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3-12 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 12, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh well all of his region governing I'm sending me jazz where facing a storm but the good news for the employees at WBM is we got flash -- and later aggregate pizza. All right how does that usually we don't get water so we're very happy -- that we pray every whatsoever a couple of months we've brave. For every snowstorm because we get all the goodies and there it's region governor -- all snow today. He would also very up and Tony aggressor -- -- first of all when Chris drove in same as when I drove -- it was nothing basically a real rain. Tony I was -- when you drove in. How visibility was tough front tiger falls boulevard once I got to well wheat field and ended -- -- Wanda. I'd say maybe seven car lengths -- you couldn't see. All right got a good thing is today we're gonna have winds forty to fifty mile an hour gusts along with a snow ten to fourteen inches and and I heard the definition of a blizzard did you have those conditions over three hours and so we're gonna do that. About what wall to wall coverage here and this is not my first rodeo I've been through a few of these before I have enough stuff in my office to stay here until Easter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have a recliner chair very comfortable one in my office what's the difference if I'm sleeping in my recliner -- homeless sleeping on the required year. I have extra clothes I have extra goodies I have everything I -- I am ready to go I'll buy you you ready. Well I've got a banana up a sandwich I had -- couple cookies in metals are mark. Checks mix. -- -- cheesy snack mix so they'll get me to about 10 o'clock after that I'm in trouble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What I do I swear to go from -- on nine I went down -- pop tarts and there's a flavor in there that I had not seen before. I yeah I think you told me about it and just talk about Sunday blonde yeah yeah as blessed as I love I have that so we are ready to go it's going to be a wall to wall rush will not be on today. The tentative plan is to have Tim -- on now from new industry that's -- you know have you know water they find the plane or. Or is something melts takes them away from it. Will probably be on longer -- the tentative plan is that rubio who beyond from -- -- -- so last night. After interviewing. Michael Savage yesterday on this show and ice and it was going to be -- had a good time and ago a lot of questions answered. I was listening to him last night ever made all of he replayed. The interview the whole interview he didn't even candidates about that's good specialists and so. I've worked in -- eleven different markets those some people see I'm still alive and still have the capability of speech without drooling so I think that's good that's step. -- step up but that was nice guys that would do that. Now okay what that a movie yesterday. And some monument man I I didn't see it before this. But for some reason it never came up and it didn't get good reviews. When it first came out -- -- mixed reviews and let me say this. The subject matter is great I mean it's very interesting and intriguing the Nazis tried -- Essentially erase. A culture by taking. You know priceless statues and paintings or whatever just stealing them and first taking everything from the Jews and and taking it from everybody. And and they hit them away and mines now that's that's a pretty fascinating subject. But it wasn't a very good movie I don't think. I like some of the people and it but it wasn't really that good. That's disappointment it is it is I I went and set for the original there was a documentary done on this. Appeared to about ten or eleven years ago I sent for that I velocity and I'll probably watch it the next coming at a chance. But not a not a great movie like got all set and you know I prepared. You know how I prepared for today. Yesterday. Went over friendlies and had a Jim dandy. It it it it's not this not your regular banana split that's only three schools that's for what he boys. I had a five scope Jim dandy. Five Scopes with bananas the whole thing because I had -- fuel up for today's show while we get stuck here that may be a bad idea Goran frustrated when I can't get stuck in Kenya after. We are no you do. You -- your breast feeding the baby after he that's what I thought. These -- in his radio you would get your daily whipping put up. The marks on her back quite -- I need to see my kids technical you know you can I don't ever you know face hammering like that. And to do that. And remember what -- I do -- -- for plays and going into a diabetic coma just discovered this discussion or a particular by. Or call -- as bird. Gerris Byrd did not take the buffalo offer and -- -- Colombia. You went on the open market. And he got a pretty good -- Chris what do you think of birds steal 54 million dollars. Yeah he won nine million a year according to Peter king and he got exactly that with twenty mil guaranteed to report a couple weeks ago was that the bills offered him a substantial offer. Our ten million near the first three seasons. My gas is either a you wanna stay here or they guaranteed money wasn't an offer may be was a front loaded deal and he just -- more spread out there on the contract because. If he got what we think he was offered armies who was offer what we think he was -- -- the -- I don't know why he went assailants as you brought up earlier maybe just want to. Yeah maybe even want to I'll tell you one thing. Having been to New Orleans at least eight times and having spent a lot of my career here. I far prefer -- New Orleans is not I mean you have is jazz there I know that but have you ever been in New Orleans in the summer. It smells like a Porta potty I'm sorry it really does I know we have stations we have the station in. In New Orleans that's an underground station but bluff I wouldn't go there if they gave me nor. I was really surprised because I thought that New Orleans was enough cap trouble not much -- water and it may affect even before he signed some recently. Have about two million -- not cap space out of this I have not and it was sign that's right. That's what I thought so they said -- be original reports where he's traveling to New Orleans. For an interview and I'm thinking. You need an interview should generations -- channel money they've they know what you Indo. You know I got a while on the view anymore than they've seen on video so but they signed him so that's that. It seems like we have with -- and the saints in the Denver Broncos they both act at least when I'm looking at people figure we have. A short window left with our franchise quarterbacks let's go for broke physical part with the Broncos are gonna entertained the markets where. Now imagine that then that's that's good yes good to me aren't they neglect the -- Land we come back we got a few more things -- big question today. Of their way to Alaska courts looking -- form what's going on with the weather. Road conditions you are our eyes and ears nobody has more reporters that we do because if you have a cellphone your your signed up your signed up for the good welfare of -- Community by letting us know what's happening. But the big question is. Today you're going to find out how essential you are okay. Because you remember the government when they shut down in -- Washington. It's essential employees only. Now that's good and bad -- is god knows if -- of the employee and your considered essential but as bad news is everybody else gets the go home and used there. So we're gonna ask you you're essential employees are you still work. What are you doing what do you do that keep -- at work and also would give you a chance to thank your boss for letting you go home morally. I know that some of our people are going home early in preparation for summer hours -- -- ready now for summer hours. If if if if if if it and. -- so you can thank your boss -- letting you out. -- you can play with your boss -- he's I have to go home. I don't want at least I can fill in the blank. And you don't have to use. Of the name of your company you don't want an event like your -- by his or her first name just so that in case. Here she lives and you'll get into trouble that -- will be back -- more would be in company. Congratulations. To the buzz WB BC television. They're going to -- O Lowell to Oscar tonight at 730 is going to be on -- Bob commissions eight. In all sports a W and why this WB BZ. His father of course is Steve tasker. And -- -- -- went to Cornell University played in the -- a -- still a member of the tiger cats and has a degree in communications at Cornell. And if -- if inheritance. His father's ability to do media I mean Steve -- fabulous. Those -- great job on the networks his west for commercials are great I mean doesn't get much better Steve tasker so good luck to him reluctant low. End. And I hope that your show goes well at WBV's the tonight 730 he's going to be on what Bob Kaczynski you know look if you're listening. Don't learn any bad habits from -- Yeah you know I mean everybody but Luke. What do you think Tony can learn but -- -- -- great through. Well. What do you know. This is not coincidence. Jonathan Marten. You know the guys that obviously is on the on the Christmas card list though of of Riggio whatever his name is this and Tiago what's Rich's last name god you know -- I don't yeah Gardner you know. -- so he's you know they say he's too soft. That isn't. It they do but they tried hard but by we're going after him turn into a bullying case right there. Guess -- is always going to San Francisco. I don't think that's by accident and I have. Off the chair he went to the raiders for instance. Are made as a huge difference when you cross the bay. I -- houses Evers is the raiders games that I didn't even go to a niners and but that the raiders have a whole different image. And the niners got like them I was from the best he's got his hat on backwards on this through his bridges in this room and -- -- -- Jesus right part of now all held court in the musical about queen is closing in London. After her 4600. Performances that's right we will rock you. Will be a closing. The creator Brian may Roger Taylor in on a comedian named Ben Elton -- -- all the people who have come to see the show. But it's -- closing after twelve years. 4600. Performances so Ursula. The music of queen fabulous I'm fact I was listening to some. As some of Freddie Mercury stuff the other day and at what an amazing voice they wanted to -- this. And there's a thing -- -- Elton John at the commemorative service for rock. For him were Elton John sings songs and it -- on -- great job in the crowd is phenomenal I mean you talk about the here and arms stand up so. It's it's not a surprise to me that lasted 4600. Performances I ER I grew up a big fan of queen and one of the things I was shocked to find out they're Freddie Mercury. Had very little confidence is piano playing poorly it was very good and Brian -- were constantly have to. Talk them out you know -- you can do this you're doing great and he just never had confidence. Whether performing -- or Iran or -- in the recording studio. There was a jazz singer named Abby Lincoln. -- that while knowledge she wanted to sing with Freddie but they wouldn't law because it would have been. Lincoln Mercury. Find other comedies are priceless thing that I could grab out for this edition of comedy nugget right here. If you are about owed the who murders speak with -- and a Brando -- from -- is bites and she just. A finisher Croshere and her husband went on a cruise out of Fort Lauderdale to bullies and cause of bell about that. I'm bullies and as a -- I go to Delhi. And she's talking about some of the thought that was there including. This is a -- But now and I rom. And and roasted peach soup. Does that sound like an interest things I'm impatient you all and another uncommon represented -- and potatoes. Well you can advocate resulted the details where campers and I kept reserves things I don't need I said I saw a picture of them. Our big fish are. Are not really sure they're beginning -- -- that their little Chinese you know -- argued that the that they don't look good position has some. -- on her -- web page you can check that out. Meanwhile for a cruise ship bureau -- business city. -- because we're going to Alaska and I'm thinking about what kind of provisions they have the pack. This is from the cruise -- she was on. A 125000. Meals a week. 60000. Appetizers. Thirteen thousand pounds of beef. 8000 pounds of chicken you like eggs I don't think they'll be a shortage 86400. -- -- that's a lot of hands and arms are about. 181000 pounds of tomatoes. 8000 gallons of my history and political. Checking out and that Brenda would like to know if you've experienced great food on your vacation. And do you like on a -- twentieth our accessibility of food on the crucial. Well when they asked me you know and government doing its trip to Alaska on princess. They said -- where where -- were getting your room prepared you know give me number whatever. They asked by my preference is listed as close the books today as possible. A wannabe it was just opened the door reach out and grab something. So I. I think that's what they're gonna do I don't know what Romans there but I that's where I -- be great game plan elephants you like that yeah is that I don't want to be without no no like a nobody gets up a cruise ship goes you know one. -- This about. Being available 24 hours a day that yikes yikes. We come back. We're going to talk about why you are essential for our -- essential. What are you doing at work a lot of people won't have to go to work today a lot of people have to go to school today. And you can thank your bus -- letting you out of work or you can win -- your boss to try and get out of work. They don't -- -- Montreal 1806009. Degrees at start time there. -- WB and wherever you go with a WB -- iPhone app. Powered by the final out left the best defense railings and -- I didn't is a major governor have said at least a little housekeeping here why don't we give away some tickets to see the bandits. That's right if you would like to see the bandits and actually have a four pack of tickets to see members is. Colorado the Colorado mammoth this Saturday. At 730 people law of the bandits in the go -- well. The value as a 112 dollars general contest rules applied -- the hard hitting high scoring action. A buffalo bandits lacrosse. At the buffalo alone and buffalo as they host the Colorado mammoth Saturday great seats still available first Niagara box office or online at bandits dot com so that's a now 6449 -- five. And Chris will take a winner at random. Now or ask him because of that weather we've been following the storm. For at least a week. In originally most of the forecasters thought that it would travel further south. So that we would not be as impacted as we're going to be. And now they're there not saying that anymore and we we're into the middle of a blizzard warning -- filled 2 AM. Tomorrow morning. And attending -- figures the -- ten to fourteen inches of snow depending on where you are and them being whipped around by forty to fifty mile an hour. Oh a win and and it's going to be four degrees tonight. So obviously not a not a great night not a great day. And a lot of view found out that even as early as last night that there's no school. So you had to make plans for the kids. And especially the younger kids to make sure of it that they were being looked after but I think that's a Smart moment. A numbers they call it up and I'd even though like right now it's going but it's not crazy snow yet. Is because though once one time I remember specifically they got the kids to school and couldn't get him out. Couldn't get home they don't do that the Paris in light of teachers in my kids and -- So now there are -- -- kind of look go a little bit more for than they used to which is which is a good thing. So humble most of the schools -- walls and maybe there might be some open but most of them are closed. So -- that impacted your day. Now if you went into work major -- say you know what why don't should work half a day. And then go home so you probably felt great now your boss may not have said that your boss may have said. No with your job and what we have to do. We have to be there -- you know if -- a copy can't go home in the middle of the day. For a fireman who can't go home if Europe a linesman. You know you work on telephone poles and things like that you can't. One would assume that that people come up to do service work especially service work. On things like furnaces are wondering you know people like Royce a plumbing. And -- heating. You have to be that's that's the of the point that you're there when your customers need you. But with some you can we can take an afternoon off being could be safer at home that you would be I'm trying to travel in the teeth of the storm. They said anything around just about the time we're getting off the air which is known Rush Limbaugh will not -- on today by the -- Tim Weiner will be in for rush. That's today at no -- about the time we're getting off the air. Is when it's going to be intensifying. That's what they say I don't know how accurate they are right to the minute but so far they've been pretty close you woke up this morning. I woke up this morning and what what we see turn on the -- wasn't snowing. The road was still clear from the night before. But then it started snowing around 7 o'clock and and they say yeah as -- step by about 1 o'clock. It's going to hit the fan and the one thing that you it does not matter what kind of a driver you are if you have no visibility. It's so dangerous. I actually for the first time in my whole life heads turn around during the last storm we had remember. Couldn't say I didn't know where I was didn't know where I was if I was facing the street or facing the building. I didn't know if there's a light pole in front of me and baca may and it was spooky and I've been driving along time and nothing really frightens me so. But that did. And so I don't know we're gonna have that today. But I can see that the wind is practically sideways now. But we're all prepared here we're gonna keep you informed we want you to be our eyes and -- That's that's the way that is so if you see things going on traffic wise. And you know I saw yesterday and and a shy guy Shawn post that it. Right over here. That may pull in sweet home -- -- tackle ball up the by Taco Bell. Our car was in the parking lot trying to come out to the road trying to come out to maple. And he missed the driveway by about six feet. He was nose down into a ditch. And it there's no way he could to slit like that because you can't get up that kind of speed in the parking lot I think he drove into. I think he actually drove nose down into a ditch. And look like -- -- over the the other out of every yeah all right right don't I can't figure out -- because the sky was clear it was fifty degrees it was a still afternoon there was no. No problem with the with headlights or anything like that. But hey guys when I -- moments of a shy guy Shawn that posted that picture. A -- them you ever gonna get off of FaceBook I live a phrase I don't know you do. You know people think for cars they're wrong and got to live for foods they're wrong to think of for guns they're wrong. They've got a four horses there -- wrong I live for you really -- a monitor all the time what can I say them a book I am -- I got to go to FaceBook support. It. 9301806169. Through music start I'm thirty argue essential. Why are you working right now when a lot of a fellow workers are already home. You can call and thank your boss is if you have the afternoon off for the whole day off. Or you can -- -- -- your boss come on on you don't have to actually. Usually name if you don't want to. Budget complete with the boss to let you out you know kind of like a boss it's dangerous. Who really appreciated if -- home early. You know I usually don't -- I'm I'm fair -- right to the bitter end but today might be able different. So well last people who plead to -- safety issue our boss is Gregory. And as soon as we find out where he is we'll call. We have no ideas of boating season. And get them -- cut his describing all good at the rubbing his Barnicle. I don't know what he's going. But I disagree agreed the other day unfortunately -- on -- milk carton. But anyway it is a beach and company and we want to give us a call our eyes and Ayers tell us where oh where you are and what it's doing where you are. So that people have a heads up will be back after this are few essentials are you working argue essential. In other words if -- cop. If you're a fireman. I mean if you're utility worker -- service or maybe a tow truck driver plow driver he got to be working on a day like this but maybe you don't have to -- And there were asking what are you doing at work -- he sure worked. And you wanna thank you -- of -- letting it go. -- co op and it will pass the word around. If you'd like to plead with your boss in order to get a little time off during the storm you can do that -- I wanna ask you this people. All the time bitch about the media when it comes to Western New York. And reporting weather because first of all weather has dominated the television newscasts for some time now. The lot a lot of time devoted to weather and especially if there's any kind of situation out of the ordinary. I wanna know from you know does the media do too much is it too much -- too much information. I know that when they're going over the -- bars and I was I didn't go to meteorological school. But at the bottom. And his eyes wanna know if it's gonna rain snow once those are the stuff that kinda stuff do they give too much information. There is that not enough information maybe you need more. Is it just right like the three bears too much too little just right. And what are some fun things to do at home to pass the time and I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about things you don't have the plea bargain for I'm just talking about games reading you know dvds whatever. But there are people do things at home. That they might not be doing because of weather because I don't see this is a march okay. Next next December. We'll find out who the storm babies are okay. Okay Chris so we have some breaking news what it and we -- were. He bush coverage -- brought this in for us so I don't know Tonya but police and fire officials are responding to reports of an explosion at 116 street and park avenue and upper Manhattan. Went down around 9 AM fire reported in the building's structural integrity may be compromised right now. One injury reported what the condition is unknown they're gonna have updates in our news here at the top of the hour and anytime we find out and. Lets you know OK thank you very much a 116 and park avenue an explosion we will keep you informed. So the basic questions are you essential what are you doing at work pitchers still -- work there's a lot of people were already gone home. Are you wanna thank your boss that's fine -- with -- boss seats again you know get out of some work today that's fine to the media too much info too much I've. Not enough. Or just right and fun things to do at home while people play board games Lotta people play electronic games. -- people catch up on reading and a lot of people go in for a little -- here and there and I'm not talking. About a caution let's go to Ken. Cameras cell phone tenure on WB yen. And -- a brother and a -- the most essential employee at my place in -- -- simplicity. And you know people -- leading -- -- completing just the worries -- Stuff so yards -- what do what do you what you're running we're gonna drug. And real big belt and I'm -- the -- -- -- the guy he really cute to be in graphic with the real. The ball away -- Axles under trailer he'd like to provide an apple right. 364248. Players -- I'll beautiful hollows are you driving so far. Well. A lot being -- in this stop but I overrated and corporate -- bridge right now in white out. Blowing snow insurgents unbelievable district restore order everywhere. And -- people get around you when your debate church so -- -- -- All and it also people have to understand that you can't stop that truck like they can stop their car simply because of the weight -- so they get it -- wider berth while I hope you have a nice save around today Kevin thanks for checking in with us appreciate it. You know my father obviously drove for 32 years and I was worried about him in the snow because. People don't understand that you just can't stop that thing on a dime yet -- you can you really can't. And they get angry because they can't see around the drug. But they -- you know you know much of our goods and services come by truck lots -- Watson's lots and lots and lots. 80393018061692. Through six and let's go to Paul himself bubble Paul you're on WB yen. Good morning hello Paul. I just wanted to share Margaret's two. But 3:30 this morning I was able to notify all must -- members not to do it. It secured interest for school -- -- we're going to be -- the -- at this station this specialty and so inform. Concerning whether. Myanmar and we we. We love this show we look this station. We love the weather report there's no way to here. Too much information if it wasn't for the weather report on this station out of the army must surely would navigate through these don't. Well that's beautiful we're glad to hear that you appreciated and and we take a very very seriously and enjoy your day off by -- insiders say friends thanks for sharing all of this fall thank you very much. Yeah buffalo. You know for years and years and years what when when the weather would hit. Everybody wants that information immediately how many -- you when your kids. You wanted to hear your school was calls now will vote communications we have now now we get that information so they get it faster it's more widespread and that's fine. You can and a listened 24 hours of data WB and told -- last night not not this past night the night before. When I have the radio on all night and I heard Tom Connolly overnight. A mention. Something about the change in the weather -- I woke up instantly and listened. And does so it is his 24 hours it today it's you know what it's it's wall to wall coverage Rush Limbaugh will not beyond. And Tim Weiner who did a great imitation of a caller on that last called -- -- racing radio I think there was Tim Miller -- it was. If pushed accuracy and become legal drive their big giant tractor with that massive long -- I would love to drive that tractor on this and I'll tell you land has the biggest follow I have ever seen it looks like something that they would use in Alaska. It looks like a road clearing implement. I have now I've seen big -- you know we're counting his big -- the state has big house and some of them have more than one swallow -- the big -- -- bear beside wing while. You have people you know a scouting ahead by helicopter armed -- stuff but I have never seen a -- As big as the -- well it's it's just amazing -- -- be fun. Is that is we all get in the plow and take a publicity picture. That's a great idea of staff could probably if Tim Weiner is listening the staff could probably fit. Our entire staff could fit inside the plow. The actual miles of of well we haven't left the south than that yeah because what they do is they take that Wallin they attach it to what what what looked like a normal -- while so it's oversized its doom -- -- and it. That would be a cool publicity pictures let's start to I like it talk to mr. -- handy so it we can borrow as well Korea a photo shows. Little -- glam shot. We'll be back with -- would be to governor are you essentially oh are you working you wanna thank your bus because you're not working -- you honestly would your boss a triangle home early. The media too much information not enough information just right the last call was very complimentary we appreciate that. And fun things to go home on a stormy day will be back.

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