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Latest On Jet-"Seismic Activity Recorded"

Mar 14, 2014|

Barnaby Lo

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to the other side of the world Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Receive BS's -- -- standing by to talk with us the latest developments in the search of the Malaysian airlines jetliner. Are to be good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning. The latest -- that we are getting here in the US about dismissing a jetliner is that. Despite leaving civilian radar screens there was still hanging off communications. Satellites for about five hours afterwards. Is that the little development that you're following their also or is there something new you can tell us. Well that it can -- political development. Of years well. They're well unpack it. Ain't -- There. Here who are. And -- -- it. Signal 04 or five hours. But -- indicate that the all fired more hours. Out in the west of the -- Let that would be. Are -- -- the Indian Ocean. Are already bought it. -- -- supposed to go to north east but on the board to Beijing but apart from that we all -- Purina -- a change. That it detected. Eight trial where -- are trying to beat out all of the sudden quote of Vietnam in the not a picnic area wouldn't. The coup by how big won't do it when we're at Bayer and that and the playing and so -- get out and then why -- I went into the Indian Ocean is also out east in the out trying to keep. It out is perhaps area. They're searching for the -- related airline -- didn't. And -- how long are how deep are the waters now in this new search area. And invade the South China Sea was there's nothing at deepen and believe it's much deeper that we're talking about now with the search. -- here it is much deeper averaged. It's about and it matters I cannot speak at. Out. And her eight you I mean he beat in -- little -- so much larger area or not Republicans are the only and we're not go miles out the search. The US court. That are sitting that they -- -- -- And they're maybe we. Somewhere in the Indian Ocean and good evening at a location. -- -- only. You can check. In BP. There -- wreckage or the -- itself that is. We are high school. Follow -- out there have been a lot of beat it -- you'd pay a bit. All -- just pocketbook leave right now. Barnaby of this seismic activity that's been detective that you just told us about. In this area where there is not necessarily. An active earthquake earth fault. So this activity the seismic. Activity that's been detective could have been caused by a violent explosion or crash how long might it take before this is confirmed. I'll do well. -- -- -- important for all you're right about the Asian order. Period. It's. Very equal to that area back yet. Quote the Vietnam and you can already searched that area. It is just a matter of -- right now I'm over that area a golden bear bite she. Check it there's -- yeah it really work directly to say -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Compared to you that area and into the ocean course. -- why is it's so hard to get good information from the Malaysian government. There wouldn't it where the frustration. A lot of support here. It -- -- -- anti. The -- -- -- that's what usually live here here but. Police and government action is up -- -- -- what people want to appreciate not they're fighting back. Amount debate to shape. You know a lot of this information actually coming out. Yeah yeah and torture and I -- -- they don't want her condition because. Bigger obstacle. Sources he'd already want to keep the patient they're able to -- by -- Barnaby thank you for joining us this morning we appreciate your time thank you for those update. The CBS's -- low reporting go live from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.