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Thoughts On Missing Jet

Mar 14, 2014|

Bob Miller

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Nearly a week into the search for that missing Malaysian airlines jet and experts still had no concrete explanation for what happened. Let's talk about it with local pilot Bob Miller from Bob Miller flight training good morning. -- -- -- -- Great thanks for the time to communications systems onboard that missing jetliner. Were shut down sequentially suggesting to investigators that they were intentionally turned off what are you thinking. You know -- You're conspiracy theory -- than anybody else who reminds certainly. We recently you're not now it does appear because they weren't offered different crime that. They were manually shut down. Which indicate perhaps a purposeful that. Something happened. Like it was intentional. Really don't now. A -- is still there. Yes I do we just -- -- dial tone there in the thought something out of that but that's good. How far -- of how far -- a Boeing 777. Flies. After disappearing off civilian radar that is if you know how much fuel the plane took on before took off. Yeah I mean what they're estimating now it occurred on it -- additional or five hours. I mean an airplane is a long range -- -- -- almost anywhere in the world on OPEC appeal we don't know I certainly don't how much fuel was put on the airplane. Window left -- on orbit. There's reports saying it is playing at least another order five dollars. You know with all the satellites that are up there. It's unbelievable that we can't find this plane weakened final -- cellphone. In the world we can't find a 777. Yeah it is amazing but -- street helper that there are several other air disasters. On a ball near the air art comes to mind is the most familiar. But there -- several others superiors -- -- baffling experience from. Nobody seems to know in the quarter were not Oliver -- answer likely we well -- it may take it may take weeks. You know speaking of cellphones. Bob. You know everyone's got one of these days and you would assume all the people on that aircraft probably have one -- if these people were alive. One of them could have found a way to use that phone by now don't you think. 01 -- -- you are out over oceans so traditional cell -- likely would not have worked but there. The period. Over there may have been -- the -- satellite all. In the -- the passengers and you're absolutely right -- it would seem like somebody would be able to get a message out quickly. There's a lot of the most baffling part even the crew no distress message whatsoever -- in -- of that aircraft that they can identify. Do you think that it's the search is indeed in going in the right direction west in the Indian Ocean. Well I certainly. Mean that's what they're thinking based upon some initial radar tracks but I also understand that there are searching is gritty east end of the way. It's a huge area of ocean now that there are having -- -- -- for almost an impossible path. Well one of the -- -- pieces are good you're that I understood -- this morning you're the Malaysian government is releasing raw data. Which enables the US government are you are so officials here analyze their creator directly rather than having your interpreted by the Malaysian. Further -- their good side. Bob do you think the ultimate conclusion to this mystery. Might be something we've never encountered before. -- that they're in the -- John -- Here here or air -- terror act and they wanted it is something that they've never ever done before. They were successful grand here's pull off a complete so -- here. -- -- -- -- blowing up buildings 9/11 and although there is. There's been done in the past but it's something entirely new in your supporters are struggling to all of us. There's a story out this morning -- about how dismissing jet has created a legion of armchair sleuths around the country everywhere people are talking about their own theories as to what happened. In your circles. Do you find that people are coming up to and talking about this. And they are I've heard I've heard everything from running out of -- to believe they're not aliens. It does that there's a conspiracy a conspiracy theory advocate. The -- I mean. Even fiction writers who make up -- novel. You're not in -- even greater Austrian -- -- earlier. Very good up and down like an aviation history as the most significant aviation tragedy that we ever. Public pledge to join us this morning thank you. -- interpret your -- local pilot from Bob Miller flight training Bob Miller.