesn't traffic and that the entire -- -- pocket -- -- -- -- everybody here at the WB yet we like the party life. We -- if that we like -- so much we put cameras in every what are your rooms in your house just so you know full disclosure of course. 03 -- thirty as the phone numbers start like thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM I have two topics. Do topics I couldn't figure out which one I want to do. And the great. This situation. I I spent the first hour talking about it but not talking about it because I wanted to illustrate the dichotomy. Between the way things used to be in schools in the way they are today. And the fact that the guy to longer listening right now used to Wear a shirt all too frequently to like him or -- high school featuring two guns on it can be done in the pistol that was never an issue. Nothing was ever said it was not a big deal it wasn't a problem. And yet. Here we are 2014. Supposedly more advanced. It intellectually by idolize and we have an educational establishment has decided the bully Jane Kenny grant. And to my delight I find out that they believe the wrong guy. Am he's got thousands of supporters willing at a moment's notice to protest at his school. Full accordance with the law but also in full respect of our First Amendment right to do so. And -- Am waiting for the day when we get the apology. From the Grand Island. The school district to the -- family. And frankly to the people of the United States. For failing to properly adhere to the constitution of the United States and to properly respect the freedom for which so many have given so much over the years. Also in addition to what offends you that's the topic by the way what offends you. I told you about some of the people from whom we get emails almost daily because it. Not a day goes by we're somebody. On this radio station doesn't say something that offends somebody. And that we hear about it. Order we hear about it. And I always wonder because it's like the same ten people who bitch all the time why would you torture yourself like that. Me and you've got 500 channels on TV my TV is never MSNBC. Why would my TV is never on CNN why would it be. Why would expose myself to people that are just gonna (%expletive) me off to begin with I just I don't understand the mentality so like you feel morally superior. I think there's some people wake up every date. Who honestly thankful about what issue may not be offended today. How how can I make a name for myself are gonna try to claim some kind of artificial moral high ground. And I wanna get back to the issue by the way about President Obama and -- -- -- more phone calls because my two topics are what offends you and why. Also with the plane that disappeared do you have a theory and it. It is they're this is a revisited the topic we did earlier this week is there any mystery. You would most like salt in life. You know as far as people who go missing. Those of you who don't know the name judge crater. -- CR -- TER like crater on the moon. -- crater. Went missing -- back in the 1920s I believe not a Trace of him was ever found. And they used to be a rhetorical answer to a question to which there was no answer was judge crater. All right -- 030 thirty starlet 3180616. WB yeah let's go to let gene in Clarence a -- thanks for holding and -- -- on. WB -- -- talk about their work that President Obama dropped the ball Jeanne hello. I hate Yugoslavs. What offends me on is that right now and Clarence school board district -- credit credit school district actually. Basically -- their -- while we recognize that they can do a better job raising my kids as far as morality. And I find it pretty offense. Where they try to sell you and your wife that they can do a better job raising your kids -- -- morality. Wise and this question is being as -- has been told once or twice that he should go to a morality boot camp. I do it integral Jamaica but go ahead. Well the issue is on the curriculum in English so -- curriculum at the school. Was challenged last week. I number certainly at least. And not be -- -- excited and help and it has curriculum. -- -- issue because it trying to force things down a case. Are objectionable you -- -- wait we're reaching our case. -- are we talking about sex at. Is pretty out okay well don't don't they have the option you were withdrawing your kid from sex ads. I think you know they're they're they are not about policy. And the policy is that it you know you don't agree with the curriculum. You know it's a library or what -- weeks whatever going to -- that sticker that it's being that it. That there aren't enough you know you can have alternatives. Prayers of all I want a lot of follow this up with you guys were put on all the -- -- up after traffic I guess we are with the traffic right Yasser -- We're not -- okay. Jeanne elements then get back to a gene in Clarence. So -- you say your kid would go to the library and basically sit there and do nothing. As you as the parent. If you choose not to let your kid in sex education that is sure right and that is -- -- -- visual role as a parent to make that decision could you not also say son daughter you're going to the library. I am going to -- you. To read it and derided book report on something that is more consistent with our version of morality that the -- school district -- -- at that time is not waste. Exactly and and we accept that the -- but what are what I've admitted that policy is that you spend on the air with no excitement. And I'm you know we're trying to get them that we have an alternative. I mean is it not only respect that but also -- -- this crap up on the books. That they are actually read. Are -- gonna prepare the ground. And as a matter -- Ample. Forgive my interruption but so what required reading has profanity because one my sign books was JD Salinger's the catcher in the rye which is filled with all kinds of blasphemy which I could see would be offensive to some people. Who don't like the GD word what books specifically did you. Well what are very good putts that I read what I was curious about what was going on the security incident of the dog in the night I. Which is the -- out an autistic boy who. It's telling this story on our whole Buckley -- reading the -- And obviously. Finds a Dark Knight newspapers stock murdered. It -- -- room any -- in the ground. And now from. -- Besides that he wants trying to find out what happens now although the book the great stories that he has a great life -- learned it's all right. So the -- and that he don't injured secondary issue well there where the airport and -- over point five times. I'm Larry and he didn't let Maine being narrow its way back right then and other -- to -- you know body parts that are derogatory. I'm well it's not just an occasional swear words here and there is it more than thirty senate -- This is mandatory. Read. -- -- -- -- Well let me change the storyline and anyway but -- had -- can -- -- I -- -- but anyway it will -- eighty. Maybe that's held its story and he -- ignore the language. Well -- check out the boy's father. -- dot because. Connector neighbor's husband had an affair with -- -- and he ran away together. And. -- have to interrupt you here because it was -- anymore because you start to make me angry because it's what great as your kid and it's great as a freshman and this is the kind of wobble. He's being asked to -- mandated to -- exactly. OK expanded very very interesting. Of course I would point out also that there are. It in the Bible particularly the old testament. You know there's all kinds of homicide incest rape you know its weapons of mass destruction it's Federer. Which have been anchors and people sometimes I bring it up that it just happens to be true so what what. But but OK so what are you gonna do that is apparent if there's a mandated Simon second that you Shakespeare nick -- for example. That was required reading assignment for us in either junior senior high school you -- did you hear your senior year high school. Can't might be Macbeth is filled with that homicide bloodshed violence murder war. Possible. I mean it's just basically every -- could possibly think Pia is indictment that we had to read. Well you know we understand that you know there -- life story that -- you learned in and you know and some are true aren't true and I'm in -- not trying to show that children but when you're available and any. And you may accidentally or by about breaking it -- and it breaking a story in one and one book. You know there's got to be better literature out there I mean. It's a -- it sounds to me like the obvious you've got -- obvious choices made it because your morality is such and believe -- I don't judge morality you have every right to your morality -- to raise your children as I do to to my morality and the way in which I have raised my children -- -- sounds to me like a Christian school. Like -- CCA or maybe one of the Catholic schools that. That would be right up your Alley or or home schooling because I don't think you're gonna have to deal with -- much of that. We'll just let my children are going to. A local apples spoil it sentencing issues there. Well you know I pointed that out on the show as well that just because the school says it is say Catholic school does not mean you go to escape. The liberal blog about being taught I noticed my daughter went to a Catholic school -- I have no issue with the school in question. Buffalo academy of the sacred heart is a terrific school. But I have to say that -- history textbooks I would read them I would like. At the inaccuracies. I would be very upset that some of the frankly -- And biased writing and analyses that I saw. So that's always my. Asterisk -- talk about Catholic education I'm not sure how they do things -- CCA Christians central academy I know it's been around for a long time it might be worth looking into but I know what's kind of expensive. Well you know I -- -- -- I expect -- -- my money's worth at at and Malia heading into school system. And we have great schools is what what are you went with the -- it's it's it's right up there and Xbox three. All square in the area. I'll be happy -- she's there you know -- curriculum -- shouldn't everyone is allowed to go astray and then he challenged like we get -- defense with a -- analysts. My argument though would be because. The public school is the public school. And it is not supposed to be in favor of or against any particular. Faith. Bad. You've got to recognize that part of public education and part of the First Amendment. Not only is the establishment clause -- we don't establish a national religion but it also allows you to freely exercise your religion. -- think the public schools are ever going to be right for you. With that well I say that with love and respect them I'll try to be a media tool okay. Well I against LA I'm sure if they get very quietly bought. About Mohamed and it was for playing there and and McCain -- -- I'm that would be a huge issue and apple would never experience or little. Higher than that slow Christian bashing and and you know if you don't like the book itself. I thought -- if you don't like -- go to hell -- that that would have been the obvious way to I don't fuel. -- look for I'm very very glad you called. -- I wish the best obviously. It may be home schooling is the way to go if you can possibly do it and I I have to respect. Your morality. It's very very important but when you're dealing with the public school. They're not supposed to endorse any particular faith whatsoever or criticize any faith whatsoever. But I do hear you loud and clear about Islam. Nobody wants to talk about Islam if anything but a positive way in the in the public schools OK then -- -- teaching of Islam would be that it is a religion of the story. In many cases you know you basically convert or die. All fairness the Spanish that the same thing. To the American Indians. In the fifteen hundreds roasting people alive and spitz because they would convert to catholicism. Never seem very Christian debate but what do life. -- let let you let your call thank you very much. -- look I agree with what you said about a Christian -- I don't do that a woman do that on the show I don't Christian national Catholic rational -- -- -- Muslim bash. That's not me -- -- there was not one I'm -- -- The same time what's good for the goose must also be good for the gander. At I don't think that I've said anything it's inconsistent -- If I had you pointed out to do topped number one. What offends you -- polite response -- to say thank you sure this was gonna work and the other one is. Do you have a new theory on the missing plane. At what mystery do you want solved. Before you have to shed your mortal coil and go to the great beyond my big one. I wanna know if there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and whether or not if his visited it continues to visit planet earth -- if so. How has it possibly. Gotten by custodian. Einstein. Einstein's physics where is the worm hole and -- we get there. Unused radio thirty WB at 803 all night thirty. We'll have traffic inhibitors are. Until 7 o'clock -- -- from Hamburg. Gaming -- raceway at the fairgrounds but we're inside Hamburg gaming by the fact that they're doing right now is just act -- We you can match your brain against ate chicken. And it's really while watching the chicken beat almost every human challenger at tick -- though it is a -- -- -- They have here over 950. Video gaming machines including big pay out progressives and video poker Entertainment Tonight. Entertainment tomorrow night with local -- this weekend total eclipse will be playing tonight and tomorrow white chocolate. -- they simply races tomorrow Saturday will be quite chocolate. And coming up a ten year birthday celebration on Monday. On Monday. With free T -- cupcakes to the first 15100 guests through the door plus the entertainment of local Elvis impersonator Terry Buchwald doing -- free tribute to McCain from five until mine they'll be this coming. Monday where are we were hampered gaming. Buffalo raceway at the fairgrounds and happy to be here right now the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with -- -- Those special last time the accidents have been cleared on the -- ninety east. But fortunately the back up hasn't and now we're getting -- 5 o'clock rush starting movement so we're still a little slow going back to to about. On the Harlem rolled the area around assured and drive and -- and east and when he wants at the throwaway. It's pretty busy right now on the Kuwait and both directions around media 33 just looking at that getting at a downtown that's slowdowns in the 190 north. Heading up buffalo Niagara street towards the apiece present moment but don't know accidents have been -- been reported. In arabians that are much have command of Al Harris -- -- college. Yeah here's the exclusive WB and AccuWeather forecast but he sure to the main stage plays but he sure -- to -- made that up hourly and the weather says tonight breezy. Maybe a shower this evening followed by a couple of snow showers late overnight -- 32. Right now we're holding at 51 degrees at news radio 930 W media but we just. Given the phone numbers -- 8030 by thirty start at 3180616. WBZ am. I do -- get -- -- -- Obama thing that came in this time last power but frankly the calls have been so great. I just haven't had a chance to but ice shelf as we move along. Right now let's go to outline for guys it's John in Hamburg John welcome your WB yeah. Thought you know I -- I I looked pretty tolerant guy and lot of lot of friendly but you know what Alaska kind of offend me. Only because we're also -- talk about was. It kind of believing regarding future in the hole I know what I was growing up in the eighties I will lack teachers that people found. Offensive and the music islets into lots of people -- different and so offensive that they wanted us to put warning stickers and labels on music. And those people were in the liberal. Who are actually nearly rightwing Christian supremacists that the paperwork and the -- that happened because now -- back then it was music scene with literature. John you may be the call of the week there is no hell -- -- you go before the news we are gonna continue this conversation after the news. Because I remember the days that they think of -- spoken once with Tipper Gore. Which she was decreased -- -- let me finish my thought -- if -- assures. Which who's leading the crusade against. Lyrics in music and telling America that bad music was ruining America's cute. I also spent two hours or so talking with Frank Zappa. About the same subject and oddly enough Frank Zappa had a totally different they got it then did Tipper Gore but your point John hey John we. We have to talk about the new puritans coming up after five. Because I like the what you think out of the box you're holding gun if you don't constantly as well the breaker like okay. So hopeful about their job now stand by because the break but John Germans gonna do his best -- the hourly impersonation during this segment on WB yet.

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