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Blizzard #2 Here And Gone

Mar 13, 2014|

Meteorologist Tony Ansuini

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB. And live line to help us sort through all this bad weather we had yesterday National Weather Service. Meteorologist Tony and -- on the leaderboard -- weather station Tony good morning good morning. Assessing yesterday is a big storm its intensity of living up to its billing wasn't an official blizzard. Iowa -- officials blizzard we did have in for a prolonged period of time of -- to 35 miles per hour and we had -- many hours disabilities less than a quarter mile. Tony how much snow was recorded officially yesterday. Officially we had a thirteen point eight inches here at the airport that easily broke the old record about seven point three inches. An unofficial totals from other parts of Western New York Tony. A look like. Generally eight to sixteen inches fell across the Western New York the lower and amount fell across the southern tier -- temperature -- just a bit warmer. The higher amounts fell across the Niagara frontier mainly from the -- way northward. What is -- snow total so far this winter. So far defeated -- up to 120. Inches -- -- two -- both normal tell us about the track that the storm took Tony. Where else did it cause trouble or misery -- buffalo and Western New York. But across. The the Fuller planes and it impacted. The midwest and through the Ohio valley and finally tracked across. Western New York's central new York and an -- to the New England states so quite a a widespread area about some pretty heavy snow and significant wins. Any areas get hit worse than we did here in Western New York. Looks like the the national in the win column with the the greatest in particular across western and Central Europe but the even heavier snowfall amounts -- across portions of New England where they had over two feet of snow. It Tony if we received more snow so far this season than the last two winters combined. Well the last two winners combined we had a total of 94 inches and -- -- -- 220 inches -- so far this season. Boy how to how to the event golden snowball derby that seems to run every year and we are we right up there. We're right up there with Rochester answer fusion Andrews and who's leading I would like we are right now. And we are in the record books two official blizzards in one season. That a correct yeah. Okay Tony nice talking with you hope we can. Talk under better circumstances one of these as shields thing goes that's your allegiance to audience with the National Weather Service.