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3-11 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 got a dvd -- I -- the -- and -- with great. Thing. The whole look. -- Brooke maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- can why can't really feel stupid. But apple people in charge. Back the I'm not only I don't know what this. Good. Kind of -- people you know. I'm very happy for these greedy and dirty you know partner one simple request and somebody asked to have sharks. -- -- but didn't make every bit. I would like to introduce you to my number two man. I call him number two. Is. There's radio 930 WB CNN and I don't wanna make a big deal out of this because awards. Well they're not really in my bag gave me but as far as awards ago I kind of product -- -- one of the year that we're coming -- a big one. Air there is a magazine for the talk radio industry called talkers magazine. And I usually every year you know they put me in with the top 250. Talk show host in America and for whatever reason this year. I thank the Buffalo News for this thank you. I'm number 92. I hit a ball that I'm now officially according to talkers magazine the 92. Most important talk show host in the America. So now on this radio station you've got Rush Limbaugh number one you've got Sean Hannity number two you've got Michael Savage was what number four I think. I you've got George Noory who is. Seven team. Yeah. -- Well yeah. But anyway it was a now seriously I you know I am what awards. They're they're nice. And it is this kind of cool to be recognized. And I would his leaving -- -- Tuesday very quick thank you to the people at talkers magazine for recognizing your guy working in the trenches in the fifty or sixty is big of -- biggest market. In in the country and it's appreciated but. I could not do this job -- I wanna make this really clear. I get it see here's the thing I get the praise I get the compliments I get the question Tom but the people behind the scenes are the people who make ago. Joseph beaver -- master control is as important to the show as high John Sherman call screener is as important as high. Alan Harris -- a command. Brian as a route he come pocket in news in our entire crew. Nuclear engineering staff guys like Jim Kelly -- Nixon Tom -- Oprah under grass George apple. I mean these these are the people who make this possible so we're selling at the one man show I couldn't do this myself so. On behalf of all of us it will go in my name but I just wanna thank. Everybody who. Plays a role in the show because it just eight knee believe me Bieber makes me sound so much better that are really sound it's not funny and he will tell you that. Now I do want to congratulate. You know we showed up that long to go on bumper stickers. And it -- or am I gonna go there today even though I enjoyed bumper sticker she is because there -- all the problem bumper stickers but. With things that you would definitely say about your humble host did you listen Michelle more than once. Never won a little weird. Number -- charmingly eccentric. I will never be normal and I revel in that I will always be charmingly eccentric. And what are the things that I consider myself charmingly it's eccentric over is not fitting into a box. You cannot put into a box and say oh he's a conservative. -- he's a libertarian. Oh he's this he's that. Say here's my bran. I'm just gonna let one rip into the microphone but I decided it would be crude. Here's my brand I'd like to think for myself. And if you had the label me it would be conservative period. End of story and I like people who think out of the box. That I mentioned that so behind this -- there it's a Ford Escort. And it was. I I put a picture of it up online. I've never seen such a variety of bumper stickers on one vee -- goal in my entire life. I was lack threaten. I I saw -- north forest and I was thinking to myself to like trying to get a picture. I've got to show my people just to get a picture to get a picture and finally I get. We're at the stoplight and I took the shot and that some of the bumper stickers on the car now police -- not okay you're gonna laugh. Thursday coexist bumper sticker. Right next -- bumper sticker that says peace and unity. To go left of confederate flag bumper stickers. It's pride not prejudice. Which is absolutely correct there are three confederate flag bumper stickers and in the already have a license plate you can see that's my FaceBook page. The person has -- pop up is the Bob Marley yeah it's Bob Marley who those who don't know Bob Marley is black Jamaican. A reggae musician I'd like 37 of the brain tumor. Tragically. Let's see. Nazis. Know who are here readers whether it's a good quote from Bob Bartley whatever whenever it says there my. It's -- yet so -- the -- they've -- -- say it was bumper sticker get a piece bumper sticker a confederate flag bumper sticker. They Bonnie blue cool bumper sticker. And the budget confederate flag bumper stickers complete with a Bob Marley bumper sticker which basically says hey I'm not racist and that the Bob Marley one. But I also recognize the confederacy. Where is actually also representing. My African American Brothers and sisters now. As you well lol because you've heard a light show the south. And actually brought forth -- the movie Gettysburg. And I'm not sure the general James Longstreet who really said this to -- British observer. But general Longstreet after the war. Was. -- Davis he had to walk a line. Because after the civil war. General Longstreet was a confederate general and one of the greatest military minds this country's ever produced by the way. General Longstreet actually reconciled with the union. And a lot of southern Brothers and sisters. Were not very appreciative of that. Because these were the people who lived in Georgia these -- the people who lived in the Carolinas is for the people who suffer. When Sharon basically wage a war of -- ace followed -- Nazi blitzkrieg. To the -- from Atlanta. I'm not overstating it when I say this folks. Anything the Nazis did in World War II with the exception of genocide of Jews. Sherman did to the south. During during the civil war. And don't get angry at me for telling the truth about American history that's what -- So long streak. A southerner. Had to really walk -- -- when he was critical of Robert the least tactics at Gettysburg. But in the movie Gettysburg which Jeff Daniels you've ever seen the movie Tom Beringer -- plays a general Longstreet. But the luxury character says to his British observer he says if we have been Smart. We would've freed the slaves and then declared independence. Truer words were never spoken. And to my black Brothers and sisters listening to the relational right now here's something you may not know even from your studies of African American history in the United States. That toward the end of the war I kid you not the confederacy actually decided to let. Select black soldiers fight for the confederacy. And they were in the training. They were in the trading under our arms just as the civil war was coming to a close. So the south woke up way to let it. But if the liberated the slaves first and then declared independence. It would have been a completely different outcome in my opinion. Of the civil war that the British would recognize the confederacy I think British it would report into the confederacy and I think of the union basically would have been divided at that point. Which given what's happened of the constitution -- 1865. Might not have been the worst thing in the world. To get us back to our founding principles but again you have to understand were -- -- In no way shape or form and wanna be real clear on this because especially coming from my side of the aisle if you will -- conservative area viewpoint you've got to understand. That slave I would no more be a slave owner but it would be a -- I think it's an evil beyond imagination. And I don't just say that the -- I really believe that with every fiber of my soul I believe that. I also believe the south had a right to secede from the United States. Because the basically the election of 1860. Abraham Lincoln for all intents and purposes all he was was president of the north he wasn't president of the south. And the south said screw this we're not gonna live under this Illinois huge bag we're gonna have our own country. And we want the feds out of fort Sumpter this is our country not. Or is we joined the union voluntarily and we can leave the union voluntarily. Adios MF. But instead Lincoln called for more troops the battle of bull run and basically. It was you know it was a four year ordeal the likes of which this country has never seen. But I did find it ironic. Just when you see a confederate flag bumper sticker pride not prejudice. And if you think the confederate flag represents racism and slavery you are wrong. When you see that bumper sticker next to one that set. National Bob. -- bumper sticker you know that you are in back of an intellectual driving a Ford Taurus so whoever you are sir or madam I did not put your face or head in the picture your license plate is in there. I couldn't figure out how to get out that there's worse things on Google I think so anyway I wanna congratulate you on being a free. Maker because -- the person after my own heart. Because they're under Bob Marley they understand that your history the south and yet there are also had a peace and unity. And for a lot of people -- it is some of -- Some of my progressive friends who are very Smart have a hard time reconciling all of those different attitudes which are actually quite irreconcilable. In a logical normal rational way. So. I'm sure my great great grandfather who served in the union army for four years is probably rolling over in his grave listening to his. Great great grandson in spirit but that's just the way I see. Are there is well a lot of talk. About the mystery. Of the Boeing 77. Cents. And folks what I've done. Is I'd have put up. A purported radar. Tracking of that play. I say purported because I'm not it radar expert. I always tell you what I don't know something. And at one point in my life believe it or not before a washed out of police academy I actually was eight speed. And visual speed past the -- expert. Whatever they call I was the radar gun and I can estimate speed within five miles well to all fronts. But I don't know anything about aviation radar other than. If you're flying a small plane and the control -- says go to this heading go to that heading go to this altitude go to the altitude I don't know how to read the damn things. So I put it up on my FaceBook page. So if if anybody knows anything about aviation radar wants to look at that radar and offers them insightful and intelligent and informed opinions as to what we're looking at. I would be very interested in knowing what you were -- But you have to go to my FaceBook page to that to find them out. Now there is something else attitude don't don't lose sight of the fact -- mentioned the 777 because mysteries on this earth abound. There is no end to mysteries on this planet mysteries of the universe mysteries above ground below ground in the in the middle of the -- There are mysteries everywhere if you seek to find them. If you open your mind to embrace that -- -- to be explored. Let's not forget that but what are the -- is that a little more prosaic. Is from Grand Island. Now as you know by Fred Ross Thompson is with team New York. And I received an email from -- today saying that at a Grand Island high school. A student was thrown out simply for wearing a pro and -- a Second Amendment teacher. Now you're saying we'll talk what did you call the school. -- why didn't call the school. Because every time I call a school and say did this really happen here is exactly what they say it's a script. I don't care whether it's grand island school Buffalo's school Canton schools west Seneca iroquois I don't care. They say the same thing we do not comment on student disciplinary matters at all thank you have a nice day. That's what you get so if you were on Grand Island. And if you know. Whether or not this story is true I don't know it -- or not. I'm approaching it as a rumor and not as -- fact until I can show otherwise. So if you are the family whose kid allegedly got kicked out of Grand Island high school for wearing an MR AT shirt to Grand Island high school I would loved and well. I'd love the talking obviously we got some confirmation we have to do don't worry it's non religious you will not have to left. You know take a -- in favor -- was that you Asian or anything like that and it is not religious whatsoever. But we're gonna have to confirm who you are all kind of stuff. But I would love to know the truth or fiction of this story was a kid actually suspended or thrown out -- an island school for wearing a pro gun shirt to school yes or no. I don't know the answer. I got the story secondhand. I'm turning TU if you know any thing. I need you to contact me via email with your phone number so I can get you on the year after verifying your bona fide star fish. Are right it is what it does take a -- so much. Well my other life I must've been Italian similar unconvinced of all right via email my private well on my private email my private email you don't get. But by by email for the radio station is top at WB ENN dot com. Tom at WB. ENN dot com that is my. Email here at the station and you don't wanna contact the other one swingers 666 at Yahoo! you don't wanna do it. It's not really just that'd make -- -- just to (%expletive) off some people alright but you can you can definitely do Thomas WB Ian dot com if you know anything about this story whether it's true polls or whatever because of its -- well to -- of people out of magical. If it's true I want details. Our we a lot of things we're gonna cover this but he didn't -- -- this afternoon on news radio 930 WB -- including mysteries that abound. Mysteries. Everybody loves mysteries I love mysteries. You know I think his crap by the way. Big for a -- believe in bigfoot. I think. One thing. You know. This guy totally have. I'm just saying man this guy. It would have been off to how young he wants money. The plane crash I'm so I don't it'd be a plane crash Terry lately but I just that my friend your eyes he sent me a dvd couple years back the day the music died. About the -- plane crashed secure the big whopper Ritchie Valens and of course Buddy Holly. And I just watching members of -- balance his family. On that show. IA -- terrorism than the influence Ritchie Valens head. A whole generation. Of Bob Mexican American musicians in LA and in Southern California is incalculable. In fact let me let me just go one step further it wasn't for -- balance what are my other favorite songs of all time. Joseph you know what it is right question mark of the mysterious night DA tear us I think you need to find that level why. If it wasn't for Ritchie Valens otherwise and as Richie Valenzuela. I don't think question mark in the -- Syrians ever would have gotten together and never would have produced the kind of hit they did with 98 years now it's not a bilingual saw. Okay we won't make any by jokes about the lead singer question mark and the mysterious were not going there because there's not really fit for humor. But. This song here. There. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was questioned American and experienced now it was not. Ritchie Valens. Question mark and that was an area. May never have happened and one of the great songs of all time may never have been recorded thank you very much thank you very much I appreciate your. Folks I grew up with this stuff you have to understand people -- Important listeners to Michelle and I I don't like talking about me me me me. Actually -- -- -- but I don't I don't think that's good radio but I will simply say look I grew up and household. Where rock music from the sixties was. That was that's gonna grow up every day after school my brother -- which alcohol he would practice his guitar his band mates would be a year. Answer these little. Connections between Ritchie Valens and question market and experience. Have always been a part of my life I have always -- this appreciation for. For music and that you know the first time I saw the video of question mark in the -- Syrians that they recorded 98 tears about thirty years after the song was a big hit I said the myself these guys still -- I -- I can't believe they really only have that won it yet because they have something go out and Ritchie Valens would have been big big big big big big big. If not prepared were third 1959. And getting on a plane with a pilot who had no business flying in the weather in -- which he took off I know the weather forecast was inaccurate. But the pilot should've known better I'm sorry. I would never look. I thought I probably have put as much experience is that guy did play in the place. I may be a little bit more he had it's still dude you you don't take a single engine. Puddle jumper in the back kind of weather. Especially with a guy like the big opera on board I mean well. Anyway you know it -- by the -- and I bring -- the plane crash with -- with a reason because I said we're gonna get -- the mysteries today because of a -- B 777 which are. Mysteriously. Disappeared folks every time do you realize that every time something major like this happens. Or something happens it could be conspiracy that people jump. All over let me give you one example which ties directly in to what I was sick. For many years there was a fear in the music world. -- Poll. The pilot and those three rock stars they didn't die in the plane crash all at all. Buddy Holly shocked the big -- And -- -- it went down or -- went off somehow in the plane and that's what brought the plane down there's -- -- -- brawl between the big opera Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly and big copper was actually crawling for help. Because his body was found about fifty feet from the plane far away from everybody else's body. That was the theory that some people bet that a big -- -- of the crash but. It was both it was baloney. It was balderdash. By the way the big -- you wanted to what he was famous for. -- Okay. Well there's no black gets -- in this news. Sends me. Speaking of music for many years there's as baloney theory that the big popular survived a plane crash book asked what his son. Got a court order to exhume the big -- body may be ten years ago or so guess what they found out. Shocking news. The big hopper died in the plane crash bulk of his book basically his whole body was shattered by the force of the impact. So the fact that his body was found like fifty feet in front of the plane over the fence. Was just momentum. It did not indicate that he survived and was crawling for help. Any intelligent person also would have noticed that there were no marks indicating that he was crawling. Betty was just in the snow that's where his body and so old you know people come up with these wild fantastical fairies. And then when you look at them under the strict microscope of analysis and science they just don't hold up. That example I don't mean to belabor the point. But I am so weary. People jumping the gun. On this Malaysian airlines flight. And if you were not listening to the show yesterday. I I feel the need to. Expand upon some things here and expound upon some things. Folks. You have any idea and -- references this morning. You know I was thrilled to hear more common sense on this radio station from sandy beach he usually are beacons I think of common cents. Usually. But. He made the point it was a great one even today. In the jungles. Of the islands in the South Pacific. That hole I. Island hopping thing the Americans did the Pacific theater of operations in World War II guys they still find bodies of pilots that got shot. Now back in 19420. They still find Japanese zeros. In the brushed it went down. They still fine American planes that went down in combat okay excuse me it's 2014. We're talking about battles that took place 194243. Is the American. Army air corps in the American. A navy. And all of our forces pushed toward Japan we still find remains of planes and human beings from that war. -- is. World War II. In Europe. Almost every year and you can look at yourself on line I'm not exactly make up pulling the stuff out of my arts. Almost every year some Russian farmer somewhere is plowing his field he hits a hard thing reasons but the hell with that. And he starts digging and he comes up with some -- off a plane and remnants of a Luftwaffe pilot. -- got shot -- crashed during operation -- -- which was Hitler's invasion of Russia. And it does not in 1942. Woods when that happens and it's 24 to it and they're still finding planes in Russia that got shot down. I'm talking about the ocean we're talking about -- buck. Dust dirt clay sentiment patient these things get covered up. And then some farmer comes along big there's a Luftwaffe players from 1940 to know. In fact they about 56 years ago they found a Russian a Soviet red army planes in almost pristine condition that went down. And interestingly enough the pilot survived. The pilot survived if they just found the plight of the few years ago. What people get tied up at Warren made it out of time is very orders while my plane went out. And it went down behind enemy lines are not exactly innocent throughout the track a plane. There is of no use. Folks -- it's. It's a big world. I know Stephen Wright says it's a small world but I hate to pay that. But it's still a big world and there's a lot of places for things to get lost how many times have you lost your remote in your own house. How many times -- you -- your car keys in your own house. We're talking about the African ocean. We're talking about the world. Things get lost no matter how big they are. And -- -- trying to yell I'm not trying to scream. But you know some of the conspiracy theories. Look I'm all for conspiracy theories I know that there have been conspiracies on the face of this planet -- get it. I get hit. An -- at least with JFK. What I come I tell you why I believe JFK was assassinated by rogue elements in the CIA at least I can give you names of possible suspects. A means a motive and an opportunity. For why it happened. OK at least there's some working -- That you can analyze and decide for yourself day I'm for crap or be among the site. But with this particular crash year of 777. Of the the Boeing 777. I'm not gonna refer to the flight number because we're just gonna call a Boeing 777. Blocks. As of right now. You know much evidence there is a terrorism right now. Zero. Also -- get zero. Evidence of terrorism. If I was terrorism what's the game plan. Where is the announcement. Where's the video from the caves of Pakistan. At all I have Osama bin Laden's son we have just blown up just -- where where's the video populace -- -- they credible claim of responsibility there have been hasn't been. I have not heard event. Maybe someday but I haven't as of now. And I also just what are my did you guys have some basic fact. That I doubt this is what I do. What you guys are watching the voice. What you guys are watching site -- elated but well I guess somewhat to what you guys are watching movies on the Internet late night. Reading geeky stuff. And as I told me yesterday we're out of time. Folks. The Great Lakes are smaller -- the oceans. Have you any idea. Comedy ghost ships of the Great Lakes have gone to the bottom. With all the other shrieking cruise. Sorry that's from Melville in Moby Moby Dick were they know which shipwrecks are. You don't know the line it's from -- Moby Dick. They -- -- many of midnight shipment dollar shrieking crew. Anyway so the inland -- smaller than the oceans. There are literally hundreds of huge missiles which are at the bottom of superior -- around Michigan Ontario and Erie. And in fact ladies and gentlemen just to bring this -- a little closer to home -- And outlook does try to separate fact from fiction here in I try to give you a dose of reality. About how hard it is even to find really big things that get lost. Closer to halt how many of you know -- -- Ohio voters. You know were Iranians are just go without Lake -- a little bit further there's -- There was a ship called a -- a -- boat called Marquette and -- number two I mentioned this yesterday about this time this is not a repeat of yesterday's show but it's important. It is the holy Grail of Great -- ship wrecks people have been trying to find this thing since it went. -- don't. In December that November December of ninety don't like they've never found it. They found one lifeboat filled with guys that were frozen to death. They found another lifeboat smashed to bits in order harbor in buffalo. They thought a couple of bodies on long point and they about what are the guys just about to go over the falls at the power and today. Or whatever was the power indyk equipment back in 190990 intent that's all they found there were found shot. The vote was filled with railroad cars. And the search area ladies and gentlemen is a whole lot smaller than an ocean. It even with today's technology. They still have not found Marquette and customer number two. Air France. Folks it took two years. To find a black box for Air France and that was what today's technology. Two years to find the black box. Now eventually they did recover most of the bodies. -- They were covered most of the bodies from Air France. I think there are some seventy consoles unaccounted for -- their remains unaccounted for the bottom bottom of the ocean. But it took two years. And we're talking with high high tech stuff. Is the find the damn thing. -- You know people look I understand that we live in the age where everybody want everything fast. You know everybody needs to get to 160 characters out in ten seconds or -- to be the first to break a story everybody wants to be first. The world doesn't work that way. It's a big damn ocean. Even in our own Great Lakes. I mentioned the ship. This is one of many. Only recently did they find the remains of a vessel called -- Bennett board. Everybody know roughly where it went now. In Lake Superior the western and the Lake Superior. I mean they had a very narrow area to search only recently did they actually find the wreckage the remains of the panic. With today's technology. And it -- a bit about the same size as this is this a Malaysian air that. So don't get exercise over the fact that they haven't found it yet. You're looking for a needle in a -- and Eagles -- and steal -- -- from saving private. Yeah Nancy. And -- remind you once again. That Lake Michigan still over sixty years after northwest orient prop plane went down. Awful Benton Harbor, Michigan this -- ever found. They never -- the fuselage they never found a way that ever from the tail section that ever from the cockpit that. They found a few shreds of human beings got a few pieces of physical evidence that's it. They never found the plane in Lake Michigan. So don't get all look my my my heart breaks for the families of these poor people. But we live in this world -- we expect things to happen instantly. And folks ladies that only happens with your husband on Friday night. Okay this is cruel what mother nature is doing mother nature is a consummate -- it's fifty degrees right now 50. Degrees. And a winter storm warning goes into effect later on as you go to sleep tonight at 2 AM. Wednesday morning 2 AM overnight tonight the winter storm warning kicks in it's gonna go for 24 hours. And expect six to ten inches. The overnight low tonight 25. In my dreams will be tomorrow temperatures steady or slowly falling. And that's basically we're gonna be in the single digits tomorrow night for freaking degrees tomorrow night shoot me now. Fifty degrees right now and that tomorrow night it's gonna be four degrees above zero now don't literally shoot me now but if you do make it -- -- shot make it clean. All right. The question for you guys. It's like that line from boardwalk empire were Eli looks at Turkey. -- no he's gonna kill Eli and I love Eli he just looks right at begun raided his brother and says I'm ready are you. Hold only psych them out. Here's here's this guy with a gun held right to his head and he doesn't freak out in the least he shows no fear no emotion just looks at his brother says. I'm ready are you. It is the ultimate smoke line like dude I just called your bluff anyway -- -- folks. 90% of war 90% of street fighting -- psychological. I learned that from a very very great sense -- way back when twenty years ago are right now anyway and no I'm not a black. Anyway. -- -- gonna say. What mystery on this planet do you want to know the answer to before you check out. Now some people well this week have a George Noory esque show. I don't mind get -- -- like George Torre. Alleged listening to him late at night I'm ashamed of it gives it makes me think you makes you think. What mystery did you most want salt before you check out just make sure it's a mystery of which we've all heard I was there on WB at 80309.

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