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3-12 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

OK so that's further sell down their -- rockets and Allegheny County just upgraded to a blizzard warning which we are already experiencing and we have been experiencing. For some time or -- Genesee. I counties no unnecessary driving travel advisories there. The dual build Letzing Gilbert -- buff state you can forget those a UB still no word on anything going on or not going on we have them. University of buffalo. Oh where we're going to keep your form was going on in New York City as well CBS will do updates at 2031 and fifty. A regarding via gradually. With those one building but apparently is too. Some explosion a 116 in park avenue holds five alarm fire is going on now with the one series at last report one serious and a in several minor injuries and 03093010616. Tied to -- -- 930. Today we'll go wall to wall storm coverage had known. A Rush Limbaugh will not be here Tim Tim Weiner will be here. And and knowing that till three and then some Barley and we'll see what happens -- those 7 o'clock but one would assume we -- live at seven as well. They're working on that as and so we have to be here when in us and we think we are. Let's go to a Jason in cherry creek and find out what's going on there hi Jason -- on WB yen. And I was -- and at this. This stay home but might my daughter word written about buffalo if you look at the McKinley mall and he called find out you know they're still open and basically they said you got to shell property get fired -- welcome the corporate America. Let me. Cute little guy but yet to pick -- there's been a little worried that they're gonna stop running boxes that they don't give any warning on that biggest problem you know. We haven't heard anything at all with the buses as soon as we dual election all that's still better she has to take a bus she's kind of like at their mercy. Of the of people making the roots being there when there's -- most of. And then they haven't gotten reports apple -- the only point I'm miles back home in a blizzard that you know I think it ended I don't know -- -- like particular publicly any. Of the -- -- political -- and today you know it makes absolutely no sense. All right I guess is up to the individuals we'll see where that goes but will have the information when you need to Jason thank you thank you very much. Oh yeah I mean if somebody doesn't have transportation while they don't have a car. They have they have to rely on public transportation. So far we have not heard anything that there's been any disruption in normal public transportation. And so -- to be honest with you okay we're getting it like we're supposed to get -- but the teeth of it's supposed to be a couple of hours. I was sold ads that that's what we're looking at right now. If you would like to plead with their boss to let you. -- go -- -- most welcome to use our Airways -- you like to thank your boss for that and of course are right if you have any business with us. So you're coming here to collect the prize or whatever. Our business offices. And I'm shocked by this to be honest you are Clark closing -- known. Because they have to prepare for a summer hours and so that's what they're doing and so their positive -- will also be here. We are essential employees. Chris over here is one of our sales guys in the men's room complained that he was just in Atlanta where was you know. In the seventies and now he has to deal with this. I'll only get the vulnerable baby name so I find it though amusing that we are considered essential employees until it's time. For our contract talks. And then some like it. I went on that essential anymore you know how that works and what what's your name and other marks are all there is the -- essentially over the -- money -- -- the less essential we are -- a -- goes a hitter and -- I. All right let's. Where are talking to folks out there and who are going to give us road conditions traffic conditions also had a little helpful -- one out of things that we're hearing a lot of is make sure that your Europe headlights Iran. Because that's a very very important used to be you didn't have to. Mentioned it that much because people just instinctively put their headlights on. But many modern cars. Have automatic headlights in their fifth set in the automatic position they may not come come on during this kind of weather event. You have to put -- manually because their design. For darkness or light. Well it's light but yet these people still have to see you know a lot of cars and driving lights as well good idea to have your lights on let people know where you are. And those that's a big a big plus we'll take a break will be -- more would be -- and company all right we know from you know we're gonna get you through this social arm. Partially by -- wall to wall yeah absolutely Rush Limbaugh will not be heard today Tim Weiner will be heard -- -- -- Tom are among would assume will be. Live at 7 o'clock I don't see this ending before them. So we would like to talk to you about what you -- on the road with the conditions are. If you have something to report to us we'd like to hear that too and if you want a bigger bustle -- early. I use our Airways director disposal sort of built on a cell phone bill you you've though witness an accident. Like -- about that. There's no accident that I -- there -- But the political reporter the power authority to order 1000000000 -- am. It certainly are out there are. Europe or further down -- William in danger. There's -- -- -- return -- at the leak and fire are finding the thing. So it sounds like OK Bailey and William. Traffic are -- ago I doubt and then there's an accident for Vietnam Bailey thank you thank you for video update appreciate it. I've you see anything let us know. Because of the week and they're kind of over the area you know -- not -- go through bear fruit Trevor does delay whatever. Chris so we have more FaceBook postings so why don't you live couple on this one comes from Susan season -- a state of emergency in Livingston -- county -- live but neither of my daughters listen. They both went to work I'm home -- I'm very worried. Are you now you are you surprised how many people don't check in the first thing I'd do in the morning. Is turn on the radio it's usually about quarter to five a wanna hear John and Susan. And and they give me my full information in that first hour -- -- everything I need is in that first hour usually this is a continuing story of course but a lot of people. Just blindly. They do what they ever do and they get -- car and drive out and they decide. Well markets kind of dangerous out here. You know reminds me of their -- is somebody who would come running outside just running at top speed. And should. Diving board and B a and then not until there heading down -- they look to see if there's any water in the pool. I mean that's -- -- -- again I wanna know I want to know whether traffic is so I don't know the accidents are a lot of over the driving -- like. And I guess mayor brown is is going to be yeah. Actively involved in awhile you will probably hear what he's doing I think. I think he'd -- great pile driver what do you think let him sit up there with a big table you have pull the chain po yeah. I love it there's no plot holes the field tonight that's it -- The bottles are awful smell good -- they -- -- MI not a half full kind of guy not a half empty. Half bowl the pot holes which used to be a menace are now we'll go away. I have to say this. Have any of you driven. In front of the -- right across from UB. And trying to get on main street. There is there are holes that are so big you can't drive through them and and there are there -- -- lengthwise. Perpendicular. To the driveway. You actually had a look at a Patton would have had a hard time getting across this golf. And it's the a university plaza. You -- plaza that's base and it's a big -- in Maine right there in that area okay the main street. Coming out of the university plaza is a disaster. I mean I really didn't think the car go through as a battle itself. -- for that especially since if there's a snow covering on their maybe maybe a little deceptive. Because anything their masks what it actually is it may be deeper than you think. And that made it may cause some problems with the tires or programs yeah org because you need to fundamental line and you know I -- a lot of fun I remember once with a truck I had it hits so hard. But I did need a front end alignment which was not good because it was a one -- four wheel alignments. Which you have to take a via a mortgage out to have done OK Chris another. FaceBook and replace this one comes from -- policies and most businesses that are essential should close today you're putting your employees in harm's way by making them -- to restore like -- I get to be realistic to your employees are at risk your customers terrorists. And unless it's something that's going to spoil. The Jaffa throwaway. And debt and eat that loss. I think basically anybody that was going to come to your place today will probably come tomorrow. That that's my guess I understand that the need for commerce and the -- the need for -- the light -- but yet he has in common sense do. And where we're allowing our employees to leave at noon February. Those lucky they have a very tough works if they -- I can argue that. Let's go to it but we can't make fun of mode because there won't send back the food. Yeah now that's -- we rely on them to bring food back to you just may -- -- some -- coffee. Would we have coffee here tactic to weigh it all I'm sorry I'm sorry the three hour sure always getting in the way of New York caffeine fix. As snow and you know -- -- coffee -- lifetime's. -- copy that you drink yes you're not gonna get the other no hall you know it's funny from wizard or high water. Let's go to Tom in Cheektowaga time here on WBM. They shouldn't it part time someone Gupta Telus today. I just made it a little port. -- -- happy about it is our medical area work on our treatment. Which. Call -- to do so. No idea I assume that that's very very essential so you got a lot of driving what's the condition of the road is a slick yet. It's -- then the wind and it really bad happened -- import export area are. Actually -- here I don't -- the door. But right now and it's it's. Called the -- out. And also on young's exactly where you are some of the worst potholes on the maybe throw snow of mobile art because I want Jim there operating -- machine and helping people -- thank you for your updates come -- So he's driven quite a bit of these come down from middle port and he's on young's road near a suburban. Drive flat rolled all the time yes Chris we have some kind of optic. Yet this is coming from my Erie county travel advisory now in effect as of -- 11 o'clock this morning. No unnecessary travel is advised and there's poor visibility slippery roads numerous accidents. And blowing and drifting on the roadways hug today so that's -- counting that's us. That is us so we've gotten no unnecessary driving in Erie. Orleans Genesee. And as Chris just mentioned. It's like driving with -- accidents but we're looking out the window in the snowflakes are getting bigger through and the wind is still there are so. All I can tell you is be prepared to be alert and don't go if you don't have to ago. But if you have to go we understand you'd take the proper precautions when we come back we would like to talk to you now if it's and unnecessary driving. Chris and I are done in about half an hour with the shall we should just held off on announcing that until we get home with -- They're probably it and you know like if -- my new -- something Ben calling him. But no no we've got to do the right thing for the audio. Well you know who's also at work today is the Buffalo Bills and they signed offensive lineman Chris Williams from the rams and out. This is dance but he is you church. If -- have sex. If the bills were good enough to sign a guy on a daylight as good for them you know good for -- Again it's usually -- from around shoeless guys used to playing in LA. They're not LA go against the laws he's just a playing a Saint Louis and he comes here on a day like this and signs for us for us. I would take a break over backward bar a one time around. We're now. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Excel calls are free and star nine vary their toll free line is 180616923. C. Next tobacco Beijing coming -- -- -- -- again so I have next on the area of from general to I'll just say it's an essential channel -- employee and one of the field that is not pregnant at the moment you got any ideas Rebecca big -- that has to be Kevin O'Connell I think it has Kevin O'Connell welcome to show Kevin. Yeah. Expert the I'm yours forever and ever and ever and I love you like a brother yes you are an ex broadcaster -- a quite break we didn't. What are my best friends -- in the hall of fame. But only today yeah I realized that I could spend time with by currency -- it has an apt to vote now. What. We're -- I think it's a great place the 00 yeah I. I had any got a parent you get to put on your shoulders so it's a lot of fun now Kevin are people pointing at you and blaming you know you've been tracking this storm for awhile I've been watching you talk about this released only. They acre property portrait if they could -- I think the visibility at but the -- the altar covered. And now we're to -- we don't have any adult to -- around -- -- just ask -- Still recorder. The good news is that I think a lot of people social media especially. -- -- you agree. Really got up but anything what -- related but the last. I would say at least four -- day's night and we -- this -- -- -- and so you know the idea out skeptic I think there's a lot of them. Now because a lot of the activity we've been talking about is very character what do you got up this morning I think you'll probably -- it -- the fact that. There was those situation at all but I it's that it can be between 9 AM in ninety yen. And that it's really gonna start fire and operable weapon -- and AM and it acts. -- I'm on the 33 the theory that are in he has so. Our. Traffic is moving it maybe I would say. 25 to thirty miles an hour everybody's got their lectures which you know what remote and now I'm seeing right now a -- for. State while the other side though and -- now that they are keeping everything fairly clear so. If you have to go out simply allow. On to the desert police India's what gets me because you know you can see maybe a quarter mile and product in the -- a racquet -- -- -- -- ask you how unusual is it Kevin that the winds come from the north most of the stuff we get comes from the south doesn't. Absolutely but don't forget the low pressure system that's causing this is how ought to -- so we're going to be on the -- that -- -- system and that would bring it wins and a counter clockwise flow that would bring him in the north. And the northeast that's by Lake Ontario. Is such a big player in this that's why you're gonna see. Probably what 817 inches along the carpet area running from Niagara county over Orleans and then Rochester and Monroe County. Now I see they just still within the last half hour so. Upgraded had a rockets and Allegheny counties to the blizzard warning like we have does that mean that is traveled down two of them are or how to get there. I think what's happening now is the criteria it's such. At the rain and icy mix that they were talking about earlier are keeping there still local -- Certainly lower I think that's probably at that abated and now they're began picking up speed if this storm Oprah yeah we it -- the forecast based on. You know what tracked the storm it if it moves a little east or west. Obviously dynamic change -- what happened is Beatty but late hours storm this morning the latest reports. At that thing will be a little bit Portugal west and that would bring in much or are so that here and -- -- giving -- -- that would probably be recent. That the criteria changed and now those counties are going to be incorporated with the rest of us. Well you're doing a good job down there but I think something's in the water -- the -- is -- Melissa Holmes had a baby. Right -- -- I you know like Oakland that people -- post here good movie but. It. -- -- -- Here just a little while Brenda channel to the F over it. Everybody a little bit of oh look here's what's going on around on the -- you wore beautiful beautiful and and this morning on the Mary Alice demo. No I don't well that's wishful thing yeah. I've got other sheer mr. eleven mr. Lott and what is. You are you guys -- I didn't know that. Oh. How nice is anyway and when you're an anchor you you get your own driver it's usually not another member of the broadcast team though you guys are doing okay. I'm lucky and my mother so it would be news in the blog go to -- average out Joseph and keep up the good work -- -- August 2 hours ago. And don't let us know when an extra that's available at fault here in our hotel. -- I hate us and Saturday I ran into Mary Alice gambler and she either had just finished her was about to do that climb up but he up the tower I didn't. I didn't CEO Kevin in tights and running out for its. Well you'd wanna -- the that broke out of there. It would get a lot of energy block as the old neighborhood in their house thought the -- and as we get on the. I'll be there be worrying that long red wig with current little curls down in my waist okay and out and I look forward to go by. -- -- I didn't realize -- -- Scotland and it is in the vehicle with a wow I think they should have traveling in separate vehicles are two important members of the broadcast the you know I'm talking about. What detractors now CD let's go flag down all of those -- -- a bit wild -- that while they have beautiful and as the biggest -- I have ever seen I watch doubles Alaska shows the plows they have they aren't that big. So we're hoping to take a photo group photo and that we propose that right is all being in the -- actually all of us sitting in the -- Showing that we're tough you know about it yep he's got to raise the raise the bucket he does the -- it's way too -- now are gonna talk to certainly Kevin and and Scott did a great job originals they really do not commercial but they really. Really do and I did see Mary Alice. On Saturday and she had her hair pulled back. And she was in work out outfit and then I found out you. Was up and down those stairs at the them what they call -- -- -- tower they change they change the names of the records I think is set records are. Used to be -- named after a bank but -- that. Think it will be back with more after us now Chris we have some more from FaceBook postings on the our subject today yet -- comes from Suzanne she says my husband works in a car dealership and he would be going today who in their right mind to wanna buy a car on a day like today. All of this is like day they get a car so a this is the time that it now I you know I'm not saying this for a profit I'm just saying. That if you're going to buy a car today is a great day because when you go in there. When you're walking a showroom on a -- this. These salespeople swarm over you like -- covered with -- money and at this summer picnic I'm just telling you it'll it'll happen because. Democracy many people today so if you're in the work already as they are. And somebody walks and somebody like. Myself maybe and you know all that they're not just tire kickers the corporate jets moved them making them you know maybe I don't know. GT or something like that what if Tony. Part of those type of married guys who cares if you're already looking at them and decided this would be a good day. Because. You'll probably get the best deal you could possibly get -- warm in license additional -- one of our employees was going to take from that very same dealership that I just mentioned. A delivery of a car yesterday because of the weather that delaying it until tomorrow -- real -- real driving home with them however I don't blame no because it's clean. And you wanna get a home clean and then you like to keep -- -- for release today right asked not in this country that arsenal. But IE I don't want to take issue with the poster but this is an ideal I'm serious. Title or are you going there -- -- -- like this and you get the best shot of getting the best -- you receive and free copy. What else yeah. This is from Nancy she says my newborn grandson and his parents are scheduled to come home from hospital today I was planning on picking them up only a buffalo do we do things like this during a blizzard poll what are data -- baby. The old I would talk to the hospital to see if we stand today yeah I would not be comfortable to now deal you would know more about this and I do would you have to have a baby seat in stalled in the car because it is they won't keep the will not -- the -- so that's their seats already exists already installed yet bring the baby. From a hospital put the baby in the Seton and buckle statements that yes OK good not good not a great day bettered it by a car and have a baby. Yeah we're just saying that. That would be a good thing for promotion you know commercial may be channel -- because have their staffers Redmond was pregnant. They could do that watch channel to have a free baby like that yes it's. -- Generous and always is expecting twins. How -- like that good lie more -- to all people wrote an opposite directions I wouldn't want to be delivering today or my water breaking today all of us you imagine that you've got to it's you know all the travel stuff going. And then you hear. I don't broke no I I think she's a ways away before that. But you have to babies run and an opposite directions wanna be -- at different times one crying one laughing all good luck with twelve. About that. Right away you'll keep your former everything is going on but they get jobs data just before the -- break. Erie county Orleans county and Genesee County say we have travel advisories. No unnecessary travel they don't define necessary around this is -- use some common sense here. Also within the last hour -- so locator -- Allegheny counties have been added to the blizzard warning which is what we have. -- -- if indeed you're going to be a traveling about who we obviously suggests some things that listeners are called in about Lotta people. Need reminders now because of the automatic headlights settings on a lot of new cars. That the automatic setting probably won't turn a month -- this kind of ambient light. Notice I'm using the word ambient very good I thought that was a drug Q can I get to the sleep ambient. About anyway it would this kind of ambient light they've probably an article on so put on Mon. LaMont league's -- wind blown -- the government put him on manually. That's what you should do always. Make sure that you have a full take a guess that goes without saying he will blanket and there that's good idea pop -- always work. Always work -- and nobody criticizes you for pop tarts in a stormy day. Is so you can when they 400 hours I have no idea now have a larger they are -- OK yeah so it's a make sure you're all set for that and if you don't have to drive -- some common sense of you don't have to drive don't. Tim tiger is next. While I don't say that very often go right now you'd dolls him Weiner is next on news radio I'm thirty we will see you tomorrow at nine. WB. We'll we'll. In which they never has to -- to be used.

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