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3-11 Michael Savage with Sandy Beach

Mar 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The debut last night was a doctor Michael Savage a ten to one right here on news radio 930. And on the line we have doc savage of personal welcome to buffalo welcome to WBA and doctors average. Well what a pleasure to be our property your country are here -- Wonderful San Francisco. The but this thing to the universe and not telling the world are crazy the world can be. Well as certainly as a tea I used to program has ever Cisco I loved -- Tom and I'm thinking you must be a miracle man because. You're in California. You're educated at Berkeley you're working out of San Cisco yet you're certainly not liberal like most of those areas I just discuss how have you not only survived all of you thrive in that atmosphere Michael. Well you can't drive because looking at the madness. -- pulled back. I have to thank the crazies because without them just think about it quite fit in perfectly what would they have been talking. That's right. I was listening to yesterday fascinated you're definitely a take no prisoner kind of guy and I thought I get your opinion on a few things as our audience of the audience WB and is getting to know you. Why do you think there's been no congressional push back to the president president's made it quite clear that he does indeed -- stink in three branches of government. He could do it alone why haven't the congressional leaders pushed back on that Michael. The answer is there are no leaders I mean the big -- let's take it make it simple. This guy went on vacation this week in the middle of war brewing in the Balkans the -- more than 30000 troops and he went golf thing. Now any other president it would have been calls for impeachment. Investigation. Nothing immediate that they report on it. So -- they're not reporting on the man's excesses. How could you have an investigation. Two weeks ago about thousand black pastors met. And they demanded that there be an impeachment hearing against the -- -- -- black pastors met. Demanding it be an impeachment hearing because of the president's stance on gay marriage. Nobody reported. My wife didn't even know that the story. And -- kind of up on the news why because there's a government media complex. That covers for this man no matter what he might do this -- very dangerous situation it doesn't matter whether you're liberal or conservative. Because of this is what we won't it was a nation. Where you can have them at imperial presidency. Who just as I have a -- that you just said. I don't need your permission. I'll do what I want. Well we're that was it what are we get a right wing president. Enough for years -- there's even an election. What then we'll hear all the screams from those who was silent now. And why should we listen to them that. We have to bring. You bring up a good point because we used to have a New York the Teflon Don I think he's become the Teflon president. Do you think it's because of race that people are afraid to. To tag him with what his actions that would call for or what do you think it is is -- to be a reason is it just because he's a liberal Democrat in the press is -- -- them there what do you think. Well I think both things are play I believe they're afraid of venturing any criticism because they're afraid of being called -- racist which is ludicrous. And the second reason is what is that they agree with them they like the imperial presidency. Because he's giving them maybe 90% of what they want. The load of rubbish on global warming. Every social engineering. Scheme of the last thirty years. You know on steroids. Our budget that is so bloated that our children's children children can never pay off -- -- It is sort of dancing around the golden calf where -- and then when residents. You know what if I only -- politics I would have been out of the business a long time ago. So as it is for anyone listen for the show I've -- to visit twenty years I intend to do things other than just politics because. Obama and congress and up the sun the moon the stars -- so much more out there and I bring my background to the show. These militias will come to appreciate. And I try to do all its music. Science. Books movies or big movies and we can do it all on the Savage Nation -- -- related to politics -- -- -- anyway isn't it. Well -- CEO and we've heard a lot about you before we've had a chance to hear you many times you would be referenced is depending what subject we're doing by callers who gave you your position. And as I listened yesterday. Obviously. You're a man who would know -- thoughts not willing to not afraid to express them. The bottom line though is that when you get out there in your playing to an audience yesterday you were talking about. Some -- Jewish for a while Jewish -- -- redundant but some rabbis in New York who said we don't wanna fight in Israel. And I found that fascinating. Over the weekend ten blocks. Long 50000 people dressed in black. To protest. The compulsory military service is being introduced in Israel for the first time for religious as well. Well it it it touched a raw nerve with me. Because wait a minute you don't wanna serve. In Israel forty marching here in New York before I ask. What you have to do -- New York. I can go -- Tel Aviv. And see if the secular Jewish people who suddenly the went back sons and daughters and so that would serve in the Israeli military. You know respect your argument that because you -- so religious you shouldn't serve in the military -- I don't think it makes sense. Well I think it took -- that I thought I took. -- large large ones when you mentioned when they said. We don't have to serve because we will be protected by god and now that's a very very fine line to walk I thought you handle it masterfully. Well right I would go out how to work out of the Jewish people during the Holocaust. Speculation is it the Israelis learned one thing. They learned that they'd better have a revival of one candidate losing in the other they wish to survive. Well said hot now don't have any cards to play with the Russians over the Ukraine only kind of up the creek. But what. But -- the president. Who's been downsizing the military from the very beginning got a vendetta against the military and the police by the way. And guns by the way that we don't leave the military he's eliminating tank to cut off the tank production lines in Cleveland I think. 223 weeks before this occurred at the geniuses in the Defense Department so called. -- cut -- the manufacture of our great tank killing airplane the gate and just before -- and roll some tanks on the border of of of Ukraine. And here we are again in their reports yesterday that. Some of his advanced troops are now actually in. Eastern Ukraine. And very much like we had advisors in Vietnam in the early early early days. So it seems to -- he's getting ready. Wore a young a little bit more than just the Crimea. Sounds like that and one thing that's not mentioned much Ukraine had a huge selection of nukes. And they or are they were talked into -- destroying them but. With the with the promise that the Russians among others wouldn't ever move against the ukrainians. And do you think this is gonna hurt. Nations in the future for not wanted to give them up on the word of a -- future protection that doesn't so arrive. Well activists say that say we need groups that means that the Ukraine wants. Had a large collection of -- sort of took part of the Soviet empire. And yes they were told well now the Soviet -- on the big bad wolf is gone will protect you give us your news. Nobody could argue that was a good thing. And we certainly would want the option as a bunch of fanatics in Ukraine right now absolutely. It's pretty clear that -- not to use nukes. Irrespective of what one may believe Putin is -- isn't we certainly don't need a nuclear war. So I'm not in favor of Ukraine having nuclear weapons which is what some of the more extremist elements in Ukraine are calling for how would that help them what -- they do launch a -- against Russian troops Crimea. And where would that lead us. I hear you I was as they -- future ramifications when they try and talk future nations out of having them. What does that term psychological. Nudity mean my best friend from high schools that he was so excited that I was going to interview you. That he said one of his terms a psychological nudity is a huge -- what does that mean to new listeners of seventeen nation. Well I think it's a phrase that indicate that I strip the in year. All. Let say some of the public statement that -- sort of some with some of the -- that comes out of Washington or out of our leaders in the media you'd turn on the television -- -- how much truth do you -- -- It's all such garbage people can't take anymore I mean that's why talk radio exists whether -- or anyone else. Is that at least you get some of the unvarnished opinions of people what do you agree with him or not you don't feel like you're gonna go crazy from the double. What you hear in the media -- love that it's one person talking to another. What do you agree with him as an historical -- or you -- relate to visit to the fact that OK the -- action is -- -- what he believes it's not agree with them but let me argue with them. What in your unvarnished Mindy here and your best measure of uninsured tell me of Chris Christie is cooked. Well. What's interesting about that is they -- -- -- bigger than all of the other scandals of Obama put together. You know all the wonderful geniuses in the media who got nothing whatsoever to say. About. IRS gate then got seagate I'll go down the list if you want. All of a sudden they jumped on bridge gate like it was bigger than that depth of our ambassador in the -- -- beat it because they agreed with Obama it goes back to your first question how does this man get away with it. It's not that the Teflon president. Is that it is useless media out they -- you know if that Teflon -- at the end. And I couldn't get away with this forever as Lincoln said. You can fool some of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time budget just can't fool all the people all the time and I believe that. The day of reckoning is coming for the presidency. There's only a certain amount that anyone can get away -- In New York State we are ordained every four years as to who our next governor is going to be. As a nation are we are -- that Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. Old guard. God forbid I don't know who could run against -- who witnessed the problem. What should ever done that qualify over the presidency number one number two she's been the worst secretary of state imaginable everything she touched went up in smoke. The Middle East went up in smoke whether Libya. Or Egypt or Syria -- influential -- over that she should take credit for that. You name it what has she done to qualifier for the presidency. -- that she's a woman and that's that's sufficient to be the president. Now who -- the other side computers the question that's the only question. -- Republicans come up with that -- ridiculously packed convention that anyone would vote for I don't know and by the way what was their message there was not. Particularly showed yesterday he would meet their message because I know what my message would be if I were running for office borders language culture. Borders language culture that's my message is simple if you can't beat it. Because I don't think it's an American out there who could relate to the fact that we are having borders dripping melted down. The languages being back and eyes and turned it will Pollack a lot in the Tower of Babel. And our and our fundamental cultural values of being eroded destroyed. So -- brought as -- attempted -- by -- culture it's simple it's real it -- as well everyone remember. I don't I don't she's such a message coming out of out of anyone actually -- I hear you and I I also heard that you didn't have much you're useful what did come out of there -- -- Rand Paul winning this trouble means nothing I mean why they go through pressure rate is beyond me and I'm glad you called bottom. I don't think so what -- 40000 people aren't supposed to jump up and out of say -- the future. I'd vote for Rand Paul only because he's default choice. He'd be better than Hillary Clinton please stand for something American. But the thing is is right I don't know that he can win in the general election. Election. Yup it's it seems that would be the case. Michael I can't tell you what a joy it's been allowed to talk to you even for a brief fifteen minutes people can hear you at length from -- and the one every night and we wish you a long and happy and successful career and I know you'll do us proud here -- news -- 93. -- -- -- treating you it's treated -- fine heading over a barrel yet so I. Thanks for having me on I loved being in your in your area. -- to talk to you thank you Michael -- now -- -- doctor Michael Savage he's got a guy when he says. The -- -- -- -- what he says psychological noted he's right he says it like it is what do you like it or not that's the way it goes.

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