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3-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Okay. Third and you say. -- And apparently does a solid veteran via the big boys or the boys of summer locally. Boys of summer local media -- it's a local group insurers. Think it is these boards -- either forgot that they did it at this joint called that the awed and transit road. I -- is I've never heard them through that particular medley before. And I was sitting there transfixed. -- drinking my Diet Pepsi or my bottled water river -- drinking. They were just so spot on with the harmonies I was just in heaven I was an Ecstasy. No not taking Ecstasy I was in Ecstasy. Yes all -- -- nothing says responsibility. Like you know popping a -- where you have no idea what the hell's in it from a stranger adjustment the men's -- money test responsible anyway. Out so accuracy and it's at twelve minutes after six at that news radio and -- thirty WBE and shut up John. -- -- -- John Sherman as your calls her energy -- ever -- is your master control guy and I am number to 92. Because -- who 92. All right sorry I occasion and here yesterday it. I have been named the 92. Most important talk show host in America. By talkers magazine. The Bible of the talk radio industry. My cat could not care -- I will be cleaning her litter box tonight my other cat could care less. Should not here that's actually publicly earlier -- tonight and I got laundry to do. And I've got to match up my socks and my undies Richards is he doing. Like we're on to -- of the other -- -- the Sox and Indians. All right it is thirteen minutes after six that news radio 930 WB EN Howell. Anyway. You pull the jeans up in the seemed catches your own anyway up folks is the blizzard of reports. Part do you. Hey I really wanna look up the parking lot to see how covered with snow our cars have been in the last five hours while one another's. Anyway if you're just joining us. Our programming schedule has been a little bit different today. Because well. John -- -- zero's base started the -- -- as they always do from five until line with Buffalo's early news. Sandy beach road but whether wave. Starting at nine and he went until noon. And great information with that sandy beach and I heard Tony Caligiuri. Who is part of beach company Tony was desperate for coffee. And I usually go down to the cafeteria every day when I get -- that I grab one of those crazy and chicken salad wraps. And I Estonia as a -- and you're gonna be here for awhile because I'm here early -- want to get a couple of copies like Ali would you what sugar so walked out there. Cafeteria it was close. So I had to make do with roots and berries I dug up from awards next to the radio station for Tony never got its coffee from a felt as -- I'd let him down. But anyway ten player than he was earlier noon until two and they're solar arbiters as to. And will be here until seven Larry hunter will be live and local starting at 7 o'clock with more on the blizzard of 24 to eight. -- wanna know how things are where you are. Are there any major accidents. Any power outages. Also this much. -- -- -- Usually. We get power outages. Anytime we get this much snow and usually they're pretty significant power outages but I've said this before. Mother nature has away of mother nature has away taking care of weak branches. And the October surprise storm of 2006. If you'll notice we haven't had many power outages since that you know life. It's obvious. That we branches that hang it over the wires came down during an App Store. So we caught hell then. They got us back up and running back online and back on the grid. And they also really undertook on talking about both nice at Reagan National Grid. They undertook a pretty intensive program of making sure the trees didn't do that again. Didn't -- the wires again so I have not heard of any major power outages as a result of this store. Partially because the mother nature partially I think because of the continuing maintenance done by the public utilities the electric companies involved. Now all I will tell you not gone out here are a -- -- I don't know -- not a route Alina. I think overall the local crews -- talking about -- highway crews. And the local governmental agencies in charge of making sure the roads are inevitable and safe for all kind of stuff I think they've done a great job today. Does anybody -- disagree does anybody wanna -- Because -- Now we just have a call from Salvatore from Laporte look nobody ordered businesses to shut down. It was -- Andrew Cuomo saying you know I shot down. How long names. Can rent is ironic Johnny. Already. -- the does that Alter. No nobody said that. You know but these business owners everybody look at the weather report they -- schools were shut down in the government were shut down and they said well. Do we really want to put our workers through drive and sitting here and maybe haven't put them up for the night. In a hotel -- god forbid they sleep over. And the -- patrons at risk or do we just wanna take a day off and they've decided of their own free will that take the day off the closed out. -- -- -- As far as what's negotiated beach talking about this he said. He said we're getting ready for summer hours I had the -- was kind of an inside joke but I -- ms. lapin. But our business office closed at like noon today. That -- Because we didn't want our people trapped year. All day long. And then having to deal would -- the Holman taken five hours to get all we didn't want -- that's counterproductive. So we let our other people go let you -- and they went left. And that's fine. Because we're here on our end of the building doing our thing. We are necessary people Joseph does it feel to be necessary. Yes John. Doesn't give you a feeling of glory your dad must be proud. You're in your early twenties and you were already a necessary media employee. Following -- -- -- in the footsteps. He must be quite elated with the progress of young job. Must be somewhat saddened that these tawdry nature of the show with which you work. Perhaps -- would alarmed at the person with whom you must deal on a daily basis but you must be proud of you and that's all that really counts. But anybody -- disagree because. I think the local crews that are really good job in fact I'd say excellent so far. Does anybody wanna call me and it does anybody wanna call me. Not a bad they don't sit on the year that there's anybody -- disagree with that premise. That when you consider we've had about a foot of snow so far roughly. And we are now still right now this is the worst. We've got blowing snow outsider at her studios. I daresay that on top of my vehicle. Unstoppable smoking. I would rather probably about six inches of snow on my vehicle right now and it's only been parked for -- and park and actually most of but. Do you think your local people about a good job with your routes. Are usually -- But do this a long time. Head. The the usual expectation is that by now. I have received at least twenty calls from people saying. I -- I haven't seen why well. -- I think we only had what are those holes and it was from David Lancaster who didn't care because he's. So. I don't know if you agree or disagree that the crews have done a good job. And folks it's no accident and no pun intended do you think it is simply a happy coincidence. That -- afternoon drive home has been a relatively call compared to what it could have been. Do you think it is just. You don't god looking down from heaven saying these people in Western New York I'm going to cut them some slack on the drive home today. Well some of you may believe that and I have to respect that but the reason why the afternoon commute has been relatively. Good it. Is because so many businesses either closed or let their people go. Thus avoiding the Mongolian clustered dance that is the afternoon drive in weather like us. Because it stands to reason logically that fewer cars on the road. If you were -- weeks if you were -- weeds the fewer accidents if you were chain reactions we have. So all really I think a lot of people use or -- last night in closing bell. How many times have we seen one artery shut down and all hell breaks -- usually like the -- when this highway is closed as it is usually that's the beginning of a chain reaction of other accidents and other people acting silly. We didn't have that today because there weren't that many people on the ropes. And I'm glad they're war. Because job pay for all of us in a blizzard is to get through a lot safer song that's our job. You know that's our goal. So I'm gonna complain the business is shut down didn't open closed early. Really this this could have been a real bad situation. And it wasn't. Anybody -- agree disagree. Knock yourself out all the did you see any. What are -- doing anything stupid today. Yeah see somebody doing something stupid. Pilots find out about traffic on WB EM and ladies and Shelvin yet here is mr. Allen Harris. And check in with the very latest in whether I domain shocks -- but we remain under a blizzard warning right now. This would be the blizzard of about 2014 part two. -- -- injury saying part didn't end up Porgy and -- if Shays is not playing tonight. I've put up up on my FaceBook. All the information you need about that or you can just go to the Shays website -- days dot org got. But a blizzard warning blowing and drifting snow and high winds see the winds will be the nemesis here. Until further notice. Okay. Pictures of it. Erie Niagara Genesee and Orleans counties no unnecessary. Travel. The -- continues to be closed hazardous conditions across Western New York port of his abilities and blowing snow. So you need to know that. I don't know how many people were planning on flying out or flying -- But if you go to WB EN dot com you can check our airport delays. And we're also collecting your pictures from the blizzard of 2014 part due. And that Tom well you know it's a sense of the newsroom goes. Quite honestly it's getting to that point we're. Please come about 7 o'clock after I check out the year I don't bother checking my email again until the next day at least my work email because that. I've put in an honest days work and I refused Libya slaves. Cell 72 newsroom at WBE and that job. Newsroom at WB EN dot com send us your blizzard pictures. You were seen area. Those of you who dressed up in ski gear to get to work. Any interesting amusing photograph you may have taken. Well we like to put together photo albums at WB EN -- tough that's WB and dot com that I mentioned WBBM. Dot -- Okay it 030930. Is the phone number I think the break when we come back. Will get your phone calls do you agree that the crews that are really good job today number one number two did you see anybody doing anything stupid. Number three if you see right now any bad situations about which we need to be aware. Would you let me -- 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB. -- totally inappropriate for the weather. Which was exactly what I was trying to achieve today we Jimmy Buffett Bob Marley the Beach Boys the whose summertime blues. News and forget who else. So anyway yeah I enjoy that all too late we realized we could throw ever -- Santa Monica into the mix but that song always care access anyway. Not that Bob Marley doesn't. Now for some reason I'm smelling or is that is some burning rope. -- and anywhere. Anyway it is 634 news radio 930 WBE. And there are five people were alive in 1978 were laughing at that. Anyway we're trying to all the somebody from the buffalo office of the National Weather Service because. Apparently. I've not done a very good job educating people. Because we're taking all of these bitch complaint calls off the year from folks. Actually. It. Com it is a blizzard. To be blizzard. -- storm must meet. Certain criteria. A -- wished many years ago. Before you were even born well let's try AccuWeather. Before you even born. To become and to be called a blizzard it is not a term that they throw around lightly. Now I think that many of you at least at a certain age. May be. Confused. Because in your mind a blizzard. Should be like 1977. Now bat was a blizzard. Actually that was like a cataclysmic blizzard. And the pick up the blizzard of 77. People might even argue. About its validity as a blizzard because it wasn't snow that fell at the time it was slow. That had piled up on Lake Erie that was blown. East over Western New York. Just because it is that the blizzard of 77 or like the blizzard of 77 in terms of its for a roster today. Does not mean that it is not a blizzard. Now is there anybody who would care to disagree. With my assessment. That. If schools have been opened today. Every business had been opened today. If proactive measures had not been taken well in advance of the storm hitting that many of you were calling to bitch at me now. Saying. Many of you wouldn't be calling to bitch at me saying. You'd be calling debate about the fact that you were stuck on the night the and had been stuck on the nine. Now -- -- -- try to get a -- of a meteorologist. From one of the weather services to give us the full meteorological. Definition of a blizzard and why this is a blizzard. I could read it but it sounds more authoritative what I have somebody who is a meteorologist saying the words. I know it's not 1977. I also realize it's not 1985. But as I've said it's not a term. Roy is really sucks. What do we pay them for. Start curiosity what we. Anyway it. I can't get -- hold anybody it's probably -- validity of any via meteorologist but I'd much rather have them do it -- them myself because it just sounds better. So anyway if if you're gonna call in his bitch about the factors that a blizzard I'm probably not the guy you -- a doctor. If I wanna hear. -- it's a blizzard. It make 77 I lived through 77 I was here than I remembered vividly. You know there -- storms that take place. That are like once -- a lifetime once in a lifetime and a half or every two generation storms. Let me just give you one example in this came up yesterday. In November of 1913. There was a storm that was a blizzard. But it was more than a blizzard. It was a freaking cataclysm. Of a storm. It was a perfect storm. It was a psychotic. Clustered dance of Mongolian. Answer history. And it played Havoc with the northeast. The storm is known even today. For those who study whether. As the big blow of 1913. -- During the big blow of 1913. 300. Sailors lost their lives on the Great Lakes most of which. Were like your. Some of whom. Were on Lake Erie in light -- 82 I believe it was station off of Bob buffalo between buffalo -- Colbert. Now that was a storm. That. Was a blizzard. But certainly not as ferocious work -- -- much more ferocious than this blizzard. Just like every tornado is in an F five Bob -- with the weather service. Well all that away -- focused the light just went that always is wait AccuWeather the weather service. All right let's go to our meteorologist. Bob Larson with that AccuWeather. Joining us on vendors ready at 930 WB -- who are all upset that were calling this a blizzard. Could could you please define exactly why this is a blizzard. And the criteria which must be met meteorological -- speaking scientifically speaking in order for a weather -- system or. An accumulation of data to be known collectively as a blizzard. But that's about all that's what she says that's -- it has break it down break it down three elements needed to be classified as a blizzard. Everyone we need the snow obviously and at that we need heavy snowfall rate we need a lot of wind. Burton order for there to be Donnelly style of blowing snow and blowing and drifting snow that's on the ground it greatly reduced visibility. -- three we need extreme cold temperatures have dropped into the teens there on the way into the single digits overnight in the combination of heavy snow wind and extreme called the three put together. And it equals a blizzard now. The weather service has kind of loosened the reins elaborate on the official criteria needed to be characterizes the blazes that maybe were some of the controversy is coming from. Com the exact numbers they've they've kind eased up a little bit you -- to -- the the temperature had to be below and the wind had to be about fifty. The -- the visibility had to be -- sixteenth of a while something along those lines. And then there was another even more extreme category is something to be called an extreme blitzer or was near zero and the wind was above 55 miles per hour the visibility was near Zurich Cedric setter. If you're doing 1977 as a teenager deploy at that time and the right no doubt. About a -- blizzard of 1977. In Western New York was. Shoes and extreme blizzard yeah. Yes definitely -- historical storm no doubt about that one for the books on this one. I guess maybe that's where where people are getting you know particular offense that has nothing back and today we know what snowstorms were. We've we've had persistent visibility between one -- while one quarter mile mostly a quarter mile over the past hour to. And we've had you know what is being called officially by the weather service observations. As heavy snow right now and of course we've had winds that have been. -- sustain in the order of fifteen to 25 with gusts to thirty the temperatures dropped to seventeen. Still on its way down so. Is certainly heavy snowstorm in the officially calling this a blizzard in the sense that a blizzard warnings in effect replace the winter storm warning that had issued earlier yesterday and the upgraded to a blizzard warning. And -- really going to be one to split hairs and say that this is not a blizzard I will and I do take offense is meteorologist for every single time. It's those are for three minutes with a quick -- comes through on some as a look outside it's a blizzard out there correct I definitely cringe when I hear that yeah -- -- -- -- that's -- some -- and basically -- -- may be you know there -- -- But you know certainly this storm whether we want to officially called a blizzard not it's certainly a major snowstorm. But I think it certainly doesn't rank up there with certainly 77. -- C area if it's frustrating to me because people are commenting out of anger and ignorance of what they're talking about this is a blizzard by every meteorological. Criterion. That has been set up. -- they did that doesn't necessarily make it the worst storm of all time it's not going to be nor has it been expected to be. But it meets that the temperature the wind in the snow and you know it's still coming down as thirty -- upwards of ten inches and it's clearly not done yet. So. I you know for all intents and purposes of it looks like a duck. Sounds like a duck by golly it's probably ducks out. -- do we still have a terminology. Of extreme blizzard is or is that still in use. My knowledge it's not really officially used anymore now. They've got to get rid of that them for what reason I don't know it's like people who study whether and if it's kind of a passing hobby but like the big blow of 1913. You talk about storms for the record books. Now that was a storm focused and centered around later on with -- Monica wins. That way is he raging swathe of almost nuclear devastation. Nothing like it has been seen since except perhaps the armistice day storm of 1940. And the blizzard of 77 those were all super super super storms this is just a run of the mill -- Well exactly and -- and fact is is there's like Intel the way the of the weather serves officially defines -- Dow. We need sustained winds of at least 35 miles per hour. And we had to have at least three hours or more of heavy snow Jack. We -- the winds at least gusting about 35 miles per hour and to be as severe blizzard has been temperature below ten -- not there yet we are expecting a low. -- four over night and it is in the teens on its way into the single digits. Visibility for a severe blizzard has to be near zero or quarter miles and that's not exactly zero point. He get the idea it's awfully close. I have also depends too on where you happen to be at any given moment where I'm sitting enamored -- look across we're seeing right now so obvious that we've seen all day. Right exactly and an anomaly that you talked about two -- -- where you are also depends if he had -- caught in in a particularly strong -- because the winds still sixty constant. Certainly it's windy it all ties with the wind at times with gusts becomes very strong and with that the visited at least on occasion visibility does go down near zero so we've seen that. And that's why there -- occasional White House. Well I am very delighted you're able to join us because I. It has just I was -- getting way too frustrated with people calling in yelling at my call screeners asked. -- third well -- what to do. Actually they were they looking for in -- -- as a journalist who feeds a word until the winds. Hurricane force or the temperature goes -- -- I'm not sure I don't know but I just find it ironic that there will be -- a foot of snow today which is run Germany's birthday and I takes on ironical when. -- the delight in the answer that I learn what your life. I'm glad you're able to join us now that summer rains are we'll have the debate about is this a monsoon. Or is -- a typhoon or tropical storm or simply a moderate depression -- talk then in April our brother we'll talk just take care. Why. Are right there is but -- folks thank you thank you. See he did it and they didn't drop an F bomb I'm not so sure I could have done it without the F bomb. Seriously. Now we've established that all Larry hunter will be eager to get yelled that after 7 o'clock tonight. From people who think it's not a blizzard. Is this. The worst storm we've ever seen nobody said it was going to but -- Let me ask you just a simple question that I do invite your phone calls on and its. How. How much hell would people have been going through right now. Had proper precautions not been taken this time yesterday. And I'm gonna tell you from past experience. Of over thirty years it would have been a freaking disaster on the highways. And I know what I speak. So bad I -- I do the other players kind of redundant yeah we have blizzard warning in effect. -- I'll call John German now and saying how wrong is but it does not really blizzard aren't. Anyway sorry this is frustrating day up understand I mean it's blizzard by the national weather services criteria. It is a blizzard. -- 877. And 885 in a 1913. But it's a blizzard. I may come up with a better words for it on the drive all. In just a few minutes. I don't wanna encourages they're listening because Larry hunter will be here to take your calls on traffic and weather. And what you've experienced today and what you've been through today as a driver as a pedestrian as a citizen of Western New York. And you know get -- Sunday. I have a couple of things burning a hole in my pocket. -- -- Paying. She's a man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right folks calling nine I was able to dig up another pair of tickets to -- James Taylor caller nine -- 64498756449875. James Taylor will be appearing at first Niagara center on Tuesday July 29 minimum value is seventy dollars this is courtesy of -- beaver productions and general contest rules apply. Caller 96449875. Good luck to you. They let John what are what you do is I answered these calls first and then the contest -- here's the -- has -- -- wanna get these articles. As long as they're decent calls I mean if they're going to be up -- -- -- don't bother but. I don't wanna point out. Bet this time yesterday. We spent a lot of time. Talking with young men and Shane Kim. And Shane is say -- sophomore at Grand Island. Senior high school. And according to chain and is dead. -- and was disciplined. By the administrators. At Grand Island high school specifically a certain vice principal who took exception with his and our age supporting T shirt. There's a sweatshirt chain was wearing reading it protected by Smith & -- With an embroidered -- -- And a T shirt supportive of the NRA. Also featuring embroidered guns on it. And I try to explain then I don't know I was able to make a dent in the intellect of the Grand Island administrators. Might be like try to find -- and -- dung heap. I try to explain that never in the course. Of human history. Has a embroidered -- Ever assumed a three dimensional shape. And loaded itself with real live bullets. And committed a crime either murder or assault or even simple robbery for that matter never happen. And if the image of a gun. Is so offensive -- to be disruptive and disturbing. To the classroom environment. But I certainly hope that a Grand Island high school they've gone through. All the history books. And they have size they have -- out and they used to do this in Nazi Germany Cuba. Are they not with guns percent but. I hope that they have excised the photographs. Of guns in the history books. Because the United States did not win independence from England -- By eight letters and correspondence. By debates. By appealing to the good nature of king George. The United States fought its way to independents using guns. And part of the American experience is that guns were used not only to secure our independence but to maintain our independence. We -- of 1812 in which -- Niagara frontier played a vital role. Actually called America's second war of independence. We have a response from an attorney I put on my FaceBook page James tribesman has -- again. His response is on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly. My name is -- -- like Jack -- 24 just at the LE at the end. I do what -- dead gibberish so from Grand Island for listening he just won the James Taylor tickets. It's been fun being here since 2 o'clock in the afternoon -- a blast. That's endurance maybe on the marathon -- dignity thanks to -- river thanks to John -- -- yourself.

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