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Analysis of Sabres Recent Changes

Mar 12, 2014|

MSG Analyst Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- is spec Mike broke ties in studio -- that I'll. It has been spent too long as an electorate but aren't you glad -- back for the for the second blizzard of the winter being well winter on record with two blizzard. It's like the Iditarod around here this year and you know coming in driving and there was some data to begin improvement atomic hear him and tell them everyone right now cuddyer has existed in the steam up you know boy -- you sound like a real radio -- as good a beautiful voice so -- Michael Savage -- I don't know I don't have to normal realm of the dial half by 2 o'clock glory look over Michael Savage -- -- -- -- they're getting set to yes as they got on the plane was on America look my wife's a toll right now and -- the school come Ronald. Instantly so. You know you can have people attack him in your face all morning her during the flight expected Fiore. Well hey let's talk some -- let's do that -- despite some changes that the sabres have made you know and keeping their top prospects in the minors to think that's the best decision here. I really applaud them for that and on -- something that should have been done probably. Earlier -- But it you know all of us therapy -- to keep the -- on -- put a good base to them. Good foundation and I think people should also should realize that. You know you tend to think about the big players appear on this team and other doing what's happening -- -- -- happening around here but. I'll tell you -- the most important positions in this organization. Becomes the coaching staff down and a Rochester. Capacity becomes a key issue here and now he's deals with these young players knowing brings Malone and it seems like he's -- there and good job. The tough flow loss to the Nashville last night there's a lot of new faces a lot of new advisable upon difficult is that for these guys to adjust and play together. It can be you you love you you know athletes tend to get into a rhythm where they get really really comparable with one another in situations and just. Almost -- the body language of your different teammates and you don't have their faces in there all the time it's it's a bit of a distraction. Is not a comfortable feeling. They always welcome these new players they work themselves and very quickly but. I can tell you UB your life better off -- an easier position if he -- some continuity and personally when -- in the bottom of the -- like you -- give me your general manager management to humor. Constantly looking for a way to improve them. If you're going to improve that means certain players have to move on new players have to commend him so. You've got to try you have to do that as best -- can Skoda as best you can make some critical decisions. At this point in time I think when player. X in this trade deadline it's going under the radar and might be a diamond in the rough news. The worry a -- QB picked -- -- In the trade in the U is the I think he's an exceptionally fine young people area he has a great future and his religion to play. Yeah and he's big and he moves well. And John here's a really important he he played defense also. So we understands. Now being forward exactly. -- defense -- like. And how to make them feel uncomfortable. Because he's had that this faces -- defense when he understands that so serious now as a forward. And he's just -- in your face all the time he's finishing his checks as well probably better and anybody on this theme at this point. Of. 41 loss last night things started out pretty well for -- over the predators seem to take over after that person as the game went on what happened the sabres after they could start. I think they did have a good start my doctor finish was quite good -- the finish their checks and second efforts and all those good things and then everything disappeared and I think you know the major reason is they just go to work the last two periods. That's unusual for the steam even though there losing the use -- you know work at least work as hard as -- opposing team keep things. Pretty close because of that but and I don't like that happen in the second and third period they ran out of gas and they also played against a much better hockey club. So you know the bottom line is there's probably they played a better team and a team that was capable of just putting a wet blanket over them just shutting them right down and stuffing a lot of good defense of Iraqi Government through. Police say safe today don't know where to get stranded here now I don't know if I don't have too -- to -- so everybody police and -- periods of that he could be a rough go. Yeah Harry and not -- visit by the way is antibody anti stance and that's always good to have New York's artisan cheese there. We'll see you next week okay my site and sabres analyst -- attack.