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Trump Visits Syracuse

Mar 12, 2014|

Tom Dadey & Nick Langworthy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's take a quick break from the weather. And talk politics on the WBM live -- we have two guests Tom Davey junior. Usually Republican Party chairman and -- -- -- that's Syracuse. And Erie county is GOP chairman -- worthy is also on the live line first to -- did -- good morning -- thank you for being with us. You back -- did you hear everything there from Donald Trump last night that might give -- a clue -- to others' intentions might be as far as running for governor. Well I think he's certainly sounded like candidate -- standing room only crowd out of a little over 300 people at the grand ballroom they're open here in Syracuse. Talk about the future of the state of new York and how he would straighten it out. How excited town. Our Syracuse Republicans about the possibility of a trump run. There was a lot of energy and a lot of enthusiasm and last I knew it was there he certainly can attest to that there were a lot of new faces in the crowd. There were there was just a lot of enthusiasm about his potential candidacy for governor. -- where they chairman of the Erie county GOP must -- you for a couple of minutes here. What may June make the trip to Syracuse last night that. Well look -- Mozilla. A very good friend in someone that -- while we've got an illustration there we try to be yell loud voices for a state within the Republican Party leadership. And I was really glad we're not Donald Trump agreed duke actually in salt water show my support. That we know you're there and Carl Paladino was there were you trying to do some. Convincingly now we know that trump is making a decision this week. Well this is that we discuss you know enough and I'm going in and discussions have been going that would compliment. It is smaller or closing in on it now forward I'm gonna. Who really either -- Balkan war. Or. Or would walk away from the table. If if this campaign going to you know windup there's. You know the conventions come up the middle of may. We'd love to see Donald Trump go. I RC chairman and track there DE apparently went portal -- we can get our league in the race well soul. There was something I didn't know before I got here. And I think would would do. Which would add some more support you know behind beacon. Trust. Mr. Daly back to you now for a second what did you hear her last night from mr. -- that you like that he touched. On any of the important issues facing New York State. He did he talks specifically about upstate talked about you know this safe effective and how ridiculous that was passed in the -- right now it needs to be. Are repealed he talked about job creation something he certainly knows something about because it is. Our business experience in the successful organization that he has built at the Trump Organization. He talked about that energy independence and how lighter fracking would be such a boom for upstate yen at how unconscionable and it is. They had Governor Cuomo is not even agreed to cast -- southern -- so weird. A lot of things about you know his vision for the state in new York and how we need to do something about jobs and how we need to reduce the tax structure here in upstate. Okay this is for both of you -- in the short with your answer and starting with -- If trump decides not to run its just gonna leave a lot of Republicans. Disenfranchised. -- I don't think it's fair to call -- disenfranchised. In the candidate to say not to run all the time -- -- -- In thirty years where we could build on it bring people haven't been able -- or people or. To the table from the first time actually. We needed when Carl Paladino -- era in buffalo. It is people who knew him as leader here this. The -- -- got to work. Are any Q did you know we we feel you know at a credible candidate race you know someone that you know -- a lot of Republican conservative values that -- You know we can get behind -- are real credible. Campaign against. In record time. Yeah I mean I would agree what what mr. -- You know there's a lot of enthusiasm right now Republican Party because the focus is on court candidate will be for governor that that you will be clear as we can close our convention. In mid may and the focus once we come out of our convention I truly believe that we will be unified behind our candidate for governor. In the focus will be solely on the Andrew Cuomo and what an abysmal job is -- scholar for the last three years. Gentlemen are great to have you with us this morning thank you for joining us and we'll talk to themselves. Thanks for among our guests Tom Davey junior chairman of the GOP and on a -- becoming that Syracuse and Erie county Republican Party chairman a plane shortly.

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