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Still Ski Season In WNY

Mar 12, 2014|

Jane Eshbaugh & Rachel Fanelli

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What do we think snow even with a blizzard we think about skiing a lot of us do anyway let's talk about skiing on the live line. Jan -- marketing director and holiday Valium will also talk -- Rachel finale assistant marketing director was kissing bridge. James your first good morning and thank you for joining us. Why -- I don't know of a blizzard is good news or bad news is I'm not a skier. What you folks -- holiday valley thinking right now. Outlets I would be very nice straps are blind people can get yeah. I went there I mean are we actually be out there definitely didn't have great conditions. Yeah that's a good point. Yes Rachel you hear -- too. Good morning hi Rachel. But what about you guys would stand which you're thinking you know looking at the weather outside today. Well it just started to turn to no buyout and that the temperature 38 degrees and it expected to drop though. You know -- you know the batter hit it makes everything look prettier and action into it there's no in the north count -- -- my back often for -- because. The last couple days as you look around there's -- now I'm in anyone's plot. So definitely if there's a little bit now everywhere around it helps us out perfectly well. Racial element maybe -- you can weigh in on this right after racial -- is my question. It's almost the middle of march. When they ski resorts generally. Shut down for good. I'll answer we actually haven't anticipated closing date -- to bridge. The end of march. But what generally do -- we're gonna play it by ear it's starting out Monday that seventy. I am seeing how much -- we have and be made closed down. Monday through Thursday and -- days during the week and I'm always made stay open next week if we get it laughter you know and that if you want to know where. But basically your skiers just you know they are going on the way to go to Florida and delicacy of the we have -- that's not by. Our customers. Generally just aren't into it as much. And it's it's hard once the count it turns to march. Jane you wanna pick up on that point too I mean is it possible that you will close before the snow is gone. Black Tar Heels -- target closing date is April 6. Last year we actually -- -- much though. At least they open an actual week. Not only that's not a possibility here begins at La -- all right Al. If they -- I'm. Without a question on star -- to me how they actually get people Larry many asking where Indio thing that. -- your brain a little eight year -- elite and I can't shake and who knows that act after -- And Jana is about askew would be measured on a holiday valley. And it's much more of a resort area of on the global theory is that kissing bridge that's why you've extended your you're closing -- on April right. I only have a conflict underneath this no -- -- How well. -- heard about but that you're not getting information now. What's latest that you. Have both stayed open do you know the dates. Rachel are like I'm right. I've got -- open for the first week of April. We opened extremely early this year and we opened on November 20 -- So is there a 103 days where I've seen. It today. And I tell you though. We have had from the past skiing conditions ever ever that I've ever -- this year even though the little frigid. The conditions have amnesia. The past. Now I have to agree with you Jane what about you will what's the latest you've stayed open. Lincoln mid April all accurate one of the latest state. That was there and that they pulled it out bench. And that I really -- -- -- here you know or -- actually called captures how it's you could be. Really really took in -- area where I'm at night. Well Lola said of cells and also as a very profitable season thank you both for joining us this morning. Our guests ritual finale assistant marketing director with kissing bridge and -- -- marketing director at holiday valley and elegant well.