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3-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So yeah. You know me I am I'm a little bit weird. And I think that if we're doing this today actually suggest that I think that we do not know and -- knows all my idea that's right all my idea. Other win this thing like tropical and summertime music bombs today just because we started off with the heat -- song which I love and frosty the snowman and winter wonderland and I always said it's -- it's about some Jimmy Buffett. Let's whip out some Beach Boys the -- We've got some -- some songs coming up just you know take the edge off. A couple quick notes here -- actually one quick they'll look you know -- haven't blistered right now and actually this is the time. Right now until seven. We are now officially entering the these snarling teeth of the blizzard of 2014. Parked dear. Five to seven. We are now in the middle of the of the season. Snow now. Snow we have all that does and so we would go to the other now does that but anyway it is -- -- coach Baldwin but anyway. Com. Or don't know -- him the other. Whatever but anyway it Charlie sheen's. Confuse the two I don't know one up. Quick -- We are building a photo album. Of the blizzard of 2014 part and it. Send your pictures to us Tom at WB EN dot com. I have to be honest with you I will not be checking my email after 7 o'clock tonight too many things have got to figure of but if you get it to -- before seven I will forward them properly. You may also surrender I surrender you although you may also send your picture directly to. Newsroom at WB and that town actually some of the newsroom at WB and that come as a first email out there that'll save me having to forward. Newsroom at WB and that job. I can't wait to see the picture of the guys -- from Lancaster of him self skiing to work and then making snow angels. Just don't send us a picture writing your name in this well. There's some things we don't need to see not even on the run Germany's birthday. Where is traffic how is traffic where you are we won and now. We want and now 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBM. And if you have older people in your neighborhood. Now the guy who lives across from my mom is he's like he's -- state. He is always take -- my -- summer winter I don't have to worry about it. You know. He's just a great guy but you might have people on your street. Whose family have moved away. They've got heart issues. Days are old their frail they can't afford plows service. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to have your teenager shovel them out. There are worse ways to spend a day or an hour. -- shelling out somebody. Who can't do it themselves. Who lives right by you. So just ponder that as you go through your daily life. Yes I know they might be some old. And pain in the ass but you have no idea what they've been through in their lives. Right before you moved into the neighborhood maybe they lost a kid in the car crash. Maybe they're wife walked out -- me you don't know what you know why what made the miserable and cranky. But cut him some slack if you can possibly -- amount especially that -- the driveway part. You know there's worse things you -- You might not even -- think you but you'll love it you've got a good -- So look out for the elderly and the infirm in your neighborhood. And also too it's good to keep reminded in the event of any food shortages they -- make good sources approach. So there's that. Let's and give back to your calls momentarily 8030930. Is the up ball number 8030930. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBZ am sorry mom I had to say at my mom's eighties she cringe as I think every time they say the protein joked Tom. But that's just the way I am. I'll -- city although this is an email from our FaceBook I saw the mail carrier driving sideways. Down the street. Okay that's not an accepted mode of transportation are certainly matters that the way to drive. Basically the mailman lost control and who's going sideways down the street. So be careful -- look out for people look for people. Who's with your driving skills are not as a debt. And as whole. As you're as -- Are we ready biggest more calls go out here. What line opened at 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBM. The blizzard of 2014 park to work part views. I just wanna look up and went over it quick before. Ku -- yet it's coming down. But of buffalo -- house I'm sick of it but what we got to get through the goal is to get through it with a minimum. Injuries and hopefully zero fatalities. That's the goal. And as I've said on a couple of other occasions during today's show. If you don't have to be out don't be out because remember if you wrecked or get in the ditch somebody's gonna have to come get your. And you're gonna put somebody else get wrist standing in the middle overrode it. That is icy or slippery. When you didn't even have to go out the first place so real stable if you don't have to go up. I cannot see the -- name on line one. I know that -- it was a giant surprised to people but here on line wanna we bring aboard. Sir what your first name. Yes it is. Mike -- Mike Europe WB and thanks -- I don't. Well I'm not on the road so there's a bite out on the road outside the home so tell me about it -- valued. I'm sort of -- what else. -- superintendent. They had been -- -- -- that -- -- in that they edit adult leader of the city out here. I mean it yet stripped it all up and over that she knowledge Q answers are still on the roads but. A -- and it was worse earlier now actually look up where it. All but it's coming magic it's -- right now it's off to our. To our west and it's heading east or you're gonna get another round of it just like were all gonna get another round of -- if the prognostications. Are correct. How bad has this one been compared to other storms we've seen this year. I say we're speaker it was that a lot of -- assure you we've got a lot more out here you can look at it there. I'm in the wind the biggest activist Ali you're the sorts of stuff blowing an interesting just -- it proper that. I was gonna ask you about that because obviously a number sixteen would be your big U right. Well let's stay real nice ball rolled up and -- into it felt like gory at all jeopardy at all. About it you know all that rose up in the air. Hard dude vet does not sound fun well -- question for it. Because you have to take care of the town roads and you're dependent upon the stage these did you highway sixty in route sixty in. Our are they doing a decent enough job for you in Wales on route sixty in. Yet -- a go to did you. -- -- don't seem to be doing a pretty good job and -- out this year apart so. And how many pieces of equipment you have and how many drivers are give us a little bit about your. I'll start out that it's all the rock I -- a little bit about what you're dealing with the as a manager. Two full time employees and myself we have tool social outlet expenditure acts and that won't yeah. My optic object and audio file intersections and turn around and bark a lot like. And as a highway superintendent in the town of Wales the highway superintendent. What is your biggest gripe your biggest pet peeve about what you have seen people and four wheelers do and. -- If you want to drive a little too bad that the people do not turn their lights that -- of the biggest at eight. Don't think we stole it traded at flat out said he -- they -- -- that are going cantina. That's my biggest -- even. So are you gonna keep the crews go another 24/7. Are you covered by the rules governing how many hours they've got a break and get away from the Wii bowler give me an update on that. Did they take their lunch graciously directly out to get -- -- and they just you know one pick the shot thing at their dinner out of it to about -- break in Arabic out there again. As like an Easter to you about it -- -- -- -- the -- but the stories are all of that right well. Room. Well it's and that's unfortunately did they release the white couple youths. Yet wait till we get it would sure like for blades in the one adult were actually go back to drag airline now. All I can I can almost -- you now unlike You know turn -- at wiper blades. -- so well are you guys are -- everybody's hold up well everybody's are maintaining. Very dear yeah. Even keel -- all are kind of stuff. Are you actually mean we expect that that there's ultra is up at 3 o'clock this Smart and an aggressive and -- hurt somebody thirty today well you know get a little tired Obama surgery that's -- Yup well I mean again -- the only bad news and I've got is right now on until seven will be the worst of it so in the words of Bachman turner overdrive you ain't seen nothing yet the worst is yet to come. Yeah sabres when they hired Scotty Bowman they said the best is yet to come. Right yeah -- the worst is yet to come on this one thanks very much a wedge called. I shelf and you and your crew to man. I take care combined coffee lots of coffee. -- -- thanks a lot all right so that's the situation and -- out of Wales beautiful place beautiful place. Let's get to -- -- by the way you see more photographers on route sixteen in Wales. When fall comes and God's coloring book is in full color that I think any other place in Western New York with the possible exception of Glen falls and Williams -- and -- ago. Let's go to -- -- Somebody screwed up which which one is -- you limited is gonna go to traffic right now to resort at the computer let's go to traffic on WB ENN. He is the man with a plan a canal Panama here's Alan Harris. And up by the way I know that the bottom line took a hit today for you business people. But if it's any consolation and hope you don't send me the bill. But if it's any consolation you did the right thing because really if we get any normal traffic volume today. It would have been a freaking nightmare seriously so far everything has been very cool. Very cool and I haven't heard of one serious injury accident I haven't heard of any fatalities. And I hope it stays that way during the duration of the news because. You know let let's all get through this with a minimum of fuss and bust in that we can return to. -- -- don't weeds tomorrow. As far as temperature right now it is 21 degrees the real feel is minus two. I would remind you it's gonna get down to four -- Bob without the windshield tonight with the wind chill it's gonna be well into the negatives. Just so you know it. Don't get notices your house but generally at my place these snow accumulates in a certain part of my driveway this storm was different. This storm this -- was blown into the how to put this the northwestern. Area of my whole. Basically -- it basically slammed against my garage door which it never -- are very rarely goes so I thought I was gonna cool. In a weird meteorological work. Let's go to -- on a cell phone number we've got our Vince is sorted out Vince you're on WB Ian welcome to the bow really show what he amp. They. It's not like that and you've got -- -- that -- truck and I its -- extra area. That. That -- -- were there might drive and are all part it's real on the beach in the summertime. Well I've done that once or twice but there are any videos. Yeah up pregnant seal on a beach in the summertime. Yet at -- 100 men are there. Then -- parking lot thing in the back to try to -- Powell bit and it doesn't. You can catch. Them in the -- in places where you wouldn't think anybody who is now that you had urged them. Let me ask you were real stupid question if -- okay the United States Postal Service I presume your letter carrier. Okay the question is why wouldn't they have different vehicles for the northeast than they would have for Key West or Tuesday. Not all bad I don't know why I. Think they have the same kind of trucks nationwide. Because -- rear wheel drive low weight aluminum vehicles in weather like this I would wanna be behind the wheel. Well that's what they've got then there's article and some brands like trained by. They're not doing that right now they've they've got these anchored there will be long light vehicles around about twenty years. Juror revealed jeeps -- Jeep like when you guys just have. Here hello I was gonna say those must've been a dream in weather like this. Well rupture so okay so -- beyond us with the events did you ever have like one of those close calls in one of those aluminum lightweight mail -- with the rear wheel drive where you went down the road sideways. -- He just did it catches in equality just got out. Earlier this driver in on the action in. Don't touch the -- currently be delusional wanna. Start getting the other way. Yeah it happened and will you do this. For me it's. About this. If we don't fifty miles an hour or so little chat so what we're ready to go. -- gonna say situation like that the road wouldn't be only skid Mark -- which you'd be contending. But one thing I do know for many letter carriers that I do know that you guys have always been so nice to -- you letter yours but your supervisors are always so understanding. And benevolent. Anything that goes wrong right. I have a friend do it safely okay. Our offense ranks. Letter carriers are cool a bush had a great relationship with them to elect a bastion of America. 520 fought. I know the Internet I know I get -- by 25 news radio 930 WB and it's -- hourly and win California Larry there's gonna be live at local at 7 o'clock tonight wanted to be local as long as this thing last Y because were maniacs and we exist to serve you. It's. Well. You have may be yes. David. It is 535. -- were playing summer music today. Some Bob Marley. Yeah I think at some Bob Marley at 6 o'clock what do you think buffalo soldier it'll buffalo and their remote Caribbean and there I don't wanna do like shot this year because if I do that. I'm gonna crush somebody and I don't want -- coming back at me so I don't want that one I don't what. When you look at what what what. Are what Bob Marley so arguably the do or you have what are your country Sorgi wanted to do -- well we'll figure out we'll sort it out up there but I'm mom I'm going off the beaten path today. As far as music bumps I started with the heat miser song. And winter wonderland and frosty the snowman. And then all because of myself nothing at all to do with any email I received from any listener whatsoever. I said you know what -- who's gonna do tropical music today because it's the blizzard of 24 in part to. Now before I take more calls. I don't want to. Tell you. That the story we covered yesterday of the young man and grant Iowa. High school who has been bullied by pin headed vice principals. Over his choice of shirt supporting the NRA. Which is eight pro constitution. Organization. The Second Amendment is the second most important amendment to our constitution. Who said so the founding fathers that's why it's number two. Freedom of speech freedom of religion. The free exercise of religion the establishment clause that's all in the First Amendment the most important part of our constitution. But apparently they never got that part of the constitution. At Grand Island high school. They're about to be school logo. Pig -- out of high school. Do you realize. What a kettle of fish you have opened up. Do you realize this since it broke on my show. That this story has gone national. You realize it's now on bright part. Do you realize the NRA has now picked up. Do you realize that the local law firm which is most familiar with Second Amendment issues and also -- no slouch when it comes to the First Amendment. Beach -- law firm. I just received an email from the trust in law firm and attorney James tribesmen. Grand Island schools you're going to lose in court. You're going to lose. You're going to have your asses handed to you you're controlling the narrow minded liberal. Anti gun. Passes will be handed to you in court. You have violated this young -- civil rights. You have bullied him. And you live essentially criminalized him for expressing his support of the Second Amendment to our constitution. And it Grand Island high school may I add a that if guns unsure to bother you have you gone through all of your textbooks. And have you stepped out every picture of a musket. Held in the hands of a continental army soldier. In 1776. Have you gone through and looked at all the pictures. Of the civil war artillery. And the civil war repeating rifles dispensers. Had you gone through your textbooks and looked at the pictures from Vietnam. Because guess what. Those guns in those pictures have as much chance of turning three dimensional and becoming a threat to your students. As the guns on this young man's T shirt. And Grand Island high school administrators. You'd -- answers. And I don't use those words lightly by the way. Best young men Shane. Knows more about the constitution. And the people who have died to defend that constitution. Then you do. And we need. We patriots. In western new York and we number in the thousands. We are not going to let you two Grand Island high school bully Shane. Will not go to a lot. Not only will we not allow it looks the law will not allow. So you have better rescind your decision. You better apologize. To this young man you gotta admit that you were wrong. Because once this weather clears up. I can pretty much guarantee. Over a thousand people are gonna be outside your school at some point very soon. Giving your students any real life demonstration. In the First Amendment and how what works. Are you ready for that. You better -- because it's common. You unleash the dogs. You'll let the dogs out. We're more than happy to let them run. -- of accordance of course with the law. And no violence intended implied or suggested. We will freely exercise our First Amendment right to protest your pin handedness. All. That I received them. An email. From James president. I don't have time during this blizzard coverage to go into it. But I am going to right now posted on my web page I have permission from James tribesmen to do it. And let me just do a quick paced. You'll find case law. Which will prove the student right and the school wrong. Right now if you go to my FaceBook page I encourage you to share. With every patriot in America. -- violence goals you kicked off fresh dirt on a hot day. And it will stick to you accordingly. I will hold you accountable. Rus Thompson will hold you accountable. But more importantly than personalities. Those who believe in our constitution including the Second Amendment. Are going to hold you responsible. You picked the wrong fight in the wrong area with the wrong people. Because we can't let this go. Checked my FaceBook page. Now and you'll see the letter I just received from James tribesmen. And full disclosure. I have recently retained James president in a legal matter. He was compensated by me I received no special considerations whatsoever I have -- canceled check to prove. So it's not like he'd get a pro Bono for me and I try to get in free pub is a payback I don't swim and that will never have never well. I'd even pay to get in the clubs when they offer me a free admission US anybody except -- -- and that'll pay there but that's another situation because. I hooked a guy up with something once that had nothing to do with the station and it's a friend thing. Are right now we're talking about the blizzard. Do we do this won't know. You wanna do the other aren't other folks. James Taylor is coming to buffalo. That's what you want in -- right okay so here's James Taylor -- Yes yes there a moment. They let you know you. Com. It's name mainland and here. Caller not aiming at 6449875. -- -- -- -- it were your NR AT -- to the James Taylor countered as well a pair of tickets to see James Taylor. July 29. 7 PM first Niagara center minimum value seventy dollars and the tickets are courtesy. Beaver productions. Caller 96449875. I have another pair I can whip out before 7 o'clock tonight -- let's give these to -- first day shall wait. Right 6449875. I'm gonna hit the post button in just a minute I have to add one sentenced to up by posting on FaceBook which will make the Grand Island schools say. Oh. Because I love. Being able to hold the liberal educational establishment accountable. You worked counting on -- in the to spread the word you're counting on the fact that chains dead -- friends of friends of Rus Thompson whose friends of mine. Were you. You work. You will rue the day you bullied this young man. You'll rue the day. You're going to end up owing him an apology. I can't wait. I can't wait. All right let's go to who. Salvatore. Parents Salvatore in a locked -- welcome to the program you were on WB yeah. -- -- I haven't seen or -- or fire -- -- -- I cannot do that -- in the old days of radio I could have done that but now everything is corporate and has to be accounted for I can't even take a piece of April from the station without needing a written permission slip. I think temporary -- senate okay. Anyway I think it's quite -- -- I'll watch being that the weather conditions currently here in Rockport we don't apply but -- -- talk about power outage is pretty much what the the airport has. Let secondly I agree with most of what you say but I might disagree with -- that you did and it showed today about. -- -- quote seen whether that be. A banks or. Even a cellphone provider quote. I just thought like today was no different than any other -- we have had and it was pretty interesting to see it -- congress still continued but a lot of other businesses such as the DMV and and again like the banks in touch of -- -- and it was very necessary because they're not involved in transportation at all. All right the local police departments and emergency people are you aware of the statements they issued. Okay so what's the point if there -- issuing travel advisories. Telling people don't go out unless it's absolutely necessary. Do you believe those advisories should be heated or should they be ignored. Well I believe they should be I should people shouldn't -- little advice but again there's there's two things. Yet that you need -- all want -- it's just simply advisory is it's not like the like officer quote torture or toward Niagara -- that they'd need to go get a movie. I highly recommend that you don't just wait till tomorrow. But the businesses that would discussing are buried in all important to you all the regulation and regulatory lives of data activities all the media just. -- you know we've seen weather like this before they had all the sudden now because. -- the state -- there's a blizzard warning. About the status the National Weather Service it's no. I've seen hey yeah like that statement are all got Joker got -- -- I know about the -- folders were. No well I mean I need -- that there's a blizzard warning that we need quote business says they think that we should of waited and and I think a lot that overreact. About it and I really don't think it's that -- we've -- a lot worse -- -- and to me I. Feel like if they were quote that says that US PSP. Last UPS are brought. -- I transportation. Industries around the -- should of course -- not businesses that don't require -- If I owned a business I would not have opened it today out of concern for my employees and my patrons. Other businesses you know they've got to make their own decisions for what they're going to though. This was not an order it was not a decree. Of managers and owners looked at the situation. And they decided it is in the best interest of our workers and the people who would patronize a business not to be open. And frankly the dearth of serious injury accidents out there and fatalities out there. The absence of those today I think is largely attributable. To the fact that so many people. Off the roads. Well I believe that fees is the number one. Seeing when it comes to anything especially schools I think I think quote is cool at the rate decision. To risk. Child. A child safety. Bought some bought like you know an exit a child -- walk home -- is important. I know you even rattled tangent. A couple months ago about school can explain in words world markets now and but I really think they were the right decision to quote school and I think it's anything that was the only thing at all. I have a problem when they closed because of simply cold temperatures especially when they're not that COLT. That's that's what my problem is but when you've got a blizzard it's coming. We certainly -- -- -- might June that not last year but the year before and the year before that we have situations were literally people were stranded on the New York State -- for eighteen hours. And by eight. Mitigating. Or by minimizing the traffic on the road you reduce the risk of that happening again. And businesses chose to close that's their fair I would I would have not opened today. If I didn't have to be at work today I would have left the house. You know there's just so much site period and so little time. Absolutely well. I get to Wichita and you know I'm sure that a lot of people that agree with you and I'm sure there's a lot of people disagree but I guess at what. Make that democracy in in the -- you know that's why you and the form for people that contribute constructive criticism. I don't even take his criticism and I just think it's an honest there a difference a difference of opinion -- a different approach -- originality Amherst where it clobbered with probably the most severe snow have seen all -- As as predicted by the way five to 7 PM. But people gotta -- make their own minds up on these things I'm glad you call on my serve and out of bed in the least and you're certainly entitled to your opinion. Thank you very much I appreciate. Reform -- Salvatore. 1%. There are -- public. So thrilled by thirty at WB and I need to break go to my FaceBook page and you'll see a lawyer's opinion of Grand Island bullying one of its students. AccuWeather blizzard warning and guess what gang this right now is the worst of it. Anywhere between now and 7 o'clock. Expect snow falls in injured maybe up to an inch plus an hour -- it may be too which -- an -- -- -- so this is the snarling teeth of the blizzard OK we've -- the belly of the -- try to think of any -- graphic references I could -- We've entered the -- of the elephant now that hardly sounds appropriate. Right now it's 21 degrees and the real field minus -- to get it right over night tonight it's going to be up and four above without the wind chill and and tomorrow will be. Don't -- on. -- Clouds and breaking some windy and very cold stole some blowing and drifting snow and sixteen degrees. You know you know that tomorrow's going to be the bad traffic there right never fails today or is going to be fine that tomorrow everything's gonna go right out the window. Joseph beavers going to be in Las Vegas. -- -- -- -- Let's be viewed on down to. Are right it is up 553 at news radio 930. WB yet. No I'm not taking calls ground that I I don't know why anybody we get that idea where not to regret relatively good day yesterday I have an update. I posted the update. That's all I don't knock it into that it's just it's just not it's not appropriate debate that they were all weather rollback. Not to be a putts but descent. Everything you need to know about why the Grand Island schools are wrong. And why she -- Kenny is right. May be found in the letter from buffalo attorney James resident of the -- has -- law firm I put up on my FaceBook page. Okay he lays it all up for share with your friends. And -- IA and so -- basically played at the presidents think this is like a Supreme Court case this is a civil rights case. Amen amen amen amen and there will be a time we're gonna be able to get into it. But until that time you're that the letter is what I've got. So what we all read the letter will digest the letter and then tomorrow or the next day will revisit the issue is that fair enough. Actually I'm gonna be at the fair grounds are casino are raceway casino receive no Vick in Hamburg on Friday. So maybe I'll -- via trojans out to spend some time with neither. -- -- But the letter just got posted its fresh -- to all your friends. FaceBook dot com Tom dot Bauerle beat a UERLE. Power like Jack Bauer at L need to the end and Graham.

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