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3-12 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- Play some tropical music bumps your wish my command great idea which I thought it. So anyway it now actually -- thought there was -- we email I thought of that independently completely on my own. So while we'll try to get some good tropical music bumps if you get any other good ideas for tropical music -- Drop me an email Thomas WBM dot com. We've already thought about Jimmy Buffett Margarita -- we thought about Jimmy Buffett Cheeseburger in Paradise we played those songs before. But they're also going to be others tropical. It's kind of music we can play. Not -- way ago. Like this on the way no matter who did. That he. It just I just never got into that one. No disrespect intended to anybody or just like they don't thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WB and by the way something else. As you know we take great pride in our website which it actually is once a pretty big awards and got some big recognition from people in the industry. Band and we are putting together as we always like to do a photo album this time the blizzard of 2014. In the part did. And -- if you have a photo of the snowman you built just. You know look I know what I build a snowman what I do with a carrot and the two pieces of charcoal. Because I'm like twelve years old. I can't put that up on our website Tim wouldn't he'd laugh sell if you got a picture of your dog in the snow your kids in the slow that you don't mind is putting on line. Does it feel free set up to us Tom at WB EN dot com. All checked my email up until about 7 o'clock tonight after that. Trust me I'm going home and I'm forgetting about work out but I don't love my job but I also need time away from. As so atomic WB and that count as my email newsroom at WB and dot com is another now. Something else and forgive me for saying these things every bit but I think you need to know them if you had major traffic situations. We have a traffic hotline. 80303218030321. Is default number. Otherwise because we are basically in all weather all traffic all in fail mode bit. You can call us on the year it will make sure -- Harris and everybody gets the information is what we do. WBM dot com is a great resource all of the closings are there now you should know this -- highways closed. Also if you're going to accordion bass tonight -- cliches is canceled that performance of Porgy and best. What else to I have to tell you. That's about it image in the photos I mentioned the closings I guess I'll mention the phone numbers begin on the air. 803 all right thirty start I'm 3180616. WBE and the and that don't be fooled by that by conditions getting better. Don't be fooled by bet now is Paul and all and who is. We we might have to we have to come to blows your Paul Paul you're on WW. BM tell us how things are beautiful all that. Actually action at all I'm not and I hope that I hit it a little further monetary. Are. Hot on the -- yeah. About 3 o'clock. Highlight show -- thought -- bite you -- and I over -- But wait a -- and very little traffic. -- for -- now. Our public blow out on the open you know there were some rockets and everything. Currently I am on. Route forty. I'll buy our magic. What that. Shot at all of art well are very well yeah -- just -- for our goal by. I'd been averaging forty mile an hour. I am heading towards our -- -- all. Wish I guess so leader of the day that's like a cold weekend driving for me. It Dexter are probably a nine lottery and you know what I -- at the VA come back I want what I do so it makes. You are god bless you are all. Well you know what thank you thanks for doing what you do it to -- eight minutes really awesome. You talk about it that charge or is that what you are at stake we -- -- Erie county and -- editor that he tried or whether. I'm gonna go through it or and it should it's pretty hot right now. Well of all of the road you mentioned the one that I would be most concerned about given the wide open stretches and the wind would be Crittenton. Craig and put a little sloppy err well I thought it was on how well actually got our -- -- my religious and mark from the block out. But and it seemed like it was pretty route traveled all that was always -- solidarity. My brother will look Turkey go to safely and if you wanna take pictures if you can safely do it you know -- to -- the right. All right brother banks keep safe. And I always do thank you very much Paul -- I yell at -- folks I by the way I also like to say and again Greta I got to work for five hours ago. And I controlled bomb that's the main street Williams and dole I drove through some of the Williams hillside streets to avoid -- street Williams Phil Sheridan drive Miller's court. And maple and all I can tell you is. The people responsible for plowing those roads. Did a great job. I can't complain I cannot rich folks you know. How -- idea what I think people are doing a good job and I think they should be. I've got no complaints to you because there's nothing I I saw on my drive and where I would say what were they asleep at the switch. Because the howdy guys the state these. The village guys in the -- guys at least my roads were terrific. And hopefully you're having the same experience. And remember to. The fact that we had advance notice Sanders and the fact that a lot of places closed down really really really helped. It really makes a difference the fewer cars that if you work risks. The fewer cars. The few reveal weeds. Let's go to Tom on the west side and WB and Tomas hello. Big time long time -- speak. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well we are only about three miles from Kim -- east and unless I'm missing something it would I would expected to have some light snow why the questions specifically regarding -- Maurice. Blog so I'm from a lot so. Now but I don't like anyway it might migrate those. Dude if you're gonna start back on a joke and -- electors. And I don't need first and our final vote -- -- school system Robert -- and -- And as soon as they got the school is set them back home I'm the boss. And I got the same gripe about businesses. Because the businesses what they do they'll put on the first shift. Nobody get them out and I want to get them out of it -- lot of Maleeva orally. They make more bold -- but I may call off the second and third shift. They get all these people say at all bay and they can't drive home until while targets a really bad just like no other forecasters side. Well unfortunately. Look. I cannot help businesses how to run businesses and there may very well may be some crucial orders that have to be filled by some businesses and the work -- to be done today and what might it stand in the way of commerce. Well a lot of -- -- -- machine chapter of that warning -- very -- I don't wanna give a blog Bob ball ballparks. You know I mean emissions jobs they don't lose or electricity but -- program. -- they lose or electricity they can't -- the machines. All of that have a backup generator I'm not sure what they're logistics are over there but. They kill on the machines that might turn the -- I'm blood. It's not -- on the machines. That's a nice thing about working with the Amish they they use their feet seriously don't use electricity everything is done -- generally it's amazing. Now so. I think pardon don't you sort of -- out to water and several well they most certainly do. The wall I don't need to kudos to them. I mean there be other Smart they're Smart self sufficient folks with a poop hits the fan I'm gonna go down live with the Amish or speak just enough Germany get by self. When I was gonna say is. You have an issue with businesses calling in people. To work. Only to let them go early or to keep them there all day because I'm a little confused. What is best scenario. They love them both orally. And they keep -- toll on alert should have and -- I can't -- all the other ships. Well again you know what -- may be perfectly valid reasons why a business tasks to do that they're very well may be orders that have to be in Mexico tomorrow morning I don't know. But. You know -- and elevate generally speaking -- Generally speaking most things can wait some things can't some people are essential some people are not essential. Look at a Saturday or Sunday I wouldn't be essential. We'd be all cigar -- all day. Magloire there was water all of the falls you'd be. I don't think huge award over there today. If you take supervised -- individual and that just made me laugh thank you very much and -- -- called. -- and to do that today who I don't think all that would have been unfortunate who were no safety artists whom their killer. Our credit sacked -- hourly let's find out much traffic right now from a guy who is it off the streets he knows what it's like first though they're -- Alan Harris. And what do you think you're gonna fight to end. I know Alan diagnosis as well as effective in some areas the visibility is gonna be fun if you're gonna say hey how come -- hourly and Larry -- and -- players -- all about the weather whereas Hannity might go the worlds coming to an end coach Sean Hannity tonight. Well here's the thing somewhere sometimes the visibility spine than other times we look out the window and we can't see the building across the way it. And I'm very this consulate right now I don't know if you can tell how depressed land but the cafeteria. In building 500. Was shut down today and I lived for their -- and raised in the ouster of their crazy and chicken wrap. I feel so neglected and deprived right now I truly do and the ladies in the cafeteria are the sweetest people in the world I love them. They're did there Austin -- they make my day went right over there. But anyway yes well -- we in life before the reason was invented I ask you as far as AccuWeather goes blizzard warning. And by the time this is done we're looking at roughly a foot give or take -- snow. Speaking of a foot I wanna wish Ron Jeremy happy birthday today he's in as early sixties. Now Shays performing arts center. Because of the weather can be. -- she the gershwin's Porgy and -- Is canceled for tonight. Now here's the deal. Tonight's. Tickets may be exchanged for any of the remaining six performances scheduled. And there are still plenty of seats available for all performances. So to exchange Wednesday night tickets -- tickets for tonight. Just called -- is ticket office at 847. 0850. That is 847. 0850. Or visit the share -- website they will look -- get you the information you need about women I'll emergency Porgy and Bess but there will be no performance tonight. Up Porgy and -- so. Sorry about that guys but you know kudos to Shays -- the producers for doing the right thing in making that decision. You know I mean for 24 WB -- buy hourly and thanks for trusting us with your weather information and -- blizzard of 2014 in part due. All. Rather than us today and on my drug lords. The am I can't. And here. Move out of -- almost went there -- by the way we have said that as you know oh lots of snow. And I wanna give your reminder. From my friends -- John -- heating and cooling this is not a paid advertisement but try to take your my sponsors because they've taken care view. Editing your -- over the years Anand Jon locked cases but over twenty years rather heating and cooling company and they remind you. If you have a high efficiency. Natural gas furnace. And you realize. Hey. Look at. Not pick. Which you wanna do is go outside. And you should see a piece of plastic cap piping on the PVC stuff -- think they call it. Cleared the snow away from the exhaust. Because this system is designed. Not to work when the exhaust is convert because they don't want you diet. So cover make sure that the snow is not covering the exhaust of your furnace that way. Your furnace will work in Adobe sick. So just want to throw that reminder out there and thanks to my buddies at John Locke heating and cooling. Were the I mean cured they could come your house and you know 250 dollars service called that. They'd rather save you the money actually just that we do it yourself. Certainly that's again that's why they pass my mom test. 435 -- ready at 930 WBE and let's get back to the calls we are talking obviously about what you were seeing and what you're experiencing. And back up where the hell out you know what. We we went from light to moderate to moderate to heavy now. Here you know land in Amherst which is off maple road across from friendlies. And the other place the name of which I can never remember so up. We've got. Somewhere between moderate and heavy snow. Let's go to Dave in Lancaster. Dave you were on WB and hello. Yes sir Richard summed it up and went to work the afternoon I beyond. And I work about four blocks around actually ski there. I think have a man crush on you cross country I'm sure. Yeah it was I actually I have don't know skis but. I used them anyway you know like that kind of got there and I get all the way to point out that she got cut the cap off and you really need me oh you're. -- that before you go any further before you go any further stop right there I gotta know right now. We love you forever we need me. Now the proposed do you have can you do sell three of you -- -- ski gear that I can put on our WBM photo -- of use skiing to work did you like reenact that do a -- but he. Oh absolutely yeah I don't wanna give one lecture to the kind of news saw ironic. So that's okay I'm gonna interrupt just had to imagine that -- interrupting your caller so that the top at WBM dot com. I'll make sure it's on our photo album if you want your last name used just let me know and all the others pass that on to the people who post on our website okay. Absolutely. Out doubly outrageous some -- on. It isn't the you know they and they don't buy dot L a yeah I gotta play I'm I mean. The street from my -- are -- perfect for skiing. They rarely are they did a great job your uncle paving it and it like smooth because I haven't seen -- yet and I don't want upload to come by because it's it's -- They've I have one simple rule on the -- -- And that is there I don't know and that is when you say you haven't seen a -- yet you must re emphasize it you must say the following. I haven't received a -- Not. Why the well that's what you have to say yeah with the ringing of the journal. Well. Okay. I swear I have not seen -- -- follow all day. And I hope I don't see it ever. Are they close enough so all right have you had anybody coming out to join you in your skiing. Are my neighbor he's -- he would come home and we are gonna take a trip up to restore it but I'm waiting from the get home and you know the -- Herbert. Starter Matt I'm. Not seeing -- mailman. So I don't even Null. You'll never see -- -- man because they're called letter curious. All her I'd love -- -- but I just wanted to call it what you know that -- yes sir I did -- to work today. Well -- I would be honored if you send me a picture of yourself in your full ski gear and remember all -- well you can make sure you get a little covered with snow because that would make a perfect shot. For the -- WB yen. Dot com photo album of the blizzard of 2014 part deal. -- -- -- -- -- Like this tells you that I was gonna say what you -- -- -- -- -- -- on -- no Angel too maybe. There are so anyways I could go with what you just ask the police say yes to I had biggest snow Angel. I like it when grown men make snow angels that's awesome. Think skis off urged. All I was gonna go over the -- but you know what they're still all I don't know what out here my counsel what six. But I -- you know bet com. I did -- while twice already and and it looks like I have to do it again in its like I'm in a ball right up and down solve. Yeah I get to know when you're all gonna whip up a snow blower because otherwise about it from anybody who comes over my house my nine year old daughter shovels and driveway -- and you don't. Arts. You know Clinton and her mother come over and make -- cookies and -- all right thank you pretty much different strategy call. So this -- buffalo you guys -- -- that you are about these things and we are where we are collecting a photo album. And -- it. You know that the fun stuff the -- components of this blizzard of 2014. Part -- okay we are doing -- So feel free to send your pictures. Let me know if you want your name used were not some people there was some people don't. It's it's your call what I do that I asked those photos to the people who put them up -- -- few people who do that. But. I try to be respectful of your privacy to the greatest extent possible. 030930. Is the phone number when he was Percy right now with the weather 8030930. Start I'm thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WBE and the sky highway is closed. In fact I'm amazed. In this is a good thing. That we have not had more calls from south of the city or people try to take those alternate routes out of the city. In the lack a -- -- it in the Hamburg. I I have to say this like a listener. I haven't had -- call not -- from somebody who has been jammed up by the closing of the skyway maybe he'll be my first calling it. Again Matt I don't know if he's still there but there's a guy and Hyundai. Who is on the right shoulder of the 219 heading south just after you get on from the ninety's. Now he's not the error because he's trying to be a division nozzle he is there to alert -- tow truck. That there is a vehicle about thirty feet down in a -- -- Which is gonna have to be winched out. So if you see the guy in the Hyundai he's not just there you know pass in the time -- day. He's doing a good deed for another citizen so be advised you might see somebody off on the right. That's my listener because there's a guy off the left in the ditch. And we're trying to make sure that the tow truck knows exactly where that guy may be found which by the way is a reminder to you. I know they're expensive. But road hazard -- I think are good to have in your car. Even some of those glow sticks that you can -- partners all the regulars that -- pretty cheaply those are a bad idea to have just to give people an idea. Where you are actually a hazard player would be better than it was going to be a lot more visible. Actors you never know what you're gonna end up off the deputy got to get somebody's attention. And nothing says I need help like a -- Of course you know one of the problems was we talked about the embassy and Boeing 777. When the Titanic was in the process of -- no -- They set up distress rockets. There was another unknown vessel in the area. That saw the distress rockets and did nothing. And the thinking is they probably thought the Titanic was celebrating something. And not in need of assistance the same thing happened to. The end not not that long ago just off of Cleveland Ohio. There was an oil barge named the clean Inco. Was that an oil barge no no it was a sand soccer -- are is a San soccer. And these four guys. Is that the vessel totally lost ability it was going down they tried to -- mattresses on the deck to attract attention from people on the shore of Lake -- we need help. And the people on the short obviously not a fool -- seafaring experience. And know what's going up they thought it was just some late celebration. They're trying to get attention. So up anyway that's just my long winded way of saying not a bad idea to have some road players in the car. I don't with -- SPS on them with that thank you. Let's go to sure race in the Lancaster on WB at your -- -- welcome to the -- show thanks for calling. -- -- She -- I need a better connection frenetic. I I can I could barely better. Can you put your idea if it -- better just keep your mouth is close to the Mike is you can't figure. I aimed I mean I'm working here medical center and therefore that -- -- 33. More than ninety. I didn't like cancer and getting home after that I normally get on a regular actually you and on the street cloud iMac and yeah I would blanket that I'm taking. You know. Union ground since French and the followed that you know and have been that great -- -- match knowing. The. Well again this is that this is. This is why I think the weather service ought to be commended because they let us know what's coming. And the people who decided preemptively and proactively to close things down made the right decision because those people who need to be on the roads are finding that the trucks the plows generally have had a chance to plow them and keep up with the wallet. -- with a minimum of fender benders with which they have the content. So you've made it -- to transit the French. You didn't stop off at the head shot did you. You did stop off at the head shot well all look at Q. What is it all attitude to call again. I really -- loans that Ryan grades but anyway I think that Tuesday. Anyway but I don't remember remember he's been damaged -- that but anyway but the guide ironic I think that would be the work. Many don't comet that great right all right so right. It's a transit the French what are -- yeah. I -- thinking I'm Kate tick -- 33 and 91. Elaine street I'm heading toward Lancaster and it's still think there's no hard on the road out. Well okay. Why I think you're in transit. Now on -- I adding that -- but I think -- thoroughly and there was no -- -- -- doing everything I own. -- let me just take a wild guess even though there is nobody on the fairway. You still got stuck for the red light at William street as you get off the threw away. Yes it I swear it's like a curse of light that that light is always read. We got that -- system how much longer before you won't. I then. You know I feel they need and short irons -- and a normal workday which in strained in the whole situation -- I am happy I -- you know. May I ask them what it is you do for a living -- you can't tell me it's not my damn business open ended. I'm an hour and -- Erie county Mac -- Also you're obviously eight net necessary person you have to be out driving because without our ends LP ends and these. We would all pretty much be screw. I because nothing says I'm here to start your day with a smile like it fully captured. Already that a little mercy. -- -- -- -- -- out imports so very you know when I'm driving wonderful. -- -- race I thank your for yours and if you can safely do a -- offered a one of those parking lots on the Williams street and take a picture of the deserted road said that to -- Thomas WB and dot com I'd be honored. -- -- -- -- You know three on my thirtieth news radio 930 WB yet seizes this intimate audience we have if you're new listener to the show. Just yesterday steps up and this is not like the usual talk share. You have to think of my show and the people listen to it like one giant dysfunctional. Family. And I and the king of dysfunction okay. Unlike the weird uncle on the couch. Who drink too much except they don't wreck. Not because I'm an alcoholic had just put -- to sleep and I will but not that much so anyway. That's what we are and that's why people come here. Because. You know if for some people. Your voice when you call into my show in my voice when you listen for some people in this high tech world in which we live. This is the only human contact they get all bank unless they're listening to sandy beach. This is the only live local contact they get. It's kind of -- heavy duty responsibility. Which is why. I kind of -- what I do. Don't actually say -- -- -- 1969. Called it like it's word back all right it's coming. 30 my thirtieth news radio 930 WB the end is Woodstock this summer. Are gay and please don't shoot the messenger well if you do just make your clean quick one. We have a blizzard warning under which were all sailing together today somebody wants -- to place sailing by Christopher Cross as a tropical music -- No. Absolutely not that's not happening not on my show sorry it won't happen my apologies but it won't. Anyway that's songs like a little bit of hell -- my years. Right now it's 21 degrees it feels like minus one tonight we're gonna be down into the single digits for a -- -- had yeah that's not even with the wind chill and by the time this is all said and done ever take we're looking to get about a foot of snow. And again ladies and gentlemen I don't need to be. But. Just because it's clear where you are right now. You can drive three miles an end up in a swirling maelstrom of psychotic whether. A swirling maelstrom of site Monica whether. So don't just think that arguably these guys WB you have called this a blizzard because. Because right now it just got really really heavy and Amherst. It ain't heavy it's a blizzard so and by the way they say blizzard. In order to be a blizzard for our criteria which must be met. By the weather gurus at the National Weather Service this storm meets those criteria ergo it is a blizzard. Now what made after -- -- gonna compare with 1977. And it probably won't compare with 1985. But it is a blizzard. And I would also. Like to actually amend. Our out local governments. And the -- people. And the emergency people so far I think they've got one hell of a good job again. So well but if I'm wrong let me know but I think good work ought to be lauded as much as we bitch when bad work is done. And up from what I've seen. A lot of people made great decisions today. Decisions which have greatly mitigated what could have been a real horrible drive poll. I should point out to the weather's gonna get worse between now and the time I leave the air in fact. I have a little note here from mud at you whether one of many notes -- receiving a daily basis for AccuWeather. I'm like snow across the Niagara frontier and portions of the southern tier will intensify. After 5 PM. As they sold off. Sorry but I citadel was a little over the top as a swat. Of moderate to heavy snow over southern Ontario will push east in other words our way. And snowfall rates under an inch an hour will increase to between one and two inches an hour. Between five and seven. So over the next two hours bottom line is don't be surprised depending on where you are that these low intensity will increase and the winds will gust as high as fifty. Miles an hour so it is going to get worse. Is it the end of the world to know is that the apocalypse no but it's gonna get worse. So let's be careful -- -- responsibly. Let's cut everybody some breaks especially the delivery guys that FedEx the post office UPS. DHL cut those guys breaks because they put them on an insane schedule. And if you could let them in the traffic revenue traffic. Because believe me they are -- overworked. They don't schedule based on blizzards they schedule based on the best possible scenarios so if you can let these guys and ladies and you'd really be doing them a solid and they do appreciated. 457 a WB Ian.

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