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Donald Trump In Syracuse

Mar 12, 2014|

still considering, but not announcing a run for Gov.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- pleasure to introduce our guest this evening. He's a man who needs no introduction. He's world renowned folks recognize and all over the ball he's a proven leader. He's a successful businessman. He's a great Family Guy. He's a republic -- He lives in New York he's in new Yorker. He's somebody that we want to hear from. Because he has an interest in politics ladies and gentlemen and you may have been reading about it lately. Ladies and gentlemen. It's my pleasure to introduce. Donald Trump got all. And while while -- well. Well thank you. And it's great that you have a record tonight we only want records right. But I have to say he had nick -- worthy if you the people that have been so supportive and they came to my office. And they said would you consider doing business and certain nick you're back there and David EPA and bill and OJ and a whole group of people mean a Carl Paladino I have to say he has been. An amazing guy you know he's a very good guy not everybody you know is right but a very good guy. And very special guy and I've really become friends with him over the list of what he was one of the first to call it's that you can win you can win it will be a landslide. I said Saturday -- -- battle landslide. But he said you can win you have the name recognition you have the money you have other things that mean you can win and evens -- in fact. Just snapped up. Just now he Kaman and usage you can win it will be a landslide again -- -- of weird that work. You don't have to have a landslide if you win by one vote that's just fine. It's genocide. So I just got back from Miami. Where so many of your friends because they've moved in to Miami and it moved ahead of because to taxes so high in New York but I just got them back. And I took over about three years ago I bought Doral. And about a year ago I started a massive renovation of Doral was called around country. And now it's called trump national Doral and it's become. The hottest thing parents and I said well I bought it to 800 acres right smack in the middle of Miami. And I said what I bought it I wanna make this the number one resort anywhere in the United States and yourself probably did many of you see the tournament over the weekend. It was amazing. And a new course they said don't do that you can't do that you just have to renovate the old one just picks it up. Because we don't have enough time last year Tiger Woods won. With nineteen under par two years before that somebody won with 22 under par. And I hated the concept of 22 under par because it means -- course is too easy. And the great Ben Hogan we all know Ben Hogan he said I've never seen a great course that's easy so that means they can't make it to these. So I said the only way I can do this is to load up -- -- so good. So I blew it up and the tour had a fit they -- you'll never be able to have it done by last week for the new tournament. A year is enough time well I got it built I got it built on time on budget it opened a month ahead of the tournament. And to this day nobody in the PGA tour can believe it and it's -- and bolt. And beautiful it's gotten phenomenal reviews. And when I was getting all of these reviews in the we're talking about how brilliant the courses that great architect -- Lance who -- that is. Who's this hottest he's this guy golf recognized during the course in Rio de Janeiro for the Olympics. And -- I said Gil I want it really spectacular. I want Alex to be bigger I wanted to be deeper -- the greens to be massive I want the fairways to be. Unbelievable. And I want to course to be much longer. He says wow I usually you have enough time so of course I don't have a hole. So the last. People as tiger was hoisting the trophy Lister overs. Before he got the trophy down the -- diseases on Sunday night started to roll -- he said what's that no resisted don't worry about it you know afterward. -- bulldozers. But I said to myself oh we're getting all these great rave reviews -- you know that's what New York. And it's not so complicated it's called competence you really need it now. When you think of New York I think a lot of upstate a lot of people don't think of upstate except for about 45 months before the election you notice how many guys are -- here -- hello. What do you view this money would you do that -- I guarantee you -- December 1 you never hear from them again. Fact I don't wanna cut it any more accurately than that let a couple of weeks go by -- right after the election you literally won't hear from. The people that hearing so much from right now. Upstate New York has been abandoned. You know it I know what this guy knows it and it's been totally abandoned. And it will be abandoned again. For another three and a half years. But it's amazing to every time -- -- elections this year we have forty fort 50% of the vote people realize. Almost 50%. You used a 56% of the vote and even more than that but that's unfortunately people leaving. Leaving and there are flocking -- going and going fast. And then moving to places like for them to places like Miami. Where you go down that -- give people like is actually hate to say it is because you know people don't even know they think repeal these taxes. But people don't even now and I hate to bring it up and speak to get some people ideas I made a speech. Two weeks and I talked about ally the taxes or new York and how it was Florida. And two people came optimistic you know -- it -- mr. trump what you know leave. You give it -- talking people into. So what happens is you have to do is something to stem the -- We lost one point six million people over the list very short of what puts me. We lost a lot of very wealthy people I have friends of mine at a very well and enemies you know summer apps wouldn't meet him. But they're rich and -- create a lot of jobs. And they pay a lot of taxes. They used to New York. And that's where the money goes and then the money gets an gets squandered and wasted in the do all sorts of things with it and that a bad things and some good things but a lot of bad things. And these guys leave. And I she won the other day. He's at the airport he's coming back to me to -- it was a -- two days a week sometimes three you can't do more than three. And they leave. Any -- he gets a ticket at the told them. And he wants he not only gets a ticket because you know the order is going after the state people and they do because it's tremendous amounts of money. To get a ticket and they asked the told Clark to sign the ticket. These guys are standing -- -- -- what I have to get a but now they getting so used to assigning tickets because they want absolute proof that they left -- Sunday night and when they leave on Sunday night. They leave Florida at 1130. So they arrived after 1 in the morning meeting after twelve but after one wanna give himself and hours and nobody can. What is it that way they haven't wasted it day by arriving at. Like 11:50 in the evening. And then they go back. And they take a ticket from that elbows. Or have -- -- for ticket taken and had the market have that the person signed the ticket. And they put it in their files they give it to this CPAs and very Smart people. And -- -- You know live and now some -- worse than some just they have many many -- gone in just -- Butler. So we're losing a tremendous amount of people. -- losing a tremendous amount of rich people and when I see rich it's not that rich people a better because I don't believe they are better infected many cases where I know some of the worst. Human beings. That are very rich. Horrible horrible people you know what -- -- And other and a pain and they go to flirt and they don't have to do that itself. You have to reduce taxes in this day -- just not gonna have any boys and you can end up being another Detroit. And is -- gonna take very long -- take very long. So that's one thing and you look at the bloated state government some believe when you see that kind of money. That they stand now we spend more per student. Than any state in the United States and yet. From a test standpoint we have among the worst results. But we spend tremendous amounts of money. And you're here they want and charter schools and you do want to do this and do that it's like inconceivable but we spend more than any state. In the United States. And our results are at the bottom. So often wrong and something really wrong. You have the safe act which is a total catastrophe. It's hard to believe that even got past. I mean. Look. He's sitting at home. And a bad guy walks in with a guy. At least one happy sure. You don't wanna be defense. And you don't Chicago they have the toughest gun laws and have more. Problems in place in other places with that some of the toughest gun laws have more problems than -- But this effect is disaster and I have to tell you whoever ultimately is going to be the nominee. For the Republicans -- better bring it up very loud and clear it is bad act. Is a catastrophe. It's I call it the -- active -- Wednesday. You need protection. You need protection. And law enforcement Selma and speak to the east as we think that is how can you do how opinion how can you take the people's. Guns away. Now the bad guys you notice the bad guys are going to keep it adds that do we agree giving -- everybody handed you guys. Everybody had to -- again. The wrong people gonna keep it when you know what you're talking. But the law abiding people will go on hand in their guns are registered -- It's absolutely. Crazy absolutely. Insane and that thing I don't understand and I said this to Tom. Said to bill lives edited David EPA drugs at every. Tell -- all the time I say. It's possible. That. You don't register all these people could. Even register them. And you would think that they would be like -- -- -- The Republicans would win in -- it's like -- Unless it's a Republican that isn't doing too well in life. So. You look at things that are going on with you look at things going on this it's very interesting. I came out about two months ago -- Bill note it was there and in -- carpenters I came out with a statement at a meeting. The bridge. Tolls so high. It's in saying. The highest in the country may -- -- in the world. And somebody she does that ones and we got to cut those cells. And interestingly it Governor Cuomo. The following week came attitude with Erica pistols in its interest. -- And I didn't get any -- that is that -- But I guarantee you that was the response. That was a response to what I said. And speaking of upstate and I have to tell you so. Phillips. When I was little boy and went right near Binghamton. -- Of it here of camp. Right. Name. What five years to camp -- And I don't say that denote state -- going but it was -- Late in the people and everybody news shows at different times different age. But it was something that was beautiful now the state has almost 400 billion dollars in debt they kept one -- -- -- -- Again tax bases eroding. -- a lot of people leaving companies. That she is advertising. And has seen it. Because it's I think I've never seen it like this time it's over and over. Even during my golf tournament at New York against people watching them watching. They come to New York but. Will it. Come to New York annual pay. Now. No one knows more about taxes mean no more text. Of the Grand Island. That was the first commercial tax abatement. I think it's -- and get. I think it's great but I really understand it but here's a tax. Abatement. And this in this case is sort of more than it. What's unfair is two things that one all the people that it does -- appear from paying taxes that don't get. If you come to New York with a new company that could compete with somebody that's been paying taxes -- thirty years appear you don't pay taxes and they. But number one and number two who's gonna come to New York anyway. There's at the end of ten years you'll make it company nice and strong and then you gonna be the highest paid and text company. And the country. So who wants to build a company to know that it ten users actually gonna take your company away. So it's not gonna work but I believe. And I'm pretty good at the stuff I believe. That they've spent has to be a hundred million dollars or more on this it and essentially. It's a politically it. Let's face it to politically it. I don't know how you deal with it but that it is just saying. Vote for me. We're open to business. The State's open -- is now the people here saying they talk about. But they say. Vote for me so I don't know I mean I leave that up to the Republicans but that is one of the most egregious things as seen in awhile that and is so political. And yet it's being paid for by. The people in this room and the people in this building. And the people in Syracuse which has lots of problems although I do think it. Have a great basketball team. And I think they have a great coach you know here's a -- It's sometimes just say that about a coach -- but that's what you know -- speak is a little bit of man it's that way I watched him for so many years. Each has been so it's it's and he wins he just keeps winning no problems and you people mean that it may use to talk about the same. But I think we have a great coach Kevin great basketball team. And I hope they do very well in the coming weeks because it's going to be very interesting is a good shot what do you think Syracuse attack. That would be a great thing. That would be a great thing for the area now. I've said. -- -- In New York State has tremendous potential and most people think what it. Technology. Over the past five years has changed the fortunes. -- change the fortunes New York State. Can be tremendously success. Because of energy read your feet right under the you can pay. We could use taxes. So many. And yet Governor Cuomo want to know well. Have a good relationship with them action. But I know him very well. Or whatever reason could be Bobby Kennedy. Add this. -- But for whatever reason he's not allowing you. To go down and yet that energy and get all that money and get all those and make the State's success. It's the single biggest thing you can do. Take this state and shaky. And -- -- it you know bracket talk about for a and they see them movie you know the phony movie with a fire coming water you know and say that the -- used to be long before this -- You know -- fuel that is nonsense. They're very few problems one of the biggest oil men in the world is different them when used name is not political persons -- -- The incidence. Meaning drilling. Unions has no problem ever anywhere. Other than some made up problems that turn out not to be real. And great safety measures and you know you have to work but it's good salad stuff you look at Arctic north decode is boom everybody's. Taxes are mostly here in and test them. He really great source of -- in new York and -- is now. Neighboring states are sucking it right at -- news. So if you weigh in oil doesn't say oh that's the boundary from New York we're not allowed to go there. And yes I -- it tennis has -- come get me who is ours. And you look at Pennsylvania the money that they Jamaican in the money at it taking. And planning that's coming from New York. And you know the funny thing is are watching environment and I do very well environment -- -- -- not. A person that totally scouts I'm not a big global warming person. You know I mean global warming the Hudson River you can't it's it's the coldest it's ever been. It was showing the other day that bring in these massive ice breakers they've never needed before the Hudson River I don't know. In other greatest. The greatest where the sciences that went out to studied the ice caps that was to me the greatest. So there was scientists. And -- outstanding global warming which if you remember their emails from a few years ago in Europe remember the famous emails we've really gotten fooled this time though when okay. Scientists and the -- ship which is just getting crushed by -- They were helicoptered off but. You know global warming people and they have to study how -- the ice cap just this. Right. Except that cold. Really. And within one. Day. The ice -- surrounded them by fourteen miles. Fourteen miles and that would totally stock. And then they had many many miles and this was seriously except so what happened is they sent a tremendous icebreaker. And that would couldn't break the ice and then they sent one from China and I said I'll watch China. They don't like doing. Couldn't even did this massive -- So then they got these people off the boat which is like a team can't just being. Ideas. And you know they wouldn't say that pretty soon you can have noise left unfortunately picked the wrong week and the greatest is that. When the press reported it to certain type of media report that they no longer called them scientist called them two hours two hours. It's a classic. But you know it's funny global warming and is probably warming in this schooling you know years ago they were really -- about global cooling. Level cooling with a big brown in the 1920s. The magazine covers world covering global -- -- gonna freeze to death I was going to be bored. Many of you people would never going to be what everybody was going to be frozen. That was global cooling but of course didn't take it -- seriously in those days today. Answers you know. What's the purpose -- saying we're going to screw up or factories -- and I believe by the wait strongly in cleaner. I get so many I have so many environmental awards. For doing so many great things environment. But what's the greatest thing we're going to take. Our factories. And put it tremendous premium them for. All sorts of things many of which are necessary and many of which are totally unnecessary. But China. Can buy our call. Our largest purchaser of coal is China right David. And we shipped that we can use -- but we're -- -- -- now you know -- Europe and the universe to be placed enormous universe and that it is. And. At what happens is when China. Has that colleges. Doing. Just spewing into the atmosphere and we -- trying to keep everything just. Change marks. And then they can undercut us and then by the way last week they devalue the dollar you saw it devalued their own currency. It when it devalues the dollar now is just being. Killed in terms of competition it's so hard for our people testing. I thought they do that nobody has devalued it currency batters in history. In history Japan needs to be fantastic. But nobody has played the game better attention. And nobody's been smarter. I thought it was just that but they couldn't get away. But what happens is we become so -- and with the president that has no clue. We've become so weakened. That. Actually devalued. Again. And so. Now that means. Take more and more. When you talk about global warming factories have no control what's. And it is spewing. Are using it but there and make that sustained. So it's wonderful that this little stretch of land that we have which ultimately is very little compared to. It. Compared to the universe. But there's little stretch. We're talking about. Cleanliness -- talk about but. Other countries don't even know what we're talking. You know they here's some of the buzz words. And they actually say and one of the great things is you're no longer if you're into that world you no longer allowed to use the term global warming. Because working. So you have used -- which is covers every if it called it's hot and -- climate. So I'll tweet. -- So I'll -- sometimes I just get a kick out some stuff -- it's so preposterous but I'll tweak some talk about. Global warming and some people many people and the right. It's not global warming you don't have any idea. You don't believe in science you know my uncle was -- professor at MIT and like -- -- -- okay. My uncle doctor John trump was a great great scientists and it was one of the smartest people. Professor went MIT. He was a genius to. My father spent a lot of his life building garages all over queens and Brooklyn. So that my uncle could keep going to MIT. He went MIT for everything. And ultimately became a professor my father would always -- my father just graduated from high school but he is equally. As Smart as a graduate but he would build garages. So the -- so -- you know could go to him so he became a great professor. In great. Doctor -- And highly respected. Understand you know I have to -- just. The funny is is it will write to me and that most -- it's real Donald Trump event this. But they will perhaps be sunny. You don't know anything about science what you know it's not an annual saying it it's not. Any more. Global warming you know that -- -- It's cold. Climate changed due to you know. And I just you know can't we too much I do have other things to do. But it was a genius move because they were getting testament you know between the ice breakers it gets -- and all things in cold weather. And climate change different in my particular changes -- because it really covers every. Goes -- What does and so that's. New York. Hands. Retention. That is absolutely. Increase. New York. Could be. A true energy capital. Of the world of the we have a location that's. We have to see the delivery. We have so many things going. But we can't win appeal. Take it and yeah and that's one of the solutions that you could do because again you can't just pay off the almost 100 million. You have to do much better you have to come out and you have to reduce people's taxes because you just have people -- -- you need to. Energy is the key to me. And again the energy is being dissipated every single day. By -- pay now one of the things I wanted to mention is having to do with the environment. Is they don't want fracking has been in crime. Like blocked. Did you look at the Pennsylvania line. And you've got the message machines bing bing bing bing right along the line as it's like I'm. So they've got -- there. We've got to be so whoever we can't touch they've got these machines. Powerful machines to make a fortune by the way. We send the bill I actually said we understand except -- some friends and immunology that it's necessary. Like David. I -- if I win. Run win I would. I -- Like thank you guys just the Tea Party she's left. I'm tickets -- sent him a bill that have to be taken us off. At some point they'll say please stop taking our dollars please stop taking our energy. And needs me. Reasons thousands and thousands. Of people. Let's. Liked it and let's. Lower taxes and let's have people come and so when your children because a lot of the people actually. Win. Your children grow up and it turned twenty or eighteen point one. Syracuse. States. There. And you respected you -- -- its -- You don't -- as tough sometimes can be. -- And becoming. An 02 people of the kids they went a different -- And it actually come back. So you're sitting. It's something that's really. Spectacular now. Robin -- is very nice I've known him for a long. He's a good man. He's got to -- Known name recognition. Which I think is a problem itself with. Some work. But I do believe that itself. And get no money. That's that's always -- And Ed -- viewers. -- -- -- And it flew down the other day to Florida and I respect and I sit ups are kept me William Clark he's an -- -- -- he said okay. To Padilla. As long as it's like to see you you understand. And we had a good dinner. And we talked a lot about different things. But rob has probably has gotten them and you have a problem as Republicans because many of the so called loyal Republicans you have. Are actually endorsing Cuomo. And many true. True -- -- correct. I mean I've been reading about him every day. They're endorsing Cuomo. And contributing to quorum. So rob has got himself. A big problem. Now I said very loud and very clear. That. I would do what I have to do and I think I'd win actually you know when you have. When you're presiding over a state. That has the problems a New York. Whether it's the highest taxes you know not to go much further than that whether it's the number one record of please state -- at least from here I mean flee their fleeing. -- -- -- I guess you could view it both ways. But. When you are presiding over state that's number one in the nation for losing population. And when you presiding which by the way make your tax situation worse when your presiding over state. That has the highest taxes highest taxes and in most cases far. In the entire United States. I think it's a very -- down. I may be wrong maybe some people that aren't very intelligent would like it I think it was wonderful they think when number one and you know taxes -- -- -- -- let's vote for Cuomo. But I think most people aren't gonna like and I think it's an amazing. Way for the Republicans. They go out and get elected now I have to say this. The Republicans do have. A chance because those stats. Don't forget. His father went -- very very well. As a governor for a long time. And if you look at his record. It toward not good. Okay. It wasn't good. In fact it was a disaster. So you know they've been out there along. So I would think that. Whoever you folks in a very wise manner decide to choose I heard today somebody else was running is going to be a new person. In the race now everybody tells me. When nick tells me that's not happening I sort of believe that but who knows in one of the newspapers said. And they'll be a surprise candidate I'd like to -- surprises you know who'd helped can it be. By. If this is stoked. That I could it. Therein -- but. We'll see what happens I just say it is. The Republicans. Really do have a chance you know look at all the polls don't forget from my stamp -- -- never. With a politician I've never run for office. I've had a lot of very good statistics and very good poll numbers but I never spent ten cents an advertisement and never once spent money and and I think that it's state. Could absolutely. Be one and it could almost. So important can almost turn around the whole psyche of the country if that happened. So will save. We'll see what happens you have some amazing chairman I can tell you and I they become friends. And I didn't ask for this I was not at all thinking about it I was thinking about something else. I was not a -- thinking about this and many of them including the folks that I name came to my office and they said please run please run please run. And I said I would do it after a lot of consideration of weeks of consideration but I'll only do it if this total unity in the party which obviously there isn't. There is not -- But I'll be making a decision shortly but the Republicans can absolutely. Win. New York State and your friends of mine and I really enjoyed this and I really love coming up to Syracuse and I I think with leaders like you if you get the shot to really lead the way you have to lead. You'll turn this whole area around -- -- but again. The state has tremendous potential I hope we're able to some they use it in the very near future thank you'll for him. Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you very much of that. Leadership. -- lot more big welcome and thank you for Dow dropped for common in Syracuse.