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7am Weather Whip

Mar 12, 2014|

Elliot Abrams, Doug Tokarczyk, Dan Nevearth, Jr

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WBM live line unwelcome AccuWeather is Elliott Abrams. Good morning Elliott this blows -- those heading this way it's in his formative stages right now. Exactly where is that what kind of weather factors are combining to create. This. Was on the storm is centered just near Cincinnati right now the heaviest snows across southern Michigan out to the Chicago area where they already two hour delays getting -- -- And is it intensifies today more moisture comes into it and the cold air comes in all these things converge right over Western New York. And so this'll get heavier start to come down one to two inches an hour. Suddenly the temperature we drop into the twenties where the -- is a -- to be picking up to fifteen to thirty and then forty miles per hour and so what's in OK and manageable situation may be in the mid to late morning. Becomes one where it's almost -- war may be is impassable this afternoon. What is it affected -- quiet now shouldn't fool anybody. Exactly right we could have our plan a moment this afternoon. Okay Leo thank you for the update CU and one hour for thing. Next on the WB and live line is -- two -- that -- -- deputy division director of the New York's it's really done good morning. -- -- lot of people wondering about the threw great today you guys have kind of been up front all winter long. I'm letting people know what your plans -- this looks like Castro missed not gonna mess at what can you tell listeners who aren't planning to use the three way. Well we are prepared we because the weather has not been too bad last week or so. It's given our -- can't sit at a revitalized the equipment. -- personal lives we do have additional crews. Through these crews that are moving into the area we've got six trucks that are coming. From east of our division from Syracuse in order to help us out here in buffalo area. But if things really get bad things really start to hit the fan later today. Will you close. We're gonna let the weather dictate that and will be in close communication -- is DOT. State police and our. Other transportation partners in order to determine what to do it. The various parts of the through way and various other connections. Other transportation facilities as bagels out. OK -- we appreciate you checking in with us. And -- to car sick he's the deputy division director of the New York State -- way. Next on the live line has been and never through junior -- commissioner of emergency services for Erie county. Good morning Dan thank you for joining us we know you're busy what are you preparing for today. What did you orange suit and actually a lot of preparation that they place over the last 56 years with -- do what they able Greg. I yesterday it was more of a plant gate with regards you what that was gonna -- countywide dispersed -- accounted for now. And I and not whether we are going to be activating our efforts are well I'm so. They renal and added that the region are real people out there are resources out emergency services. Near -- there -- that clear previous past the USP is really important. -- are not at all he Department of Transportation and county transportation pal bill is also. Chair department. State police. Or won't dispute you -- replay you of what we get there are collapsed Activision would be slower earlier this. Dan what's the weather like where you are you an Orchard Park. Actually I'm heading right now toward the emergency operations better and that's bellhop a hell I'm at least Oregon itself -- Okay then thanks for the update we'll chat little that are running and I hope. But again I'm never -- the junior commissioner of emergency services for Erie county.

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