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3-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 got a dvd -- He worked. For. Holes to. -- -- And welcome to the New York City if they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in this State of New York no one ponds with an assault rifle. -- -- The -- Tom -- you've -- to ride what you show that started spot news media didn't check out the big gray you know -- I've ever read them later. It is then five minutes after five it is ready at 930 WB yet it has hourly and -- we're talking once again about out. Well actually this is really only the second show a bit suggested that about they Shane -- The sophomore from Grand Island high school who I got to face up than he would all decked. All the chief. He owns not all as the Grand Island high school administrators because when we interview with him the other day today before the blizzard. -- -- He. Off the top of his head. As a young man. -- properly able to describe and the five the Second Amendment to the constitution. And had the gratitude. To his forefathers. In all of the people in our armed forces. Who admitted he is freedom possible over the years this young man realizes. The world did not begin. We chain academy. That he. Inherited. Rights. That were fought for by generations of Americans black and white Asian and Indian and everywhere in between before him. And that kind of circumspect and is so rare in people in general these days much less a sixteen year old. Who of course is. In the subordinate. Because he refused to Obey. An unconstitutional. Request made by an assistant principal at that -- -- assistant vice principal at Grand Island high school. Shane. You'll have -- -- -- -- that's from team America world police the movie century BC now Rus Thompson is with us and -- Politics or calls for -- a busy guy. He's a busy they're too busy for me but he's a busy guy. And you might have questions for -- about this story that only rescue afterward as he is a grand islander. And let's go to. Let's go to -- in buffalo on line one on WB and Laurie thank you for your patience and holding Russ is here and -- is listening. Did you open it again. Did you guys not put on hold. Guys can run three times as little. Mr. we -- level artists aren't they Laurie I'm sorry but. We gotta get us back out on the line here I have to. Sometimes I gotta throw things at my crew. -- -- -- I'll throw John German -- -- Like Barack Obama with his white grandmother you know Josh -- is doing exactly what my white grandmother used to do. He looks at me and he wants to destroy me. -- -- job all right we got prospector up all right you guys do what you gotta do to keep rust locked in so we don't lose and again shall wait. John how's it feel to be thrown under the bus by when he your best friends ever in the nicest guy with whom you'll ever work doesn't that feel just awful and horrible. Took the thing that you get to drive by my house every night in flip me off that your ultimate revenge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want you do it pretty dead and thank you patent. Actually I play a little bit this program -- I totally support and Guillen actually tactic dropped about giving everybody -- T shirt and then he took a political party planning -- -- it's great to think we -- think great minds think alike. And anyway I do believe what occurred to me. That is these teachers can't get away with this they're actually not teaching the foundation of America or the constitution. In American history classes. On several years you know eating fat. -- teacher history teacher from Amherst -- school district. Was told not to -- they're -- and -- something about it can -- because there are little more are sounding obvious questions on the reconfiguring and you know and what would back. -- there's an interesting coincidence on. Yeah they did that they're limiting it I would hopefully that get a lot of if you can't get police now have no idea that we actually have a right to bear arms. On the net -- -- the man to decapitation of the -- Q -- the constitution. -- the constitute here's the problem -- and I forgive my interruption but this is great this is great time to erupt because we have a president who supposedly taught constitutional law although we'll never know cause we'd never seen this transcript because apparently he's such a dumb -- he never wanted to releases actual transcript I think the man is that it'll actually revitalized. But not because of a racist of. Yes they're very good point because and and that is why I have at least hit streak is equally important teaching reading math and science because it's. In that advice is our student to be. Americans and patriotic. At the Cuban government and -- will quote act. Constitutional lawyer who sit says the dictator ain't cheap right now. He wanted to fundamentally change our country will be exactly how you get at it at school that I will bet in this -- -- -- -- -- -- I think I didn't civics or history true history. Of the founding of our country. Barack Obama is part of the problem Barack Obama is a guy on like Jane Kennedy who believes the world. Started with his immaculate -- -- on this earth when he spontaneously combustible one day in Hawaii are as Barack Hussein sort oral. OK I think I think he really believes the world started with Barack Obama I really believe he does. Yes that this is I'll I'll bet it's happening here at the blatant example of the tactics they're using. Did take away our right and that's why give them the information in the first place great way to do it. Well there's a lot lower you set a mouthful -- would you like to comment. Well I know -- very well at his word on the board without it cheap New York or. I don't know how many years and fourteen New York which created we work together primary challenge. Other aliases and -- if it does get their -- teacher and a day I'm not working I'm better. Brett -- -- -- actually thank you very much for the call Laurie thank you I don't want to lose rust against we -- be careful how we secure battle. Lowering your daughter and three Roscoe and comments. Get somebody actually post on your FaceBook page they keep it track down that -- it's march 31. Out of the for the on board school board meeting I want to get -- confirmed that that confirming that -- will have a -- -- So all but Bob Marley is Doug is extremely well -- -- should be opened twenty New York instead of me. You know and that she's all over the -- should really -- and you talk about a patriot why are you the patriot should really just hard work in -- And again I I cannot leave the lack. -- -- what I can believe it but it defies logic would we have a president of the United States in his State of the Union Address who actually had the nearer to say and was not seriously challenged by anybody in the mainstream media. That whenever possible. Congress at the Supreme Court to. They're good for the American people if it looks like it walks like it walks like it quacks like that it's a duck and this is a dictatorship. Well he's threatening to veto all law. It was just passed by the House of Representatives last night and all the law is. It requires. Him as a person to run their course the current law. And he's threatening to veto it but what -- but after that but I mean even -- lawless. What are critical state which it. Okay well that he and the leadership he said he. I wouldn't buy all these laws putting that example going on vacation and -- -- And said he is why a lot excursion. That crop up hundreds of millions of -- -- -- As long as you're eating nothing but cabbage and Brussels sprouts -- life is good for Michelle Obama. Let's go to John in Hamburg with Rus Thompson John what do you have to sit there and Johnny got to turn the radio off otherwise -- -- I'm gonna have to be a real putts here but. John go ahead and yes this is you you're name is John and I just said hello so it's your. Okay I've just follow the sale Serb you'll stay a 69 under article. -- all around march and at least fire missile launch and who can't. Just. Or whatever reassure an end. I'm. Not honor and I'm like top I'd just walk in the woods and look at them and kill them but I tell you what. I'm all for what you guys talk about not everything I can do to support yeah. -- you know. Get together and let these people -- down knowledge on. And maybe get their heads together. I think they're pretty much probably get there by now. Today art in. If they do not reverse course on theirs they ain't seen nothing yet they cannot crawl under a rug and think this is going to go away. They don't know lol. What they have awakened they don't know. I -- writes my audio are a little little. Street in the OJ Hamburg and I know -- you several hours on my street here. Outside I'm not a shooter myself for anything but I feel very comfortable or not. Any parent can do this -- -- now. -- John thanks very much Jeff for serving in the United States and it is my maternal grandfather dead and that we appreciate your being a patriot as as you are thank you very much John appreciated -- you like to add to that -- I just want to thank him for his service so -- end and showing its support any hit basically keep on listening you. Because there's so that I know what's going what you know and a new goal all what was it. You know I mean net -- the best thing if people really need to get involved they need to get all they -- can sometimes get out of their comfort zone. Because we're losing our right. The only. And it -- we eat yet that. People get it all get out of that comfort zone start when big people. On issues like -- and so it's already more others that. They're just gonna have a field day. Russ. Russ I have ten almost 101000 followers on my FaceBook page. You have a gazillion followers on your FaceBook page at the drop of -- hat we can mobilize hundreds of people. For a protest. And this is not going away now coming up we're gonna hear from somebody who is anti Shane thinks this can just trying to get attention so I want you here for that because you you know the family better than I. Let's go to traffic first of all -- terrorists deserve your full attention at all time. Allen left the road course. Pretty good actually at this point no major problems out there the roads are in good shape -- he's moving along the -- busy. The 290s busy weekend picking a lot of traffic and the women in north. When many south though we've been having a problem for awhile slowdown from -- -- street -- the -- area. And get a caller tells me it's because we had a couple of police cars -- troopers over on the side with some other vehicles. Are aware that he old south Ogden told booms used to be in the the sled goes the police cars loner but down. And elsewhere we're doing okay the international bridges. -- at a bit of a go back up at the rainbow that's going over problems this afternoon for some reason. And actually of -- -- updated that they've cleared now against the back of peace region -- means an OK so things change. In the Libyans and much traffic command I'm -- Arista we call it. Here's AccuWeather WBBM. -- and very cold that I -- in an interesting twist of fate is Bob Dylan once wrote -- temperatures actually gonna go. Overnight so it's at fifteen now. -- started here earlier today it was thirteen degrees we've actually gone up to fifty. But the wind -- down to minus five then tomorrow we're going to be at 45 degrees so. Tell me what exactly the emergency statements are coming about the melting snow in the -- on the ice in the flooding tell me when that -- gonna start again and by the way if you are in that the Lexington green area seriously if you're like what the fire department there if there's anyway the ever need more bodies for sandbags and stuff. Let me know because. -- I mean I mean using bodies and sandbags. Because. That would be rather uncomfortable after a few days in the hot sun. But is grizzly -- is that Jonestown but as far as we you know if you -- like extra backs and arms and strong bodies I can provide those if -- wanted but -- also don't wanna get your way -- -- my listeners get your way. -- go to. But it did George now on line for Georgia around with the -- Thompson you've got a different take on this stock. -- dutrow. What educators. Let me tell you some. -- Quote usually. You pull. It apart it's. Well punk -- why why would you say he's upon -- To a group from what you said it is likely approve it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- YC upon what's otherwise a -- -- -- -- -- All right well sir you're -- reduced -- -- -- -- -- you say punk I'll call you dues regular I think you've already proven my point I don't need to explain it -- to comment. Are absolutely okay -- people read that. They're really good couple of big got big part of the problem are these aren't hit really you know them personally I don't think -- -- because you -- you wouldn't be showing things like. I talked to him on the year and frankly he was one that he was one of the most within sixteen year old with whom I've spoken in a -- again that's -- -- hominem attack ads against the person he's up on -- well guess what I guess Thomas Jefferson was up on kids are. -- where there -- -- part of this maybe you -- you need to clear she's not exactly what happened. -- shouldn't would there be removed -- lecture he built his structure yes Second Amendment insurer on under the lecture. It was what yet by the body with the ball and -- everybody involved and then send it back teacher was okay. Oregon are -- -- that approach should you went to keep it or kill it off. Okay wait a minute how he went from one that he would -- what church okay I'm good with bad. And then turn around and probably won't benefit okay -- did it. Well. I want there to implement now are not that. It's really scary is the fact that that guy. What's scary is that guy used to be an educator that's the mentality with which we are dealing that is frightening. Yes absolutely. And if you're gonna speak out that there -- a member of facts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So don't look back but I would want to know back but it won't get one because. -- want to protect what they have and a little bit that this -- will not opposed to getting all the obstacle I walk on the moon. The I mean and Otto -- of attack against a sixteen year old kid who knows more about the constitution than the so called former educator. I guess two words come to mind. Bite me it would be the best I could come up with. Russ it's always a pleasure I know you gotta go I know Steve all -- can't wait to join the buy -- show when I can't wait to talk to more intelligent callers on the program. And well I'll talk to -- -- sent me a nasty text. I'll think about something really good as stated it -- out. I can I live for your nasty -- after we get up the year -- I love you like your brother and I'll talk to you soon. Like double talk Houston based web beyond and really what covering this story like you did an interview we change get through. Even though the child psychologist who sent an email to my boss thinks I should be fired for doing the interview on the year despite the -- whose parents were totally -- with a all right thank you very much we'll replay the interview by the way before too long for those who may have missed it yet it's again folks that I find that very troubling. That somebody whose claims to be a former educator. Would call a kid he doesn't know a punk. When the kid was absolutely within his constitutional rights in wearing that shirt. Seriously dude if you're my kid's teacher I'm afraid you that I would have a big problem. Five point six and I'm suggesting dueling pistols at WBN. It's. I just want guys to know something bad what I tell you guys bat air ace Cole. Or eight top. Went after lets it. -- from all. Can you imagine. The national media descending on Western New York if in the period of three weeks to separate individuals. In two. Separate political and geographic areas were attacked for expressing pro Second Amendment views. Could you imagine if two individuals who were homosexual. Were attacked one for flying a rainbow flag another for wearing rainbow tee shirt at school. Can you imagine the different response of the national media. Now I happened to -- I I happen but loved my homosexual listeners I've never made a secret about that. But I also know that my homosexual listeners understand the point -- making. That the media has an agenda. And we've had two people now. Who've had their first amendment rights over the Second Amendment challenged by bullies in government. In Hamburg and at Grand Island high school. If another group had faced a similar attack such as homosexuals. Transgender. Lesbians bisexuals. The media would be hit it in Western New York calling us a culture of hate. And a climate of backward as him thinking. You know extra. And you also know when I tell you that I would be equally outraged by that I would be. And if it was over a picture of Obama or pro Obama side I would be equally exorcise. Equally upset. Because you can't just pick one. And ignore the other and this is the message I'm trying to convey to my smile more saying the -- classic American liberal friends. That just because you guys had the upper hand right now. And everything seems to be going your way doesn't mean that at some point in the future it might hurt. And then you guys are gonna say well this isn't right this isn't fair welcome your -- that's why we have a constitution it's supposed to apply to everybody all the time or it doesn't mean anything it's not worth the paper it's written not. So I invite my saying that liberal friends to realize. That being an American means. That it is the speech would -- which is the most controversial. Which needs protection. Because speech that isn't controversy old protection it's the controversial speech -- And here I'm also reminded of George Carlin. You have no rights. You have a temporary bill of privileges which can be revoked at any time by the government questions. Ask a Japanese American and World War II. That's on the Internet you can watch it George Carlin you have no rights that's why we all have to stick together. As Americans to recognize. That we're never -- agree with -- each other and everything but if we don't agree on the precept of free speech. And the validity of the constitution. Well we might as well just pack up the country called today. -- it's done. Look unstable -- right now he is the president of scope NY shooters committee. On political education I am a life member paid dues in full member of that organization. And -- Steve on got a curious how closely your group is following this situation which is unfolding in your backyard in our backyard. Grand Island New York. And you know we've been well that story that well when. Someone -- Most of us. And I can't tell you that I Marty's been contacted. By people who are asking now where the nation -- -- make -- donation per -- These kids that are -- culture though. We don't send them -- you know let it AK Second Amendment and -- -- school so we will have -- -- right. Now all of the realistically. How much lead time do you need to adopt the I's and crossed the t.s to stage the kind of demonstration. That would attract I'm telling you at least a thousand and probably several thousand people to say no Grand Island schools you do not get to urinate over the constitution. Well actually -- we didn't -- Through. -- there's people and they get together with your audience and I'm sure we can -- -- -- In not too many days -- Okay well no that's -- that's good to know why is this such an important issue. Well you know. But urged her circuit -- -- New York State for a long time that the particularly at a turbulent had gesture with the spiritual effect. And now. If you toward war or after our First Amendment. Right she even talked about it. -- there's this. And gentlemen -- what school was a -- that just ordered the Second Amendment useful to take. Sure about offer cover up there and not in the -- I don't think they want chew up. Where first number rights so they can only get publicly complain or say anything about that particular. But similar -- well. That's very interesting because as Steve remember guys in the -- named Tom who predicted exactly. The kind of attack on other constitutional alleged guarantees. We would see once the Second Amendment was rendered meaningless and only at the whim and caprice of Governor Cuomo and his -- that the First Amendment could also be considered not sacrosanct anymore. It right early exit through the bill of rights and enumerate the might ever -- for the people that you can't pick and choose which would you support. Like that that the government does not grant -- anybody the only that the government can do it infringe on your natural right. And the electric institution that not everybody writes. All of that but I is that those existing rights we'll tell the government that they shall not in double -- Via a grand island school superintendent put out a statement basically it was a budget doublespeak it was almost like he was written by George Orwell's ministry of plenty in the 1984. Basically said oh no he's attacking his First Amendment right to his defense of the Second Amendment Rights. Essentially they said this is really a an issue of in subordination. And it's an issue of school safety with those school shootings in the news and I've just got to wondering Steve but because maybe Evan out of touch with the news lately I've never heard of -- Embroidered on a sweatshirt or tee shirt. Becoming three dimensional and doing any damage to anybody in the entire course of firearm history have I missed something in -- reading. It humorous that that child all I haven't heard of any -- We'll get killed by future. I wonder what the Grand Island schools take field trips to old fort Niagara they make them put the canons and the must get two way. Well I I played other -- Attitude of the only people with their political practice it's just get to the point other -- it's like that earlier. Not too well but I get scared to -- we got -- they may say. If I'll ever pop art machine able little -- both in addition but it's kindergartners that up. They've figured out sent to. The -- well OK here's the question. The world seems to have gone absolutely insane -- The looney progressive Communist left is absolutely obsessed almost in a Floridian way with guns. Andy the idea that this kid having a gun on his shirt. While other kids are currently walking around with we'd under T shirts which by the way I have no objection to whatsoever we'd pictures on their T shirts or Bob Marley pictures or god forbid 38 special shirts or guns and Rosie is sure to -- -- -- nowhere in those from goodwill. -- under scuttled on earning a -- what does this nonsense stop. I don't know -- -- you know a bit they're. Not only do they want to take away your your right to bear arms but when articulate your right. You even -- It would make it. So that people are so alienated from their rights that they -- to think about every right to should keep -- -- Especially in the school so but what can. Well. -- that being as. -- Act were starting to restore illusion I was afraid this is gonna happen because where you live by you live in the hills were bigfoot Rome's down there. And I don't wanna I don't wanna lose you completely hopefully I'll be able to hear the answer to this one last question. How extensively do you plan on covering and following the story she ain't candy on the scope and why dot org website. Well we're gonna we're gonna keep capture. Trying to get all the film and -- you know. Let's. This encounter with a if they weren't cute well. They haven't. The or look -- that a -- okay. We're going again and the supply though. RI AS Steve unfortunately you need to move. Because if necessary we're gonna go to move by intuit a better cell's own. I think we have the basics from view I will put a link to your website on my FaceBook page. And that people can contact the very latest from your organization's -- point scope shooters committee on political education. NY dot org scope NY dot org. Because I think this is important. And I think frankly this should not be a conservative vs -- issue. We either have a bill of rights for liberals and conservatives and all Americans or we don't even have freedom. It. All right thank US -- ball stop the president of scope and you know I would keep my longer guys but frankly I've got breaks I've got to do and Steve is also on his way to a very important meeting. So a lot of give him time to kind of mentally prepped for his meeting and also the phone connection kind of -- Now are coming up on the program on to take more calls from you guys I. A question for -- You're gonna love this one. -- work are you guys had to go through sensitivity training. We had a sensitivity training session here ever come about ten years ago it was the first and last one we ever did. Because I tell the young guys about this all the time it was billed as. Cultural sensitivity. Training. And by the end of it it was really apparent what it was all about it was about get hourly. Even -- general manager stood up and said we're done this is enough. The agenda was clear it was all about going after me everybody -- everybody was there the GM stood up and said we're done. Because I was given it back to the guy just as fast as he was given it to me. But it ended. -- we haven't done that since I'll be damned if I go to another one but should it. Our educators be forced -- wanna see happen. Because you know what he's taught that we need to be diverse. That we need to be inclusive of everybody I believe that by the way. I believe in diversity. I don't think there -- you go through life only hang around like if you're black only around black people. If you're white I don't think you should go through life always hang around white people. Or people with a similar background -- -- -- birds of a feather do flock together that is the natural order of things. But I have been enriched in my personal life by so many people. Of so many different cultures sexual orientations. Persuasions. Accidents you name and they have enriched my life. OK so being sensitive to. And aware of other cultures on this planet is not a bad thing. But I think we need -- taken a step further. I think that our educators. I think that we should mandate. Bet the principals superintendents vice principal's assistant vice principals assistance to the assistant for the vice principals and all the other people -- under 200 K. I think that they should have to go through. Constitutional. Sensitivity training. -- -- Should school administrators. Have to go through constitutional. And freedom with sensitivity. Training. And I think that what they should do is bring in guys. From. May be retired CIA operatives. I retired. Other alphabet soup people who might be willing to talk to the young people about what they went through to defend freedom. And how they saw other bodies picked up off the street and -- I think that maybe some of the guys from Persian gulf and Afghanistan. Who don't have arms or legs anymore. Should talk to our young people. And the administrators and principals about the constitution and why they were willing to sacrifice their limbs for this country and for freedom. Because frankly I don't think most educators give it. It's not bear world they're just in it for the money the pensions and the batteries screw the freedom screw the constitution. I think that these people are in desperate need of constitutional. Sensitivity training who's with 8030930. At WB Ian. Spend it. The past -- alliger what are restate those problem areas again though that a totally made a mockery of your last traffic report out of you are than ninety by Walden westbound nineties public and drive -- All right. Thank you were about to graduate checked in with a -- Here is via exclusive AccuWeather forecast for today. It will be -- suddenly I feel wide awake alert. Brisk and very cold tonight I'm just kidding kidding kidding -- That's an evil horrible drug and it should never be abused. Temperatures steady or even rising overnight. The overnight well actually it's weird because the temperatures gonna go up. When I came on the air today it was thirteen degrees now or -- fifty. But the real feel was minus five tomorrow we could be up to 45 degrees so. You know stay alert stay alive and all that stuff right now as I said fifty degrees Johnny -- good break a 55. If I could if you want you want 55 or 5655. OK okay here's what promised he would. I have really screwed up today with the clock. Because it's. I get carried away with the subject sometimes. -- about Charlie Sheen with guns and stuff and freedom because it's kind of important to me so when we come back. We're gonna talk on the phone and I'll also replay the interview we did with Shane -- The one where the child psychologists at my boss a note that said I should be fired for doing that interview. And I quadruple dog dear. That guy or lady to call my show and debate may. And give us your phone number so you can hear for all of my crazy listeners are okay is that a deal. I'll be happy to go in and be happy to take an IQ test which you're probably happy to go to take it's like a bell with you too. And we'll see who's crazy who's not fair enough. Called balls folks get a -- -- time by 56. Right here on WB EN sponsored by both.

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