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More Insight Into What Might Have Befallen Missing Jet

Mar 13, 2014|

Former Pilot Peter Buffington

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We'll troubled up a lot of love and welcome people -- mr. Buffett does as a former airline pilot and he's here to help us understand some of those technical jargon. But often lends itself to just more confusion and misunderstanding. Pete good morning and thank you for joining us. The -- -- thanks for having me on the air today and I can nurture any additional information to. I hope your listeners understand the situation be delighted today. Okay what you know the latest that we are hearing though -- is some kind of electronic evidence has been uncovered. That suggests that this missing Malaysia airlines jetliners. And Asians were running for four hours after the plan officially disappeared from radar how's it possible to notice. Well. The there's number a number of instruments onboard the aircraft that. He's. Real time data. Back to maintenance and one of the items that. They've talked about in the black boxes on board the aircraft for that record. You know flight parameters and that type of thing but -- one item that they failed to. The mentioned in the media oftentimes is real time reporting of engine trend data. And a lot of airlines have this program in place that wolf. Spend. Indian analysis data back to me -- headquarters. So that maintenance can have a heads up so to speak on any trend analysis. Of an engine that may be becoming faulty. So it that was the case the Malaysian. Airlines -- could have been continuing to feed. That real time maintenance. Engines data back to. The station -- that we might just be hearing about that information now. At this point -- but that would be. He's secondary have black box so to speak in a way that. -- -- that they don't blow would have continued to be fed to go to ground base station where his stuff. The physical black box on an aircraft. Does not provide any real time reporting back to ground station. Okay this data indicates that the engines of the plan. Were running for four hours doesn't necessarily mean in the plane was flying. Yes you know there's a number of circumstances that could. Two you know make this situation arises -- and for me one of the possibilities is saying it ought to have an explosive decompression. At the 35000 seats. Which could have rendered you know everybody aboard that aircraft unconscious within a matter of seconds -- -- altitudes. Including the flight crew. So that was with tastes that would have prevented them from getting a distress call outs or that squawk 7700 which you often hear about. Him or any type of mayday -- communications so everybody was rendered unconscious due this explosive decompression. The auto pilot flight management system there and at that point would've taken over the aircraft flights. And the aircraft could continue flying on -- talk ran out of fuel. And whichever direction you know that aircraft was headed at that point in time. That could drastically increase your search area event. You know dispute you know phenomenal area that you would have to cover and order to find any type of flight debris year. Wreckage that may be floating in the waters around that area. Weary and which you think then they should be looking to get any any clue if they say reports say could've flown another 2000 miles. Right yeah and generally if you you know if several flight flight plan programmed into the flight management system. My number one. Just substance suspected location would be alarmed about flight planned routes. So anywhere along the the waters where that aircraft. Would've been traveling over would be mind my number one. Locations. And in the secondary if the flight management system was disabled in some. Former and other in the aircraft continued on the other pilots. Those two items work in the dependent -- from each other the flight management system -- the flight -- out. And the auto pilot. Keeps airplanes street level and at altitude so to speak in the to a homework in conjunction. So off the flight management system had gone down and the aircraft continued on the auto pilot that aircraft to the government in any direction. Which -- -- -- so if you multiply the aircraft's speed. By four hours. That's the radius that you're looking at there are slow you know 600 miles an -- times four hours. You're looking at a maps of search and rescue area. And -- -- surprise you or not that they haven't found yet. That doesn't you know given given the circumstances and -- you know -- I believe aircraft is it down home. And it -- the wreckage has helped or somewhere. And in office was weaker advocates of aircraft continued. You know flying four hours and then ran -- -- guests. That aircraft that ditched in the water you know on the auto pilot system that would come down gently and then possibly broken apart and on several pieces. But if that wreckage thanks and fairly quickly. You know you're may be talking 2000 miles away and sinking that leaves very very little. Evidence of where this aircraft is that further search and rescue crews to go out and and attempt to find. And again you know this -- to stall. You know Syria and speculation but. Based upon me the time haven't gone by him and the data that we don't have at this point. Those are some of the thoughts that are going through my -- had at this point. Mr. -- don't know unfortunately we're out of time thank you I hope we can chat again soon in the future. Yeah -- -- back on the air and we've enjoyed having UP belting them as a former airline pilot.