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3-13 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello is reaching double AA has the excitement of our second blizzard in the season is over and now we're left with a residue. This is your drive way it's on your street it's around your corner. But as far as my -- driveways concern here is something you will not here. From my house the sound of my snowblower I'm driving over at the hell with it I'm done Palmolive. So I don't care I don't get my mail I don't care if I don't get my papers I don't care if the sun don't shine I'll get my -- -- in the evening I'm sorry break in Elvis every once in awhile. But yeah -- lot of snow lots and lots of snow and I've decided I'm a dual. I'm just gonna do it on the air countdown as to when my driveway will be cleared because I'm not shoveling it I'm done it's over. How about you Tony. Well last night I Yahoo! went out there my neighbor and I looked at tackle the driveways sidewalks or your neighbor helps you yes because ours -- -- -- -- -- -- shared the right so go out there and we got it Don and I first ran out of gas. Towards the corner because I wanted to do the sidewalks -- two. House's. Where my neighbors -- passed away so I wanted to clear the sidewalk art program I try to be and I ran out of gas there. I don't walk back to my house yet again that the gasoline and -- Give back in I've put just enough -- -- my last pass. I ran out of gas out and and I said -- debt at -- my neighbor as a -- and I'm dawn it's put away on the apple anymore guess and it. Beckham but went -- it now. Well it's big chunk of something just fell right in front of his back window here it's a flat roof -- It is a flat -- and I wonder why it would. Anyway who goes. About -- yacht because of that anyway at the end of the season right you have to run the gas on -- -- Arnold it will not start in the spring we've loaded with stable and are not right it doesn't matter which is won't. So gutsy of Don you're Ollie and I didn't get it done I'm Molly and where you Chris. I had to dig up the car I don't think -- -- able to stop doing -- beyond the cousins did the driveway yesterday goods and dot. He didn't quit he had he would keep going. But there's also a multiple of eleven house seats you you can't force to do he's got to do as it happens -- -- to land -- god god god. Do it so that's said to I made a break as Chris did. And at -- I had become a commercial did that. And then saw that there's a little bit of a window and not much traffic. I've been worse driving have been a better driving it is module -- take it slow usually it was okay. And that's happened after I was home for about an hour it started to really come down. Heavily and that I at least I was home and there's something about being home as opposed to being stuck in your office. -- and there was nobody here you can forget that. But they had pizza did you I heard -- say they have ordered pizza yes yeah yeah pizza at the little bit after 1 o'clock plus I also heard him say that Tom buy -- offered to buy you a couple of coffee now that's that's -- -- star was. Bring people together. Yeah that's right he poked -- had an insolvent I was here by myself. Instead I would like a cup coffee it's insurance goal for -- anyway store release today. Would you like a cup of coffee or did he say would you like coffee which -- two different things. He asked you for coffee or coffee yeah that's where it starts in a -- covers ever had a right and got out but that's different. Our property chairman everything covered our video you're assured him whatever but would like. To come in for coffee is a whole different ball and that really could have used a couple of I used to put the dog next door so a lot. The valley it will -- -- bombed out strange of a close when there's nobody in the building you know I'm in you never expected that. I got an email yesterday from a friend of mine named Gerry Crosby. And it was funny reminded me as somebody member I've mentioned that -- Dan Everett was on yesterday well I had a quarter horse. It was seventeen hands and very muscular and very fast and night. And get a promotional event where I raced Danny never thought his motorcycle member until yesterday. Well Gerry Crosby reminds me of something that happened was -- tonight I totally forgotten about it. We were out trail riding because though the heat that is all -- obviously we're out trail riding we come across -- big open field. So I say to Jerry hey wild race he liked the idea now my horse very fast so -- -- Taylor. I still wouldn't I've never seen Jerry's horses you know full open -- so I didn't know what he can do I set out Taylor I'll give you -- head start. But in order for me to give him a head start my horse knows he and very competitive when it comes time to run I mean you can't keep that ring tight enough he just explodes OK so is that what I'll do -- -- face the other way. So you face this way. I'll face the other way and by the time I always say goal you'd take off and I'll go the other way and turn my horse around and come after you. That gives him for five seconds okay it's pretty good on generic -- except for one thing. He reminded me in the email. He said that he he shot out of the gate and it was going really good. And the and he could hear my voice gaining on him and he no he was about to be passed by -- the only problem is. I wasn't on it and hope it. -- was. I get down -- -- well. And I I give windy you know OK it's not undergo big guy. And he turns around so fast the saddle comes over it wasn't since I mean you're trying to since -- has died aged ten. You -- always do it twice as the first time is that -- ago. OK so I thought it was cinched tight it apparently wasn't tight enough but settled came over I went flying off the horse into the ground but the horse -- and the horse. So what are ego he did what every -- does first because the horse -- how -- -- humbling and in a crumpled heap on the on the ground. But he caught my horse and he comes over and this is one of those things I'm not making this up -- online and Diane. I hit that ground -- big impact OK and I did one of these things. Okay my right hand is working about the okay left hand as you don't know you just don't know legs okay. Back on the horse he was still ready ready to run but I have not that it. But he said there are sketching me and I turned to see how far back it wasn't it was right there but you were not anywhere to be found. So that was a good -- -- -- my -- children born but that was one. You guys -- right courses. I was not a horse one time in it was a blast it's fun it is absolutely fun of our -- I have now my wife loves animals but she's never been to -- -- is kind of afraid of them because you know -- bay hindered their minds that are -- -- don't really know what to expect sometimes you have to pay attention went around horses but. A most of them are very easy to be around as long as you take your business. And they're great companions and it's it's a great formal vote. Of -- Should the one thing nobody told me exactly how to ride the horse when I I got -- so Mariam. Backside was quite sore when I got down because I didn't know. You're supposed to stand way in this in the way that's what's about your bottom -- month. You wouldn't be government along right through your -- -- -- I have no but I did enjoy it -- -- that was -- those of you has ridden a horse I think one of the things that the surprises. When you're underground and you see somebody on a horse OK there they are bull when -- on the horse it seems like -- two stories yes it seems all you got is that. And hopefully your horse has a long neck so he says something on front of -- But it's great -- is that it's a lot of work and it's not cheap. But it's great and you can't even local -- brides and -- and now the problem is insurance problems though places you can ride a lot of it. We always had great common sense and courtesy you never ride on a plan to field -- right on the perimeter get permission that's the best -- get permits deride. And that but more and more people are not allowing people ride on their property so it's very difficult on the issue alone. A lot of property. And there are fewer and fewer stables where it -- horse that's too bad because it is a great. Great form of a fun and relaxation and outside there's nothing like it especially in the fall. And here on that horse in the ability errors crisp and the leaves are turning. He its habit that's the only way to describe it is absolute. Heaven and it's wonderful but thanks to my friend Gerry Crosby for reminding me I wasn't in the settle supposedly. No candidate took either -- it back as well our friend Bob Stutz and his son is in the news. I don't I don't know if it's appeared yet in the buffalo and those are not idea I have yet to go through today's -- was -- it was late as. Usual but there was an article by Henry Davis and Davis is of the business writer. And he talked about a cinema cinema baton. Who in the -- is Bob stills and son. And a -- is for somebody got to know he's extremely. Bright are very bright cared. Obviously gets it from cinema peg. But and he's about to graduate from college Eagles collagen Rogers are very bright guy. And very focused. Really focused guy and smarts and that's a nice combination. So yesterday at UB while all of this I was flying around there was a job fair. Aren't and you pay as you recall didn't cancel until nearly twelve when we were signing off we did not announce that. It got announced -- Tim after 12 o'clock that you will be it was close aren't. Well it was a job fair schedule it UB. And does so. Cinema Ben decides that he would like to present himself to these people and what does he do he gets all dressed up in assault. He wears a civil. And up it takes a cab ride. A 25 dollar cab ride as it was described to there to meet with the people of the jobs -- or not this is a guy. That's gonna be gonna make him on the faster than that it. He didn't realize until we got there that just before he got there. They close. But I. But the story by every Davis because somebody read it to me off of their computers -- the start by -- Davis was how he braved the storm. Let's don't -- and a cabin. Loses only means of transportation and went there and then found out it was it was canceled. But I was telling Bob -- -- and today his father. That. That's the kind of -- story could lead to a job many people do you know that would have done wasn't what his son not many. Not many and that is a dedication that's a work ethic. Then employers consider gold. All he had no obligation to be there. He he didn't promise anybody he'd be there. He was just there because he wanted to be there -- wanted to do the right took batting with his future career so I am applauding. I am applauding him a band that's nice that's good so obviously. I'm not only is he Smart but he got some the good life lessons from a from cinema Bob and some of that. Now I do have a giveaway here four bandits who wants it bad that's everybody's hands go up because the band is very popular. And before pack of tickets to see the bandits vs a Colorado mammoth. And that's Saturday this Saturday it's 730. The value as a 112 dollars a -- that general contest rules apply call 6449875. Right now. And that that's that you can also find tickets at the Niagara center box office or on line of bandits dot com. But if you would like to win them call -- -- four point nine -- -- five and I think more people would like to win them and buy them. I mean they do very well with people buying tickets but if you have a choice okay you can have free tickets are better for them guess which ones -- that's a tough call yeah. I so let's talk about today. Here's a story that broke a couple of days ago actually but because of the storm. Yesterday. So obviously it was inappropriate although you know it's funny I'm I'm driving home and in almost nine timlin. And -- collars were getting after the radio station for actually giving potential lifesaving. Information. And certainly yeah very valuable information when the time comes I mean because look at the buffalo knows today that's four pages about the storm. But yesterday the storm was in progress in the needed information. That is inflation go and so we had a dispensing this information and I heard a couple of people. -- mentioned that Rush Limbaugh wasn't on and they weren't happy of rushed through but I understand the need for getting that information out there. You get that mindset because I don't. No I don't and if you heard the callers that they -- on the air then rarely I hit I was doing battle with on the phone. Always just winked her -- buffalo for -- -- yeah I wanna hear. -- -- well what they don't know what I don't know maybe you don't know either the day before rush frozen in time. I -- Monday he had that other clown on Russian never puts people. On to replace them on a vacation day or -- a sick day or whatever a digital -- again. He's really good now. -- know it's designed did you know it's it's always he. Special that English guy from New Hampshire -- marks nine home man a Smart guy very intelligent it'll online yeah it's tough to listen exactly. Are we come back we're gonna talk about is this a political decision. Is a very -- gentlemen dress code decision is at a disciplined decision what kind of decision closet. When Grand Island high schools a young man. -- -- Sophomore sixteen years old. You're wondering an NR AT shirt and how Darren that both the T shirt suggests that we support the Second Amendment. That's outrageous. Change that church -- inside out or put duct tape on it and he said now. Aren't you got suspended for today. We'll we'll talk about that on news -- 930 we are WB. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WV. -- and. Good to -- Mike -- I say he's enjoying Michael Savage he was in the other day and say he's a big talk show fans. Mike -- size and we always we always logs in causes great guy and very funny too. Now this story as I said broke a couple of days ago but because of the storm yesterday. Will obviously we had -- -- that. But this is that taking place right here in Grand Island. A Grand Island high school. The student named -- Kenney sixteen years old some member of the NRA and his mother and father -- members of the and that he wore a T shirt to school which are supported the NRA in the Second Amendment. There was told by a teacher that he had do. Either turn the shirt inside out or put duct tape over over -- or whatever. So that it would not display what was on the chart which is basically what I just soldiers publisher. Now the NRA symbol has crossed rifles and whatever and they said the reason that they did it is bill they're against violence. And this is a part of the dress code and whatever. And now here's here's my thought on on that have basically got suspended for a day. It was an in school suspension and now everybody's just moving forward the parents are gonna make a big deal about it but it did made national news made fox knows infect. I have the Fox News for an out of vote of the story itself and I also have video channel two -- Of the same story. And and basically. It was a question of why. All right now ostensibly they'll say it was a dress code and it wasn't appropriate. Or the other thing there was and there is across rifles. That's violence though we don't wanna promote violence blah blah blah blah block. My attitude is this boy. For educators they kind of missed the big points and the big point to me is this that was absolutely a political decision in my mind. Because supporting the Second Amendment. Means that you are you -- zealously guard your gun rights. And and this is you know been an ongoing discussion for sometime now and here's the point they're missing. This is a high school. They're supposed to be teaching young minds or is rush says young skulls full of march. What did that T shirts say that T shirts said he supported the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment in case they've not read it up there. And it is part of the constitution. The constitution. Of the United States the framework of our country aren't. And what we pledge allegiance we pledge allegiance to the republic for which it stands. And part of what we stand for a big part of what we stand for. Is the US constitution. We think it's the best document in the world ends and some people may not agree -- that but if supporting. Big basic ground war the framework of our rock of our country is an objectionable offense. I wonder where they're coming from. Now to -- if he came and wearing a support. You know in that don't encourage global warming for instance -- into them -- -- the darling of the school let me give award. Something like that but would best. Because they considerate partially -- Offensive because of these the NRA part of that across rifles. They are told -- was that a decision and -- been suspended because it would build it and they did it for a day. And as -- said now are always moving not so you got what they're saying is saying no to the US constitution and -- is larger supportive. A one would wonder if he was against the one of the amendments if he would have been suspended. And regarded across rifles. Let's get our heads on the Sancho wave across rifles. Do not designate let's go out and and good and have violence because we have fire arms it's part of our history without farms we we wouldn't be where we are today we wouldn't have a country we wouldn't have a successful. A track record that we have as a as a country. It was a born out of -- -- violence violence every once in awhile unfortunately. When it comes to wars have to take place or we'd all be speaking a different form of English now and we wouldn't be the United States of America. So I'm asking you was -- a political or was it really a dress code slash show. -- discipline kind of decision. And I think it was political without any question in my mind it was political I don't know the people involved in Grand Island high school. I don't leader really matters the fact is that when you come in the schools supporting the constitution. Of the United States and you get suspended for that something's wrong. -- because there could be some kind of a Smart NASA T shirt that somebody's wearing now bit only the kids themselves understand the teachers on him and know what it's about. There's all kinds of stuff like that what you gotta know when you're sixteen years old you have your own language you have your -- Q whose. -- half the time five people know what you're talking about the rest of the world is clueless. So they came down. And gave my suspension but I first of all I applaud him for standing his ground people have to stamp what they believe. Obviously if it was patently offensive so let's say it was a racially offensive or ethnically it's offensive. I can understand that you can't you can't be -- that this is the constitution. Of the United States of America. And they have a mindset of Grand Island high school. Thought it was appropriate to discipline somebody for supporting the constitution of the United States. Now what you are a right -- personal out going person whether -- an NRA person or not doesn't really matter. If you if if you are disciplined towards supporting the constitution of the United States something wrong. And that's my position on. Obviously we can't ever everybody and they were political billboards and whatever but they look past the fact that it was they support of the constitution. Via the very foundation of our country. And I don't know what it says for grand island school but it doesn't say much of may I can tell you that so I support Pinochet and good for you -- Oftentimes people just give him cause it's easier to do. But you gotta live with yourself at the end of the -- and at the end of your life you're gonna say what that I do to contribute while one brief shining moment wasn't Camelot but it was Grand Island. -- but I stood up what I believed to cost me a day of school solar -- today it's cool that's just the way it is because you're gonna have to buy a face other decisions in your life. You're gonna have a boss it's in your face -- gonna have to decide whether indeed that job is worth it. Are you going to have people. That you thought were friends of yours and suddenly you once they come out with something that is totally offensive to you and gonna have to decide should I call a monitor or not. These are individual decision made by individual people make no mistake about it there's a price to be paid for standing up for any thing. But food I never thought I'd see the day were supporting. The United States constitution. Was an objectionable offense. And that's that's where I wanna hang my -- on this one. Eight Austria on 93018 hundreds and were -- and I were I would hang in there. You know through a 9301806692. Through six are 930 if you're wondering -- what these shirts that goes shank many -- in grand our high school. I of the Fox News accountable right here the -- was emblazoned with the NRA logo in the words. Quotes Second Amendment shall not be infringed close quote on the back. Now think what that is. That is they support. For the constitution. Of the United States. That is also -- support for the law of the land. You tell me why you should be punished by supporting the constitution. And why do you punished by supporting -- law of the land. I'd like -- now the answer is there's no there's no good reason for he is not a bomb or an anarchist or anything like that. He is as stating a simple fact. It's supports the very foundation of which our country is -- is -- and and bill done. And he gets suspended for. That something's wrong. Something's wrong about. And are you what do you care about gun rights or not is secondary issue here the issue is it's the law of the land it's the constitution. How dare them quote the constitution that's outrageous -- Japan maybe they'll think they need the constitution and grand school. Let's go to frank and not want to frank you're on W -- Good morning you need you know it's outrageous. Were they teaching kids in school art history art institution. Or any issues we can gradually is sure. For I think is through our situation and it is the law of the land. You know like a summit -- of the kids are worrying this law. I can't. It's here he sure. All the should be abolished army brigades are. -- -- I see -- sure. They are several little outrage you know. Are similar issue and yeah. It's where there are a teacher. Robert and Betty Currie. And what I remember Harry. And its its part bear attack our troops -- It's -- -- part of our constitution. -- would be Second Amendment is part of our history Ed he's first he's a sixteen year old kid. -- they should be happy that he knows the constitution nominee sixteen girls are conversant with the constitution of the United States and he's not supporting sharing anything down. He's in favor of supporting what's already there in stone in law. And part of our foundation and to get attitude gets discipline because you believe -- what the country was based on is wrong. And it all got our our coaches parents. We're sure this this this school district for a further big Turkey you're right note first expressed to me. Well his parents. And as parents don't want to cause any any further problems than they'd rather have it in the rear view mirror and that's fine it's their decision but what I'm saying is I think the schools should be ashamed of itself to be honest with. Hard -- aren't -- army let me teaching. It's cool it's Robert American history. One ME GQ school or are Democrats that in court celebrity kids don't know what accounts which are sure it's the big words. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Put him even knowing what -- the members what are what. I got hurt him MP. Aren't -- guys like this to be called -- approachable proper event. To -- -- to be structured like it's its -- detective -- proper target inside out. And he was going to be our top. -- -- -- -- -- the officials that the school cited the dress code which prohibits any clothing that might are encouraged quote. Violent activities you tell me what's encouraging violent activities. In that. It because dagger which he's sure there were -- right. You have to be really looking into something here to expect to hear what they're hoping I'll finally you're able. What are what are -- was wearing a T shirt that was about the revolutionary war which was certainly. Up violent and without it we wouldn't have big country we have now -- -- -- you you've got to you've got to be clearer in your mission statement. Then that another -- just the sight of two crossed rifles -- -- violence rivals could have been used for target practice for all they know it dated to me to me and it is a very narrow minded to a point of view. Oh absolutely I think that it states these are. Can certainly for a vote there should be our -- a little British history and it could be brought to our should be censored further real. Think at this -- It should be congratulated. And guy should be brought their rhetoric class -- know anything about the accident and I mean it's pretty. Officials to bring a -- like ditch attempt at trying to embarrass them. And -- rocket everything. He's going to be talked about for months. And then at a national basis to order and makes grand out of high school look backwards thank you thank you very much I've you really think about it. If you think about it nothing on his shirt was inciting violence when you I mean by it I guess you see what you wanna say as I said if he was if it was a you know OBR be vigilant about global warming if we did that which certainly has enough. -- politicizing a rounded they find they wouldn't say they would -- problem they would ask them to cover that up. But because they don't happen to perhaps agree witness the you can and you can interpret things anyway you want. To cross rifles. I mean I look at our public our military our military has given us and protected us. The greatest country in the world they protected are our -- Our freedoms without the military we would not have the freedoms we have today. Without the military wouldn't have the education system we have today but to turn your back and say. It depicts violence is is ludicrous and violence is a part of world history it's a part of our history. It's nothing we encouragement there were times when it is deemed necessary in order to continue as the society that we haven't we wanted to go see continued. That violence is involved but that is what this is about this is -- pro war shirt. This is no pro gun -- go up the street and commit some violent shirt. It's simply says let us support the constitution of the United States if you don't like that's too bad. Because it is the constitution and as I said in the pledge of allegiance we pledge to the republic for which it stands. What do we stand for do we stand for anything. Order or does that just change depending on what's going on now in politics. So I think it's totally hypocritical. The family -- ought to pursue any kind of a lawsuit or anything and he's already served his day is in school day suspension. And then that parts over but what's not over is the lingering thought that. -- -- them. Dared them punish somebody. For simply standing up for the US constitution. And that's this country by the way -- Think Grand Island still in your Tuesday which is allegedly part of -- Country will be back after this.

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