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3-13 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WE -- I wore us down upon the -- with great bend and then yeah -- India the whole look. Moderately anxious and my brother. That we have to -- the -- so that you can find out what is it. -- it's not my responsibility but if you got -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a they're ready if nothing like a short time. -- -- Great -- don't mind these -- 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. -- really does Gupta went from one of our new web Crist backers collaborators sales account executives here -- come buffalo she said. Tom this is unlike any radio talk show I have ever heard it. You really have carved out your own niche haven't you. And it was she took her five minutes to realize that well he's different in a good way. As she looked at me she said you're crazy I mean that as a compliment. Thank you very much. Are let other people mean that is derogatory term anyway I can't buy hourly -- surely does master control today and got -- while. Mean the art made clear our psychology. Well he's he's our call screener and I do know that he is security on so he's gonna be treated with respect and nothing but Sherman I can beat them around and also like a rag doll. This Pasquale guy -- I don't mess with guys named as well you know I don't. Now now probably guy up private personal training and now I don't mess with guys it -- well does that happen. It is -- ten minutes after four circus well and I just totally I just basically said you could kick my ass all over the room and I couldn't do a thing about it it was a compliment. Anyway we're talking with -- Thompson who -- afraid to say even at his advanced age of a 58 and could do the same thing as a former united states army soldier and defender of freedom somebody who wore the uniform his wife -- a proud United States marine nobody is -- a former United States marine once a marine always a marine and she's still -- -- up every morning punches -- and says -- five -- get -- coffee. Least that's what I'm told -- I could be wrong. -- -- I got the sources everywhere so anyway Russia. What I'm trying to tell people here try to give people the background Apollo. This story. About the totalitarianism. In the Grand Island high school went nationwide. And you're the guy you set it email early the other day. And I said. To you -- to please look into it. You looked into it. I tried looking into it you hit pay dirt while I was on the year and you through -- many contacts -- Grand Island were actually able with -- his parents' consent to get us -- -- On the here and we're gonna replay the ten minute interview during today's program for those who might have missed it he is the young man who was kicked out of school or in school suspension for wearing that evil -- -- sweatshirt and that satanic -- RET shirt which are clearly represented a menace and danger to all authority and everything good pure and wholesome in the Grand Island high school. You know I find it interesting because. You know -- Doesn't it kind of seemed to you. As though the grand island school administrators could use some NRA. Or school sponsored. Constitutional. Sensitivity. Training classes to which they must report. I would love that this matter of fact made the world Yemeni production which. That the next score board meeting. Yeah out because everybody just to take sensitivity training courses for other issues yeah I think that our school administrators really need to be. Forced to go to the sensitivity training sessions regarding our constitution. And our freedom yes even in the age of president jackass Obama. You know one of the first things that I think that will in -- as they walked into the next school board meeting is we give way office constitutions. We ordered them by the hundred in every single event that we don't -- me apple box problem and we give them out and we never ask any donations or that. We -- them we have come out and people -- -- -- that you can keep me you are. Keep me you've read it should keep -- -- car. You can look at that you could read it you could read it and understand what's going on the constitution. And why we fight for it so much. So I'm trying to pin down the next school board meeting from what I understand it's going to be. They conjunction meeting which gonna be that there Grand Island Al board. Integrated our school district the board of the board of educators. And they usually -- the rent are high school in the auditorium I've got conflicting gate somebody probably maybe march 17. Somebody up for the twenty tech or 22 doesn't work that final weekend. So it -- kinda hard to actually find that you are they they try that all of that but that stuff because they don't want people speaking now. They don't wanna hear anybody else's opinion. All these current Boutros. They they screwed the pooch on this one and a bad way. Inevitable question about the people I haven't heard probably years in here. I've been contacting me. And types -- jump up what -- fifteen new friends that in my prank from Grand Island ER what FaceBook page and people it you are you about this. People wouldn't but it would be angry are you -- And Rossi -- kind of guy and I mean this with all sincerity. If the school had -- of the similar thing to a homosexual student with a rainbow flag switcher or rainbow flag T shirt I would be just as pissed off. If somebody if they had ordered him to take off an Obama shirt I would be just as angry because it isn't that contents of this speech. It is the freedom of the speech and if you don't have bet witty or a liberal in charge and in power today or conservative who will probably never be -- -- no matter where you are on the spectrum these rights should apply to all of us or to -- Abbas and I would lay down my life to defend somebody who was picked on for rainbow flag or picked on -- Obama -- -- -- and it right. Now and I and I agree with the out of respect what the problem when it comes to freedom of speech. Everybody has freedom of speech not selected individuals -- selected groups. You know it's something that nobody is really picked up on which really need to be made clear is that the -- at Columbia and -- idea what OK if you look at that you know those are. There isn't a black man quite well close but in loaded one. Those are those assault must it's. -- that's. Basically one shot every forty seconds if you're good. Yeah I thought was to watch the -- watch how they apple logos thanks. You know but that's what's on -- and then not even fully exposed because they'll be on its heels so you can peak it was legal pot. And the -- the -- that op Ed require. But thought the majority to weapon is behind the NRA -- so what sort -- -- -- and it you know what it really gets me. I was going to be good who's going to be the judges. Well it was gonna judge what consult legal what it meant stopping you know what the -- what is right yet you -- have I learned. I'd like that clearly expressed guidelines. Not this -- stop they have out there and of course -- get up and how you just read. Well. -- you know I'm sorry got to -- a gift to see through crap. And that statement is 100%. On adulterated and I wish I could use the full word bull blank. All I know but if you look at it. He excused the going to be he was so make sure -- accused he would suspend. Yeah just what the the American colonists were told to pay a tax on T they didn't and a new country was born in subordination. A in the defense of liberty is something that I consider a badge of honor and I think Shea and had more balls than that anybody who runs the Grand Island schools and frankly more than I would have said at the age of sixteen. And I can't wait to meet because I haven't met him yet you know all he sounds like a good -- and everything and hear from everybody on the -- big you know big big -- if you could -- Yesterday that he didn't happen but yeah it goes back of the about what happened the very next I would be targeted to be searched. And that pocket it will take it out of the pocket confiscated. Into -- the suspension again. All right you're gonna the end of the -- was released in navigating it all -- I -- one of those little pocket pool on my teaching our doctor Doug Barnett a little TV night bought it -- an inch and a quarter walk. You know all so I could bring that into it to federal -- to get it to the metal package -- lead to new vehicle. Yeah I'm I'm not allowed sharp objects your shoelaces anymore. I know I definitely try to keep those things away from me. Our -- Thompson is rest Thompson is the man who made this story going national. I was simply the mouthpiece -- did the work I cannot emphasize that enough Russ what kind of negative blowback have you gotten I've gotten to bits of negative blowback number one. This cowardly child psychologist. Had these lack of stones to email my boss saying that Tom buy hourly should be fired for interviewing the sixteen year old from Grand Island and I quadruple. Dog dinner that mental -- walking piece of brain dead excrement to call my show and debate -- on the issue number one. Number two. The other negative feedback I've gotten is that will top. The young man was in the subordinate to which I say yeah so was Thomas Jefferson so is Benjamin Franklin so is George Washington that's why we have a constitution. Yeah well that the second one you get -- the only thing that got and I've only gotten from a couple of people. And two of them actually the two that advocate Bethany -- that were on WB and FaceBook page. And that god and you would basically and it seen I think in which is basically what you get. And then I turned around and I and I and I thought that you know. Apparently you didn't listen to the interview. You don't put back story on it thank you about these job. It was an odd that you think it was and -- want to get the true. Crime or not. All too often people run because they think they know what happened and -- not letting somebody well -- gonna blame anybody that you point the schools. -- the school won a couple of others. So that feeling that we wanted to be back. And it was exactly. You know he would ask you. I win and -- toward the keyboard and -- -- to attack you personally. Now my personality. In court. Well. You know -- believe it or not I know this -- might be difficult but and I am not universally beloved there are some people who really don't like me or anything I say -- for which I stand. And that's cool because it's a free country. And you know I don't expect to be loved by everybody but the positive feedback outweighs the negative by like 99% to 1% so I don't dwell on the 1% in fact I pray for my enemies. I don't wish them harm in any way shape or form. That's the best way to deal with people who attack you especially the -- hominem or against the man attacks somebody wants one of those -- today against me. And I asked for specifics of where I was wrong. And she neglected to respond with any specifics it was just an anti Tom Bauerle -- hominem attack so don't go anywhere because -- how to find out what you think is gonna be next in this case because you are the man on Grand Island you know everybody -- Grand Island and that that is your special. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's traffic and Alan terrorists on WBBM. Some and the roadways right now their own protection against any major problems at the moment we're doing OK we had a problem on the 198. Westbound about our sided civil vehicle in the central lane at -- 119 nor as the by home treatment they've disabled vehicle in the right lane. Miserable with -- right now on the sun's out most rolled in pretty good shape everything is moving along at a good pace. And -- and much of command and -- stoically. And AccuWeather says is that risk and very cold tonight temperatures. Will be steady but they didn't go up overnight so it's it's thirteen degree no it's fourteen degrees right now the real feel this minus six tomorrow. It's gonna be windier and warmer and we might even see some showers amidst the clouds and sun with a high of 45. So you poor people at Lexington green I don't even know what you're going to be in store for over the next few days. I -- be in my future a for sale sign of how we get sick you deal with. -- note no disrespect intended guys quite the contrary I feel for you guys you've been through L how many times in your life. Right now again fourteen degrees minus six so -- what happens next with the case of Shane -- because I want to take calls from folks as well but what what's gonna happen next how far is the family can be willing to pursue what I think is a very clear and present violation. Of this young man's constitutional and civil rights. The target that we -- I'm not quite sure they have been just is negated. We've found with national would national media. At this whole thing -- the way they haven't had a chance to read. But I will -- -- from some of the people I've been talking to. This student. At this school are starting to organize a date were all of them I'm gonna win the same type of -- Machine war -- and I'm hearing that he would visit that a hundred that wanted to get on a coordinated day. And so what is that what they're already had -- are you sure we don't know. Sure we don't know all the people want on the base. That that I would ability to. Be sure. Yes it will do in school. So that the equity it is not get comment from immediate comment from everybody. I've talked and he diplomat Tina. I think it's hard to see you -- important part of the team everybody that was involved calling me texting me. It will put people attacking me now as we speak in the -- -- that you aren't they where all of he. If we can't work together that ebitda I mean people planet -- Saying you know that -- that we work together as they eat but no matter that we agree that it should want that somewhat important. When you talk about the importance you have context. What it because it was such a team effort. And I -- by the way you know I hope people on our side understand. That there was a period of a year where we couldn't stand each job we got into a spat it got way out of hand it was stupid and it finally ended and we were both man enough. And we basically said this is stupid. And we agreed to agree -- and -- fights together where we could and when we could because it was for the benefit of all and it wasn't about our egos and I learned from that. A lot I know you learn from that a lot you know and I am I you know it is one of those things you're never too old to learn and I learned you learned and you know that's the way it ought to be. Now a you know and we make a good -- -- you know we make a good these people and I -- -- -- probably all all of my god you know well. But you know is it that people -- hoping is that working yet if you have a lot -- you have acute listening audience. OK we have been large group we have a huge -- -- and did chilling that two forces together. Rarely does. You know we have the ability to do -- -- we really feel. Well we do expect -- got to put you on hold because when I come back I just have one more question for you people want to protest I'm getting emails up a lawsuit from peoples and Tom. When is there going to be a day where we can legitimately gather at Grand Island high school unless they change their tune and get with the constitution. Because people want to locally show support for -- Kinney and more importantly and most importantly the second and first amendments to the constitution which of course this president has made a mockery of by saying whether. Brock had a bypass congress to do what I figured for the American people. -- every dictator in history has used words quite similar to that just without that charm and sparkle in his died on news radio 930 WB. Well it's actually never alright for fighting but if you're gonna do it at least know -- Dylan have some training. And after you break the guy's -- don't run away call 911 forums stay there to make your statement to the police after you talk with a lawyer. Never talked to the cops and they talked to your lawyer. -- it is 434. Net -- a kind of -- Inside jokes up in the capital over the weekend and -- laughing about. My security person -- the laughing about it through our security persons possibly doing something kind of due Sheehan. Turkey and I am things in a long story but. It is up for 35 and is ready at 930 WBD and it's good people and alphabet soup went. Anyway I already. It has hourly Rus Thompson is out where this right now Andyaat. Rusty you texted me before and frankly I get about a million tax every day but only when I'm on the year went off figure it gives a damn about me when I'm on the air suddenly everybody wants to say something -- But hey -- -- -- trust -- that the attorney with whom we spoke at the beginning of the program. He says thank you -- for getting the news out about chain number two what is the breaking news. Okay about last year -- Chuck Schumer and. It through the prince -- in town. And we bombard the Erie county legislature to -- that are the strike a statement yes we immediately showed up. -- -- Well about a month ago I heard that resolutions were being passed around the county. -- -- counties. To about that revolution decrying that it would use of the Ali you are there any move on any block any thing that -- -- -- -- Probably of the view I got to leave it up from Erie county legislature. Saying that they that resolution today so a potential. Today the Erie county legislature passed a resolution. Didn't writing that story. The use of the county seal or any blame on any document. Bird watching this week. That the Levy huge statement from Erie county Albany. You know and I I have to tell you -- and -- I think that you were a fair minded individual I know that I'm a fair minded individual. And back during that day. And I don't people remember this but there was a time about a year ago when counties throughout New York State there individual legislatures. Were voting on whether or not to publicly go on record as supporting or not supporting these so called NY safe reichstag fire decree that was put in the law. By by by dictator Andrew Cuomo. And courageously. Several Democrats on the Erie county legislature including McCracken. Including Tom long run they went against their own party and voted in favor of the people. And I thought that that was those were courageous acts and forgive me if I'm leaving anybody out. But I just from -- law in particular because he is in my district and I did. I did vote for him I promised I would vote for him over that I didn't. Re elect him because I thought it took a lot of courage to stand up because I forgot to mention. Andrew Cuomo all coincidentally of course was in town that day the Erie county legislature took bad vote. Yeah it was all done that located at which -- account. Currently to put pressure on them yes if they're -- and to vote against this thing to get into what was common. It was so scared of losing Geary county again that he's doing anything that video we don't. And it was it was so much work that went on behind me. And it I don't wanna -- into the air about what I didn't crack and get in to change its vote but it worked. We had two bit to Democrats -- -- -- and vote with the Republicans and what's on it yet. We can't -- stood up. And he said I still -- -- the Second Amendment. All -- setup that would put the up in in fact I don't at all. All of us stood up and Witten all -- speeches and basically a lot of people wouldn't do we get everything that we could it would indicate that. You know that -- -- -- problem not a member yet. We don't bear arms and that's why we put. And what good is that. All of applauded chair Howard would -- he stood up without ball that aren't. And indeed it it would equipment. And so and that actually it is -- -- -- that was sent that resolution. It might for a -- from a couple -- front the year Johnny legislature on February 11 made that happy that erupt and that release that the media. And that Democrats on -- on -- -- to wait and let it. Because. I had a stadium. Copy all of the resolution -- try and stay there -- gonna try to eleven and iPad so wouldn't it but there are well that media. And it was time stamped in it so that we don't know that -- Related to stop it from prominent war of a landmark in the -- I've been seeing a lot of the politics -- a people you don't have a strong world. And it and it basically strong stomach that and a bit broken bat that our next. So the breaking news and -- -- -- get Russert if you've got to -- for a copies -- give you credit for another story out Rus Thompson. As as just always there -- county has just told -- state you do not get to use Erie county seal on any document involving NY safe because we've gone already on record as being against it you don't get to appropriate our county seal for -- -- tawdry purposes. Those that is not a direct quote. Right I get as road America based look at the -- Sure it never got the bounce right back on our email you the document Ali you have a -- -- network they had the PDF I was sent me well well. That big and that the ball stat. That's to me during the -- and said he's got people that are willing to donate money and teacher. To -- the Grand Island they wanna do this. While we're gonna try to hook up with Steve -- Steve I know you're listening right now -- also does the president of scope -- committee on political education I am a paid in full dues paying a life member of the -- committee -- political education just that you guys know that again I'm always honest and I I'd -- tell you upfront -- so nobody can come back and sick when you should have told her audience about your -- -- like and like I -- every day but I just think honesty is about policy in situations like this. Now as far as approach. The -- I work at the disclaimer I am a member spoke about life as a member of the NRA. And I don't know I've -- -- -- -- -- -- issues. You know what I -- issues in and I know now I know it worked very closely. -- scroll with these ball at the ball that might become. Incredibly good friends -- the rally that we -- downtown buffalo where the 3000 people showed up to voice their anger. Well see this. And it likewise and there is a cadre if you understand there's a -- that we always appreciate the input from you guys listening you know you guys without the titles you guys in the guns clubs the sportsman -- look I'm not a hunter I I don't I can't kill anything unless it's going to kill me and then that would change the tables but you know I respect the rights of -- to do other things I'm not a vegetarian so I guess that kind of makes -- a hypocrite. But I like the target shoot that's my thing I enjoy target shooting and quite good. Quite a talent of marksman is better effect but in any event. As far as a protest is concerned under what circumstances -- Will there be a protest. At Grand Island high school under what circumstances. And win the because I really believe there will be thousands of people bear to show the -- heads at Grand Island high school that -- really carrier wheat the people error about the document that starts off with the phrase we the people. I think what I what I will try to do and I'll try to work and anybody that wants to help what that thing together is what weak weak weak I would like to be able to try to coordinate -- Civic duty that the students all where they approach Second Amendment -- Is that -- that we protest the school board and conjunction with the Al board meeting. That day it's suicide note that each arm. I won't even though you are what you know that aviation week and pointed out I got a lot of people working on it. And it's a good -- good point that maybe we can coordinate these kids in school that day. And then that -- that you think. Almost in line -- in front of the school and in the pocket aren't too cute it's shown exactly how much we support the content. Prostitution and the second -- in the First Amendment would I want to set peacefully assemble to rebuild it. Petition the government only -- agreements as and that's exactly what that says. -- and you know Russ I I've heard some people say by the -- were speaking with Ross Thompson T New York is his organization. And anybody who thinks their -- to some kind of a clown doesn't know arrest because Ross is the person who broke this story which is now gone nationwide. On my show. But Rus Thompson. And one of the things were gonna have to stress at our rally in favor of freedom number one is we have to respect those loans which are gone free we don't want people. We do not want people to break the law. We don't want that we want to be a peaceful demonstration. Of our grievances and and the other thing that I think is important dimension is something that you. And I have said it's the -- -- -- said the change tribesman has said that every conservative area and has sent and that is this they start attacking the Second Amendment the First Amendment is next in line. And rusty you realize. You realize the gravity of the situation. -- in a small geographical area known as Western New York within three weeks now we've had one guy and Hamburg. And a sixteen year old in Grand Island. -- Over exercising. Their free speech rights against the so called NY safe act. And I submit to you -- that if two homosexuals. Had been bullied. In such a small geographical area. Over such a short period of time the national media would be in buffalo right now talking about Western New York as being. As being the birthplace. Of hate in America and what we have here is intolerance of the Second Amendment in Western New York. Absolutely right I review on a per -- and the funny thing is clearly that the guys in Hamburg. I remember right that -- that day. You were talking about it yet where I want. I was -- assault -- boulevard in Hamburg inside the importance what do you want a laptop. Talking to the very -- up until I hope involved with a lawyer and I helped important get it together and. You know I don't want -- serenity but I'm everywhere. Like are you. As the as the latins as the Romans -- said heat at. The week right here and everywhere you were ubiquitous mr. jobs. -- to keep up for another side because I've got some people actually wanna talk to you I don't know why -- do but if you wanna hang on I'll get calls you wanna talk to -- Thompson. I'm also gonna get Steve -- -- I'm hopefully later on. So Steve if you're listening we're gonna be in touch don't worry we've we've -- -- -- numbers -- an ugly thing about your Steve give it to be following your every move. But -- wanna talk to Rus Thompson about this Grand Island schools folks they have stepped in a steaming pile of really sticky doggie -- And I think by the end of this. I really believe they will realize they really really. Really picked the wrong flight. At the wrong place with the wrong people because at the end of the day we're going to own them spelled backwards with the it's what we do for 46 -- WB and phone number 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB. Right now it's fourteen degrees minus six is what -- like -- WB -- Rus Thompson is with us he is with -- new York and he is the man who allowed me to break the story. Chain caddies the Grand Island cared who has been bullied by school administrators -- island high schools -- not try to do their best. Lighting I mean circle low fusion to try to say that well doesn't the NRA sure that his political music out of band. Baloney baloney baloney baloney baloney baloney US Michael Kapono who specializes in crisis communications. Whether I know crisis communications and how good I am at a and you ask if I can see through BS and Michael Capuano will give me an a plus and that's what he does for a living and folks I'm gonna tell you this statement by the Grand Island superintendent is a bunch of crap. End of story. Let's go to believe it or not people wanna talk to -- rest. Well I don't know why but go ahead. Now I know I don't fame that is is ephemeral and in weird where we were not you're looking at me OK here is -- outbreak of a cell phone. I'm WB and Brett welcome to the show -- Thompson's listening shoot. -- -- as much I appreciate all your permission you give the entire community and everything. Paid for. I'd like that trust -- are you retired and independently wealthy because. All this try that -- -- all the G-7. Email that you go to these protests that -- invest in you know letters yes sir and then. You know work all these things that you do YouTube for free as an activist. Patriots. And I just gotta say you know I've I've met cute ocular and you'll couple times. And it got -- up yet. Because you -- without you people we probably would have even heard about that would have been shuffled under the rug scores will systems so often do. Yes frank you are correct I am paid for by job Ross does this pro Bono. Russ I know you dropped off during their conversation basically what the -- said was you deserve praise because you do this not for compensation not to pay the bills you're busy trying to run your own small business but you care enough that you use your own spare time to argue for and to benefit the constitution. Under which we all should live and he wanted to give you some praise for that thank you frank. Well they do it -- rocketed institutions. Yes you know that they're not sure I mean he must of them all these banners that you know well -- you know. Well yeah I I really hope people understand. How much. It really really action is personalized to do list and outlets the outlets that we are to have someone like that and I hope people consider. RG is his support and so affect our right -- we just -- to -- appear as -- I'm starting to like diabetes or something. Out. -- And frank -- love your brother thank thank you for the call and Ross I have to echo what frank said you don't get paid for this you -- it cost you money to be patriot. I get the biggest part of that you would say that that he parties on the bicycle or others called it can make that you check. In the lead and the effect. We don't we ever want to -- get a donation we got to PayPal went up on our website you don't ever want -- well did you know we do get a donation helps out. It helps pay the web site that we got we have to work site. The FT New York dot com we have that meet up site which is a great will be that it is sent out automatic email and it got up or -- would people could speak. You know so. Donations like that help they do what we we don't ask for donations because I thought everybody -- it to anybody but a member of the Tea Party. I'm an actual hole that's all they get -- I was bit -- money. I had never -- I have never had you asked me for any money at all whatsoever you're one of the few. I'm Russ you wanna hang out with paper another segment before we get the Steve all -- more phone calls and stuff. We look at what's gonna be ten minutes before I get back to we cool unmet. I got it together pat on the back again like it did before. Okay wanted to let you go then but we'll call you back -- 505 Ross Thompson from two New York. And frank seriously thank you for the call and you're actually Ross about you're actually right about -- but if I didn't break is -- every now and again. You know I got to keep it down to earth on WB --

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