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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-14 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 -- he had. I wore the look and -- with great. Thing yeah if India holds look. -- -- Maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- well I definitely feel stupid. But apple people in charge. -- -- I'm not only I can do you know what -- Good. Kind of -- people you know. I'm very happy for these greedy and dirty you know -- one simple request. And that has to have sharks win. But didn't make everything that I. -- bruised the Hamburg casinos there. It is -- hampered gaming technically for him made it we're live here from now until 7 o'clock tonight. News radio I'm thirty WB EN. Am intent on having a good time. And this is how weird for me because usually when I'm here. I'm sitting at a table -- watching one of my Brothers brands joy ride play the very straight up which I am now. So I think we're the only fitting into my brother and he only got the other is from joy era it would come and it's up in front of the bar. And play while I'm on stage and we can have the ultimate role reversal. I don't know that made sense to anybody about it your roommates of myself anywhere we have that many things that we're gonna give it to us this afternoon. News radio -- thirty WB EN. First of all. Yeah. That there's talk that there is definitely not screwing with with my computer because I don't last night -- words usually of I went home last night and I tried to get in touch with the NR -- And Hyde tried to send an email saying. To a radio show in buffalo -- we'd really like to see if we get the kids' eyes. Some kids' eyes T shirts and sweat shirts and stuff that you guys itself. You know. Your cost to my audience because hey. After all this is the show that broke the story that didn't rent violent. In the situation he had with the vehicles that -- in school suspension -- long story short. For some reason the at our website refused to recognize my address. My IP address book might mailing address at the radio station as a valid address so. They have to try to get through the NRA about four -- five times I've rightly said screw it. So if you are a member of the NRA. That you have like their direct email or something. Wanted to ask them if they'd be willing to do something like that because I give up there -- not enough hours in the day for me to spend an hour try to make a simple request. Our -- which frankly ought to be contacting me to make the offer anyway that's got to be reached out to do this I shouldn't have to go through reaching out. Up to them to do if this is a nationwide story. They should be contacting these -- we have this year how would you like your audience that it -- to buy it at our cost. You know I should have to pursue -- they should be pursuing me. I don't wanna be the -- I wanna be the wanted to get proposed by the NRA. But that's just me covered jealous talk show host but anyway LLC we can't make that because a lot. I have a dream. And that my dream is that every elementary every. Middle school every high school in Western New York as many students as possible show up on one day and that everything there after wearing them. Are a sweatshirt that seizure similar to those worn by Shane Jimmy. Because these up professional educators I'm sorry that they really most of them ever have so far threats as they haven't heard from 1978. Yet okay that's how clueless they are no right to say. Because. Well one of the guys on this radio station who is always bashing teachers that's not my spiel about my -- it's not what I do. I've been a blessed in my life to have put them -- duplicated by some very excellent teachers and you know who they are because over the years I've given all of them. Because they had very profound influences on me but it was a different era back then I graduated forget worries 1981. And it wasn't nearly as crew re easy as it is now in liberal education lot land it really isn't. Those guys went went with Hewitt the school at what what the school don't think they've -- common sense. I can't -- for example out of of these to -- now but at what point that or he's got a rifle team. And you know the guys after school thanks ladies do would go to the basement or worth the wait was that they would take shots with their 22 rifles it was not a big deal. These days. But you would think that the world would come to an end if some -- talked about guns in school. Because common sense has been stricken stripped and has -- the blade away from the educational process and what I see stories like what happened this can't. Grand Island. Just a few days ago that they. We wanna puke and I told the story before they get it it merits being told again because. What to illustrate the difference between them and now. Now again I'm fifty years old 50 never made any secret of my birthday when it is everything is I keep hoping that some. You know rich hot single woman -- sent -- several million dollars is a birthday present hasn't happened yet but we'll see but anyway was gonna say is that. Who went to school. My brother. My brother's name is Dick Dick is a member of the buffalo musical fame buffalo who. He's basically it's a pretty much involved in music and in Western New York has been since about 1963. There -- 64 whenever. But -- a long story short is. The country group with which he used to play it was a group called -- and the pistols. And those of you who are long time buffalo audience may remember the song. That -- idea. The better they looked. Consider aggregate the better they look for the girl last week three -- was all it took -- on site that the -- with which he used to play. That sought by the way it was written by the late great John -- and other members of the band included -- McKenzie on base -- old took his spot doctor about old now took his spot on bass guitar -- -- and -- not the heady ride from the restaurant the other other Ed -- -- can dump -- -- got a lead -- my -- guitar. And I don't think I've left anybody out if I have but no -- in -- is intended but anyway to allow those guys. Because as you well know and by the way Tom. Tom that if you're listening because this is the story of my life my computer just what the hell out of me so what Tom medio region come here and to make -- the computer stuff going -- But anyway. This. This -- got to the pistol. Every weekend. I swear these guys have it like ten years of life to my father's. Time but this planet. Because every Friday. Every Saturday that gates they play at places like suspects they play at places like get Nashville north of Niagara Falls boulevard and they did great. Country music. In the hit T shirts. For the band can be done at the pistols and what should go. That in 197879. When I -- to school I had a collection. Because remember I have no life I simply live vicariously through other people like my brother I tried you accessible it my brother's life and make it by -- And anyway long story short the teachers for the band featured a couple of revolvers. Because that I imagine that they've the ban was caddie god and the pistols and there were -- -- -- eve. Is ever called there was a cloud of smoke. Emanating from the revolvers dedicating that they've just been fired at the cloud of smoke you saw an old style country wanted posters -- letters. -- and the pistols. In effect is a picture of that shirt. And they worry it I think at the 197910. Or east high school yearbook. -- -- exactly where this story is going. Nobody. Ever said that squat. About the future. I was never called to the principal's office because I had two guns on my teacher. I was never called to -- teacher conference because I had two guns on my teacher. I was never discipline that reprimanded. Talked to. Or in any way shape or form bullied harassed threatened intimidated. Or bitch -- because of my caddie and the pistols T shirt featuring the two revolvers. This was in 19781979. And we -- well -- at least to the world of education. These educational. Deal weeds have gone off the paper. They have become the most late -- Out of touch. Clueless. Non real world. Ivory tower pit bull T here is headed not scrolls the world has ever seen. And these people are supposed to be educators that really bothers. And I've tried to make this point several times this week. At lightweight bout in the noise in the background we're live at hamper -- we're live at Hamburg. Gave me. And -- that -- -- though the sound and thank you to radios that would if we're live -- -- that's all so. The educators today I honestly don't know. I honestly don't know where your common sense when guys because while at the school climate of this before. What you hear on the radio show. Okay hopefully the out of the box -- Hopefully the generally proper use of the English language hopefully the metaphors. Hopefully the relationship between. Past history and current events hopefully. The metaphorical. Analogies between what Shakespeare. Wrote. And what is happening in present day life I would be lie. I would be a big posts ago if I told you that I did all of that myself because I did not. I was privileged and blessed to go through the camp worked -- I want a school system when it was a kick ass school system. -- I will tell you folks that for mrs. coal -- in kindergarten. To -- may go in first grade. Mrs. little in second grade mrs. party in third grade mrs. -- I always had the hots for her even in fourth grade. Mrs. -- now the fifth grade -- spot in sixth grade it which likely go through the junior high school and I schoolteachers. Teachers that -- -- teachers that even if they did have an agenda you know what. They kept that to themselves my teachers who encouraged a free flow of ideas in the the classroom. And there were some extraordinary tools of education along the way. And it's not like that anymore. You know couple weeks ago my former high school actually middle school social studies teacher called him. This is a very beloved teacher this is one of my best male friends on the planet. I have a lot of guy friends are too many women to be with yet but anyway. Not able to judge not even a laugh but it's not bad either melt about a so anyway he's busy working. He it was my balderdash. But anyway I think it was pretty obvious the respect and love I have -- social studies teacher -- here we are all these years later. -- folks I'm not exaggerating. I'm personal friends with the men -- hole HO HL. Go right -- For whom he voted in the last elections I have no idea whether he belongs to the NR IA -- -- Communist Party. About exaggerate -- Like because he didn't inculcate us with his own personal political ideology he ought. He encouraged us to think out of the box up big part of why -- love. Of the bill of rights and a huge part of my understanding of the constitution as a young man. Was based upon the brilliant lessons taught by re poll who called like -- just a few weeks ago. So I don't want teachers to get the idea the wrong idea. -- illicitly that there's another WB talk show host who can't stand teachers that's -- me. You -- the other guy. It's not -- Teachers. When I went to school -- That it wasn't just social studies teachers. It was at a natural affinity towards social studies and history but English teachers I have some great ones along the way. And the point I'm trying to make here is not my autobiography. And try to tell you guys that what you hear on the radio station between three and seven. Has been so greatly influenced over the years by some of the finest schoolteachers. I think in the world at teachers do I was exposed. In the camp worked out of Ottawa school district there's an English teacher his it was hot was it. The publicist he was a teacher for very long. He was one of those guys who seem to be in and out -- one of those guys who were the blazer with the patches of the sleeves. He was a class act 100%. Of the time I loved that. He knew I loved him and I don't mean love opens up you know what wait I mean he knew he was highly educated man. I knew that he knew how to teach -- news that he enjoyed teaching. And more than any other person on the face of this planet publicist he. It was teacher tenth grade categories high school taught the meaning of the word irony that was his big thing. Everything everything it literature to him was irony. What what point is the message here what is the point the -- what is the message it's irony and Audi unit that dale -- and the way she talked Shakespeare. But basically in the high school. We were supposed to Shakespearean plays at least highway the first one was. Julius Caesar. The second one was -- And the way she taught. Shakespeare. Encouraged me to learn more about my own time later on about Shakespeare to the point where I've read that. Every one of his histories. Some of the tragedies. Not a lot of the -- frankly but in a lot of comedies frankly. But as far as that lean years king Richard the third king Richard the second. If it had been for a great schoolteacher I never would have had the interest in pursuing Shakespeare as a hobby. Made to the point where sometimes it really would like auditioned for your expert Delaware park that -- -- -- -- Richard the second which nobody does or. Go -- -- yeah Richard the third. But the point -- try to make your ears. This was an error. Hope you experience that air as well. Because if you did I think you're better person for this was an error focus. And I'm talking about the sixties and seventies and early eighties were teachers taught. We're there once this complete total smothering here a political correctness that opt out. Okay now there were there some unfortunate incidents that were dealt with along the way he felt there were. That we etiquette. Who was an exchange student from Iraq. Actually to exchange students from -- wonderful was a boy the other was a young lady who taught me all the Farsi swear words I still vote today but. I really do button but anyway. We had a situation where some stupid that classmates of mine. I've decided to pick a fight with the Arabian kid because the Arabian students were all Americans hostage in the embassy now -- make the news no. -- a lot as a hate crime no. But those responsible were punished they were talked to and the Arabian -- decided he didn't wanna make a big deal out of it. He understood the anger and it was a stupid things that happen. Now these days oh my gosh it would turn gives a major crisis. -- radiant it showed a lot of class where we dealt with it and I always thought that his example of class under fire. Really showed the bullies who beat him up. Who had the class and who did. We can't eat sensitivity training we didn't need cultural awareness training we didn't need a news release we didn't need to be lectured. Basically that he would set the example and set the standard okay it was a different time back then now. We have gotten to this in the same point in America. Where a kid wearing a -- at this lecture. Supporting the MR NA at the Second Amendment his bully. And I loved using liberal progressive Communist terms of throwing it right back in their faces. He's being bullied by school administrators. I wanna pick this up on the other side what my questions today is going to be what offends you. What's all things you want to ponder. Need to break we're live at Hamburg gaming under radio about thirty WB EN it is hourly quietly here until 7 o'clock or my official like 867. Retro shirt. Which cost me quite a lot of money actually but it's at 1967 retro shirt made. Just a couple of years ago by some slave worker trying to seek out a touch -- if you like but WP. We are with you it is ready thirty WP and try to deal with them my computer issues here. So it kind of -- -- -- -- -- administered the -- and less likely that one and asked if they would be willing to sell my audience T shirt that cost in -- and child sizes. That didn't work out very well and I don't wanna spend the two cents to settle the facts. What. If it is joining us so well why I want the spent the first part of the show. About the litigating. The difference between the way education used to be. In America. And the common sense teachers used them in America. Vs the politically correct balderdash. There's another word that starts with the letter B which I'm not allowed by the FCC to use on the here. Which basically is the same as balderdash but with a more experimental and pungent odor that hangs around it. Hand it. It says it amazes me that every day it seems to get worse that every day administrators and teachers. Try their -- used to stifle. Do. -- trapped in a box the minds of young people they should allowed to think freely outside the box. And if your teacher before we get to -- these -- all tied up and and not. What are the problems has been testing. Statewide. Testing. The whole educational system folks is full bar I don't know any other way to say. And I have talked about this before and it's worth revisiting right now because this is all part and parcel. We have -- what I'm trying to do today by the way it's not I need to clock I don't have a lot -- just so you know -- -- sorry folks just like a client and got no avionics I can't see the horizon. And I'm duplicate JFK thing gonna -- -- nosedive to hear from climbing I have no idea anyway. How. About Tom's fault that it were locked up anyway. Boy. I love this okay. A couple of things that I'll find out from view before I can take it might just get an education number one what affect you. What if you do we talk but there's a lot of the radio station. Because as a radio station we get a lot of complaints. That we've got our core listeners we've got a core fans we've got a core group of people okay. That are that that make WB happen. -- that you guys who listen to is the matter what if we aired the sound great poster. You'll be listening. All right we know that and we love that but there is also that isn't what you might not be aware there is a cadre. Of people. Who I -- we're -- And all. That is holy. They decide every day. To torture themselves. They decide to turn the radio on to listen to John's actions Susan rose and then in the they leave the radio on. Because they -- tortured themselves listening to sandy beach and god forbid sandy has an opinion. -- all god forbid he's got an opinion with which the -- and it's disagreed. Because they will immediately write a letter which tweet will put up a FaceBook post saying -- sandy beach is -- no good bastard. Did you hear what he said do what I hate filled man. And that's just like post about it. It's idiot should resist it was their -- at -- grab it but people will pick abouts in. And let's -- the almost every day. And I agree with probably about 97%. What's eighty cents. Can't I know when he says something I know what is gonna generate the complaints. From whom the complaints are gonna come. One of my favorite things ever if this happens both with sandy and myself. Beer is the people who will send the emails almost every week. How much they hate us how much they disagree with sandy how much they disagree with me how. Big a blow hard they think Rush Limbaugh is show what a phony Sean Hannity is and what it no good savage Michael savages. Course those emails to start you know that hate filled man Michael Savage you know -- we get those emails at the that thing looks just used Tom was at these were my English teacher the ironic thing is it's like these people have made a conscious choice in life. To be offended. They have made a conscious choice to get up in the morning -- on the radio and listen to people with whom they know they aren't all -- did this agree. But somebody that is gonna make them. Billions somebody that is gonna encourage them almost to be -- Like you know throwing industry gets the walk out of violence I don't understand that. Because. If you feel that way about sandy beaches opinions if you feel that way about Rush Limbaugh's opinions if you feel that way about my opinion short opinions Michael Savage as to why would. Would you bother with us seriously. I don't watch this 630 news anymore even before I was working three to seven. Watch the 630 news because I'm a reasonably educated man. And I certainly they abreast of most current events that interest me. And I know the 630 news is apologist -- a lot. That was used that other word again which is much work that. This thirty fairy -- I don't bother with it anymore it's irrelevant to my life because if I wanted to -- I could turn it. On by the way John this out when need be to go to traffic because of what's going on the tonight because this well see this would be they would probably should be on every ten minutes. Because if it's that -- ten minutes ago I can imagine what it is now. Let me just do the traffic now but let's -- we can't stay on top of that the to unite the the the eastbound there was an accident. The eastbound ramp given -- beat west right by the big blue water tower. The accident took place about what fifteen minutes ago and the traffic is backed up about -- -- highway. So if you're on the -- be -- -- heading -- like you try to get to main street Williams felt we try to get to that might -- westbound is -- down here and I've seen me at all that kind of stuff I'd just be about advised that the accident is in place that the delay is fair and it's gonna take you well we get there will check in with traffic again with Allen -- about ten minutes on WB yet and a reminder that guys -- that it's kind of a moot point now. But anyway that's the situation so be advised to what's going up on the two -- if it clears up when it clears up but we will let you know. Now getting back to it. What my topic today is what offends you what you. One of these people who wakes up in the morning just to be offended by simply because I don't really believe that there are people in this world who do that. I know that there are people hit it in the end of the electronic media into social media. That every single week they sent -- the same. Letters this a emails this they always say -- it will never listen again. Or they start off with it rarely listened to WB yeah. And the funny thing is they they've rarely listen they'll never listen again yet it's like they seem to -- every word we -- Am I laugh when I read some of hate mail directed at him at like recent hate mail directed against me. In the same thing with that nationally syndicated shows savage on at rushed that we have here at WB yeah. Because if there's something that I don't like I'm not gonna waste my time -- it. If there's something that I know it's gonna be offensive to me. But I don't want to 630 news I don't watch MSNBC. I didn't bother watching that phony between the first interview with the president first president up potted plant. President Jack -- Obama I didn't. Bother watching. Because I know that every time Obama opens his mouth it's Africa blocked. And I know the man is a petty wanna be banana republic dictator -- everything that need to know about Barack Obama and his guilt and I note that the mental crap. And I know that this is the guy who says right now we're gonna keep you know you're playing Butler is very -- work of predatory 500 dollars here. -- -- -- No matter how many times I say it that would probably rejection letters you get your insurance company or termination letter to your from your insurance company you'll still -- worship at the altar of Obama. Because you've got your poll of -- Or you know you're on the receiving end of the ever increasing number of people our country who indeed or who take advantage of a food stamps. Can't remember when George Bush was at the White House George W. Bush can't focus. -- -- -- Please understand yours if you expect that considered defend George W. Bush. I think he was good in his first term his second term I think he'd lost his way I don't think George Bush was as dumb as he was portrayed. As much George Bush makes Barack Obama. -- like status Barack Obama makes George Bush looks like a look like a brain surgeon Barack Obama's the differences the media covers up for Barack Obama. Barack Obama commits the most egregious statements of -- -- truths that ignorance I've ever heard out of an American president in my life -- Yet the media will not go after him. Steve the media narrative about people like -- onetime vice president Dan Quayle and former President Bush is they are stupid ass cowboys. All right why because their mistakes are always highlighted they're always in 72 tight -- 32 point font. -- Did you hear what George Bush said. Boy -- -- can't speak English more you know what he's talking about Boise stupid and yet we've got a our current president who believes that there are 57 states in the United States. One of his closest allies in congress believes the United States constitution it's 400 years old and I'm sorry the president Barack Obama. Is not a Smart man. I thought it was a lot smarter than it really was but the more he talks the more he speaks the more I realized how much smarter you guys are that your president. And the more I realize that everything he says is -- budget flat. He's got zero credibility with me -- this comes from a guy who was again. Second term I took heat from the Republicans because I would bash George Bush for his borders policies or lack -- Which frankly Obama is continuing accelerated. But I cannot blame the current climate simply on Barack Obama. I have to go after George W. Bush. -- this is the guy you know who promised us today a kinder and gentler party -- he -- -- -- -- You know a thousand points alive with his dad called -- nonsense. -- at the end of the day. They had no interest whatsoever in safeguarding at securing our borders none whatsoever. Am. I called up. Dan the people would call him back that was doing your remote not very far away from here at the lazy or. Robert do the show after George Bush made his appeal basically for amnesty. And I called about it. And the bush spots called it the people who believe that because George Bush had an. Am a lot about the beach always point this out if you think like your more. You want if you think because somebody -- -- after his name that that automatically gives him or her credibility. That say. Okay that's knotts that that shows me that you wouldn't know creative thinking that shows me that you have no independent thoughts that shows me that you were every bit as bad as the people who simply vote. T because it's gonna give free stuff. It took George Bush to task on his border policy and I got help from a lot of the station's core audience. Like that. I should have been as outspoken it against the Patriot Act. Which I was not. At night curse myself every day over that. The point. -- all if I -- this may sound like ramble and it may maybe it is to a point but my question EU is what offends you. What the -- call to offend you there's not a lot that offends -- A pretty open minded guy in terms of the offensive end up being defended. What offends me though is that people who have power over your life. Lie to you what bothers me is what people who have power over your life believe that they are better that the constitution. That rock. Obama for example is better that the founding fathers that he knows better what American needs that the guys who actually founded this country that. Bothers me I find that offensive. There's not a lot -- can do about that. But if I chose to wake up every morning -- watch MSNBC. Or listen to out liberal talk show hosts mean that that's all I would do have a field they just -- a complaint letters. It's always that what life. Are you easily but what does it and you aren't really wanted to audience -- Because few things do something to do with me more interested in what offends you but given phone numbers 8030 night thirty. Start thirty cellphone. 180616. WB -- you know 30 -- thirty. Start at 3180616. WB -- public check traffic a couple of minutes including the latest on the two night stay with us it's our. But at a time -- 22 minutes at the peace bridge would seem like forever it seems that break thank you Homeland Security. You held a job running heck you weather for tonight. We've got breezy. Am a shower this evening followed by a couple of snow showers late overnight low 32 tomorrow it's going to be -- 37 degrees and for a Sunday. I think there's something really big gonna. Outside of buffalo you don't wanna bundle up as a pubic money is high up 48 degrees at WB ER question what -- you. What's -- -- I'm pretty hard to -- really yeah. But there are some things that do let's go to -- what geysers Jerry. The in the north tunnel one if you wanna punch -- -- -- -- station but not much about a punch up because we prefer to be non violent here here's -- and anti -- Europe WB yet. -- -- -- -- How nice it would feel you let it all I have but I know we are. But I looked unhittable -- discipline -- children out of you can go to Abraham played it -- -- went to right. Elementary school was hit there that it appeared the school down just after -- left. Yeah our Billick yeah I met with a paddle but they admire it. Without regard -- what -- -- if you bring hear that faithful there. Play -- my heart they would be thought about the right or re going to be that I without it being. That every rep for the school. Well absolutely. -- Is that Jerry I. I want as they had a hole because I screwed up the clock this hour because what will vote and sometimes we go on remote and get distracted because let's inevitably -- and Ph.D. that's what I've got so it hurt right now. Well -- although I'd like to talk to you or somebody was on the rifle team here's my question. What -- -- -- guys put on hold their record station. What offends you that is my question eight Altria might thirty starlet 3180616. WBZ --

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