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Blizzard Warning For Parts of WNY

Mar 12, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to the national weather service of buffalo were reported meteorologist Jon Hitchcock John good morning. The sun's pretty scary what can you tell us. Well yeah I think the important thing to note for people waking up this morning and they look up their windows they're gonna be really not much on the ground this so late toting a wet snow. And it might actually even be a break in the precipitation. For an hour to around seven RE AM but don't let that -- -- and -- fault that -- security to at least those still on the way. It's developing into northern Ohio and eastern Michigan right now and I will spread very rapidly eastward we expect. Under heavy -- to break out across Western New York between 9 AM 11 am. -- rapidly become heavy snowfall rates might reach two it -- per hour you little more -- mid day early afternoon. And went -- really increased by late morning as well out of the northeast at twenty to thirty. With gossip of forty miles per hour so they'll split the conditions are not here yet but they will be arriving by late morning. -- what well. What are what the criteria for blizzard John. Well -- street think any -- blizzard be needed the visibility of less than a quarter mile. Wind speeds of 35 miles per hour sustained it -- frequent gusts and at the last or at least three continuous hours so these are both Libya three item. John ware has this storm been up until now has a cause and is serious problems and other major US cities before getting here. It's been an informative states so far it's just coming together now in the Ohio valley so it did cross the central plains and the Mississippi Valley with some rain and -- But really from this point forward -- be truly that very strong system. -- talk to us about the worst travel times and think you're going to be saying this afternoon. Yet the morning drive is actually going to be fairly easy at least before eight or 9 AM. The -- should he be just wet over the country ruby on in the year -- below freezing so but he liked it but may begin to develop untreated surfaces. But by late morning conditions will rapidly deteriorate -- from lunchtime right through the evening. Conditions will be downright horrible with. -- they'll cover developing out roads. Significant blogger thinks no one near zero as Billy as of -- blizzard conditions like again so if anybody does. That throughout this morning in the good weather. With -- heading home later today you may have a very difficult time getting all want conditions worsen. Gave John one more time rundown these warnings and which counties are affected here in Western New York all of them. We do you have warning for all the counties have blister warning includes the entire Niagara frontier -- Niagara Orleans Erie Genesee. While me and also to talk with county and areas -- winter storm warning for had a rod at Allegheny -- those two counties it's still gonna be. Fairly bad when they'll be just a little bit less. Not quite -- -- blizzard criteria but still plenty bad enough down that way. Okay John thank you for the update will be in touch throughout the day thank you again. Hero as a meteorologist. Jon Hitchcock of the buffalo office of the National Weather Service.