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3-14 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well there at the media drive in our airport Jewelers what is. -- GC CE. Low ball that rolled around like. Movie projector itself and that's -- it's when I was growing up there was nothing but general cinemas gone around here and Belgium are sound means movies me. I cannot believe. How niceties. Outside Tuesday I mean it's 41. Yet there right now powerful admittedly. I had to Wear my winter -- could steal 221. I called -- -- senator leisure world light jacket that's right that's right what I I didn't I'm still enjoying the weather somewhat you'll notice. Obama in my winter clothes on except for my feet. I am wearing my flip flops. Like an -- out -- clothes -- attractive elect an album I've never seen better to Aziz what follows is supposed to roses roses but disposes of -- -- Moses you know is my chosen as -- -- most. My -- is to be. About how Simon and leisure time first attempt on the card -- yes -- Hole -- -- business all sorts of things yes number one last weekend though is well. Oiled cut. Young man in 300 rise of an empire did 45 million dollars at the box office. Very impressed -- very impressive considering. It was an eight year wait for the sequel. And the league star is -- around this time the audience polls were kind of and a bear kind man sodas may not have long like this may fade quickly. But Dell oversees. And had a tremendous weekend but it ain't no you know overseas so I even as early as one big -- and that's enough -- -- And number two mr. Peabody and Sherman did 32 million dollars they respect. Double opening nada not a big franchise starter like say the Lego movie was. But he reviews were genuinely. Good for the most part and the audience polling was strong this could have nice legs could be a nice medium sized -- And number three. The biggest action star in the country. AARP member Lee a knee sins and not stop. Did another fifteen million dollars it's now down 52 million. At number four of the Lego movie roles right along block by block building its box office fortune. Another eleven million dollars it is now -- 225. Million. Here in North America overseas it's -- 135 million. And number five son of god. Did another ten million dollars it is now at 42 million dollars awfully good for re edited TV movie. I don't have a deal. You don't evident on right but but what I have a milestone okay what is that number eight. Disney's. Rosen is geared. Three million dollars. That may not seen that impressive for for one week here. But that brings it up to 393. Million -- -- here in North America over seas. It's done 617. Million so. As on Sunday night's final box office tally. It is now at one billion dollars worldwide for frozen for frozen. Animation. Is okay. Box right now so there's a lot of apparently successful and frozen course will. Be coming soon to Broadway. As well and I really have to say as wildly popular as the film. And the soundtrack is I I heard. The songs be played the other day can only heard in the one time I saw the movie matters. I was here in selections from some contact played yesterday and I got to admit. I think it's -- -- and songs are terrible but well. They're doing extraordinarily. Well I find is oftentimes that sits in her world so the par today at a movie. I get the songs lost they get lost to me unless they have something real important important part to play. -- the songs are very very deep in frozen just take. The haunting ballad. Do you wanna build a snowman. That was thought that's college and of course there's also. The the song that sung by the the stone trolls. He's a real fixer upper are good the county which is the quicker picker upper thank you very much valued on a confused about us wanted to several regular club. Line nothing would please me more Erin Paul. Also known as -- from breaking bad actor stars. In the new movie needed forests believe. -- team. That game show where he made his first TV appearance. Was -- -- wheel of fortune. Beat the price is right or seeing you jeopardy. All right call 6449875. Big winner will get a movie pass for totally dips and that are valid through April 30 Tony fourteen point five dollars in dividend. -- -- -- tours pizza pub and grill. 43 dollars general -- rolls applies to rob -- now big bullies and the big screen today we just mentioned that the need for speed. Yes this is non. Are you familiar with need for speed somewhat in general you know because this is. Actually a film that has a big history. I didn't realize it myself this is based on a video game chart originally made in nineteen you was from that -- Now that you know because I had a car that's right I had a car where the people that made the video game did the electronics on the car. -- I guess I only played video games where where Mario Brothers jumped over mushrooms and things like -- -- pong. This problem. This one came out in 1994. There have been 24 different versions. Of need for speed over the years. Over 150. Million dollars in sales for the need for speed franchise so although. It completely escaped my attention. Apparently it does have a bit of history which I'm shocked by -- people know anything. About cinema Bob yeah it's that. He knows his racing it drag -- yes yes I'm really -- really cool racing and high performance cars. This is essentially year 88 film that wants to desperately. Beat the new fast and furious franchise which is bad extraordinarily. Successful term for the folks over universal they're working on fast and furious seven right now. And Disney. Folks it is -- hoping that this will be. There -- new media franchise that follow in the footsteps. One of the big things you have to wonder -- it is given Paul Walker's death. Yeah last through all in a high performance vehicle Porsche AG today. Is that something that is gonna take a lot of the -- out of this will will bet that other people will that make people hesitate. From of all this sort. Or will they still look at these films as just pure action fantasy where we're not gonna know the answer to that until Sunday when we find out how -- -- but that is one of the big questions that that is hanging over it is well. I know -- ever going to come back we'll announce the winner of the movie IQ question and also more big movies hitting the big screen with cinema sodomy sandy beach the movie IQ question. Aaron Paul AKA Jesse from breaking bad stars in the new movie need for speed name the game or he made his first TV appearance in the answer would be. The price is right he got all the way to showcase this amount showcase but he over bid by 132. Dollars he did not win the Camaro all of sorority or that it was great breaking bad I mean I Cranston got all of -- But he was great -- out what got word just tremendous. Show no I'm oh you're so you have some more stuff for me. Street interest in -- for a speedy does not play. Jesse -- -- He plays a a street racer. Who had to go in prison for -- because he was. Basically. Framed by a wealthy businessman off. And he gets out of prison and gets in this. Illegal under the radar cross country race to. Seek his nervous at all like a cannonball run -- yeah yeah -- our target -- prop. Though one of the things that that several people have been frustrated by this picture. Is we we pretty much know Aaron Paul -- playing very. Upbeat frenetic fast talking high energy kind of got out and if you've seen him on talk shows. That's who he is he is the area. Excited upbeat guy. In this movie he is the strong silent owned it plays it very very serious which. A lot of -- that you keep kind of waiting for him do it to break out and show those flashes and energy. Dominic Cooper. And Michael Keaton are are the bad guys. The daily news -- Michael Keaton that it seems like he's basically doing a bad imitation of a young Michael Keaton. The review is this movie have been very. Very bad which quite frankly. For this type that felt probably won't -- -- all the people are just there for the cars if you love. Really expensive. High performance cars. And really really wanna see them all be destroyed. Well this is the movie that -- and waiting for the the director. Scott Waugh I guess is former wall on one long piece of former stunt man. And they they don't relies much on CGI for the -- and apparently there. Just about all of the studs that you see with in this film are. The real deal which I've courts I prefer it greatly just with an -- -- war when you can tell it's done by computer takes the fun out of it. But one unusual thing here that they do as far as the way in which they shoot the action. They go with point of view shots. From the dashboard. Of the racing tomorrow at school so you're able to feel like you. Room right on the hood as the car injury like -- like cop like cops but. You're in this point of view. Advantage. When they're doing big roll over car crashes. Seoul. Take your motion sickness pills before going -- Dramamine will be getting that kind of corkscrew. I think there. This is also. This sort of film where. You're gonna see lots and lots and lots of crashes that. In the real world. Would cause so many fatalities. So many lives would be lost but keep this all PG thirteen years. You see in the aftermath you are really show. Anybody who's actually been hurt. Playing in the last Superman movie man of steel. Where the big finale at the end. Hundreds if not thousands of lives were lost in that big final fight but it didn't actually she. Heard they showed buildings being -- Ronald they kept -- PG thirteen their pretending that. Everything was it was just -- the movie also references a lot of other films about references. About racing. If you if you watch there they're gonna see things from bullet. Rebel -- American graffiti here there's little splash of ours there. It does. Drag it that is one thing that Manny drag race -- about it's not a drinker and that's the problem it says need for speed and yet the movie's over two hours it's like two hours ten minutes which. Is is kind of long and a lot of people have complained minute it just doesn't have as much sense of one as -- -- My guess though. It's gonna make. A lot of money. Right top Tyler Perry's the single moms club. Yes as usual Tyler Perry picture there have been absolutely no critics' screenings for this one. That early reviews that have been trickling in this morning have been. Pretty terrible which is also as usual for Tyler Perry's east. But it's never made much difference I mean in 2005. He put out diary of a mad black woman. He has made fourteen films with lions gate since 2005. And has -- and 750. Million dollars which was movies each one's done about 53 million dollars apiece. -- very well on video very well. In their cable afterlife. No business overseas -- that is one interesting thing wears many stars have a big following overseas animated films certainly. -- big business overseas not the case with Tyler Perry's movies at all. This though Tyler Perry's last film with why he -- fourteen in the last. Nine years this complete his current obligation to them his plan now is take a break for movies. And he's concentrating on TV -- doing. Our shows now for the Oprah network he has three new scripted shows well taken off two great. Success and at the moment it looks like he's going to be holding off. This film basically follows a group of single mums. Who are upset about a lot of things get together in support group at their private school on drink whine complain and hug. Surprisingly. Enough. Single drunken mom is single -- ma am. -- at Tyler Perry is in this movie but he does not play -- he does not -- on the the address and the old lady wait for this one. And a lot of people are complaining that it's just not as funny as a lot of you would expect from Tyler Perry film. Many people are also somewhat confused by the moral. That seems to be at the end of the story even though it's called the single moms club and the and the movie seems to say. What these ladies need to make their lives complete. The men yeah. That's all -- ladies need which I'm sure all the single moms go to see this movie. -- -- Train has left that's vision. The rest of them ratio after Rivera is under greater and I'm thirty WB. You can pay for yesterday's news in -- or get today's news break just use WB EN dot com. Is this that in honor of keep writing a children's book. Okay yes that occasion did not hear that that's gonna happen in seven he wanted to his grandchildren. He's gonna write a and nobody looks more program probably and Keith Richards I'm just telling him. Are ready cinema Bob's reveals on FaceBook listened to the movies show online any time on demanded WB and dot com. Big movies hitting the big screen Bob assault about the need for speed and Tyler Perry's single moms club next up better living through chemistry. Yes this is. With a fairly strong -- here on Sam Rockwell Olivia Wilde national -- again really go to. It is about a straight laced pharmacist and married man who's quite unhappy with his life news. Father in law. Bosses him around. And his job. His his wife. Keeps him I'm very short leash and then he needs. -- -- -- older she plays a -- wild. Wild adventures woman's -- awhile yes yes and who love to watch her -- it is a bit of that tape off. I'm Sharon Stone in base against audio and -- -- smoke and don't -- small in this film hurt me. Well they do just about everything else she decides she's estimated to win the pharmacist played by as Sam Rockwell of the two of them. Kind. Take off like crazy start involving and all sorts of hotel room. Wrinkle in the sheets make him work for the may well sort of thing it's a jobs program. Sense they might get hungry now. Sense he's a pharmacist. Well there are plenty of little capsules to mug shot 00 so. Basically he gets involved in all sorts of craziness there. The problem is it all fields very familiar. It feels like a lot of other films -- actually it's kind of a cross between something wild. -- Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels. And it goes into kind of a double indemnity. Direction. When they kind of realized that her husband ray Leo it. She if you are -- around that'd be our hero and apparently that. And it also is treated. With the same. -- Robert Thomas says say an old episode of love American style. The film has the narrator. Throughout which is you know makes it feel peculiar enough. Even more peculiar the narrator. Is Jane Fonda or -- Jane Fonda narrate the movie and kind of story -- storybook. Fairy tale type thing. But also gets. Very cutesy Michelle Monaghan who was all amazing. As. The wife. -- was Mitch in. True detective on HBO you just fantastic -- that she is the exercise incensed wife in this thing. And narrator Jane Fonda is talking about the -- strict workout regiment she says and believe me. I know a thing or -- about working out. Wink wink. I rarely which I -- part of me thought. You know move on to work around it -- word videos. Well at 530. Years ago she's our generation's going to be all right see easily who don't even know that she's okay. -- recognize your kid yourself together yet. In a vast window they would have asked her to leave at McDonald's because she news at the table more -- the argument at all NASA states and other authorities. I suppose that's true most of the complaints. About this film are are that is. Its tone is kind of all over the place. Is hurt don't know I don't know about that much has also Justin. -- we don't see you don't see. How they aren't going -- and also argued just hear her. -- the bill -- a lot of the people who wrote about that you know they're not sure if it's supposed to be completely just watched the comedy. Or they wanted to take things fairly seriously I'm Heidi this is yeah this account for the most part. She's corrupting. A drug is to get drugs and may issue -- -- man that's a comedy. Channel upset with the and he showed a lot and all right and -- to get involved and -- I ever knew about Howard Sprague was filling in at the pharmacy. I ever yes but this is playing with the newly remodeled north park. And unfortunately like last week to another movie it's getting created wrong perception. From. Growing up bicycles that are in America and I had an ally. The moral here seems to be in the -- that the -- strict moral and does -- If you're bored with your marriage -- You shoot him fair and abuse prescription drugs. And I area and you'll live happily ever after that's the -- one of the most frustrating things about here is that starts out well who. I've got to say. Is one of my. Favorite. Actors out there he is one of the most interesting guy he's been making movies for the last 1520. Years or so. I mean whether he's the lead or playing a smaller role he has so often my favorite thing in the movie. Galaxy quest choke confessions of a dangerous mind moon hitch hikers -- the galaxy the way way back. Yeah the first Charlie's Angels. Here -- -- the first Charlie's Angels the same. Where he's dancing like Michael Jackson and shoots Drew Barrymore. Is just fantastic he is a wonderful wonderful actor I keep thinking this is the year. It's Sam Rockwell is gonna have a breakout movie that makes him a huge huge star hasn't happened. -- -- come back we have another big movies hitting the big screen now we'll have the new release show for our movie we show with several -- ultimately sandy beach but that's only getting the big strain. An interesting title ten is Vermeer. Well being as I'm sure everybody's -- It's about the training techniques used by Dutch master Johannes Vermeer in anger after a cigar. Yes yes if you address here is. Mom. Cell. Did go on for me here. Not everybody. It's familiar with his name about as most heinous things would be music lesson even more famous. The girl with a pearl -- which -- movie about actually making that film. He's very very well known for having just. And almost an. All true. Realistic stop everything news oh sharp sell nearly. Ethic in its reproduction because these things were done also at a time and so you really you'd have to depend on the things to reproduce. Things of that sort you know if you wanted to. A picture of your family you had to hire -- If Peter you hired was Jackson Pollock will you may not -- -- top -- -- by now whatever. You pick and choose. There is an inventor. From tax. Rich inventor entrepreneur type guys in this film MG Aniston. He has fascinated. By this -- He believes that he used. An intricate system of mirrors to. Re create. Exactly. The paintings and that he used this sort of on and off I would say trickery but this sort of guide to get that ultra realistic look to where. And why he basically decided to do was to attempt to recreate the master piece of his the musical lesson. Although he's never painted in his life he feels that he can recreated -- on T exactly reproduced the setting and it's. A group of -- he spends over a year. Making this like every single day working worry creating this -- setting it up just right. And trying to do what he does say it's not cheating this manner in which years because it is in fact. Really really. -- -- On -- is counterfeiting another thing that. Gives the film a bit more. An inch bit more an effect on war. -- This is a documentary that they did. Pan. July the one who talks he narrates it and -- direction of -- union teller merry. I would like -- island narration we are excited and as that would be one way to go. So yeah this is an art documentary but it is Penn and teller art documentaries are talking is kept firmly in cheek. This is I will admit though I'm not saying don't go see this I think -- seized who sees this film will find it entertaining and interesting. But this is another one of those films like and feel like. On PBS yeah just -- the year that looks like a very interesting project but I don't know if you need to worry about seeing him IMAX. No other new release shelf this is good because I missed Hillary isn't on I wanted to see it inside Lauren Davis yeah this is the latest film. By Ethan Cohen and Nigel Colin. And that the guys who did to debate about ski Fargo. Raising Arizona. No Country for Old Men they just you just terrific films. Blot. To keep in mind -- these guys is they really do make films may want to make. -- -- that concern about huge audiences for most of their movies so for every. True grit starring Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Did quite well. He'll have a movie like a serious man. Which we saw her -- well still very well reviewed by just did not get a lot of attention. This film it is is from that. That that. Section where it did not get as big and audiences say of course the big about ski. Perhaps -- done this was an incredibly well reviewed film. Wonderful cast. It was one of my favorite films of last year I thought I was just tremendously. Entertaining. But it is very much about. The folk music scene in Greenwich Village in 1962. If you find that interesting ruined if you listen to the album the free will and Bob Dylan that's restarted weighed too many times if you Brad wage too many books about that album and the songs with and it. This is your movie I tell you. Even the whole look of the film this cinema photography. It looks like they took the album cover. Which had Bob Dole and -- you're too. Low when you're like a victory there was a look like today because you're pretty got them. She looks especially she looks her looks better Limbaugh I think that. -- -- I have more than a few lines and one of the nice things about Susie I've seen focus she put a book out a few OK years ago called the freewheeling -- worked well. -- -- -- And like Bob she's very lying in the years have come or she has not on the can know there were good a million plastic surgeries and things of that sort. If you enjoy folk music as well one the other things and it's. Pretty cool about the movies they take the film music extraordinarily. Seriously T bone Burnett was in charge he throws it for this one. The music is all performed by the cast members. It is all performed lie. As far as that somebody's playing guitar and sing and they are not lip -- -- good they are doing it live on film. And each song is presented. Complete you're not just getting a little bit so for some people. That's wonderful marvelous I was thrilled I thought bill was terrific. Other people I could see being like oh great. Another folk song please I'm gonna go get some popcorn while I loved it I remember it first heard on rampant in this guy's got a terrible voice. And now realism early go at it sounds great. It was one of the things that impressed me so much about Dylan over the years especially when I was younger. When you when you look at the voices of the people that were making records. That terribly beautiful beautiful voice shooting Callan Judy Collins and Bobby Vinton drama Johnny Mathis. Came on the scene basically said not all. I'm a singer yes I write songs but I'm a singer and I think I sound good and this is how I'm gonna make a living even though you know. Everybody had to be telling him no no no no don't saying don't do that something given to Joan Baez -- Gather around the ball wherever you -- -- like that out yeah -- They're good and about -- lawless. I still I negotiate a dual -- every chance I get and even win the -- Aged cracking. Elderly broken instrument he sings with now I still. I'm here I'm gonna make you -- I have not only. The model version of of a freeway and I hope to have the stereo version -- I more of a few that have ball. And it is pure luck but I album I haven't -- a little long time I think they've hardly ever employed by one by him. -- -- -- Did you look at I know you're a huge deal and look for sandy and even if a yeah. Out setup will save -- their -- a Monday morning at 9 AM under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yen. We'll -- home which they never had to leave it be used she.