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3-14 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 14, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of this region dominated today's -- company brought -- -- by the 2014. Buffalo home show opening in less than an hour at the convention -- will be talking with representatives of the home joke throughout our show today. -- you know how you can get useful things before your home. A new credit and I think we are WB yeah. Yes yes yes it is a beach and company I'm sandy beach big home show opening of for the second weekend -- opened last week and certainly coming up and that will be talking. And less than seven or eight minutes into -- Karen Merkel. And that there should be interest that now lots of things happening. Tony -- what's that would be joining me exciting anything happening. Well first of all just happy that we -- in the distance -- melting. Gary get above freezing you out it was nice driving in today in I think it was like 31. In my car around the memorably yes I. Window down I have -- three neighbors directly to neighbors there pavement is down to be pavement. -- their driveways on pavement one neighbor got a little bit of snow minus as god intended it in every flight is still there and I'm hoping some of its Beers today. Are right now Tony have a via a young daughter and you probably thinking I'd like to get her children's book. And if you're thinking children's book of course naturally this is a new children's book. The first spot that would come to your mind as I wonder if Keith Richards from The Rolling Stones has put out late July look. You actually back at the palm tree on his head. And it now has a quote has a book out. It's called a -- and me that they started my granddad in my first guitar. And he 71 now I guess he's trying to trying to secure his identity. He has a several grandchildren. Theodore Dupree Richards keys though model art his daughter's 28. She illustrates the book got some is due to be released on September 9 because I'm thinking. Keith Richards would be the ideal -- have you you know -- Now if you see pictures of him when the stones started sit around 96 mark an important guy. But he's had some. When they hit it if you look at a bit and goblins are out. It looks like bigger facility and will vote with some hot hatch a bit Brinkley yeah I don't frankly so that as -- -- governor released on September 9 in case you won Iowa make your order now. Actually every -- got a cool. Now he is says this is my kind of girl I'm just saying like the American spirit. Like the entrepreneurship. And creativity of a young person wants to do something like this. This is not a Lincoln Nebraska. Valerie god twenty years roll. Dropped an appeal of her conviction for sneaking onto the campus of Catholic high school she once went there. Posing naked for her adult website so I -- When you go home and she graduated from the school she snuck -- -- school and did a live shot for her adult website totally naked and I'm thinking graduate the janitors. Mopping the floor and ends -- like. Necks were excellent well let maybe somebody forgot to put the lights out you know. I think here it's shows on affiliation to. Your basic -- of learning share and vessel that was that so she's dropped -- so. I don't know what the I don't know what the punishment going to be. Girl Scouts we know we love Girl Scout Cookies -- as we go in Houston Texas the Girl Scouts were selling cookies and they helped nab a leaf. They were at the HEB grocery store. And they saw a shop -- there OK they watched the shop -- pushed a cart with wine groceries and small appliances. To a vehicle without paying for. I am a Girl Scouts turned demands of his security people who arrested him against the Girl Scouts -- a sharper eyes -- the security person. They had done he's going to wherever he's going to but that's at. There's a lesson we learned their doing not boost material. Without paying for when there is Girl Scout Cookies available. I was looking at my -- At my horoscope first -- I got my first pushed back. From from being what Michael Savage on his Chicago. It was brought my interview with him here was broadcast by him the same night nationally. I got an email from somebody from Dallas. Who hello reminded me you're kind of good times we had a WBA -- When I was there and as some of those guys are still on the air they -- at BJP and its that was see you obviously heard me on Michael's averages are up. And having said that that I look at my horoscope today this is my horoscope today. I'm a feces and Fisher following along okay. Reach back into your friendship bag and pull -- someone from your past who you miss or feel you have more in common with now times are changing and so Oreo. Expression of thoughts and form alliances attend a reunion. So I mean I hear from a guy from Dallas. I was there awhile back and that's nice right out of the blue ominously if you guys that -- after George archer recently brought. Lieber OK just that the fine -- words it's never been a BO or here's a broker. Lesson but don't feel the need to be a follower. You're much better off drawing your own conclusions. And doing things that make you feel good about the way you look. Like shaving that -- Tony I'm saying this in a manly way you're going. Get rid of them appeared OK look like a homeless man. At this youngster Toni Marshall arts guy went out of -- okay. I mean package that appeared like that I've put up the pastors and which are -- as whenever we have like that she -- Does it a -- like this long but he -- -- needs an assistant not a kick. Lift his legs. It has could have my left leg when I'm going to kick them. Out here this is good and this is maybe if you shave the beard. The last line of your horoscope says romance should be on your agenda and -- -- with -- this. And on and get a raise and got lucky I mean that's that's a pretty good thing now Chris you're horoscope audio and Leo. Leo is right here okay. Use for and that's when you express your thoughts your ideas and your intentions standout make your point clear your bravado. Will lead to options have been considered in the past greater earning potential will be yours if you offer a unique service. Like maybe male escort what do you think Tony male escort us. The man -- guy I. It's got that lucky. -- outlook and column Kilgore. A little time when it's time to get off him you have to be at home I think that -- gonna take a break going to be back with more. On news radio 930 WB I have in my hand a news story good morning more Americans are turning to fast food for breakfast. It used to be that that was them a minor part of the business -- few things schedule stuff but. But now for the fourth year on a roll. Fast food restaurants. And been growing their business in the morning by leaps and bounds. Even as Americans cut back eating out at lunch and dinner and researchers found that breakfast is on the rise according to an industry group. I'm more than twelve point five billion. Breakfast visits. Occurred in 2013. And policy fast food up 4%. And I don't know a fast food is just like mcdonalds or whatever but I'm thinking that I don't have time that breakfast now -- at the weekend. But just think of this if you guys can read my mind now arguing -- you leave -- -- What is the most this. Spitting breakfast. Item served. By -- fast food Nazis in practice that's at. And Chris I've said it in front of Tony I have never set in front a breakfast -- regional. Here's Dominic is ready for breakfast burrito especially -- his -- a lot of bad. A lot of bad news coverage. Is really nicely nice quiet. There was -- -- coming down here I think now. I -- over to the kitchen and maybe have some orange juice I was like that. Copies of pancakes would be nice little syrup on the top maybe a little tunnels with ami -- very good about Google. I don't think your stomach is ever ready for breakfast read on I -- you eat them. No I actually I don't like them because they put dark green peppers and -- But it's basically the same thing -- if you would order an omelet or something you'll think different is you've got to flour tortilla wrap it. That's the name true it's as a name burrito and AM don't seem to go to the other as far as congressman Chris that you breakfast burrito okay and again. Some company we we'd had one in here remember Donna -- on here. They reviewers. Or some kind of reference that Tony -- and remembered. He's got them and you didn't get to get -- -- -- and I'd there. Those who knows a really good but for the most part I agree with you because it seems like. You know it's in there as pat I'm really teams are there you can't get in -- -- You take a Biden's a bunch shoots out and -- not right I want fluffy. I want syrup. I want sweetness of Jews -- the kind of stuff I want for breakfast I do not need a breakfast burritos and I'd rather have my techniques sunny side up some peek in. Extra -- -- my basketball oh I loves so I. I love hash browns -- here now you know ever go to a restaurant that on the menu it says hash browns and it also says breakfast potatoes. And you don't know the difference I mean I don't know the difference I assume that they are different. Idea I always -- the waitress which you would suggest what is sell more and that's an hour but any any breakfast potatoes good -- -- -- -- of that. Right let's say we're gonna talk about mcdonalds as a matter fact not local this McDonald's is not a violent Culpepper Virginia. This story actually broke. Yesterday. And it was on line and I thought is an interesting subject. It's not a world -- it's not the kind of things gonna change your life but I think a lot of people do this. And I was just curious as to your attitude toward it when you lock in to say a McDonald's -- the fast food place. Well if you're walking and your probably ordering and going and sitting at the table. And eating your meal and throwing trash your way of -- that's -- way it works but not everybody's like that. Some people going to fast food places and that could be a place that specializes in coffee and -- Segovia McDonald's to be a burden in any place that actually sells. Breakfast. In and -- be going there. Although the subject is applicable anytime of the day you're going there. And you get a cup coffee and you nurse that thing for ten minutes twenty minutes half hour an hour. Maybe two -- And finally get up and leave well here's a story that happened in Culpepper Virginia there was a couple sitting at the table. 87 year old Carl Becker and his 81 year old wife Barbara. They were -- still eating their breakfast when the manager came over and said I'm sorry. We have to ask you leave. And they said why what did we do. And the manager said well we have a half hour limit on the table and you -- him more than half hour. And we have to mop the floor and we got some work we have to do we have to ask you -- -- OK so date date obviously laughed. But it hit the Internet and that people were outraged by that that this couple would be asked to leave. Because they were there more than a half hour now the business side of -- -- 01 while the human side says. An elderly couple. They're probably -- eating their breakfast at a slower pace than most people do if you needed the table if they if that thing was sold out there wasn't another table. I can understand if you don't need the table while what's the point OK but it did at the table is a definite point. The business side says are half hour is plenty of time to eat a breakfast in the table represents money to the person that owns the business. And it whether this is a -- A fast food out lab or a donut and coffee place or whatever. As you leave the table somebody else will sit there and that means more money for the owners -- a liability insurance that help whatever so I didn't have a problem with a wood bat. If he didn't need it in didn't have to have that I say cut him some slack but basically I seen some horror show ever go to the bookstore. While ago Barnes & Noble. The output of the books or some guys here's what you'll -- you'll see they have good coffee. And they have good stuff to go with copy and you'll see tables and you'll see a college student. Walk up to a table. A table full four. All right I've seen this I've been involved with this before they're both before and they'll take out their laptop. And they'll take out of their books and they'll take out any kinds of pads and papers and whatever. They'll have one cup of coffee and they will. Basically squat there for hours. And hours and hours. And to -- yeah I've always thought that as well out of bounds it's one thing to go in there. Have a quick cup of coffee may be Greece through something and leave but they stay for hours and hours and hours. And the people let alone don't wanna say you know -- -- he's seen as nasty whatever but that costs -- money and to meet you wanna study go to a library wanna study go to your room. You wanna static on the backs India car. But you don't take up that table -- time. A member once lesson and I walked in there. And their week we've got our copy and stuff and there was no tables and most of them were taken up by one person sitting at a table taking a force bases. So I walked up to the table look at the students said all of your books. The wet himself. And enabled the books and we enjoyed breakfast but I am asking -- -- McDonald's people do the right thing. By asking these people believe because there half hour was up. Actually my wife said that during our honeymoon globally there was no half hour I'll be back after admitting to get a tree will be back after this. The home of Sean. Hannity in buffalo we -- seven -- ten news radio 9:30 AM WD EA and. -- -- Beijing coming just a reminder we hear of any kind of an update regarding the missing plane we will pass along immediately. That would be a top priority today the breaking news last night regarding the plane was the fact that it looks like a couple of the communications systems. Were rush shut off manually. And they said there was shut off fourteen minutes apart. Which would kind of tell you at least logically that if they were shut off fourteen minutes apart it probably for personal there's probably no reason to shut him off at all. But if you were gonna shut him off it would mean you want an end any kind of communications with the outside -- the outside would view. And to shut him up fourteen minutes apart says that it was a deliberate act now what happens from here I have no idea. On let's hope it turns out well but the question is is it a -- defined the plane in the water they can find the plane intact. Wasn't hijacked. Wasn't a problem but it seems like the catastrophic. Problem seems to have passed by because it was catastrophic. -- -- be shutting them off for it wouldn't be shutting them off all but especially fourteen minutes apart. But if anything breaks and that we will be glad to. Further that information along to you meanwhile you have a problem -- this -- McDonald's and Culpepper Virginia of the owner. A walked up to a -- that hadn't finished their dinner yet and said I'm sorry we have to ask you to leave and they said why. Idea there is our Carl Becker 87 years old and is 81 year old wife Barbara enjoying their fine McDonald's dinner. And we have basically one idea -- easily because. We have to do maintenance Sweeney's table Leo mop the floor or whatever so I'm thinking if they didn't need that table. If that if the place wasn't full there was no need to do it. But if it was I can absolutely understand that. There and a half hours -- time under most circumstances and that table represents inventory. Four that McDonnell I have no problem that but it's certainly some common sense and good manners apply and I'm asking do you do that. You go to like a fast food place and sit there for -- an hour and a half. I'll munching on one -- and an order of Fries may be it's -- you don't have and copy place Lotta people do that. They kind of us savor their morning breakfast coffee and whatever donut the bagel whatever and take a long time while people meet in certain places I'll meet you there will have a couple copies and you stay longer than planned. Do you do that. Is it okay if you on the business would you feel the same as being a customer the business is it an imposition. If they did that deal would you just say I'm never coming back care for our to our -- again Walla -- Tony what do you think would you be insulted if you were sitting there and they ask you. After a half hour. To leave yeah I think I would be would you ever go back. No in fact I can't rent and had McDonald's has that manager was fired for helping that. -- prepay for the firefighters are. All and beyond and they got reprimanded for that yeah yeah now okay. You know what I think that if they're going to enforce that there should be a sign -- nice sign. A gentle signed. Telling you that there is a time limit on the table for the convenience of all of our customers and that's the way I would I -- -- because you have other people looking for table. And they wanna sit down they don't wanna order in the drive through line they wanna sit down. And for the convenience of all of our patrons that we asked that the table be used more no more than thirty minutes at least if it's posted people don't understand yet and you and avoid embarrassing. The young couple or -- who are there I think -- by the very embarrassed I think consideration should have been given to this couple maybe they did it I don't know that because in the story I have. It doesn't say how much over thirty minutes they got a minute for two hours for you know. And it's not in the story Chris would you have found it offensive if you were sitting there are more than half hour and ask Italy. It depends if I was if I was just messing around just talking I don't know if I had a problem -- I've worked in fast food restaurants and it does get annoying when you wanna clean stuff up when people are just kind of you know loitering around there you know but. If there are still leading I would be offensive line. Yeah I I think some consideration has to be given now think about like this if they were judged. Say there are a group. Says a group of kids meeting at at the place and they got hung up longer than they plan. I can understand if business is business you have a bad business is taking your customers though. So you have to understand if the table is needed and other other customers are inconvenienced. Then I think it's it's okay. If they're not that I say you do your best to take care of the customers needs and if it takes them longer and have already it takes them longer than half party. But you've seen -- I've seen it. People nursing a cup of coffee for a long long time. And if they have something going on maybe -- there waiting for somebody else I mean I've done this. If I'm eating as I say say I'm meeting somebody for dinner. And I'm fifteen minutes early which I always I'm always early I'm never late for any kind of a meeting aren't. And via personal say would you like to be seated I'll say I'm waiting for someone else they -- would you like to be seated. I say no always hear simply because of that person's say has fifteen minutes late. Then you got a half hour where you're sitting at a table. Well that way as as the waitress is going back and forth from the kitchen -- asking -- can help you and -- taking up a table for a half hour. Will for no good reason so I always wait until of people are meeting show up in the we're seated together and sit down and and have have a meal ordered him so I think you know what that is is called common courtesy. I don't wanna take a somebody's table that might be there and can use that while I'm waiting for somebody -- dinner guest or luncheon guest who is light. I think that's just that the way I think about it and because I understand. And have a sympathy for business business it's hard enough to conduct. That you try and be as helpful as -- -- on the table is there for your convenience especially at a fast food place. But if your inconveniencing. Others -- have to think about first I think of of the overusing the table. In the same way I think about people who have a nice car. Now I have had nice cars. That's part of my life I have never ever not with any car I've ever had. Market across two spots in on talking about you have the line spots in the parking lot you have somebody has got a nice looking car and they parked. Cut diagonally across to I wanna go get a wrecker when I see that and ended drive it into the gorge. I hate that people -- of people do all the time and that's that's bad -- -- and let's face it there you got a lot of animosity you're driving in there. You just wanna -- newspapers the space a business. Their parks highway not sideways but diagonally like that -- opening. I hate that you wouldn't know now about eucharist and -- -- in -- yeah and I mean either I'd be I'd be mortified if I even did -- accidentally when the snow melted. 830930180616. Nights of music start at thirty. Did the manager. Of the McDonald's and Culpepper Virginia do the right thing. By asking I'm sure he was. Polite about it but asking. An elderly couple -- to leave big table because they were there are more than a half hours so that they could clean the restaurant. It -- on 930 will be back after. Was the manager of the Culpepper Virginia McDonald's wrong when he asked an elderly couple -- to please leave the table after they've been there over the allotted half hour. Tony good bottle of detective work. And we have a network -- story on exactly what we're talking about. -- -- And World War II veteran and his wife say that they're still in shock after being ordered to leave a McDonald's. The Culpepper couple was told they have been sitting inside the restaurant too long. Richard Reid has a reaction tonight. -- -- -- Carl Becker love their home. But their projects. And each other. All four -- a long long time and for years -- times a week. This was their afternoon get away he likes to take a break and get a dollar sandwich until about two weeks ago. -- never had an experience like that when the -- he's in 87 year old World War II veteran and she's an 81 year old grandmother say they were told by the manager. Well they were still -- to leave. He said. YouTube need to leave now the -- half hour's up. And we need to clean this floor they did leave from what they say it was a pretty empty restaurant -- Becker fired off this pointed letter to the local paper. Now the backers freely admit that they love mcdonalds they say they will be back after all they say it's part of their lives but to this particular restaurant. Never again for people -- angry about -- absolutely and we should be Culpepper resident Ron Fraser has been in the restaurant business for 33 years. If the place was full and they needed to -- but just to mop the floors. It was really very. Owner Bob -- Heller did not return our messages but he told a Culpepper star expert and I care deeply about the comfort and satisfaction of my customers. Where organization takes these matters seriously. And is investigating the customer's claim the backers say they've yet to receive an apology. That's so. Absolutely insulting really that you have to leave. And the man behind this is laughing. In -- Richard -- ABC 7 NEWS so I've still -- a couple of answers there were other tables that were empty oh we mentioned the same thing the reporter mentioned. If the tables were all full you can partially understand it but they weren't so they just wanted the room to mop up I'm thinking if I -- -- manager here's what I would -- First of all I would give them on a packet of free meals. From the take out. It's ours is joke nothing new to drive did not I think it was out of bounds if there were other tables available. And a especially since their regular customers says that two or three times a week. So their regular customers the fact that that Jesus a World War II veteran makes it even worse as far as. As far as the sensitivity of letting people stay at the terrible longer. Under other circumstances. The answer might be different I'd like to know what you think of the manager do the right thing or the wrong thing. Let's go to well Bob and west Seneca Bobby you're on WB again. I'm five Bob Bob manager right or wrong in this. I absolutely wrong in the ever gone into liken -- now one of the wander around here and yet the a manager or something with people were spread out all over the table of the lounge area yup I'm sure there are a lot of their -- that make -- our. I've seen them interview of potential employees says sitting at a table to right. -- -- -- timing and so it's a matter of -- of of good manners and their customer service. The that your your -- turning away somebody that comes in their two or three times a week. And they didn't actually need the table they just want. Oh. No not as far as we know this story just broken that was a national report you just heard from network correspondent. But I bet they do get involved because they really should they don't wanna turn off their customer base thank you Bob thank you very much. Yeah if -- if every table was full I was standing remotely having you sit there and in other restaurants regular restaurants non fast food. Where it's a Friday night for instance. And the tables are all fall and there's -- line and they take your name and you gotta wait in the bar and all that's up and you still see people Wally gagging taking a long long time and that gets a little annoying but with this there were plenty of seats. He could have mopped around them. And taking care of the mopping later customer service is more important than mopping that communal foursquare yards. A while they were sitting there and like you know. Still lead anywhere -- or policeman. Asked how the wrong person. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Underneath his arm escorted out of the they heard me out that carried them out for some reason. I don't think I've ever been asked to leave anyplace except radio stations. -- -- as far as when they asked me to leave the union Jack so I don't finally gunmen in arms are about as good. But yeah I I think being asked to leave can be humiliating. Special Leo for people who didn't really doing anything wrong there Warren. You know eating all condiments Clinton -- -- having their identity she said the dollar burger whatever laws. They go out there like three times the weight so I can understand where it beats it. Let's code to mature and will be salmon buffalo -- there on WB yen. This morning I am so I'm -- enraged at the veteran. We we want our judgment and debate I. Was eager I'll be ready -- able. He can't like that kept it in such horrible situations that Gator and I even have that even though it was formal. Exception op attribute -- -- out and order and yet we. Went back in the society. That's it yeah yeah have you ever noticed that people. Very seldom make the decision themselves they have to carry out decisions been made by either the owner or the manager and they have to do it and this case there elderly may -- it took longer to get settled into the table takes longer to eat. The have to give some consideration about certain. Our eyes and so you think he did the wrong thing. -- OK about my so that's two to nothing wrong thing wrong thing. Yeah I mean you have to use some common sense the fact the bill I'm sure the person that hold them didn't know that he was a veteran and it really. I mean that makes it even worse as far as what they did. But I'm sure he didn't know he was about it but even so he's still an elderly man with his elderly wife and their regular customers they should be treated with some respect. It shouldn't matter. Whether you're spending a dollar or spending a hundred dollars as charger treatment by the staff the staff is there to serve view. Where the reading that burglar fillet mignon does not matter. And -- have to understand that and most of the time that would be true the owners especially I mean you're talking about. You can't take off with a segment of your of your base without it really impacting business just thinking out of it as a business. Our problem it's also a human problem and has the last caller said. You've got to use some judgment every once in -- law ever trying get something done. Somewhere. That's a little different -- like a bank or if you don't know armament you. Oh or any place that does business they always have to check with six supervisors before any decisions can be made. I think letting your employees make irrational. A decision. A decision based on customer service which serve everybody well. You know a simple and nudging along rather than -- and believe might have been more helpful I will take a break we want an overview. It what did the manager do the right thing -- was a thirty minute time on the table in Culpepper around Virginia. The elderly couple was there more than thirty minutes they wanted to mop the floor -- some believe. 83 3018061692. Through six and star 930.

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