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3-14 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back -- Beijing governing in today's Beijing company is presented go for with the courtesy of a 2014. Buffalo home show at the dimensions that are it is now open for today. And today is the beginning of the second weekend. And little bit later on in this in this segment will be just speaking with -- -- Carroll find out what's going on down there. Meanwhile did you that -- thing we'll get back to our subject just second. Trump was supposed to buy his own. Words. Announced today whether his run for governor I'm on record as saying I'd like to see him run for governor but he's not going to. He's not a wrist is Brandon loss. And or even any chance of lost so now he says -- writing us are good from eight. I'll do it after the taping of my apprentice show in April. -- I mean unless the rules are different for television and they are for radio when you are an announced candidate. That's -- if there is suddenly you're on TV they have to offer equal time. In this case it will be Governor Cuomo or maybe even asked the rainy two as Serena. Esther -- about that as the Reno four formats so if you were planning to run why would you tape it at all. You wouldn't say that at all because there wouldn't be able to run that unless they tape and end a run at the next day or something like that usually they're done well in advance. So if you are planning to announce for governor he wouldn't be -- those shows. So that's just my take on it unless the rules are different -- is and they are for radio but in radio I know watcher an announced candidate. Then equal time Texan and you have an obligation to release offer. It's nice and all that is depends on priorities. Yeah worst priorities are your states fall apart no he's -- -- I've got to give my conceive did you know while I got to do my react measures reality can be held so I'm -- thing and always -- time. With him because I don't think he's gonna run and I think this is further proof that I don't want to get -- Strung along like this. It trailed Montreal 106 on 692 through six -- 930 lot of sympathy so far for. Our Carl -- 87 years old having a a dollar burger with his wife by 81 year old Barbara when the manager of a Culpepper McDonald's said you'll have to do. Leave simply because we have the mop the floor we have a half hour limit. I'd vote vote. I think one option would have been -- I would be hesitant to do this I would just let him the OK a mop when he when when they've left. But if you absolutely positively couldn't do that I would go to tables that. Can we offer to see you at this table over here and the dinners on me. So that the -- finished their mopping the couple wouldn't be you know feeling yeah. Like they were kicked out of reckless drug their regular customers and they didn't do any wrong. That's the most I would do is ask if I could see them on and on the table with a complimentary dinner just to show that you really do care about them and -- like to get this other thing done. But beyond that. Out of bounds if you didn't need the table. Let's go to word Jenny and buffalo Jenny what -- thing. I NDI. That morning I'm a little bit nervous out what I I actually work at a local restaurant and -- glad I'm a manager. I believe they that managers city you'd better dot that I love the couple that you get popped after they last. I agree I mean the what's more important than to mop at that time Arnold as a customer moves to customers actually. Exactly I also think they deserve an apology it maybe. -- -- -- I agree. Usually that's a nice gesture of goodwill to say we appreciate your business. We're sorry this has come up bug that here we'd like to see you back complimentary meals on us but I did -- that's called customer services. All right so I know that a prominent table two on Unita to kick me out of your restaurant that you Jennie -- and thank you very much -- A we have some of -- proposed doing a full -- calls would go actress this one comes from Caron Jesus I could see as being a problem -- a really busy restaurant but that doesn't seem to be the case here most busy place is also very clear signs. Indicating a timeline out like okay tonight is -- Friday night. Go to any restaurants -- will be back it's Friday night all right. And you bid that restaurants before where you have to you have to register which -- name please -- would you mind waiting in the bar will call your name blah blah blah. And you look in and every table has full. And every servers run and back and forth they're really busy and you look and seeing people Lally gagging because there are some people they simply don't care. They figured that they are the center of the universe they simply don't care it's the same people that a talk to the bank teller incessantly while there is a huge line waiting for -- a complete their transaction. Or they do the same thing at the post office yet kitty kitty kitty here's the picture of my daughter's dance recital and meanwhile you just wanna get something else. You've seen that people like that now there's not a lot of consideration. Offer other people I think you have to think about the other people. And if -- if it's a real busy restaurant and are no Opentable and you just -- -- gagging around I don't have as much a problem with that. This McDonald's was not busy according to the network reporter. Let's go to Gary on a cellphone -- on WB yeah. We're -- Gary what do you have do you think this this manager did the right thing the wrong thing. I think it should go to India this year it's they that they -- -- -- -- little to do as the manager. You know -- in the -- book -- an -- really deal for a how emitted light at the -- being told that should that you know that that I looked at uncle or make it -- so that. Imagine you have a good point he's he is they have veteran imagine some -- a little paper had asking you -- move on when. You risk your life for the country that seems to be an over the top gesture -- Absolutely get -- -- exactly I'll be back into it may have been out. In Vietnam -- we have our share of action over about theory accurate that you. The country and looked at the horrible little. But yeah well. And they are back in the notebook competitor and I like New York were pitched. I think an -- thanks for serving -- earlier version that yes somebody coming up -- -- I'm sorry. Well after you leave. He say I'm sorry and one half you'd be totally on the managers so good -- I know that's the wrong thing to do its customer service it's it's it's a restaurant 101. Without customers who have no business and it's and a story. At McDonald's as a drive thru business that's different but this is our where they're ready tables left yes if there were tables what there was absolutely no need to do it. If every table was follow it's even questionable. And and in a restaurant where it's fine dining word you're gonna be there an hour an hour and a half anyway I'm eating a meal. You have to be very careful people. Other people don't care so it's up to you -- bad balance the customers. That do care and day and a good customer service for both sides of the via the table on this one. I know you've got -- -- and other people what event. You'd like that when you go to a place occasionally I have liked. A long rows of tables yes that was -- maybe a pancake breakfast atomic if it's it was somebody don't even know. I went I went to Dallas to visit Gary. You know he took -- to -- place four chicken fried steak or -- -- space and this place is really well known country and that's exactly how what was sat out. As -- who Gary look at these lenses -- kinda got a it would other people but it wound up having in a great dinner and there was some nice people sit around and I was actually a good time. Let me say this -- to go to Texas it's worth sitting with other people original -- contrite statement saying it is -- take a break we'll be back after this they get you caught up this is the heard on the network news regarding what happened down there in Culpepper Virginia role today. -- World War II veteran and his wife say that they're still in shock after being ordered to leave a McDonald's. The Culpepper couple was told they have been sitting inside the restaurant too long. Richard Reid has a reaction tonight. So far Briton Carl Becker love their home. And their projects. And each other. All four cover a long long time and for years 34 times a week. This was their afternoon get -- he likes to take a break and get a dollar sandwich until about two weeks ago. -- never had an experience like that when the -- he's in 87 year old World War II veteran and she's an 81 year old grandmother. Say they were told by the manager. Well they were still -- to leave he said. YouTube need to leave now because -- half -- up. And we need to clean this floor they did leave from what they say it was a pretty empty restaurant but Becker fired off this pointed letter to local paper. Now the backers freely admit that they love mcdonalds they say they will be back after all they say it's part of their lives but to this particular restaurant. Never again are people who -- and -- and absolutely and we should be Culpepper resident Ron Fraser has been in the restaurant business for 33 years. If the place was full and they needed the seeding but just to mop the floors. It was really very. Owner Bob -- Heller did not return our messages but he told -- Culpepper star expert and I care deeply about the comfort and satisfaction of my customers. Where organization takes these matters seriously. And is investigating the customer's claim the backers say they've yet to receive an apology. That's so. Absolutely insulting really that you have to leave. And the man behind this is laughing. In Colbert Richard Reeve ABC 7 NEWS. Well let's say that's a good point there was don't need it the table was not the only table available all. A there was plenty of a time to do the mopping after they finished. And totally uncalled for under other circumstances and other times you might have an argument but not this one. I'd like your opinion I don't trio 930180616926. 934 go back to the phones Chris though we have -- some more FaceBook entries please. Our ride this one is from panties she says this makes me very angry they should have some respect for their customers as -- there were sitting around for hours doing nothing -- takes all the people longer each show some respect he got and what else. I know that the this happens a lot. People put in a position of responsibility aren't always trained to make an individual. Decision. Another words if you're the manager of that restaurant and you know all of the rules are they -- they gave you list movies here's what we've got to do. Well you should have the authority in the ability to waive something. If it's a half hour for the table what -- are plenty of other tables you wait there's no need there's nothing to be gained by it. But they don't give the authority to the people who after going tapped people on the shoulder. They show it -- should be an individual decision and Michigan credit for having some kind of brain and common sense if they -- we're gonna go by the books this is the kind of stuff that happens from time to time. Under other circumstances the of the book may have applied but not here. Let's go to -- one should be -- Mike and so over critic Mike here on WB yen. Morning. -- from Munich I'll let everybody else is up outrageous I'd never seen a thirty minute limit. America I've seen coming without I've done several McDonald scored the morning and it's you know that there's -- a senior setter that he. The different -- -- -- earnest public debt you know they don't keep those people up if you look at these people group that would reached back because. We wouldn't be there well that. No question about that and and it's courtesy of nothing else even if it turns out that it's gonna cost you a little on the cash register the courtesy is in the long run you got to take carrier customers. I got through and you know you're part earlier what was diagonal parking the -- Are the things what if you go to go to Wal-Mart and see somebody's -- really good cart. I -- Wal-Mart I'll bet that's wrong too but I knew it spineless steak guy. We worked for the state police that would he would this is true story. He her patrol area that was around me out state parks. And anytime you -- -- our part within -- -- I know I'll let you -- you know fourth floor. Failure to Obey trapped and all the rights. I had -- And -- it and it works because you know he can't let it in the economic battles or someplace but -- a state park. It's a state facility in old ones -- yellow -- the -- -- more. I love that I love Bennett thank you very much I told him this in radio school our room with two guys in Boston all right. We're all going to raiders who together so this -- and apartment behind the apartment where two parking spaces. And there were thick big sure rob is on the end of the of the first spot in the in the in the seconds policy get too big hedges like shrubs there. And there was a woman. Who lived I think upstairs who had at that time she had a bull bull and nobody even knew what of global ones that they were just you know -- -- a country or whatever. And she -- the park on an angle just like I'm talking about some of that it became around the corner you couldn't get in there you're just couldn't fit in there. And one of my roommates occasionally got to borrow his mother's car and it it we couldn't market. Couldn't market OK so one day she was park like that the third roommate couldn't get the car and all three of us went -- I told his story before. We went out and three of us lifted the whole ball. And made a right angle between the two shrubs. It was impossible. For her. To move the car she she could have -- she couldn't drive forward because there was a -- runner front -- she couldn't drive backwards because there was -- -- on her back bumper. They had to call a tow truck. And they had to put a -- on to drag yet and they -- -- -- -- you get out of there and gas lot. She never -- that way again. Wow wow wow. We'll be back at Beijing dominate. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDE. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Back what major governor yet Donald Trump says. I know you're waiting for the answer today as we exposed to find out who's gonna run for governor but he wants to he wants that tape is the reality show. -- up. Before an announcement is made. Let's think about that. If you were going to run you wouldn't tape the show. And the story so while I think that. I think he's stringing us along like he's done before we never seem to learn the lesson I'd be very surprised if I can't understand why he would tape. And then announce he's running because they would use that once he's an announced candidate. As equal time and -- I mean atlas Andrew Cuomo's going to commitment to a reality show where seizure fired. It wouldn't though would be available. So I'm obviously -- the fact is that he wants to tape before the announcement tells me is that Ron. It Austria 9301061692. For six 930 should there be a time limit for tables at fast food restaurant. The McDonald's and Culpepper Virginia -- -- -- -- to Carl Becker 87 is World War II vet and his wife eight year old Barbara. That though you'll have 20 lead. Because we have the mop the floor there's a half hour maximum time on the -- table one would say were there any signs that said that. Secondly about some common sense. They are elderly people may may -- takes longer to do things and you'd like but their customers in their regular customers in their money spends. So I'm against some common sense it was in short supply -- with this one. But to be fair. Maybe that person wasn't trained properly and know that they can make an individual decision based on good judgment. That not every rule has to be adhered to every single time there are exceptions of the rule in this might have been you know if you -- a bunch of kids. Sitting around. You know I just just killing time that might be different. These are elderly people having radio a modest dinner three times a week Atmel. Let's go to Kathy and no -- -- on WB yen. Good morning -- delicate. I don't know if that -- would be a national policy but I did in 86 year old world court to factory in -- and want to -- he cruised to his local McDonald's Monday to Friday. Well -- for about 45 minutes they have a group of friends. The tunnel authored a free refills for seniors and they used to have a whole senior menu and a little bit less money. And I so maybe it isn't a national policy can be good just this franchise city. He'd go to Florida for six months and he -- the same -- in Florida -- creepy feel they have a whole group of people that meet. The young man that popped it kind of lined up on McDonald you know he would still polite he's so nice he cleans the windows. He would not around -- people account be careful it's the very. They encourage him to compliment their own night and they they look out for each other. -- we don't watch if you keep getting enough about her charity drive dot com. It's like little meetingplace for close -- where my father is every morning we. Sometimes. Let's say that's nice and in that case this Culpepper. Individual McDonald's. Really did not help the national reputation because some people just say okay and think that that is that happens all over and and not patronize them that's really unfair next time you see your dad on behalf of us and listeners thank him for wearing the uniform -- and I were. In line. We always thank people in the service. Yup so how that Culpepper guys probably in hot water. Aware of the national McDonald's because as she said. The McDonald's around here wearer road are dead patronize us and goes they're practically every day. They encourage that sort of thing and encourage them to come on buying and make it a social event meaning -- kind of thing. 803930. -- crests do you have any of FaceBook entries that we could use plays this one is from Norman says eats table space represents X amount of dollars per hour so I understand the need of a restaurant the turn over its eating. However if it must be done it should be handled with courtesy I totally agree and I think there's a difference a thanks Chris. There's a difference between. -- McDonald's we have a half hour if tonight for instance when you go out to a restaurant. I guarantee you it's going to be packed it's Friday night there always packed anyway and if it's if it's a restaurant. Not a fast food restaurant. That -- take your name. So you do you have reservations. When you couldn't be seated at the next available table take X amount of minutes would you like to wait the bar would like to -- in the lounge whatever. There I can understand. -- kind of frowning on people who are just killing time at the table because you need to clear that tables though other customers incumbent. Are you want -- you you want the restaurants do good business you want them to be there next time you wanna go there and so that's that's sensible. This situation was not sensible at all. And I guarantee -- the person made the decision was somebody who didn't think that that he or she had the authority. To waive that that that rule and was at the post and how are -- supposed to know what your mind reader. If I wanted that kind of policy I would put up array of very friendly and warm looking sign. Always something goes through the effect of fluently. You know for the convenience of all of our customers and we respectfully gaffes that -- half -- be the maximum time -- -- just let people know. But let -- know educator about them. Not it's hey you've spent your money now get out while somebody else who spent. Doesn't make much sense at all to take a break it will be back with -- -- and company it is a -- company. It's amazing now with the Internet and the fact that people accrues at at night now a story breaks out and subtly it's viral. And people talking about it including the story. Out of -- Culpepper Virginia -- the elderly couple yes there are elderly he's 87 he's Carl Becker she's that he wants his Barbara Becker. And they go what two or three times a week to McDonald's for their dollar sandwich. But the yeah I suppose the manager. Asked them to leave you vote because. There's a half hour table limit. And it was not crowded there were plenty of other tables if the if every table was full and taken. Even then that will be a difficult call to ask regular customers especially elderly regular customers believe that there are a bunch a rowdy kids at the different story. -- -- And so they dead end a lot of people over upset about it. And maybe the manager is one of these managers it doesn't really have enough confidence in the making a decision. On his own or her own. That might not be in compliance with the rules you have to have the ability. To make an independent decision otherwise. Your -- and into a corner and you don't use good common sense. So we're asking your thought on this Chris a couple more of Facebook's ways this is from Teddy says it just super busy -- -- asking some people leave but it was slow solvency with the big deal is plus. These people or more regular customers so they should develop on exactly and and a very reason that are asked to leave. Is they wanted to mop. The -- or around their table. Under extreme circumstances you might approach tournaments that could could we please see Chu at a different table. For an end of the meals on cost of -- courtesy children some respect. And they might understand that if you really had to do that didn't have the duration of them all another. This one that comes. From. Stevie says the manager certainly did the right thing McDowell is a fast food joint and you can't have a bunch of people they're taking up space. Thirty minutes is plenty of time to eat. Oh. In the locker. As far as I mean c'mon you guys are -- summaries back there. I that's you know as food is is one -- did it interfere with the passage with a pastors with the customers now that. I dated didn't hold -- people in line outside now we didn't. Were people not getting served the be they'd already bit deserve it or eating. So when they taking too long to look at the manual and and and make up their mind now. So -- -- thing that this couple was doing that they didn't want was holding up the mopping. Get this in reminds me of it reminds us store that doesn't wanna have a sale. Because after the sale will have to re fold the T shirts I mean really. You're in business or your not and junior and business there should be certainly things you should be aware of number one have change. How many people you got to show on the twenty dollar bill may go into into outer space may put it in a safe. And there's a guard dog who Joseph is there guarding -- while they put a black man across it to see if it's counterfeit right. I haven't I've changed in business train your people. Have a nice clean establishment. And do the best you can -- that -- and so. But when you make a bonehead move like this not only doesn't give the Culpepper Virginia. A McDonald's a bad name there might be a McDonald's you go to here and home and you might not go well and that's unfair. Because it may not be a national. Rule or regulation. If something that was peculiar to of that location on. So I would think that most McDonald's would not have done that but this one -- and that's what we're talking about let's go to Jerry in buffalo -- on WB again. I Zandi -- I really think that are the are -- in the mix -- so I mean. How many of these are if you wanna column fast food places. Obviously like Donald. Copy right -- -- -- -- and even the mall's food court forever ties and three wide by. I mean I'm not the current real small and -- people. You know setup they've they've been -- next to a wall plug both take whatever app and you know and in their battle for a couple of hours so. What a passage that want to trick content and enjoy. But then they turn around in day after thirty minutes it's time to move -- What you're right about that Wi-Fi if they're offering Wi-Fi they're offering you more time than you normally would have very few people. Ken we can go online and either at the same time and take the same amount of time at the table so they're saying come. You know settle in this should be your go to place. Yeah now and you know it I mean in all. Rebel round like but it taxes roll out or somebody -- or someplace where. You know it's not a fine -- -- You know they they often all out the door. Are sure but we eat and and people because they wanted to turn the table. This is gonna happen at the -- looked -- obviously. You know people aren't. Rush they're wide side. I think I think a little bit more common concerns and certainly in the manner true -- line. I agree I agree with viewing you know why it shouldn't make a difference -- -- spending a dollar a hundred dollars your customers should be treated with respect. Right. As -- thank you very much -- -- a good point about free Wi-Fi. I'm but some places like I mentioned earlier go to the bookstore. I mean they they camp out there the students camp out there go take a table before and they'll set up there. Their laptop may be now their iPod whatever. Their books you know they have a tenth there and Campbell over environment and in case there -- override I mean they have. Everything is senate where budget you are. We're like a nation of Gypsies have you ever notice that like before a football game what do we do. We set up a grill so we can eat at ten and will bring us I mean wherever we go we wanna set up like temporary housing. I assume that they should have sometimes like to blow up tent you know like -- of the bubble on the European practice facility -- both. They should have won with an automatic thing just push the button and you've got an entire home and to raise children there it seems like. One went -- home -- wanna take home with us. The next best thing will be put a trailer hitch on your porch in -- whole damn -- down there but that's what we do you ever see people a bingo I don't go to bingo that often. But when I happen to bingo and I've only been a few times that's what they do. They set up this this display of gargoyles and Bob birds and you know which is coming down on the rooms and they are all. They're all superstitious and every one of them thinks that they're gonna win big jackpot. Because they've they've put their divers and a certain display in a certain way -- to be facing I mean it's crazy. It really is crazy and that's the way people are and there are also a secondary thing which applies -- -- People don't give a damn who's behind them they just don't. That's why as I said when they're at the bank Chad Chad Chad Chad you're standing in line is fifteen people on line and there. Chad Chad and the talent can't be rode -- can't be rodents that. Pardon -- we have to move on so they just you know. There's a way to cut our conversation short without offending them and that's probably what they try to do. But that's the same thing with the post office or any kind of line of people and they don't care who's in back of them. They are there they are to be taken care of right now and whoever's next to badger -- So aware of that you can understand. That maybe this couple. Shouldn't have been approached but you can see how occasionally from time to time you've got to do it and also people a lot of kids. They come into that restaurant and I think hey we put up -- this brood. Forever -- for our entire lives -- you deal with them and -- diving in the fishbowl and you know -- bobbing for Iran on doing stuff like government that -- -- -- -- -- was reaching in a fishbowl we're eating a lot of apportionment you meet Joseph and I wanted to go home by some runoff didn't quickly and -- and cool we couldn't get an inventory we wanna some delivered. Put him in the fish won't see what happens then. But it's you have to be courteous. You should be courteous anyway especially to your elders. Yeah indeed these people should -- been left alone to enjoy their mail into the mopping when they leave. The mopping was not more important than they work but that was the message that there was -- Now when -- mop or anything else during the movie show what's next with seven Bob.

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