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3-13 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They protect especially if he was protects investment must switch it on. And they yelled at me that before that is kind of special on the -- and -- gave it duct taped this before. But it divorced principal. Came by some I told me that I got to duck taped it I'd rather be in the office so. I -- my -- -- before the first goal. That is -- -- sixteen years old. From -- Grand Island high school and when he was wearing his NRA shirt. Sure it was according to fox knows a blazer with the -- logo in the words Second Amendment shall not be infringed across the back. They said it violated the dress code and they don't allow any thing that would incite violence. Because the NRA's insignia has crossed rifles. And now I and my question is this far as I know the constitution is still the law of the land. And decisions coming out of vote ought to vote superior courts and the Supreme Court are based on the US constitution. So are you telling me the Grand Island high school audits by its very nature says it out as. Constitution thing I should support some of it but not all of it. Not we can't have any -- view of support of the Second Amendment you auto support something else that's -- as I said. If -- come in with some. Be wary of a global warming shirt or whatever be alert -- be vigilant there's some some politically correct thing they'd be happy -- it also a question. A lot of the go. What went looking for on military uniforms some of the insignia is our crossed rifles aren't. What if there was a man in the at a US military uniform that had a crossed rifles insignia would be asking them the death or -- To duct tape I don't think so. Really don't and so what offends me about this is not that it's you know a vice principal student clash that happens all the time. Is that the -- apparently the only one standing up for the constitution a grand island school is the student and not the teacher. And not the vice president of principle something's wrong -- that essentially something is wrong with that. And we'll see word goes from here the family doesn't wanna pursue -- further and I don't think the student does so it's it's basically over he served as one day suspension but what isn't over is the thought process. The thought process of you know when you take the pledge of allegiance to the republic for which it stands. That which it stands part forget the constitution. Because there's parts of it that are getting in the way now what fee. -- shirt that said. How does one -- like this what are -- or shirt that said support the existing immigration laws. Oh. Now he'd be supporting a law when Nate. How to laws get into again -- get into big well we elect people to make the decisions that want to offer up. We let them take votes the president has a sign that. End at bats the way it is that it becomes law and since when the standing up for something that goes through that. Process that lengthy process become a no no I'd like to know that maybe it maybe they should teach that. Maybe they should have Barack Obama teaching constitutional law -- -- school. It's because guns are so bad in by themselves -- by themselves and -- guns you know -- all by themselves all -- people exactly but let me tell -- -- open. I hope there never is but if there was ever a problem in Grand Island guess who they call they called police guess what the police would have. Guns so -- did you turn a blind I'd say always incites violence. What the site of two crossed rifles incites violence. Ahmad whose head is on screwed up there I'd like to know answer to that talk about politically correct it's ridiculous. Is code to Isaiah on a cellphone. -- that you're on WB EN. It was rather well you are zealot floors today OK so lots of good for. You know I don't agree everything happens. And our country but there's no. Matter the end -- And I. Or ears and our. Mean any infantry. What Google but it prime over waiting combat paired. I've learned a lot. From bold -- -- so far right or. But partly responsibility and they've partly. You know -- responsible people other people hope -- -- -- people. Song spoke for I've been at army now for fifteen years. I still wouldn't they were marked box while Obama assured all right Jack it's dead. I think what they'll buy it -- I mean I can't Wear. I hear you first of all when we all everything we have to folks like yourself -- and your compatriots. Because we have to protect what we -- -- people it will end quickly. Are absolutely and a -- cricket player. Saying that that has happened in this country. Our apartment and being able to do anything we -- BA BA army and being able to talk. And anyway it walk out our our president. It's all based upon the guys on the ground what the right. Exactly right I -- I want to thank you for bringing some -- some common sense and something we should all know sometimes forget about and that's patriotism thank you guys therefore wearing the uniform appreciated. Cross dumb idea. My brother in -- retired lieutenant colonel. Mighty. One uncle. Was. Let's see one uncle was on a mine sweeper forward to my father was in the Pacific it was a machine -- the other uncle my uncle -- was in Normandy. I showed up in Boston and they said we're not that desperate. -- -- -- They actually refused me I was disappointed I really was. At that time -- wanted to be an MP and I thought that would be a good impeachment apparently can't be an -- with flat feet and Democrat on the stand fled the apartment and I can. Yeah I don't leave a great impact it you know outline on the shower floor. -- my flat feet. But besides that. So what I'm saying is let's let us not forget in our in our quest to be politically correct and not offend anybody under any circumstances. Well guess -- Guess what there's a price to be paid for freedom and part of prices that you may not agree with everything but win the big constitution. Says something. And does somebody says I support what the constitution. Says how was that offensive. How is that offensive a way to believe that the brain trust of Grand Island high school. -- -- smarter they have more wisdom more insight than the founding fathers of the country I don't think so. I don't think so now whether all of the -- brain trust the Grand Island high school agree with these sorts of things I don't know but the bottom line is you -- you all get paid with the same brush because we don't know how individualized is this. I'd like to go their history of of those sorts of things like this in the past. This one supports the US constitution and I support it. You know if I understand. You know fears of column buying -- is sandy -- you know they're very scary moments in our history. But I don't think the -- kids who pulled off column buying or that atom lands as Sihanouk I'll pick any one of them supported the NRA. Yup it go to the bottom line is if you got a a pet cause you can fight all kinds of reasons. To deny people certain things but when somebody is in favor of supporting of of founding document like the constitution. Of the United States I mean it says what were all about and it's not a good idea -- this is good enough for the founding fathers were not good enough. -- and for the of the school the high school grand out of high school things now we know better than that those cross rivals. That's that's violence can have that. Second Second Amendment -- -- and support the resolutely that Second Amendment -- it will be back activists. They're talking fashion kind of inside out everything and I don't have a prop I don't know why should have to turn it inside out -- -- and I think it's great things salute to all across the country. Yes he assured that jumped. That and he wore us was emblazoned with the NRA logo in the words quote Second Amendment shall not be infringed. Across the back. Now this is assembly. -- an affirmation that this kid. Believes in the constitution especially the Second Amendment. Used to be applauded for that. Not to be condemned for. By some politically correct point of view and if there if their position is that the crossed rifles which are part of the NRA law ogle. -- incite violence I'd like them to put up or shut up proven program like to see. Because as we said military insignia many in use across rifles. But across rivals could just -- be used for target shooting square bombing or whatever. Andy you don't see that and the first thing you think of is mean and I'd like to commit some violence it's just so narrow minded to me. Maybe maybe edit maybe they should have a a T shirt -- random high school. Says constitution. We don't need -- -- and constitution. Grand island school. Now I know some -- view are really not happy with this because you don't wanna get embarrassed but the bottom line is you put people in positions of authority. Who do things like this and it goes with the territory. You know wanna be embarrassed well let me tell use them to a better job and you get a better review. This this thing is awful as far as -- cancer here's a kid at sixteen. Thinking about the constitution and the Second Amendment that's that's to be a -- -- pat on the back that. Let's go to and Nate in north on -- want an eight on W via. I'm fine and they what's on mates mine today. -- got nothing -- I'm I'm really pretty aggravated about the situation because what step -- is. Really quite unfair. And regardless of whether or not the parent -- -- they -- charged with a crime has been committed against them because they violated his First Amendment right. Freedom speech what -- I'm sure it was really no different than. In all viable -- or long burst or any thing was quoting the constitutional document. An outsider. Older the United States that the combat veteran. You know I've fought for the whole country and the right to own guns. And coming back in the state New York is treated as a common criminal. Spoke from the -- they might you know what happened and it is so -- think that somebody like myself whose experience beyond the credit card or the seniors now. I really funded by the. You should be because the military has what it has been since the beginning of our country. What has preserve the value life we have today it's been handed down from generation lot of blood has been lost lot of people did not return to look through soil. -- because they they fought for as you just said -- answer callously. Disregard apart apportioned. Of the constitution because it doesn't fit their mindset right now. It is is is that's wrong thinking and thank you for wearing the uniform Nate appreciated. Especially armed forces think about that I probably learned more I thought after our shameful. Exhibit -- of how we treated veterans in Vietnam that we learn more. I think there's more of an appreciation now today. Four video of the military than there ever has been because. We have an awakening we have we know that. We always at all to the military our founding fathers set up this country. And dead and a lot of people don't like. The fact that we have been very successful and very fruitful and we made mistakes sure I'm in any country would not perfect. But what I'm saying is in order to protect what the founding fathers gave us we need the military. Oh -- Terry insignia occasionally is crossed rifles cross rivals on the NRA insignia do not incite violence. At all in I'd like them too if that's their policy. That it incites violence I'd like -- the probe. The -- -- documents showing that people were incited to violence because of the NRA cross rifles. They can't do. And so this is what you got you have this occasionally. -- from a small minded people who don't think it fits their agenda well guess what it's not their agenda to teach. It's the agenda of the basic. Foundation of the United States of America which happens to be the US constitution. Now if you wanna change it. There's a there's a process for that. If you wanna change -- do that mistress we just got a call from ma Jordan Sullivan over at -- attack he's got some traffic issues forest route 33. Closed at grinder because of an accident. And it's been Jack what -- route 198 it's closed at Delaware because of an accident while their 33 or Ryder or 198 at Delaware so. Gee I wonder you know could be -- -- it may be in windshields and government totally clear who sometimes assault kicks up and you don't realize it until the sun and the players on -- and that it's too late. And so that's a 33 Greider. In 19 created Delaware thank you Jordan's element. Let's go to him as some of whom holding a long time let's go to Kathy and lake view and see what she has to say Kathy you're on W via. -- -- I'm calling it the mother of the sixteen year old boy. He's good but you'll get -- all the time in our school system they can definitely get. Statement saying that no T -- still holding with any weapons. At any time and I just wonder if we're approaching is that a different the Romney at all. Is -- better -- child has been told by his school district -- Internet spoke to Wear any clothing like that he did anyway. And don't let of the the emphasis is kind of like -- syllable. Is this is really about a kid it's just that the -- uphold the -- And it really nothing to do would be very happy. No it has everything to do that because that's what they're citing. There sighting of fact that you know it wasn't -- does that burn down -- -- owner or gon kills somebody or anything like that it was I was saying support the Second Amendment. The basic of that the critique by the school district is that. That this is what it's said so we must not read things enjoy that were brought into it in the first place. What I'm trying to get crop if you orbit they -- -- teacher but it didn't happen to hit the local immigrant sentiment. Would have been a problem. That's a good question because what would they have used then as an excuse I don't know it said don't do not in policy the Second Amendment shall not be infringed. To me that -- that kid the fact that he's quoting the constitution at six they had Vick should be should be applauded thank you thank you -- much. It's not like Elvis wanna do that somebody pointed that out when I'm done with -- radio caller I say thank you thank you very much like Elvis is what the building thing Vermont I think Elvis copied him. You believe that well right here -- remarks reflected not so much thank you so I'm not at all. Don't ask for banks you're not gonna get it anonymous. Know you're back with more would be to go fish. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. On the. -- -- A good pitcher to logo. It's got across Brussels on the phone or on the back of things -- front of logo. And they had a problem with the stress was being here. That's shame -- sixteen years old goes to a school. In Grand Island of grand out of high school. He was asked to either turn the shirt inside out and put duct tape over and he refused to do that got a one day suspension. The parents don't wanna proceed any further -- And so you know it's it's a done deal. And I just found it offensive that of somebody some young guy sixteen years old defending not defending. Just endorsing. The constitution. As he's going. He's saying -- -- that he is pro Second Amendment which is part of the constitution. And but apparently if it's not politically correct in -- teacher or vice principal all you can ask him to do that sort of thing. And -- got to be ashamed of themselves and their two to save the crossed rifles on their own. Would incite any kind of violence is ludicrous it's absolutely ludicrous. But meanwhile. I think that if you -- a shirt that said you know if if they're not in favor of him supporting the existing constitution. What -- they wore a shirt that said. Support existing immigration laws. Think would happen if they wanna rest and they get the hell out of dodge of course they would. But there was something about global war raying or something that they are more comfortable where it. No no harm no -- He wasn't he wasn't trying to incite any violence he wasn't trying to recruit anybody he wasn't asking people to join the NRA he's a members' parents are members to. So the bottom line is if they have a Grand -- high school. In its immense wisdom has proof at all that the NRA incites violence. I'd like to -- Let's go to Tom in Lancaster time -- on WB again. Guarding sing the I commend and support this young man and his parents for -- knowing what the constitution and the bill right. I believe -- schools are failing miserably. And teaching this to our young people. They are not being taught anything about this the constitution article right. And as evidenced by yesterday on the floor of the House of Representatives. And it figures facetiously are brilliant. Dean congresswoman. From Texas -- objectively. But. Spoke a while a bill that she was there supporting. Barack Obama was in favor of and she was speaking and in her talk. I'm Ottawa at battle lines -- the video is bad she quoted is that she is quoted as saying that. Our constitution. It's 400 years old. I'm that would make our constitution being signed it's 1614. Or seven years after the first settlers but our senior Beijing style. So that is what our hundreds of people know about the constitution people would make our law and they don't even know anything about the constitution. -- we have a president that thinks we have 57 states. About like that and I'm not sure emotion to actually but it was somebody in congress who said if we can put a man on Mars they thought we -- landed a man on Mars. When they set itself the fact is that there in Washington doesn't make a mug jeopardy contestants. All right thank you thank you very much. I'm not sure -- Sheila Jackson you said that it was a it was a congresswoman. That said it may have been or maybe not but remember when they said though we put a man on Mars. Yikes cooked -- -- listener doesn't surprise me and the president of United States who we were told. Taught constitutional. Law. All right that about what one of his jobs was that teach constitutional. Cited 57 states I think he got us mixed up with Heinz. Aren't let's go to lump. -- next let's go to Gina in an in Akron Jean you're on WB yen. Hi good morning well. -- know where record right all. Right I'm joined the military when he joined. And it's seventeen and -- you know to be here here here. And recruiters -- there. That's a that's a good point to because a lot of the military insignia is our crossed rifles. But that I think that work grasping at straws trying to justify something that is embarrassing to -- Roger brought that up Gina thank you. A day by. Guy is matter of fact but there again if you you wonder how. Screwed up our country can be from time to time some colleges private colleges that don't allow recruiters on on non campus. I know Berkeley was like that. There was couple years ago they had a big deal I think and with Berkeley. Regarding that they don't seem they seem to be so short sighted. That they don't recognize. That without the military there would be no Berkeley. Without the military there would be no free speech like we enjoy right now. And certainly part of the foundation of this country is our constitution. As I sat. If if you think it's you know out of date or anything like that they wanna change that there's there's there's a formula for changing. Not easy it's it's -- But if you want to do it but until then I think that we should support the constitution. And as I recall sequence of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands. A lot of the things we stand for is based in our constitution. But to say to that kid in Grand Island. Your supporting the Second Amendment. Now we can't have that put duct tape over. I -- really put duct tape over it or turn it inside out. And I I just died I gotta get them thinking I'm sorry I don't he wasn't he wasn't asking for anybody to turn to violence. I wasn't asking for anything be torn down or burn down. -- none of that stuff -- out of it he just says support the Second Amendment that's what that's what it's implies. It's the Second Amendment shall not be infringed that's that's what that's the language and that's what was punctured. So shame on Grand Island high school even though the parents say that's it's over in the student that basically agrees and that's fine. There certainly should make their own decisions but I -- saying Grand Island should be -- -- tradition. Will be back with more on those rated 930 we RW via. I didn't feel that there's a problem when that it's just attention uninsured and there's really nothing wrong -- the draw -- I went to issue. Mean my dad go to around all the time and shoot targets and Obama didn't have a problem -- that -- and I know of that trouble before and I was only gonna walk in the building was because it's cold outside medication down underneath. And I didn't take it off. A lot or enjoy our commercial break -- looking -- at the monitor and fox news's Don and what I see I actually seat. The T shirt at that Fox News nationally caring the same story we're talking about locally. And that is a Grand Island -- You know to me they should be embarrassed and I'm thinking and if that's the way they really think. A Grand -- high school I'm proposing a T shirt that says. Constitution. We don't need no stink in constitution. -- grand island school be proud of yourself. Because you can't pick and choose what you like Jim constitution. It's a document that contains does some amendments. And that that's the way it that's the way it works you know like that have another constitutional amendment but until then. It's the law the way and Supreme Court rules allegedly sometimes. I hope mostly. On the constitutional issues. In two words to say no to somebody who is supporting the Second Amendment because you don't like what it stands for. Is -- -- as far as I'm concerned now know is here we know no when he was the UB -- now he's in New York City dollar thanks for your -- -- on WB -- And I'm finally miss you know we always enjoyed your calls cause life in the big city. 43 degrees the economy still makes me wish I can and I stayed about look at the right 13 of what I'm paying now. A I know that what do you think about this thing up and grand colonized Uliano. That does the category of the will be a comic writer construe this stranger than fiction and -- you can't make that kind of stuff up it's true you can. I would certainly buy your T shirt that I think it's wonderful that as just sad commentary at times but when I went to school there are children wearing all kinds of. Bloody goals -- rock groups you know you're a. All kinds of things you know there was ever -- and those change content wore an Irish church we have with M sixteen rifles and so. They'll never cared it was sort of freedom that would never even given a technical infringed upon. Absolutely -- summer isn't it because this involves fire arms. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're actually at Grand Island high school at the border right. The Second Amendment Russian characters or put emirates -- -- teacher wouldn't let it keep it in the school. Good point good point. One other thing I want to say -- maybe call and say I was driving yesterday and I. What effect if it isn't looking good thing. And conviction and toward more don't look down the regular attached not -- package. I think the public any -- on it later because -- a we get back on the radio it's an hour and a Niagara fall -- do we throw off the road. Yes he was very generous because he started here this week. -- we'd talk to when we interviewed -- the next day on Tuesday and then he replay the entire interview that night on his nationwide show we appreciate that especially reaching out to people I deal more familiar with the station. I know it you can't tell you haven't haven't done near WABC thought I was able to keep -- It's so great thank. That's a decision I was offered a job they're doing afternoons. Years ago. Years ago my wife did not ought to move to new York and so we didn't do it but they've got a great lineup a good roster and no -- feel free to call us again we always always a welcome your calls thank you. -- -- say that's called Tony that's why I was glad he ran it. Because there's a lot of people a lot of different places. That you either useless -- Mi no me Arnold demo whatever so it's nice nice and neat he heard it in the area. Down in the city down in the city I know what annoys me about this is not it's not just the normal dress code violation. You know nobody came in wearing obscene things or. This wasn't. You know some kind of bomb thrower or. Or rock or violent rap artist or anything like that this was a day in encouragement. To enforce the Second Amendment of our constitution. But as I just told -- That was a knee jerk reaction. By the assistant principal at. At the school -- Grand Island high school. And all he heard he didn't think Second Amendment constitutional. Issue he just bought guns. That's it. That's why you know we -- that we understand the weapon policies and things like that but every once in awhile -- -- with a brain what did you use it I mean we have some remember one when it got really tough after 9/11. And some students who had fingernail clippers or you know little things that your -- tie it -- -- that look like gun. They were thrown out of school or confiscated. Remember the kid that was suspended because. He a bit to do was pop -- to make it this idea of -- gone gaga pop tart was the shape of a gun and got into trouble for so what you find out that. The -- sometimes the educators who should be enlightened our beliefs than lightened you know what I'm talking about. And they're very. All they see is what they see and that's that. They they don't want to broaden my horizons. All all we know is if he's not enamored of of guns or at least excepted of guns and legal. -- a legal way. That it's not good it's not right in those those crossed rifles. All man now you're talking about inciting a violence. The officials of the school according to this Fox News of -- cited the address -- which prohibits any clothing that might. It might incite or encourage violent activities. And that's my challenge -- Grand Island I want you to show me. A documented case where the insignia. Of the National Rifle Association. That we use your words. Incited. Or encouraged violent activities. You're not going to be able to do it but if you are I'd be happy to hear about it. So there's a challenge right there. To show me an example of that and I'll be happy to -- to respond to because I got a response it's an honorable way. Come ahead bring Iran. Let's go to Katie in a lock for -- Iran W via. And he did -- -- in my son goes to a private school in -- And he went through kind of the same thing. Stewart is eighth grade thirteen per acre project he had to make it ceramic -- And on the trial that he sketch was. These symbols are in Taekwondo quo which is I am not trying psychic. Two on something or oil. To crops gone okay and one state. China and one would say target. -- -- At first given permission to do this project but -- with the art teacher in her and it was time. -- he couldn't because it was inciting violence. Actually anybody taking martial arts knows that. That they downplayed that aspect of -- they teach you self control and discipline. Exactly the black -- and EP extreme pride in black belt high ended -- one. And then when he was told that he couldn't do you look at teacher. Gary lately I found out. And on my promoting violence when I'm really promoted. Three Olympic sport. Good point -- that we're in camp they're all in the Olympics and she won't let them do it that's how narrow minded. It's there it's amazing to talk about agendas I think people in positions of authority many times have agendas that there. That that are very and they used. Those of guiding principles values Sonny did the right thing and good and congratulations -- a black belt thanks dating. We'll be back Lamar with the they teach discipline they they teach. They teach good stuff is what you should go learn from that will be back after this.

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