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Malaysia Jet Still Missing

Mar 13, 2014|

Mark Rosenkar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB a live line mark Rosen Carr former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board and now a CBS aviation expert -- morning. Good morning -- are doing good. Makes six days into the search for the missing Malaysian airliner with 239. People aboard. And nothing except some new information that only deepens the mystery engine data. From a jetliner indicates it may have kept flying for four hours after its last communication. What does this stadium. Well again it's another element that needs to be run down every day we seem to be finding something new that doesn't seem to really be true. I'm reminded of the gets the -- -- and then he had the alleged pieces of the aircraft that never were there what turned out to be something else. Now we're talking about radar tapes which show that the aircraft may have turned around we don't know that for a fact yet. -- NTSB I think is taking over the these tapes and doing a little bit of analysis on back. And then of course yesterday's revelation with seats at the satellite pictures where. When they finally got to the site. And any kind of corrected for drift and current. Nothing seemed to be there and then of course the Chinese said it was a mistake you can put those photos out and now. Today's revelation of possibility of that flight data coming from the engines of the aircraft. We have to get that corroborated both from either Rolls -- or the AIB which is the equivalent of the NTSB the United States -- -- -- Omar do you I mean you've been at -- a long time do you have any hunches. As to what might have happened on this flight. I still believe this is an accident. I believe we will ultimately find a debris field and some. Fashion and I also believe we will get the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder which -- say they really hold the key to answering. All of the questions that we need to understand what happened. Isn't strange to you that yesterday we heard about Chinese satellite images showing possible debris. But nothing since. Nothing did confirm her or anything. Well and today -- -- Chinese and as indicated I believe this morning that they had it was a mistake to have those of photos released. These Malaysians this morning has indicated that there is no truth to the fact that. There is engine data somewhere. But I I'm not sure I believe the Malaysian anymore they. One -- they say something the next stated they get back the next day they say it again. Well we are here. We have to hold our bracket unfortunately. Signals back. From all of the answers which we really -- -- are coming in till we get real hard facts of debris. Radar tapes. There are. Flight data recorder cockpit voice recorder but it is -- to get speculate -- it -- we get off for all kind of outrageous. Sitting area. None of which are helpful to this investigation into that you get the facts which are required in order to understand what -- They were trying to find the signals from the flight data record of the black boxes now. It's been reported that two of the battery is in these -- the devices are only good for about thirty or forty days. Why -- they better batteries -- we understand other batteries that are flying in spacecraft not outer space of -- for years. You know that's a good question but why -- -- better question might -- is saying why do we have to wait for our. To find. That the boxers themselves when in fact we have the capability just. Just think as -- as you're hearing a story saying that there is broad which has been. Sent back to the -- -- I live bullets Rolls Royce or whether it's possible you know whether it's Malaysia airlines talking about engine performance so why couldn't we continually have. Parameters which are required to understand what happened in an airplane accident. Streamed back in real time that's -- better answer that in in my judgment getting better batteries we could begin in the announcement the analysis. Is that from the moment an aircraft actually goes off the radar screen at that point. Boy this it mystery now is just getting stranger by the hour. Mark we appreciate your time -- thanks. -- -- Mark Rosen -- former chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board CBS aviation expert.