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SCOPE Has Sights On GI T-Shirt Flap

Mar 13, 2014|

Stephen Aldstadt

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stephen outset is with -- president of scope shooters committee on political education and we're talking about the Grand Island student. Chain -- suspended for a day for wearing an honorary tee shirt to school at the morning Stephen. You know this story has exploded. Nationally it's been picked up by Fox News The Washington Times break -- to name a few. Are are you following this and and how it's taking off. Yeah I mean it's right up there with the stories about that I can -- -- -- school for making top vote on -- -- church and school. It's it's absolutely music. We'll stay around the fact that this story is getting legs nationally and who knows maybe internationally. Is that a good thing for the cause your cause. Well I spoke so it is that it makes a term. More public well what's going on Howell a lot of these. Administrators are trying to -- politically correct and inherent. This crazy viewed as somehow. Just a picture on -- gonna make people and school and working which has Egyptian. At this -- had an NRA logo in a -- Second Amendment shall not be infringed across the back. He is a member of the entering this sixteen year old boy along with his parents. I mean what was it appropriate -- think. I don't see anything inappropriate. I'm not sure I mean certainly didn't. -- actually had a violent -- is saying there was nothing mood. Or I'm sure. I think what is it appropriate she just reaction to. What you know the ball I was asked to block out the gun and the NRA logo -- clothing with duct tape. But what purpose did that really serve because. Everyone else knew what the tape was covering up right. Yeah and what purpose sort of serve just suspect the message. They're they're trying to create a climate where. It's even a mention Arafat people and they can bear arms. Is it somehow. Forbidden in the public discussion. It's some. It's not like it shouldn't. We should be able to. Thought about these things in the public and I'm not be suppressed. Do you think this -- political overtones. All over it. Oh absolutely I think you're I retrieve the teacher who had the reaction to that American or political view that it. It's Fisher did not score a lot less and not mention -- to them up. -- have you talked at all with the Stanley. And is wondering if if they have now reached out meaner if you've heard of that they're gonna do anything and he took the punishment. But he doesn't agreement that. Well I wouldn't describe it's just if they have dealt with -- -- I you think grand island school officials might. Wish they didn't go here. With this. But as I am unsure about -- -- publicity they're getting now that they that they wished that they're hopeful that had not occurred or. Or is that they had and that's what publicity about it. -- you know people are very much. Open arms now popular excuse bear arms to do with transitions -- analysts say that question here and and they'll love it makes criminals out of somebody previously law abiding people well that's why we're -- voted to join us April 1 obligation -- said that he writes -- Okay we're gonna get more information. You get more information on that they felt web site its scope -- life dot org. Local people first hear about your -- -- -- the -- -- with little trouble and Albany and they have ever expect. Okay scope and -- dot org Stephen thank you for joining us. Thank you and Stephen I'll stand the president of -- the shooters committee on political education.