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3-12 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How about the -- governor is commercial -- Mike Roberts act we had a chance to talk to a -- before the show began he's a -- he is very funny. He's very funny guy who's ready -- I want them at all. Hockey players you know rough tough guys are willing to duke it out and -- drop the gloves and go after it. He is us is a sketch I mean he's very funny he is and any promise that at the end of the season. When the hockey season's over he's gonna commodity guest on the show because I think we're gonna have a fun time with them excellence -- -- albeit maybe -- bring -- yes you never know he knows all those that he's been able to steak house on you know yes because -- -- -- essential to your job why are you doing working now focus ought to be -- gone home already. You wanna thank your boss for letting you out early if you want to plead with -- your boss to let you out early give a skull. You can -- or you don't have to usually name also the media too much information not enough information just right what do you think I don't know that there's a that there's a lot of it I mean if you watch TV newscast they devote a great deal of time to whether. Also fun things to do at home and will also keep you informed of the explosion -- 106 street and park avenue and New York City. And so what will do is let you know what's happening there the things is still sketchy -- -- because it just happened. Of the whatever you need to know -- -- you have to go this is the place to be plugged into. Literally plugged into a Chris give me a couple of. FaceBook entries please. Sure thing in this one is from Juli she says I'm still trying to debate whether or not to go into work a little detective work and Amber's. And I heard on the news that -- -- -- spending the night if you're there 1 o'clock in as much as I love my coworkers are they don't sleep narrative. Well you know as a member of the media did and not not -- not us but some member of the media did say. Wherever you are 1 -- you're going to be there tomorrow morning now if there right there hit it's hit out of the park if they're right if they're not. It's it's kind of an iffy position because these things there and so the only change. Hour an -- you never know -- faster slower whatever but I'm saying I'll tell you this -- of authority. Make sure you're prepared if you're driving. Prepared with a full tank of gas prepared which of them may be a -- might be a good idea things like that the usual stuff this is nothing new for us but maybe your new movie area. And then you don't have to. Are you do is be involved in in there might be an accident while ahead of -- traffickers and moving and you know enough gas you don't wanna run I guess -- not not a good day. Yes this all you disagree I'm disagreeing with you look at some still. But I think that all of the other skill you have a full -- yes yes good good -- track Evgeni shark -- -- gas -- her truck. I know she did she did good value borrower of mine anyway yesterday's -- -- in my vehicles are always filled up justification -- Chris you have gasoline. Yeah I filled up by as soon as the warning came out I think on Monday there was a watch or warning or -- that good -- -- let's go to a Cheryl now in Eden. Surely you're on WB yen. I'm fine Cheryl you essential what do you think. I am sad story out that -- and getting. Urge -- prepare but. I've been going in and night at a -- and we'll see how. I think your I had it got to in nineteen usually it's out they expect the network for it. -- -- What kind of looked -- -- The two is elevated and I used to drive and every day and I know it is a difficult wrote what kind of job do you have that that would require you to be there. -- Say here are all you'd definitely better rethink solution are. Go and go to. Where. Like Quebec and -- there. It's going to be. Well I'm I'm I'm glad you've got the groceries in hand and have a safe journey and thanks for telling as a boy you are essential nature on the job Jerrold thank you. Okay thank you -- TSA about that yeah you think about it like this. Police for sure we know they have to be there firemen have to be their utilities have to be there will be firemen looking at 116 and partner -- explosion not that long ago firemen obviously involved with -- that. Service people plow drivers truckers airport I'm writing airborne as we speak. And you don't bears any time there's a storm like this you always have to check with -- with your carrier to find out if you're delayed. If your cancel whatever Chris you have an update for. Had travel advisory the Orleans county sheriff's opposition when you travel advisory for all of Orleans county as of 10 AMD advisories but -- should do the snow for visibility. And hazardous road conditions. It's more no unnecessary travel and it remains in effect until further and artists' okay that's darlings Connie. So that's just that Sony has just east of us right so. What they did say that the heaviest stuff. Will be up along -- Ontario and because the winds -- northerly. Which is not usually the case they're coming from the north. Comes right down over the lake a lot of it is frozen but some of it isn't so willow be looking at that Orleans counting on this is or travel. Will -- -- more activists were asking argue essential are you working. Why are you essential what is your job. If you're if you are -- in the mode you'd like to plead with -- boss again and get home early that'd be fun and less traffic the better. -- and then who knows I saw a report yesterday that says that the throw away. Is that ready in case they have to do. Close they have not announced that yet and that maybe they will maybe they won't but they said they are ready to do it because the last time. We had a you know a blizzard like storm. They didn't close it and it worked out a lot better because the time before that which was won last year when everybody was stuck on the through. And so things have changed since then let's go to Apollo in royalties and -- Iran WB yen. Area I'm fine how are you follow from Paula donuts. Now. I can't let this money is back -- like that at some of their -- though once -- your mind Paula. Well I turned to go out to work today and I hit drive -- mixed bag out there that side of the road bad. And I went up the street and I was like you know what it is ridiculous. It's like it on the bat broke it and I said I'm turning around and I'm coming home and not I'm gonna get it from spring cleaning. -- while so you're ahead of -- -- so did you leave the bag out or does the -- go home we're you. -- And a good on the bag the bag should stay out -- good luck I hope it is not blown around the neighborhood we're glad your home and good -- -- your spring cleaning Paula thank you. Have you noticed my trash day is Wednesday. Have you noticed how many Wednesday's. Either hi -- win or storms or whatever it seems like always it's on Wednesday. And I don't leave it out. During especially during high winds because you don't want your -- your trash being all over the neighborhood and -- Muslim neighbors are pretty good about that. A but I saw most of neighbors also have the trash a wanted him to work this morning. I did not put mine out and so just in case I don't feel like collecting and in the neighborhood. I. It normally put mine on on Wednesday night as we clocked -- Thursday morning but if it is him behind win. And wait -- last minutes before I leave for work remembering because it's it's hard to find I still have in my possession. A trash barrel it's not mine and I lost one I've gone wild for yours -- in my native might never deliver in the -- welcome back open but. A couple of years ago and it was two years ago. This extra trash barrel ended up with -- barrels and I -- with my -- none of them are claiming it. So I you know I wanted to keep it but I iPad and in my garage but I haven't put it out because I don't wanna put it out and have somebody goes I -- Sandy beach took my trash barrel look at this so I've got a -- and he knows that what I checked every. You think irrelevant prosecute -- can't be prosecuted as an opponent by now exactly. I'd bet it's just a rogue trash barrel probably blew in from walked -- yet I'm think I'm thing and let's go to Dave. In Lancaster debut on a WVN. Good morning I -- guys who -- about -- weaker it is or quarter it yeah that's right yes I felt badly we gave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So long ago I gotta be at work this afternoon and I workable or block out and this is no sign of I want. I'm gonna actually eat a war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now when you know well what news snowball today I'd advise you to have the shoot at a real low angle because it's forty to fifty mile an hour winds. And if you don't have it -- the right way has -- come right back in inflation off. Who can come -- -- -- I don't know which way it won't. Block and I mean. Poor right now in -- -- about not gonna do it until much later when I cannot work in. And I and you know like about and -- have -- on right now we're seeing so yeah it's exceptional in all my outlook or. It's unbelievable and conduct a campaign out here during the week or I'm liking him. And I went around the block like that Scott stated he would like neighbors actually liking inform how well they appear in ended up with somebody else's Keyon. And nobody cleans -- quite some collectors breaking in the number of. Well that's and that's what happened to me I ended up last year whether somebody else's garbage can I went I -- -- all the neighbors and none of them claim the camp and I don't dare put it out but Tony last year was slippery Solomon's camp. I. I can't say thank you very much for offering for Tony to come on -- help the -- for. I thought would be the decent thing and I thought that would be the decent thing -- well have a good ski trip into work thank you very much. Sosa that happens other people get first of all have you noticed that. The outside of the recyclable. Recycling things which we municipalities put a regular trash care of it a lot of them are the exact same hand. -- either either oblong or or -- circular but they're the same again. So they saw a lot of my concern you that a but the you have your house address sprayed on your -- Tony no I don't just in case you blow away into the neighborhood. I think Barley ought to put weights in his pocket don't -- -- -- forty to fifty mile an analyst. Like the -- the little guy employment index down -- I was not Orleans because Orleans -- -- travel advisory. All right just pillar of that and if you are blowing snow. You really do have to learn how which direction the wind is coming from. Because it blows right back in your face the best time I ever had -- tractor and block port. We have a cab on auto that was cool and a and a and a blower in the front and you can go out the end it didn't matter where the wind was -- good -- -- but now -- I have no choice there's only one direction I can throw the smells so regardless of the wind in your neighbor's house office -- -- -- my neighbor is next to my my drive was asked my neighbor's driveway that together. So I can't go to the right roles -- gonna get covered -- -- -- if your driveway is next your neighbors maybe under the heading of fun things to do at home you're gonna pay attention and report back to the class tomorrow night sorry I'm stuck here -- what kind of game isn't -- monopoly I got it. This is the part Greg depleted if it. Please let me go 0830930180606. -- of the sixers star and -- thirty Wu also keep you informed. Of the explosion of a building at 116 and a 160 street and park avenue in New York City where CBS is on top of that orthodoxy BS. We'll be back with more with Beijing company it's it's a wall to -- covered today Rush Limbaugh will not be heard today. Tim Moyer will will be handling that ship from a new industry and then Tom -- go from three to seven to keep you in farm. Under Israeli and -- thirty we are WVU. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 80309. Security cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. I'll never -- Tony that excited about chip tac toe so that chicken place that technology to I have this right yeah Sam -- and one of our engineers -- -- Before the show how meeting in his. You guys go more in Japan but I really don't think you know what I can -- a ticket wins too which is surprising Donaldson is slaughtering everybody wins it'll tree pollen and guided walks over grabs every loses you get a order Fries -- the -- I. We have a new weather statement travel conditions will continue to -- -- Reiterate throughout the noon hour. Moderate to a times heavy snow continued through the afternoon hours across Western New York. Temperatures will fall to lower twenties my early afternoon allowing for snow accumulation and slick driving. Snowfall rates of an inch per hour have already observed across Western New York winds are already going to 35 miles an hour. With higher gusts expected this afternoon this is resulting in blowing and drifting snow as well as reduce visibility is. By afternoon north east winds gusting to 45 miles an hour will result in considerable blowing and drifting snow. As well as his abilities of near zero at times in addition snowfall rates could reach two inches an hour during the peak of the storm. This afternoon travel will become extremely hazardous. Or even nearly impossible. At times due to the combination of very heavy snow. Blowing snow travel is not recommended. 10 that's pretty serious. A survey you have a look at the -- next update on CBS regarding the building explosion. In New York City at 160 street and park avenue will be at fifty so that's about ten minutes from now let's go to. -- Nicole. At UBE Merck and Nicole you're on WB yen. -- how -- -- I'm fine Nicole you essential employees are you working hadn't. I am working but I am not and then and shall not let see I'm not an administrative office no we haven't heard any word network clothing -- Yeah above states closing in twenty minutes. -- -- a lot of talent in the area are but now we're still hang -- I'm hoping they call us. Well let's hope so true you are you prepared in case they don't that you know. We'll we got food and blankets everything just in case some but hopefully we can make at home. Safely. Yeah you know it's you everybody wants to get home that's always the destination but make sure it's safe traveling especially if if visibility is. Is tough thank you Nicole. But by -- -- UB she's right behind us there is the shoulder right shoulder UB and Becker. But say closes and when he minutes. The mothers -- already closed at a lot of schools have closed but we have not heard that UBS schools and she's working and she's in the administrative offices okay Chris we've got some additions on FaceBook let's say here a couple of them this one comes from jail she says I work at a residential facilities that we have to be worked and -- am also supervisor. And I can't expect my staff the command if I all come in myself what I stroke that's absolutely true especially when you have to take care of other people. When you you know when the -- care is in your hand you have an extra responsibility but you know those. One thing that's in -- in all of us we want to get home. You know it's no matter what it is you can have a giant party at your work. You can have free flow would you could have been dancing girls have anything you want and like that and you still wanna get home. That's and because of that sometimes you do dumb things like travel when you shouldn't throw those you the last time. I've had to turn around and come back I can't remember except the last storm. Because there was no visibility zero. And when you're driving in a wideout. And you don't know if you stop if there's anybody is gonna crash into the back of view or if you're nearer you know a ditch and things like that. It's not Smart -- you should use a little common sense sometimes -- couple of hours makes a difference and so BO or to that because Ford agrees tonight. Up the fifty mile an hour wind -- ten to fourteen inches of snow says that. You better make sure you can get from point a to point B are not a good idea to be stranded if you're -- stranded. Better stranded at work instruments on the road and springs and eight days yeah this that's that's a terrible part. It's like being one of the last casualties of -- war you know you don't want that still war is -- from toughen up it's it's bad enough but you don't wanna be a wounded or something a couple of days before. Via armistice. So okay Chris what else you have. This one comes from Janet she's as I work for a law firm therefore I'm at work today the news isn't all bad though they did bring us some doughnuts all nice and have you worked a lot firm think about it like that. If you saw -- -- insert yourself. And he quickly in order vita good lawyer. You -- interview work for a law firm say short for acme law -- And you trip and fall and you hire via a lawyer from -- laugh or silhouette -- -- article -- -- insurer now all right. Let's say the let's cut down on the cell -- see what's going on -- -- Daniel on WB again. I'm -- give us a scope what's going on them. I've become the top or love dude but did get a prescription. -- remind everybody here at least turn their lights on. OK to common sense staying very big note here. Rapidly and it's a lot there's a lot of vehicle was not no -- whatsoever it make it that much more difficult. That makes sense what moderate fiber you want hamburger aware. Oh and Evans there was particles are -- five and Evans it's not a difficult seeing out there make sure headlights are on drugs safely Dan. You have to have I think used to be. Pretty automatic. But now what happens as we have automatic headlights and maybe you've left them on automatic. And there is set for darkness. That's that's this -- it's not. For even low visibility may be limited like this they may not gone by themselves but you have a manual. Position for the headlights and you should put them on manually make sure if visibility is really bad which for always on as well yeah and you know what else which are -- zone because your high -- don't reflect in anybody's face during the day. And he gives you even more visibility not to see but for others to see you don't do -- at -- of course but there are during the day it will take a break. After this let's go to a Dell and see what's going on with the Dallas cellphone here on WBN. I mean yeah I'm fine though what's happening. Well. I'm here. And he. It. Landed. There. Well I'd I thank you for a big oil we really appreciate it what -- are -- driving in the weather what it what's going on audio. -- a war I Y a RDR. -- there might be bought. -- like that. Well -- in the latter. The conditions aren't your. -- about. -- -- -- -- -- -- The oh start and you. A lot. Of a lot. And shore. Earlier that Iraq. That -- a big white out of here you know I mentioned it. -- -- You're out -- and you. And you'll work and -- camera -- -- -- breaks out. Well said it sounds like you're a season that western and our driver. -- be a bit and our -- that let them or what someone did not -- Well be careful and have a have a good ride home and and enjoy the snow from the inside your house thank you -- Parisian. Good advice certainly here's a simple bit of advice simple OK and it will help you a lot. Break. And accelerate when your wheels -- straight I mean that sounds so simple because if you don't. What's gonna happen is the tale of your vehicles gonna come swing around not a good thank you surprised how many people accelerate on the corner. Only when your wheels are straight should you accelerates the same -- race. The same thing is -- -- when when I would race other people my horse and their Muslim member of his motorcycle against minimum horse. Once the horse is straight then you go and and you cap pulled out of there once the car is straight. Then you accelerate or then you break if you don't have the tail and comer that's just the way it works it's a it's a -- force of nature are right let's see we've got some are more FaceBook entries here why don't you would give us a couple if you would -- -- this one is from a -- she says -- -- -- and shop and we are open today really hope nobody needs a -- we are to go if necessary well that's good to know occasional fender Bender you're going right there. And they can bang it out for -- to pound out fenders and -- just replace them. That's a good question it would depend if the -- all mangalore for us fiberglass obviously but I meant you know if it's not why not bestow. I know they do with restoration when they're doing old cars and bring in that it's really an art when you see that kind of work that body shops that's hard work it's incredible. YouTube can't even tell that they're that good. They've come a long way -- I there's just somebody I know had me -- fabrication shop. In -- where they built race cars nice to law school there just to watch them work with a sheet metal because they were so good. Well the only time I gave that any real thought I had a car that was all aluminum. All right and when I read the owner's manual here's what I found out. If you have a problem with your all aluminum cars -- -- a body panel is concerned. It's no problem they come and pick it up with a flat bread except for the fact is only three places in the country that dual. So they have to -- your car. Somewhere. 21 of those three places. So after that I get things and it all aluminum car might -- be my best choice. Now one thing I'd like you would to be observe and about is Marie tells me Dan members has escaped the house. And he's in the car and you never know on a day like this you know usually. It's just good natured -- goes fund Danny. But on day like this could be dangerous in fact he's on the line Taliban never. -- -- -- I. Think Italy and it's working and everybody should be -- a hundred. There aren't a lot of -- I think it audible error Belichick -- excuse me and but not travels back. On this site they're flashing ought to not do -- -- -- unnecessary travel this afternoon and so they're -- warped or very poor but. All I checked you constantly bringing up the fact that horse. Might hurt Hillary. It was a motorcycle you more on a motorcycle I figured -- -- that. And all the -- you maybe have a -- -- but I have my horse beat your motorcycle and that's the more important of the two races. But the -- at. This. Port street. That -- -- of course -- Arts. -- Now daddy if you don't ever for many years Adori mornings at KB remember which was -- was it was it Jimmy Griffin who said that we had a tremendous snowstorm. And I think it was Jimmy Griffin who said we're about Dan never if we would -- lost the city do you remember that quote. I don't direct -- back. I -- -- let -- write a book that that the north. Here are your lost -- you've had that. Could be terrible day and thanks for going by pretty. Yeah -- idea I horseback riding club at 3000 members and he's had two events. Once every couple months. And so I'd better be funny if we -- I have a quarter horse that was really fast seventeen hands big four quarter horse and he was so muscular. And and Dan never had a motorcycles -- -- race. And so we had three -- it was in the feel a week ago I couldn't on the horse on the pavement. Guess who won. All three heats why I hate to -- I hate to brag and course -- last that was in the at all. Will take a break it will be back we're more -- beach and company.

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