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Shane Kinney with Bauerle

Mar 13, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are joined now. By -- in the candy. Who is the grand -- of high school student. Who has been given a rough go apparently at Grand Island high school over certain apparel friendly to the Second Amendment to the constitution. Of the United States a -- thanks a lot for. Joining us on the programmer really appreciate your time. Our problem she may know what greater UN. Create their grades are you looser would be a gas sophomoric. Our right and tell us tell us the story what happened because I just. I literally found out about it about six hours ago. And I just got a few more details from Rus Thompson I don't know if you know -- but just got a few more deals for details from him within the past hour so. What did you tell your story and I'll just shut up what you talk. -- -- -- -- Well I walked in the school before the first phone rang and I locked my girlfriend laughter and I had a protected -- smoking was. Protect investments lessons which are done. And they yelled at me that before because it's got a pistol on the firm and it may be duct taped this before. And vice principal. Came by song that I had told me that I got to duct tape that I'd rather be in the office so. I -- and I don't do before first bell rang and I walked none of the officers -- my. I did that take very productive as. So it took it off and I Aniston Aniston -- -- and under it was fine and he read it everything he had. Principle investor courtly -- located. And he looked that if you read it. He himself and then walked away and I guess there -- at a meeting had to go do so on this 401 of office clerks. Give me duct tape and I told I was inducted this because I was just gonna get destruction to my mom. And they're talking fashion terminals and out of the things. I don't have a prop I don't know why should have to turn it inside out it's generated animated his great things for the people across the country. -- I need to interrupt at this point because the original sweat -- you -- on the one that says protected by Smith & Wesson. On the pistol on this lectures and on the front or is it on the back. And how big is the pistol is like the size of a dollar bill quarter how big is. Call him I would say it's. Probably. Like the average -- and politicize. An average person's hand. OK our current average person's hand OK now I have a question why would they have an issue your sophomore in high school. The Second Amendment is a protected constitutional right. In what sane world Shane Kenny wood eight pistol underneath a protected by Smith & Wesson sweatshirt. Be offensive to anyone. You know what I can really play that to be honest enough -- -- people's confidence before. And all the smoke and some say that it's disruptive to the students. How was it disruptive to be explained that. There's I don't find it disruptive at all it if you were wearing that as my son I'd say way to go kid. I don't know what with the way I can see how much disruptive. On. I don't. -- They brought up something about. Like past school shootings and stuff. Web -- but did did you explain to them that nobody has ever been killed by a pit -- turning into a real gun from a sweatshirt do they not understand that a Grand Island. I actually been told that. -- because that would be an amazing metamorphosis of which I've frankly never hurt. -- and on -- -- China currency. There's less trouble as possible for me in on my piano and everything because I don't want them looking back on -- -- Some ability amerasians. So. I just up and want who. Back to my class. Well the -- hold on -- I'm gonna have to interrupt again. Because I know that people are gonna say while our late. That person at that school said it that he needed that duct tape that just fell on his sweatshirt and he disobeyed the schools are leaders. On why didn't you duct tape at the morning you walked your girlfriend to the locker. Because. On I didn't feel that there's a problem when it it's just attention on pressures and there's really nothing -- the -- I'd -- to our current issue. Mean my dad grew up -- around all the time and shoot targets and -- -- have a problem was that I mean I know of that trouble before and I was only gonna walk into the building was because it's cold outside -- down underneath. And I didn't take it -- So basically you mean OK let me let me be -- -- here you will police said -- this I do not have to tape up this sweatshirt because this gun is made of -- it's not gonna kill anybody. Well no not exactly that in warm. I just don't want any trouble I'm trying to just get my work -- think about school. I was gonna take it -- put in my -- And I was gonna destroy the T shirt and. Now the T shirt and we we need to talk about the teacher that forget the sweatshirt permit it. What T shirt were you wearing underneath this evil and malevolent. Violent sweatshirt with a gun on it that it had protected by Smith & Wesson. Made the principles not live in the real world. Amid the -- some bubble of some pseudo reality the likes of which I've never experienced I'm sorry that's I'm asking you questions to which there is no answer but tell me about the T -- you were you were where. Wrong. I -- it's blue T shirt that's kept and very little warm up front but decided. Probably. The palm of my hand and -- southern Illinois -- National Rifle Association and on the back it's. A big pitcher to logo. This got a crushed us fools on the phone -- on the decadent thing but the front of the logo. And they had a problem with the -- stressful being. Did you know again I -- the apparently. The people who run real high school having misconception that it's possible to chamber a round in a T shirt or sweatshirt. And turn that into a weapon of mass destruction. OK am -- being sarcastic because I think your principles are idiots to be very honest with you. But get used to -- it's higher education. Now. And this is me talking and I don't have to worry about repercussions because they don't go to Grand Island high school so. As far as the T shirt is concerned -- watch wearing that so what did they tell you about the Fisher. Home. Or divorce first -- mr. Loria. He was making a deal about it. He told me they got to get a different shirt which I didn't have a different sure. Sure I got to turn it inside out. And I told him. I don't know differentials mama from the -- and set out there's not a problem it's National Rifle Association. For you have for you have some balls good for you. And. He got the principal mr. courtroom to come take a look at it. He let it. Didn't say a word about it unexpected says the second -- -- should not be infringed. He read it sort of local self -- And he just walked out of the locked out of the office here I guess you know meeting to go to Wisconsin. And the first principle as well as well he should still duct tape just lectured to turn themselves. And you're wearing a T shirt at this point. Yeah okay but then they wanted you to put -- sweatshirt back on the duct duct tape that. No they just animated duct tape just tortured and turn my shirt and sent out. To the best of your knowledge. Has anybody. Is there any of your fellow classmates. Complained that they felt in any way shape or form. In danger threatened by it or intimidated by these stitched weapons on your articles of clothing. No I've actually had people compliment me. On my -- other students that I didn't think would only say anything about it either. You know all -- there's kids who don't harm middle like honoring men but they warn against certain people actually. Count -- anonymity should deal of people -- give me a hard time about it was. Teachers. Really all I'm shocked. Union teachers who. Are generally vote Democrat Obama Cuomo -- I'm shocked shocked beyond words that are you so what is your dead have to say about the issue and because if you're my kid I can tell is -- -- attach on the back and say give me -- Well that's pretty much what he listened and com. He he was more concerned with my school -- -- -- is is pretty pretty upset that I got just on the about it he's gonna go down or even avatar quote them. And. And because what you said the chased. Steps. Piece of clothing on another piece of clothing and looks like you've done. You're gonna have to tell me hear what happened because we're -- we're talking what the kid who's the has all the by the moronic. Principals and vice principals -- Grand Island high school because he is an outspoken advocate of the Second Amendment. And the National Rifle Association. And my name is Tom buy hourly on the guy who's told you that when you let them come after the Second Amendment. They're gonna come after the First Amendment. And this young man is finding out at a very early age exactly how hole existing. Liberals and progressives really are they're not coexisting. They're only co existing within a certain limited range of liberal fought. And if you have. The stones the holidays and the testicular fortitude. To express a belief contrary to that of the educational establishment they will try to make your wife -- well guess what grand island school we can mobilize and an army of several thousand to be outside your school to show you what -- under age you are so obviously I have what I -- army I'm referring to an un armed army peacefully protesting in accordance with the First Amendment which the last I checked still stands despite what Obama might like to do with the First Amendment in the absence of course of the other two branches of government which he now supersedes. -- hold on because. I think that your man of courage and fortitude and I wanna find out about grades that wanna find out about what you've been in any trouble before. And and I just I just. I wanna get as much information about this as I can't because my initial reaction. Is this is typical government overreach this is typical educational -- bureaucrats. Acting like morons they don't know other real world works if they think that it T shirt. Is gonna suddenly turn into a real gun and start mowing down children I think they've got some serious issues for which they need -- I can recommend some good psychiatrist. I'll let -- go to traffic right now. Now. About. What the exact term they used machine where you suspended were you disciplined -- what exactly happened to. Norm wall after some investor -- she was found my class each -- -- assured. So he pointed and implement com on a question and a physician assistant. Steps -- room he says -- responders. And we're walking down the hallway in the off. Are you say here forget the pronoun to we're talking about the vice principal. LA URIA. OKMR Loria OK he's a guy with a big guy with a big H -- for guns okay. And he pulled out told now suspended. There wasn't that the office that he told me -- -- -- -- the day to school suspension for us. Yeah because it's because I was -- subordinate and wouldn't take it off. Yet did I did you like to Hitler salute and Stacy Kyle. Did you split did you explain it by the way. If you wanna mess put their mind -- and your school mascot is the vikings right. Right you are aware of it I think the school administrators are aware that the vikings. Were far worse in terms of the total carnage they brought upon Europe Scandinavia. And everywhere else including Russia when they sailed up the ball got. The vikings killed more innocent men women and children than call combined sandy hook in every school shooting that has ever happened and they're proud to call themselves vikings if you wanna mess with their minds that way feel free. -- -- Shanahan they're gonna Alter or. Change change your focus focus and be okay. -- I am I can't be so good. OK while I don't hear very well anyway but I mean the vikings themselves were you know they weren't exactly. You know where exactly peace loving individuals. And frankly. The people of Scandinavia -- used some of the lessons against the vikings and a lot of innocent lives would have been saved which is the whole point of the Second Amendment. Now what is the thing involving your pocket. I don't -- caught a pocket knife but you had some kind of a eight school. That did not have a blade or knife but you've got in trouble for that too. -- public. I was sitting -- in school suspension class yesterday. And neither caution and he has put out of the office so vote. Born in school suspension future escorted me down. I have I know that I -- -- everywhere and Americans. You're -- drama house and everything it's got so upset a flat and players on the. -- Phillips screwdriver a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Already know blowtorch just a pair of pliers. Right okay and what capital of that. Arm I worked in the office apparently told me sit down toward the teaching courses -- have an instant dot my husband has in my pockets. -- Poland and I'm -- package. Senator on the table. And he goes over to it looks in those weather system like it's multi tool there's no nice senator Nelson. He -- I didn't even need to know how to open -- social model. He went through there and looked at everything. And -- told me that I can get back at the end of the day an issue that finished -- He says you sense that there's rules and rule book. But not being allowed to carry tools with -- This is my rifle this is my -- -- comes to mine but you know I'm an adult that I confide adult with adult words. I'm stunned I gotta tell you something and I know how stupid people in education are. I didn't realize how especially stupid they were Grand Island high school this is like a a marvel to me at bat what do -- clueless morons they. Now. Let me ask you this there and I want you to be honest and if you tell me it's not my business I will back off pitcher a sophomore -- high school I'm a grown man. Well they tell me anyway with a twelve year old sense of humor. Come have you been a discipline problem in the past that you ever been suspended. Argue prone to fighting -- did you not play well with others. -- Actually I've never been suspended. My age ever since I've been. Extend our squad -- -- to school since seventh grade. I've never been suspended. Is your grade how are you grades. Our own there. There are -- guys like seventies and sixties and stuff but it. So you're like a CC -- a student. Yeah but I mean -- And -- I guess what I asked you need here is like if I said the people tell me about -- Kenny. Are they gonna say although he's always picking fights with people he's a bully he's a bad kid -- what do you think they're gonna say. More Americans only heard very mercantile is down mobile is bad student. -- So I got to ask these things because people right now who don't like guns they're gonna try to come up with any argument they can to try to make you look like some savage monster you know who's in need -- buy you a minute by minute supervision by the brain trusted Grand Island high school. So that's why I'm asking these questions to get these things out Tom Shea and -- might if we bring Rus Thompson into the conversation. Okay Rus Thompson out of -- I guess you guys who -- a spoken before -- Thompson from -- New York a true patriot and believer in the Second Amendment and by the way -- I want you to know something of a lifetime member of scope. Shooters committee on political education -- dues paid in full lifetime member of scope Rus Thompson. That he said -- fingers or to say about the Second Amendment as well -- we change -- rust and our rust I'm sure you've got some questions. This is I have never actually met change. Until today and -- it's -- nice to meet you share like you awake in the -- -- and all right here is good things about Shane. People are responding on my FaceBook page and sending -- message machine is a great yet. He could very well known it is that -- on -- best do what do fair -- -- October or November ashamed. Yeah November 16. You shut up there the field the field so I'm all right all I gotta say really is that. Maybe our whole group. Anybody that I can be contact with. Is there is going to be hundreds of them. -- here -- you do to help you. You I get a hold your dad have you get on that maybe you feel free to contact me I don't want to do anything. Bet it's not that you guys don't have a little while. And -- but because there's a lot of people really want to protest the grand island's schools and I know rate at that point the grand that was school probably. -- up and a quarter because they do not white it kind of publicity when it. And like others -- They are soiling themselves right now because Shane -- isn't exaggerating. You give us the word will put like a thousand people outside that school demonstrating in your support seriously we can do it. -- because this this is not about -- candy. It's about the constitution of our country and it's about the lengths to which the anti gun anti freedom crowd will go. To stifle inspired -- opposition to its plan to disarm the American population that's what this is about -- the Second Amendment is allowed to be spat upon. I didn't really wanna -- spat upon but I'm on the radio. The First Amendment can go as well -- It is what are your dad gonna do -- I'm sure to talk with your father about his taking this to the principal and the vice principal. What what do you think your family's next that was gonna do -- talk there may be engaging legal counsel. -- Just -- you I think you're being bullied. I agreement on agrees my dad agrees. But calm my moms who works in the school on she doesn't want any trouble and really everything that they've done it doesn't go on my mom. And on my dead he's gonna go to he's trying to make a meeting room to talk to home. He's -- that the distinct guidelines for he to all this. And insurance meaning to implement the principal. The vice principals this isn't like this one bit. She's not I think about responding to your father at all. Well. No he just tested he's got to go to the office and he can make an appointment -- they haven't constant traveler and then. -- just going to make an appointment. An affiliate by the probably going to be here in the grand island school that wants this breaks. And it is breaking now -- like. I fully expect the grand island school district get all the of father and to get all the you and give you'll formal apology -- you view your pocket. It all back. Yeah she ain't your thing bully I mean you know for all the talk I'm sure they teach you about school about bullying this is bowling game. They are abusing their authority they are picking on the U. Because of your views and the NR AA which is. I don't know how to say your group in Latin but basically persona non Grata in the educational world because they wouldn't know -- gun from a hole in the ground. And you can take that anyway you'd like. But let me simply ask you this -- And it is. Sorry about that app. It it is this arm when they teach history when they teach the revolution. If you -- school textbooks are there pictures of minute men with guns. Wait a minute when -- -- there are pictures of minute men with guns in the school textbook. And you mean the -- that the principal. They're not concerned that these these -- imprint will suddenly materialize and a three dimensional objects like your shirt. And start to tell people. -- -- Very good I like it it's a truism of these people and education are absolutely clueless now you know your mother -- I don't know if your mom other than the nature of your mother's employment but she probably has protection. From action against her. Based on anything that would be happening with you. Have you wouldn't touch -- all -- you're dead with the shooters committee of political education otherwise known as scope. -- -- my dad's been familiar with them I didn't actually know I've heard of you guys but I haven't -- Actually know which it is dead. So I got off the phone. Was from in my that the don't -- Well I'm a member I don't represent them except them a lifetime member of the organization and I do I do know they do have legal counsel. And they live for cases like -- there's also a local law firm the -- law firm. I don't know if this would fall into their Bailiwick but I believe me there listening to the show right now what do you want shame what is the -- deal. What is the ideal outcome for you. Well I just won't be able to stay out. Correction I don't need that other students across the country about supporting their -- moment. And supporting NRA itself. Because thousands of Americans are bad -- that that right along with many other greats and I don't think it's right that the school is trying to. Take that away from you when they can lead. You know students walk around with less clothing. When I go to bed and. -- I hope not gonna complain about they're too much. Now -- just a quick question are there other T shirts that students at war and that have been offensive to you but you haven't -- your mouth shut because you believe -- diversity. Home with. They've had made his church from like graft rack groups should go around on his head I'm sure my -- my routine issue which was. Marijuana anonymous and I mentioned teaching you look at them into them haven't sort of words to -- about and they've gotten way it was just all day. Well marijuana is illegal guns are legal I find a great inconsistency there and the whatever my views on pot legalization may be are immaterial it's still illegal. I'm -- I got to play is something and we're gonna have to. Russ is gonna be the point guy on this. But believe me you got a lot of people in your corner and were sick and tired of seeing kids like you bullied but he's -- headed. Morons who run public schools and you've got you got support out there and I assure you you're gonna start getting treated with respect you deserve. Ross and I think you wanna -- Not just just thank you ashamed and just what what you just said just warmed my heart if you don't hear things like that. From too many students your age. You really don't and what you had to say. Really need to be heard by many many more students and it sounds like -- So that you and I get along great and I think I'd get along real well good but he had yet so. -- us what you thought to what they've gotten caught bunker front one. Russ you broke this story you gave it to me you put -- in touch with me I thank you for that I wanna give you credit for that because you're the guy brought it to my attention Shane thank you for your time. And I believe me.