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Car Wash Outlook: Sunny

Mar 14, 2014|

Sammy Cosmano

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hey we needed diversion -- And finally it's gonna feel like we've broken winters back today let's check in right now on the live line. With Sammy 'cause Amano who runs in his current washing Easter weren't semi good morning. They feel aren't what they are the one thing. Can you already tell this is a day when we're going to see long lines at the car wash. -- I certainly hope so I'm the winner could pretty tough on out there and we've been having a lot of balls washing our dear colleague but cold weather has put -- -- silence for sure. And Sammy what did you do during the blizzard the one this week and then the big -- the first blizzard a month and a half ago. We like the Maytag repairman. Well Jonathan to -- blizzard here starting in seventy. And I didn't have our dog what opened up as a warmup putts were -- door although no one showed up. It. We. It may insulate. Every time -- bad weather aren't good aggregate -- -- -- mean it. And that kind of weathered that storm kept everything -- about men. The -- -- is kind of like the modern day barber -- though. We all gathered near my body then some kind of please don't look up and stuff that we talked about what's going on a legal matter. It's at this like the barbershop. Is is this what you're hearing from your customers this winter and they all talking about it. Yet you have the winner but how are out here and -- -- -- looked good that they call the snow has been average April the regular winter. Thought the -- within the killer. -- Sammy are today is so like the day we're expecting today and the terrific day that we had last week and I saw the lines of cars that your car wash. From late morning until late afternoon it was nonstop. Our days like today and that they last week more busy for you -- really hopping in the middle of summer. Absolutely -- of the season that but he got to have everything ready to go at -- -- people on call. And the line usually start -- you order lunch. It looked like the order -- as well over it and you're gone on the fly. Meeting the Cutler being out here -- nor is fantastic. -- and everybody come through and trying to make an impression that people don't come through that often. To get that can get their card clean it up I knew what they are battening them under our they'll do a lot more -- than you'd ever imagined. Boy and you continue to dog wash. Really it. We are watching I actually you do at my office to like on this phone call but. If they so they're not -- is five dollars or you have to do is bring your target at all and I made it big it's warm. -- normal -- copy. It and now we're haven't we're having I guess with this and I get it allowed more cuts -- lay off so. And the dog you wash is doing pretty well. He had some pretty good you know it abatement just opened up that bomb dog park and not farm. -- so they're the big money flowing a little bit -- put in there and next thing you know -- their role and end. Hey you can tell it's gonna be a muddy -- for sure right. Oh absolutely I'd look at port through it -- -- nice to talk with yeah I hope you're really busy today. Yes and everybody in my yard thank you for support me out here and that you've never been out here -- -- pillow. And thank you guys forgive me -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --