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St. Patrick's Day Parade Sunday

Mar 14, 2014|

Grand Marshall Chris Laffler

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the line linemen welcome Chris slap Fuller. Who is Chris left Larry you're probably asking. Well Chris is a big deal he is the coveted distinction. Of having been named grand Marshal. Of this year Saint Patrick's Day parade in Delaware avenue that's coming up this Sunday. Hey Chris good morning thank you for joining us good morning thanks for what comes reveal the grand Marshal lots of responsibility. Or. You just give a lot of orders. Well it's -- -- it I don't get any orders. At all it's. It's the responsibility of of you know leading the parade down the street and and you know just enjoying meeting the whole the whole process leading up to that -- that's really the of the responsibilities. Chris tell us how you were selected. I started out working on me out on the parade is you know it certainly but one of the guys who drive around in golf -- and boast crowd control and -- Worked into different other positions actually you know working that I'm parade day. And I was elected to the the committee. And not 2008 and you know fit. My continue to do the work and -- -- predict great day and then. You know we have a an election every year in January we select the grand Marshal -- the was the year that I was elected. Well Greg and congratulations. From also from our listeners now tell our listeners about the parade some Delaware avenue we know that. What is the root is is strictly on Delaware what kinds of Starr at the time dissident. Well we start we start -- the that the prayed actually start to do we really start earlier with a man. Down etiquette -- over the bishop that at 10:30 in the morning and then. You know that we didn't have to line -- get ready for the parade and I'm old and started to -- at 2 o'clock praise goes straight up. From basically Delaware and bolt clocked two Delaware and north street where it and it's the bottom looked around a mile block which everybody tells me when you do it this way if it's the shortest valuable -- your life difficult by at a blank. But that it's -- pretty straight road. Ignore your deputy marshals. My wife Christine my -- Brendon Connor and my lifetime. Friends like Kerry -- So they're probably pretty excited to. -- yeah they -- my my boys are very excitement like so excited it's. You know they've. The debate my younger son goes that would Tom goes to score a lot of -- he's been you know in my older son was not a concert they both have been calling me. You know like this week probably every other day -- excited about coming home to be part of this so it's it's -- it's going to be a great -- back. And you all have it anywhere tap -- sentient. You can -- cup yet it's not that it's not a you know I'm not a requirement. I think I'm gonna Wear a different kind of had the chairman of where to start my wife doesn't think popular book that I mean. You're gonna need -- must to probably. You well if it'll be a good guy you're you're you know I can't help but be warned when you're doing what -- done. Address the cause of all the snow. That we've had we'll be a good suggestion recommend to people coming out of the parade to use. Our public transit system to get dunked on or are you expecting a lot of snow removal between now and then then people can park downtown. Well I I think we'll have a lot of but snow removal between now and that night. I mean that they're traditionally people who use the public transit system to get done -- on parade day. But I think I think you know the city. The city the great partner they're gonna do a great job in making sure people can get down there -- be part of it is this is an event that you know try to transcend. You know me being grand Marshal it says that the big deal for buffalo as far as you know at the beginning of spring and offense and I think after that where people are gonna wanna come out get out. And enjoy that that. I think you got that right. You know a lot this too is is one of the biggest Saint Patrick's Day parades in the country I think is and it. It's it's one of the bigger ones I mean especially if elected in terms of the percentage of people that show up for the population of Western New York it is so they took it the big deal. Chris well you're a big deal to -- the man thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you very much for having me appreciate -- have a great. -- and -- weakened to a great parade Chris Loeffler. The grand Marshal of Sunday's Saint Patrick's Day parade.