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3-13 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or the worst possible missile. He was making a deal about it. He told me later got to get a different shares which are didn't have a different sure -- order I got to turn it inside out. Iron. I told the wall. I don't have a different sure I'm not concerned themselves there's not a problem it's National Rifle Association. That is the voice of Jane Kenny sixteen years old as I said -- fox just ran that story again. About a ten minutes ago saw an up close on the Fox Network and basically I think it's hypocrisy -- -- very very wars. And I think you're dead if education is needed in Grand Island maybe it's the administration that needs it rather than students. Because any time student stands up and says support the Second Amendment. Which is exactly what the shirts -- shirts at Second Amendment shall not be infringed. Then how do you come down on them for that. Because you may not personally. Or your small group of vote people who make these decisions may not personally favor the Second Amendment doesn't mean. The the Second Amendment is of any lesser value. And if you value the constitution and I have to question what do you value it at all you would you take it until you change it lock stock and barrel. And it has you know it hasn't been brought up that we should repeal -- Second Amendment and if it's -- Second Amendment today is at the First Amendment tomorrow. Because it doesn't happen to fit your criteria. I think this student has to be commended I bet most sixteen year old don't know much about the constitution at all. And the fact that he is willing to say let's stand up for it I think is to be commended not condemned. All right so be able battling along time like gem on these sites are to keep you waiting Jim you're on WB yen. Am I in this conflict tacit approval by its mother who works for the grand island school system or -- manufactured news. Who was the teacher originally pulled him out of class. Heard the superintendent approved as a suspension. The idea said the assistant principal the Loria. Is the one -- mentioned in here the teacher's name is not mentioned in -- story. The important thing is that it's to -- His parents are not pursuing a violation of the constitutional right. Perhaps because the mother. Is employed by and our school system solutions you know that this whole thing could be manufactured news story for quite some rust on him. And you might wanna consider all the resources. Well first of -- -- images that Rus Thompson you lost me thank you very much I'm gone that's that that's the get out of jail free card. That's that's history -- we have I'd like to go more reliable sources them. I had as a beach and company and we're talking about via a student right here and ran balance sixteen years old. He's sixteen years old and end at sixteen I don't -- you know but it's sixteen I didn't know much about the constitution that you Tony. Did you know much about it as a sixteen now know about you Chris I don't probably know I'm an hour ago RO -- they know I can tell you definitively I didn't at sixteen I was concerned about getting my license. And dating girls and playing poker and basketball that's all I cared about that was my whole. My whole life now this this young man and one on the sound -- earlier said he enjoys going target shooting -- his father. His father and mother -- members of the NRA and the so it's easy. So there's nothing wrong with that so those crossed rifles that and its seemed to bring such fear into the hearts of the of the Grand Island hierarchy here. -- or could have been used for target shooting. Or maybe I don't know squirrel hunting with things like that they do not necessarily incite violence in my challenges already been thrown out there. I absolutely challenge you. To show me how -- across rifles incite violence and how defense of the Second Amendment. Incites violence -- be a good example now. Okay of of what I'm talking about. Is there a more despise. The law in New York State the New York safe. The answer is no for for shooters were for people who blow who enjoyed farms aren't. The answer is -- And yet with all of these rallies. With all of the debate. -- all of video words written and the interviews done in whatever. You have one example. Of somebody who is in possession of a firearm or who has a a legal right to a farm. Using it violently. Or is now. The answer is no. The of the problems of firearms don't come from NRA members believe me NRA teaches gun's safety first and -- them for balls. They have educational projects and though we've had former presidents belong to of the NRA I belong to the generated disclosure like you to know that. -- but the bottom line is there they have their own agenda apparently a Grand Island high school and if they don't like the Second Amendment today maybe you're OK with that. But let's hope that they don't suddenly. Think that the First Amendment is really not necessary either. That's free speech. Let's go to a Mike in south buffalo Mike you're on WB again. -- -- What. I'm. School district of what is report accusing now. It will say -- that it's yours who was -- And I think it's a lot with the -- was reading -- books as well. And it went -- it looks at the violence also. If it. It -- be that it is not -- an hour. And they want. And I've got a bite. -- -- out to illusion. In. Both one can do an explosion. -- people don't believe it's this. Well -- what you might I'll stand up for the constitution to I appreciate it thank you very much. Absolutely. Absolutely and that's what you know be these -- issue that they brought operatives out. Well big big guns here you know -- bit part of the dress code says you can't Wear any clothing that might incite or encourage violent activities. So we don't like guns that might show -- -- with the -- okay. They didn't think the big picture is that. They dug up obviously don't see the constitution either because that's part of the constitution but somebody standing up for existing law. -- to become out of it become relative of for -- set up for any law level on the constitution. It's it's it's -- became law. By the affected your elected officials may have a law. And the CEO -- president the governor whoever signed it into law and that it's enforced by the courts as law must is found to be says it would make unconstitutional. So constitutional roles at all got it. And how do you look down your nose at somebody defending. The document that -- at all. You wanna you wanna do what President Obama does and just pick and choose which of the amendments you wanna follow is that is that a new Obama ism. Well this one's not that important this one's more important let's throw this one well let's not enforce the -- oh let's not enforce this one. That's exactly what's going on here can't pick and choose the constitution constitutions -- constitution. And two give the kid a -- a suspension it's been served there was an in school one day it's been served. And and he's right the mom works for these school district. A mom and -- statement you know it's the end of it that's fine maybe a little -- subconscious pressure because it's your employer for one thing but I'm saying. That they should be ashamed of them it's absolutely positively will be back after. Simple compliment me. On my shirt other students that I didn't include -- say anything about it either. You know like there's kids who don't harm middle like coming in but they -- against certain people actually. Councilman immunity should deal -- people who give me a hard time about it was. Teachers. It is reaching company and Chris we haven't -- any FaceBook yet today alleged -- a couple of vote FaceBook postings boys this one is from David he says did you see the guns on that sure it was a musket and a rival those of the same guns modern history books in these schools of pictures. In the guns. And books are OK why is the picture of those guns and teacher now okay yeah I you know -- lot of musket crime going on out there you know -- -- -- a repeat shots during the season. A dastardly crime -- it. What it's about it's. Here's the problem the problem is basically that there's no respect four of the word of walk the president's picking and choosing. Which parts of laws he decides to enforce and which ones he doesn't well then you kind of expect that sort of thing to be filtering out. But Ford Grand Island high school to take a position that and come down on somebody who is supporting the US constitution. That's that that makes you look really small minded and silly what else. This is from Steve he says this decision is an insult to every American soldier sailor marine and -- that ever served we took an oath to defend the constitution. And I you know I don't know his -- I don't know his background but I'm sure -- somewhere in his family he has people that serve the country -- -- his father maybe is -- maybe his mother maybe -- and may -- your cousin but we all have somebody that we know are related to that have served our country. And what have they given us. They've given us the right to preserve. This constitution. The right to be protected by this constitution. Not to be stomped on by some pointy headed liberal fought coming out of Grand Island New York. But it's part of New York what the -- more in -- expect. Another please Chris this one comes from Mikey says the teacher in question was advertising the Second Amendment the First Amendment protects free speech so it's hard to imagine this is anything but political. Well that's exactly right I think it is political amass the worst part about it if they could move. That there would be depiction of any fire arms crossed rifles or whatever. It leads to violence leads to crime. -- than they have a farm here I'll be happy go to let him and speak but the camp. I hope they try to Obama so far they -- let's go to -- Caroline Cheektowaga -- here on WB again. Point in great subject thank you can be acting FBI. I agree I think we're past -- and. And crossed rifles and at. Out calvary yes have absolutely I've seen enough John Wayne movies -- no matter. Who. Don't -- in the sixties what I was right. I got to be out a short my boyfriend and it caught me. -- he thought. It was. Very. And evening and -- the war. And I had a history teacher who just told me to take -- Take. And I did because of course that you know -- -- I am now -- of course. An -- and I didn't. I had court and -- at that point and time they're interested question authority out. And so I did amnesty and it. And so landing I think that ultimately outward -- at. The line. But I -- find out she was. German and she yet people. Wearing an entry in -- and and it was a long acquitted it's time captor. By. She never did I mean it was like debt and or. I'd bring -- and memories it was just. And IIII. Couldn't under you know I didn't understand. It like that as a teenager. Why you know there was there was no reason I wouldn't you can -- and it weights and high and -- all over the place it was it was. It would Hillary and it had a lot of people edit a picture up and it had nothing and you know what. You know he's like it was just the -- And if you are wearing a star David Norcross or whatever that's a personal. -- a personal statement some and you feel comfortable way. It's and they should be non threatening to others and Asia live in -- love life I know what you're saying there I'm glad you got more rebellious says as the years have passed by. And -- device. Know obviously. If you're wearing some sign of hate. Or some sign of vote of vote violence of that that's a -- it is right there it's right on the face you'll recognize it for what it has. That's a different story. The NRA. Teachers and I'm not your -- via -- I am just say they teach responsible. Gun ownership. They teach education. They teach young people love with different programs on the responsibility. In the safekeeping of firearms or whatever. As they are not. In and -- and of them selves. Adhering to affected now that you've got a -- must go on use -- for some some violence or some crimes that's ridiculous. But that's all they thought about that instead they didn't see it -- Second Amendment. Part of the constitution. They sought as second amendment regarding guns and that's all that's always there that's always sought and boy. If that's all you see. How would you teaching children up there when -- so ignorant yourself. I'd like to know how ignorance the guts. A big gets that information. And how ignorance -- begets knowledge it doesn't. It just begets ignorance and that's what they're teaching up there with this I don't know about the rest of it I'm just commenting on this. They didn't see the big picture they just saw the myopic little pointy headed picture and that's what they jumped on. Will be back after Davis. It. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Callus now 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 92368. He was more concerned my scores and he was used. Pretty pretty upset that I got despondent about his he's gonna go down and he's had a talk us. The words of bush saying caddie sixteen years old Grand Island high school sophomore. Who was suspended foreign one day in and day suspension. A full wearing an NRA shirt. He was asked who -- inside out. He was asked to put duct tape over -- over the insignia -- or whatever it and you refuse to do that and so they suspended him. And this short -- is. Oh NRA guns guns that must stop this I mean how. Ignorant is that. The big picture is it's a constitutionally protected privilege the Second Amendment guarantees us and all that said. For text was. The should not be -- French -- a Second Amendment shall not inference I mean and there across guns. Sylvia of the school suspend them and I'm thinking you know how small and petty the school district looks like. I'll but as we said earlier if the president of the United States is a -- right now where he doesn't need congress for an event. Sold violating via the three different branches of government. And the president decides which laws he will and force which once he won't like immigration. Then why are always surprised. That when school districts come up with stuff like this instead of looking at it as a constitutionally. Guaranteed. Right then. They're gonna take the short view of it looks a national story now just on fox again. All right let's see some people have been holding a long timeouts. Let's go to Jeanne. In Orchard Park junior on WB yen. Lawrence and the excellent topic in any time there's -- violation of the bill or rights this discussion of it should be. Should be made loud and clear. That this whole situation is and that is in the hands of the taxpayers of Grand Island the ones that are in the grand island school district. They should be demanding some disciplinary action for every school official that was involved in the prosecute fusion of -- that to -- rights. -- does they shame -- yes. Yes they they should patients suffer the consequences of their actions of all places the constitution as part of our of art history. School is a governmental agency. It should be following the rules that our government was established on. Now the caveat is is that the officials were following school policy. And that taxpayers need to have those policies were viewed through the prism through them lions of the bill of rights. I'm what you know what I'm very well said end up much more insightful certainly -- their view of it thank you Jeanne appreciate it. Very much -- yeah you expect that in an institution of learning. If if it's guided by some ignorant policy like this what does that do for the learning process. Does this not say that the only the only things were interested in protecting our things that we personally. -- approve of and anything that we don't personally approve of we're not interested in protecting and as we said I wanna be dramatic. You talk about your slippery slope I mean today it's the Second Amendment what is -- tomorrow is of the First Amendment. Is that a free speech issue I think this is a free speech issue certainly but what I'm saying is if they love it minimize our poor school. Enforcement of the Second Amendment then what would stop them on the forest you know it's never though it never done it one bite. It's a little bit here a little bit there little chip here a little chip they are pretty some it's all gone. That's what it's all about and I think for somebody in our own backyard like Grand Island nation that is certainly. Let's go to woods David in north -- wanted David you're on WB yen. -- I'm 71 years -- armored GI. When I hear things like this it just makes me sick. I'm glad I'm old I don't have to I have my whole life ahead of me. I don't own a firearm never owned 1 that I am a member of the Arie. When I served in the army. And qualified expert and M sixteen during basic training alone. -- that this young American. If he had a water teacher or the marijuana leaf it would have been okay. You know. Sad sad oh we know that we owe everything to people like you. As David who served to protect what we have and part of what we have a very precious part is the constitution and -- and -- you can alleged educator to -- move that. Doesn't cut it well I'm glad that you you weighed -- on this and thank you for wearing the uniform David we appreciate it. All right let's see let's let's go to a lot of people and holding for a long time. Including our friend Kevin from vandals and Kevin here on W. -- Pete sending good morning welcome. K yeah you know I care so up and bomb and the instability that. Actually in that this kid has -- -- teachers before. Well -- guns and so on an eel Amin I don't know where it's true or not. He says he says he has warrant. Insured in the past with a gun on it yes that's true Gordon. Okay great but but I guess that he even really sure all these these were smarter than that's right principal -- the year. Sure and you know our deepest hopes. Teacher speak at a -- or second read. But remember this remember how you know how much we Revere Martin Luther King Martin Luther King. Civil Disobedience. If he had worn a shirt. Before they haven't gone on and assured has crossed guns on -- that is civil and it's peaceful. And I think it's perfectly acceptable. We're here -- exactly wrote you know and -- the number of people who -- beautiful organs in your they'll figure it all baldness I and it took what they've done you know what. And it's reviewing the entity news caps their year old Greek pertinent now poll. It's some commission has no -- him that. That -- -- agendas. Or the military mean it was Smart missiles and enemy sent -- you know a guy who's you know. I will be key and today it is in part for peaceful somewhat agree to -- you you know get into this new format it's. The law in California now. That they showed children and they are children not adults. Can choose their own sex and they can choose which teams they wanna play on male or female amiga and choose which restrooms they wanna use. All art -- what we do understand he's human and England -- to -- albeit they. I didn't hear that but I did well you gotta love your pets but. No this of this was became law January 1 now there was a a movement afoot to try and get it on the law at least they did. But I don't know where it is but that's what the -- that as of January 1. All right Gloria well from look at you know -- I give my support to the kids that everything goes send. Let's hope that you know we could -- sit back and just -- -- I just I got the current. Become popular gun owners. They're gonna -- -- numbers sincerity. Well I believe I believe -- have done a little bit at a time thank you very much a yeah it's funny is so not funny. Funny but. What's interesting is as we look at the history of the world and different. A different countries. And things happening in different countries. And you're saying boy am glad we live here is that -- never have -- here. If you look at the history it didn't happen at all once that happened in in little dribble here a little bits and pieces here a little bit here little bit there and produce and it was done. I don't think it's a small thing. To say that we should protect the constitution of the United States remember the -- pledge of allegiance and to the republic. For which it stands. What do we stand for. Do we stand for the constitution or don't or do we stand for a politically. Bent to a group of politicians and educators who just wanna do things won't -- they want they don't care what the rules are they don't care what's been enacted. He remind out of these laws became law overnight of the law -- him drop him down. Houses of legislature did it and then governor isn't president signed it and they became law and that's what our countries about. And is grounded in the constitution. And for mr. Loria. To suggested he probably didn't come invent this buddies and forcing it to suggest that that was inappropriate is wrong. -- -- I don't think we're ready to except ignorant educators. We should demand more of them will be back. They're trying to create a climate where it's even a mention our -- people and let's keep and bear arms. Is it's somehow forbidden in the public discussion. The F Libya proposition that of the cross fire arms. Might lead to violent activities the officials. At the school this is the Fox News -- a Morgan from cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might incite or encourage violent activities. I would suggest that with all of the protests. In person in on TV and radio and print or whatever over New York safe. Not all members of the NRA but I'm sure a lot of members of the are involved with -- was there one. Incident one you. We're firearm was used in a violent action now. Not one and this is a highly charged atmosphere where people were ticked off. And so you can't give me this from Grand Island that of those crossed firearms. Who would cause violent reaction it's ridiculous you claim anything you want but this online -- the probe. I -- put up or shut up. And I'm thinking that -- and ignorance is guiding education. Then what does that say about education. Let's go to. Jack -- not going to agree but that's -- Jack had. Our I'm project what was your take on its. I love shall -- -- conservative kind of guy libertarian sort of a viewpoint on things got. I if I would the principal of that school and I can be dictator principle I'd throw out on the all dressed appropriately. And while I was and -- -- the other kids in school. Because I've been an advocate for you reform. For years seniors and our public school. I think that public schools in the country should be run more like military boot camps a lot like the vacation resort. Now I'll follow the reasoning produced there are other teachers and educators about performance -- when solve a lot of problems that he would. That the parents won't go to you know get the latest and I. The heir apparent that the teachers say oh yeah it would be great we would -- up with a it was expensive. There's -- and or employing Julia the Cuban doesn't have him. Everybody agrees these reforms would be great and I try and find out why they won't use it and I heard this from the liberal advocates say. Because he would have to express themselves or. The host this morning it's a absolutely. I'm in there that -- -- our public education system. -- -- -- right I've been I've ever wanted to bureau for for a long time too because it does level playing field they're there to study not to do a fashion show and I think it does make it a Federer placed would be if you don't have much money. I really do I really -- -- -- aren't expressing so we're playing well forums to express our viewpoint we want our young kids to be involved -- In the political that decision -- kept in our country that they're going to be their leaders someday we don't want to squelch that but I think there's a time and place sport. And I just think that what you go to school usually go to school to learn English math history and not for any of -- other the crap that goes on in the school. I think it's you have -- up parallel argument it's a good argument it is a parallel one for a whole different show at a different times but I think it's well thought out thank you Jack. But in favor uniform for a long time mainly because it first of all it costs a lot of money to one up. The other classmates a lot of people care about that sort of thing. And -- she has this well I have to have that oh he's got that I must have this while global. Aside no problems with the uniforms at all I think it's good idea however the freedom of expression you're right what students that are just going to mimic what you what you two album. A good student is an inquiring student is intellectually challenging student somebody who asked why and not just to be. To be different they ask why -- -- wanna know how you came to that conclusion I think it would be hard. In a debate. If if -- Grand Island high school vice principal mr. Loria lower -- -- debate. For him to justify. Ignoring the Second Amendment and that's what it as the rest of this window dressing. The rest of it is secondary to the fact that the constitution. Is our founding document got -- I mean is is how we conduct our our all of our laws they go through his Supreme Court. And what they see they see if there constitutional. Or not. So trying to war worker on that because you don't care to enforce this part of it is just like the president with the immigration laws. He's not going to enforce this part of he will enforce that part of it in shoes but this is the president runs roughshod anyway by saying he doesn't even really need congress he can do it alone. So we we have a president that's setting. The examples. As that are filtered down to places like Grand Island. I I don't think you can justify ignoring the Second Amendment because -- all like guns. I'm in the second members there for a reason and it's been court test. And the bottom line is whether you like it or not mr. Loria is unimportant. What is important is are the students getting the proper knowledge in the proper knowledge is this week can't pick and choose. What we want dual bay. I don't know if you would of feel very comfortable with your students did that. Maybe they picks if you if you're a teacher and archery or but if you are maybe your students would pick somebody else's -- is that yours. Or yours instead of somebody else's. And the bottom line is you can't just play the masses because you think it's the politically correct thing to do. He would do the thing that's correct for the simple reason. And it's the right thing to do maybe that's -- fashion and maybe they don't believe in that Grand Island and maybe cause some Andrew Cuomo misses have rubbed off on them. But the bottom line is if you're going to be an educated Colombian ignorant -- And I'm afraid that in this case the ignorance was not only shown. But it would showcase. So be proud of yourself it's your turn on a Fox Network tonight and find out. 18 pointy headed decision that was coming out of Grand Island New York. Glad it wasn't Pendleton. -- that about wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under is ready at 930 we RW via. We'll we'll -- you wish they never had to -- -- be used she.

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