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3-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. Doubles -- He went right. That. Hold to. -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- -- -- is the time. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York. If you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. We're looking brilliant -- ten million marks -- -- -- -- -- -- And I like you you have loans. I'd like -- Yeah unfortunately it's far too few people have them in today's society but -- false concern is about business. Times if you -- some of our work. We will be going through cultural sensitivity. Training our guests include eight transgender. Man who was born a woman not a -- bisexual. Homosexual. We will also be speaking with -- animal rights advocate we will also have whether it's people of color and people who look like zebra it's. I mean I'm being I'm exaggerating obviously using hyperbole to make a point pomp and look at all honesty. I've told you guys this before like the last follow and I mean there's. I hope that you looked at the same experience. From a mostly white guy with. Asian in the -- god knows we're like 50% Asian I don't even know we're probably Mongolia would it. I want to thank them for the goddess syndrome banks really needed that big help thanks guys but. I have to tell you. My life. Person. Has been enriched by knowing people and being friends of people of many different backgrounds immigrants from other countries who got here legally. Whether there from India whether they're here from England -- even with their bad teeth at all. My life has been enriched my life has been enriched by my black friends who who grew up with -- experiences that I was not privy to personally. My life has been in Richmond my gay bi transgendered friends. -- or gay and by that I do transgendered but look people of different backgrounds have enriched my life and they've contributed to making me the dilution Basel I am today. -- area and I think that I haven't reached their lives as well. And that. There's nothing wrong at all with knowing people of different backgrounds -- awesome it is for me when I go to Jamaica. Which is a mostly black country. To be treated like a brother. By a bunch of black people. That know me even to me like they know me even though they don't know me know we don't -- like they remember may. It's cool for me I'm sorry but let's call they look they're sick. -- -- -- And I left and that it's respectable and respect I love that it makes my life a better place and I'm sorry if that offends people but rich is should offend people. But by the same token I think. That educators. Should have to go -- constitution. Sensitivity to. I think that educators need to be a winner that there is a constitution number one. And that number two that we have a bill of rights to the constitution. The first through tenth amendments and why they're so important to work individual freedoms. Earlier this week we broke the story thanks to help from Ross Thompson. I've Shane in the kitty the sixty these sixteen year old. From -- Grand Island high school who's being bullied by the school. Weeks after -- picks on a guy flying an anti NY safe side here's our interview nationwide it's gone with Jane can. -- now what greater UN. No not on -- Their grades are you -- would be a sophomoric. Are right. And tell us tell us the story what happened because I just. I literally found out about it about six hours ago. And I just got a few more details from Rus Thompson I don't know if you know harassment just got a few more deals for details from him within the past hour so. What did you tell your story and I'll dish on capitol to talk. Our. Well I walked in the school before the first vote. I -- my girlfriend laughter and I had a protected -- smoking -- Protect investments elections which are down. And bigger -- me that before because it's got a pencil on the current and they made it duct -- it before. And vice principal. Came by some of the united told me that I that duct tape that -- -- -- -- him in the office so. I told -- that is before the first voting and I walked out of the office and he told my. I did that take afraid that it -- cases. So -- took it off an estimate as to should go ahead and under it was fine and he read it everything he got. Principle investor courtly -- look at it. And he looked as he read it. He didn't send them walked away and I guess there are at a meeting had to go to so I missed 401 of all of this cleared. Give me duct tape and I told I wouldn't doubt is that because associated disruption to my mom. And they're talking fashion terminals -- -- -- the things. I don't have a prop I don't know why should have to turn it inside out it's down there and I just great things -- people across the country. Well let me I need -- -- to this point because the original sweatshirt you had gotten the one that says protected by Smith & Wesson. On the pistol on this lectures and on the front or is -- on the back. And how big is the pistol is like the size of a dollar bill a quarter a -- All I believe it. Although we. They had their. It says and I expect it. Could earn it every person and okay now I have a question why would they haven't issue. Your sophomore in high school. The Second Amendment is they -- that constitutional right. In what saint world change -- with a pistol underneath a -- -- -- -- the templates and lecture. Be a -- -- anyway. No patent. That -- happened at the top of the board. All -- -- on the this well which to them. How is that disruptive that the explained that -- I don't let it disrupt the at all it if you were worried that if my -- -- -- way to Tokyo. I don't know what it up with the I I can see how disruptive. -- It brought up on the -- about. Poor students -- where. -- -- but did did you explain to them that nobody has ever been killed by a install turning into a real gun from a sweatshirt do they not understand that a Grand Island. -- actually been -- -- because that would be an amazing metamorphosis of which we've ever per. Brave and home ice which can -- there's less though those are the only news on my piano and everything because I don't want them looking back on. But with normal day. So. I want. Guys are targets of course I'm wiser -- -- the thought is just about audio we've got what happened of the tape. -- how come it sounds like something my cat -- and then -- greeted. Does it get better do we know this. -- -- I'm not feeling Q I'm just frustrated because here it is the interview have been -- all day and it sounds like crap. I mean it's tough enough having an interview would be doing you're not family -- What is that it rolls it gets better folks -- apologize. It's up to me yet thanks very split on this job of -- -- budget let's let it roll it becomes undecided for bowl. All have to bail out of it that on this is like the diamond of the show and I feel like Ambien in Otis. -- Up it's Cuomo it's Obama men they have definitely hijack my computer system bastards are able let's pick it up then with fishing -- on WBM sorry about the sound guys I don't know what's going on. -- I'm gonna have to interrupt again. Because I know that people are gonna say while our late. That person at this -- said that he needed that duct tape that pistol on his sweatshirt and he disobeyed the schools are leaders. On why didn't you duct tape -- the morning to -- your girlfriend to the locker. Because. On I didn't feel that there's a problem we'll -- it's just detention uninsured and there's really nothing -- and the broadly to our public issue. Mean my dad go to around all the time and shoot targets and armada and have a problem with it I mean I know of that trouble before and I was only gonna walk into the building was because it's cold outside meditations on underneath. And I didn't take it off -- So basically you mean OK let me let me be a -- here you -- police said it's this I do not have to tape up this sweatshirt because this gun is made of stitching it's not gonna kill anybody. Well known not exactly that in warm. I just don't want any trouble on China just get -- don't think about school. I was gonna take to put my lakers'. And I was kind of where the teachers and. Now the T shirt and we we need to talk about the teachers that forget the sweatshirt for a minute what T shirt were you wearing underneath. This evil and malevolent. Violent sweatshirt with a gun on it that it had protected by Smith & Wesson. Made the principles not live in the real world -- the -- some bubble. Of some pseudo reality the likes of which I've never experienced I'm sorry that's I'm asking you questions to which there is no answer but tell me about the T shirt you were you were where. -- I got it's blue T shirt which kept and very little warm up front but decided. Probably. The palm of my hand and it doesn't rule limits as National Rifle Association and on the back it's. A big picture to logo. There's got to trust us fools on the phone -- on the decadent thing about the final logo. And they had a problem with the -- stressful being. Did you know again -- the apparently the people who -- real high school having misconception that it's possible to chamber a round and AT shirt or sweatshirt and turn that into a weapon of mass destruction are here to brilliant question and for the answer to that from -- -- -- we're gonna wait until after traffic because that we do some things going on. Otherwise it let the interview go unmolested. But let's go right now to -- -- keeping his eye on -- some white powder on the road. In Western New York Thursday and Colombians back at it again apparently somebody's gonna be a little bit pissed off in Cartagena Colombia and -- -- and one and sell buy us like that you have somewhere somebody's going to be thrown out of a helicopter election -- grace I'm just. I'm being silly don't take that seriously I'm not implying or referring any illegal contraband I'm just using it as a humorous thing and nobody was hurt -- good news's. When many south by south side to really apply our across a quote unquote fell off the back of the truck. Has cleared the backed up has gone into orbit only shoot at one point. The women himself when Andy North is cleared out the of one of an -- thruway westbound had been congested. For awhile due to -- in the Walden avenue look suggestion right now they're saying is going. From the 33 down through wall them which is a lot shorter area and that's still a little slow. That does ninety westbound overall revenue pretty derided this late hour in the review instant market demand and Bill Kristol we've always. Zero chance will be playing any Eric Clapton song at 630 is the musical break. Right now it's fifty degrees feels like minus five the temperatures actually gonna go up overnight tomorrow we're going to be the 45 degrees I'm sure that tomorrow -- going to be saying. All look at your basement getting filled with water it this is for the winter from hell. By the way really quickly kudos to the road crews yesterday I think all of you did a great job. A really mean that now let's get after those pot holes but now let's we backtrack to the question -- more of our interview with she ain't Kenny who's being bullied by the Grand -- high school people over his T shirt and sweatshirt they're trying to make it seem like he's some kind of -- in subordinate -- And their dead wrong who says so the United States Supreme Court in the tinker decision. Account of being sarcastic because I think your principles are idiots to be very honest with you but get used to -- it's higher education. Now. And this is me talking and I don't have to worry about repercussions because they don't go to Grand Island high school so. As far as the teacher is concerned they'd watch wearing that so what did they tell you about the future. -- home. Or divorce first over mr. -- He was making a deal about it. He told me I either got to get a different shirt which I didn't have a different -- in order I got to turn it inside out. And I told -- that. I don't have a -- sure I'm not gonna turn it and sent out there's not a problem it's National Rifle Association. For you have for you have some balls good for you. And. He got prince will mr. courtroom to come take a look at it. He let it. Didn't say a word about it on the back it says the Second Amendment should not be infringed. He read it -- the local self evident. And he just walked out of the locked out of the office here I guess you know meeting to go to the -- -- And the bush principles went well he should still duct tape just lectured to turn themselves. You're wearing a T shirt at this point. Yeah OK but and they wanted to put the sweat shirt back on the duct duct tape that. No they just animated duct tape just tortured -- my shirt inside out. To the best of your knowledge. Has anybody. As if any of your fellow classmates. Complained that they felt in any way shape reform. Endangered -- threatened by it or intimidated by these stitched weapons on your articles of clothing. No I've actually had people compliment me. On my shirt other students that I didn't include homes say anything about it. You know like there's kids who don't harm middle like coming in but they warn against certain people to actually. Councilman immunity should deal with people that give me a hard time about it was. Teachers. Really all I'm shocked. Union teachers who are generally vote Democrat Obama Cuomo I'm I'm shocked shocked beyond words they tell you so what is your dead have to say about the shame because if you're my kid I could -- -- and attach on the back and say give me well. Well that's pretty much what he was -- and com. He he was more concerned with my schoolwork and he is it is pretty pretty upset that I got to stand bit about it -- he's gonna go down or even -- -- -- -- them. And home. He it is like he says it's just. Steps. Piece of clothing on another piece of clothing and -- something done. You're gonna have to tell me hear what happened because we're talking we're talking what the kid who's -- hassled by the moronic. Principals and vice principals at Grand Island high school because he is an outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association. And my name is Tom buy hourly on the guy who's told you that when you let them come after the Second Amendment. They're gonna come after the First Amendment. And this young man is finding out at a very early age exactly how hole existing. Liberals and progressives really are. And that is -- -- that was the interview in total John that was the interview in total directors are more. That's it that's not okay. We will take it telephone calls. I believe that the principals at Grand Island and all of the brass. And all the teachers should be made a Saturday morning. To go in for. Constitution. Sensitivity. Training. I think the NRA would be more than happy to make instructors in constitutional law. As applicable to the Second Amendment as the leader as well as the first ten amendments to the constitution I think they'd be more than happy to command. And do we talked. Are certainly the representatives of scope NY dot org would be happy to do so who's Whitman. Constitution. Sensitivity training for educators I think it's a brilliant idea. 803 old -- thirty WB -- But gave -- -- -- cruel and unusual punishment. I -- first your song and I get -- not only do -- get gimme three steps but I get the foal Leonard skewered so are you guys but. Without ready to run against that they littered scattered sorry call me a purist. Be be the first person to call me pure and years. AM tomorrow by the we're gonna be bigger and I -- third rounds. Racing you know the casino down that way so. I'll have to were suit. But I'll be commando all right let's get the calls on WB the end it. Who is the next step here is -- Lancaster is gonna wait for a long time and then got a call from the falls you'll be next Stuart Lancaster talked to me -- WB yeah. I Tom. And monetize the situation that happened last year when -- first -- New way. At school we got it. Note sent home until. Let me let you know that old plants are not you. About gun safety at school because there is an Internet and a cafeteria. They won't let you let your friends that you are making -- easily. I -- -- they're making gun noises. God noise gay parent. I get their way out a little girl in the class at room at her at all. So me and I didn't teacher or that another girl lying Allaire that. It was three people my age and that it teacher went overboard in Panama. It's. And pulled them. -- -- -- Shouldn't do -- dot. Well I mean nobody's gonna argue with teaching kids about gun safety that's a big part of what the NRA does. Having any issue with kids making gun noises when I was in first grade we were all busy trying to figure out how to make a parting ways with -- under arms. There are a yeah Palin and what we know at home. When he had at at least you know what. What you do -- and we weren't doing meaning -- it's making guys knowing it and -- Actually in that accurate -- you're probably. All the kids what they shouldn't shouldn't do. And that school -- -- Told. Who ever we're doing that Hillary's been in in the and number. -- try to pinpoint them clap -- old old old that acting should never do that patent so court and yet there are able. Okay. All because they were making gun noises have you what is your idea for how long these purported -- noises were being made him would you care to do an imitation of the kind of noises which were audible. There. Now that's that's dangerous sorry I must confess and still -- -- that I almost passed out upon hearing that. But we can't land at least that was principle because my husband and I were Mary. The you know obviously I thought what the study in pointed in the classroom. And -- And bought out late July it will affect the way it went out outweigh. Rock and I probably ended in the library make sudden scary incident military -- the military. -- country but not military. And be like reading a book about guys in -- all in the library he'd bring them home every day. From the school library. Others also -- in some libraries which features murder suicide. Incest rape and it's called the Bible. So I say that's my problem -- -- He brings home box I read every week from the library and their books with darted -- and tell them what -- it it. And I go I don't get what the problem -- It was. And what was their principles reaction to your brilliant Touche. You have books about guns in the school library which my son legitimately borrows. She understood. He actually agreed with my husband and I she did not agree that teacher when -- out. How she went about what class -- didn't warn you that she agreed that she agreed that they're they're both ways. Luckily view. You know there are you sure you're very -- And she understood everything that -- obviously it's injured it not particularly not an art director here. And did you have words also in addition with the with the principle that you also have a chance to sit down with the teacher and I give her a little well a little piece of your. Legitimate concerns that your child a really wasn't doing anything wrong there. Hot in my opinion making a gun noise as the first grade boy if that. I mean seriously if that is the extent of the disciplinary issue in Lancaster. Lancaster should be counting its lucky stars. Right right we did not talk about it because the -- the ball tightly. She handled it -- he handled it very well but -- in the year we did write that letter to the superintendent. All that's awesome did you get a response from the superintendent. -- I -- interest there because I forget whether it is that the -- Lancaster. But several years ago they had a Halloween costume contest and guess what the prize went to the prize went to a costume called. Dead did. George Bush. I wrote the principal we're the superintendent a note asking if they. Dead Barack Obama would have been allowed as part of the Halloween costume contest by oddly enough never received via their response. And by the way I don't wish anything bad to the president whether it's Obama or bush or whoever that's not the point. The point is. I think it really is an example vacation of the sheer hatred for anything bought the left that is embodied in just about every public school and I hate to tell you this gang but a lot of Catholic schools in Western New York. Right right. But I I completely had to let each year showed -- last few days and retired if you're -- Thailand and I'm glad that you're doing that show about because I there's nothing wrong with T shirt he had on I would. I would look at and my son to school tomorrow with an honorary shirt on and it would they would deal. Contact the RNC think you make a special deal for people in the metro buffalo area to -- kids size NR AT shirts to see how many of these we can get in the public schools. That would -- -- my somewhat -- Okay I'm gonna actually write a note and maybe. All also contact their Steve all slot with scope because he's very accessible today because have I mentioned -- -- paid in full dues paid life member of shooters committee on political education. So we can get like kids' site shirts. I would love it if we can give them the people at cost. The first 11. It. Well yes I love the way you think and I asked my question do you believe that teachers and administrators should have to give up maybe a Saturday morning. Four constitution. Sensitivity. Training classes. I do believe -- aid station it. They're probably a lot of other people -- -- -- this site features. Amen amen amen. And again all I can say is can you imagine the national outrage if in the period of three weeks. A guy flying a rainbow flag and a young man wearing -- -- -- T shirt. -- so disciplined by the town or the school they attended new would be called the cradle of neanderthals. In North America and a nasty and of eight in the country and Western New York but if you -- people who support the Second Amendment I guess in liberal La -- -- -- education land that you're a hero. It. I have nothing against homosexuals are just using them as an example of a group that tends to be sacrosanct. And that no disparagement is meant that any of brigade listeners they know that I don't know why even have to say Beckett they know me they know me well they know I love them so. I'm glad you called him. Wow what a story. I will contact the NRA. And explain the story and see if they have kids size NR AT shirts that we get all over Western New York cost from the NRA. -- -- Because I just that kind of a vindictive little bastard. There is Niagara Falls like at C the first name of the person calling united notices a shock Ricky in the falls on WB and hello. And out repeatedly. That while Obama biblical line after that that one lady. Because you know I was born and raised with guns and used to. But I just made me nightmares and skeptical on this because after listening children evil nasty couple homes. Yeah. Well it's funny they should -- the German language then because I don't think there's an uglier speech on the face of the plan. It's all literally. No you is beautiful Germans just ask you know it's beautiful but you don't know this is attempts -- You upload as well taken server wolf it's. That'll are. I did eight years in the -- some of that. Emphasis in western. Thank you XP through this 71. At least 69 laid -- I -- Murray and number matter what they just tell -- my. I'm -- membership -- property here on the donor to The Heritage Foundation. Multiparty patriot card carrying member. And a number of -- -- because I got rid of our you know therapy. Good for you those Obama supporting health care abortion law enabling -- waffles with. The eight AARP every time they send me a letter in the mail goes immediately to the Schroeder. Well I don't know if you're aware of that are actually over the next ten years of -- one billion dollars. From my. You know this socialized medicine. Yeah well again I have no use for the AAR PI have very very little use for liberal organizations that pretend they're not. Like the NAACP for example. I have no use for it not because -- a racist but because. It's only four liberal colored people if you're conservative and black you're persona non Grata with the with the NAACP. I see black people attacked all the time more conservatives and the NAACP says absolutely nothing Sean Hannity is covered this extensively and kudos to Sean who by the way will be on the here at 7 o'clock and. Well I called the N double AC CP. In general of the event for association for the advancement of you know -- -- it for the color Communist Party. And others -- with liberal. A little more palatable and anything else from you. Well I'm very proud of this young man significantly a little bit afraid. Because you know I've grown up three. Alarm. You know. This is all part of of -- an agenda. It's it's been Border Patrol over a century you you're you're a student of history. And I am sure you were you know -- because you know back at the turn of the nineteen century there was an unholy trinity. And they happen to recall marks uncles and as the granddaddy. Admiral and in. Don't know actually a little uncertain socialized medicine is the keystone to the art for the -- -- arch of the socialist state. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There -- no borders. And it takes so it's a fictional -- century. They take reasonable time. In academia are big in the politics and their religion the economy and they just you know vulnerable nimble like termites summer foundation. Well you know there's I think there's more to -- -- that I do believe that there is agenda at play but knowing psychology as I do. There is also a certain personality type. That is tempted to go in to education either is a teacher or administrator. They did not enter that field because they were part and parcel of some giant grand left wing conspiracy but for whatever reason that personality type. Gravitate toward the educational. Process and it doesn't really take a lot to turn them from well intentioned educators to well trained little infiltrators. And in doctrine leaders. Well that that's the same thing that's what we both politicians and you know back and back in the old days say there were actually called statesman. But they turned and politicians were you know many blood sucking creatures. And you know a lot of these people go into our species. Or you stay Gurney play itself we all -- of we don't hire an idea how high ideals. There are no you know we're rock and roll you know straighten everything out but they've become tainted. -- offer. Look I'm glad you called your I appreciated and I will say this much that you'd be surprised if the number of country and rock people who actually are. More in line with view. Then with Barack Obama one of them surprisingly enough is Kid Rock. The original American bad -- he was a proud Romney voters. The dude is from Detroit. That takes stones. -- like Kid Rock. I really -- I was gonna say I do. Great performer brilliant businessman. 649 -- W. Thanks 53 dues regular thirty WB and let everybody hung updated think I was gonna take more phone calls up -- -- say a pox on your houses. Your house look with a pot. Anyway area that boy got what ninety seconds left anyway all right well you just got to go back through the show. And -- I tell you where we've been today -- mr. now first of all coming up on this radio station news radio 930 WB yet. You'll hear from Sean Hannity from 7 until 10 o'clock tonight I know he is riveted. By the mystery of the Malaysia air flight we all -- I happen to think it was an accident a sudden cataclysmic accident or possibly. It to the Payne Stewart thing. I have not seen any evidence. Of terrorism and a Michael Savage lastly I was talking about the Muslim figures in China. And attacks they've undertaken in China to secure their their -- to was secure independence from China but. What does -- terror attack if nobody knows about it and if you don't take responsibility. Michael might be right I don't know I think the greater possibility at this point is. Aviation accident probably mechanical failure but I reserve the right to change my mind if additional information presents itself. So we've got Sean Hannity seven until ten Michael Savage Savage Nation ten until one. And then George Noory overnight here on WB yet. And today I do what I think Rus Thompson for joining us I -- think buffalo attorney James trezeguet who knows the Second Amendment inside and out. And his explanation of the tinker case and why the Grand Island public schools are going to be in a world of civil rights lawsuit hurt if they continue with their irresponsible suppression of first amendment rights. And we -- the -- out -- this in Ross Thompson as well to talk about the issue of Shane Kelly thanks to John thanks to post while it. And it is -- hourly reminding you two very important words. No way you're shelf. --

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