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3-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott Sadler -- governor of sandy -- will be speaking. The last segment of the show about quarter to a twelve with the Michael Savage from Savage Nation. He's joined the the line up here and WB in his inaugural show was. Last night 101. I do not miss it he is definitely a man of opinions. And he's heard by what 300 markets these are -- by its ten million people a week. And he's written 25. Books I haven't read 25 books but if what I do I'm gonna put their mind among vial. And he also is a man of letters is no question. Our heels a master's degree in medical botany. He has a second medical anthropology. He earned his Ph.D. at Berkeley in epidemiology. And nutrition sciences. So of the men's written these red and he is a talk show host that you will remember. And that's tonight at 10 o'clock but will get a chance to talk to him. -- just before we sign -- so that that should be good our meanwhile we're talking about what we're expecting. In fact it'll just be ramping up. Well Michael is on the air tonight as a matter fact did you hear -- via National Weather Service. You know when they send you to meteorological. School OK -- they teach you terms like old light. Moderate. Heavy but I've never heard in meteorologists use the word. Horrible -- he says is -- the good drive home tomorrow not tonight but tomorrow will be horrible. And NC that kind of thing that makes it stand out in your mind. So what's gonna happen. If it is horrible you're going to be mad because it's horrible. But it is not a horrible -- just as mad because these it was going to be horrible and you prepared horrible and horrible -- not show up and that's the way it is that's that. That's the name of that soon here in Western New York meanwhile we wanna know how it's affected you do you have alternate plans schedule. What about schools we have no idea of schools and call law. Ahead of time would they forecast. Or not a lot of them have run out of vote allotted school days which would mean they'd have to make them up later in the warmer weather which -- likes to do. I'll vote will see where that is. You have alternatives that work in case you're delayed getting there are coming home things like that would like to know it 0309301061692. -- -- -- and I -- it's -- -- -- show essentially. In the spring I mean not a misprint but in the fall only get an early snowstorm -- -- level of excitement. And then in the middle of winter there's still somewhat exciting news or getting a big storm because it gets the juices for -- how would you stick. We're past that where over that we're expecting to see flowers poking up. Through the snow the snow is it was shrinking it was a it was melting it felt good and now we're gonna get it back for awhile -- Who knows now we have some postings on FaceBook Chris that we have a couple of employees. This is from Charlene she says I hate snow I had enough of it in December of this right now is overkill I cannot wait for -- Yeah I think I Charlayne echos the thoughts of a lot of us with the same thing. Maybe. This could be used snowstorm that broke the camel's back. Maybe you say you know I've been thinking about this for a long time but now I'm actually gonna pull the trigger on it. This is that this is my last winter I'm moving I'm going and name the name the place although certainly. You're not immune unless you go to a very handful of places I mean Florida Southern California Arizona. That's about it. Where Euro almost guaranteed not -- to -- self. But beyond that of places that normally don't get snow got snow this year it was tough -- for -- another one please Chris this is from sandy she says our driveways -- -- feet long within a big contract hit a cloud. Problem is our contract is up in March I'm not sure of the specific dates aren't really help our guy shows up tomorrow OK so there's an example of one -- margin bed sheet. She ought to get like raced and -- the date if it's like today's the what the eleventh and the eleventh. So if it's if it if it's up already just -- -- that wouldn't. Of course -- plow driver would Mel. But you know alleges that mr. plow driver please one more on the house. And see what happens of course -- They they -- odd times and -- to stay ahead of the game an -- bill are now off you have to start early. I've heard -- at 2 o'clock in the morning and my neighbor. And so you have to you have to be ready for that and big you have he would get a -- done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Also like to hear from drivers as to if you're going to -- make more runs even though maybe the contract expired. By either date or numbers of a snowstorms of times you've been there or inches of snow. So -- would wanna hear from the people who cleared your driveway. We wanna hear from you we want to hear from your plans about your kids' school in case there's any kind of closings of those schools. So it's a general snow venting show and whether you're finally going to say how would it I've taken -- gas out of my snowblower which we honor -- calls say that he didn't even taken the drain the oil. It was about to remove the plug but he's not fired up again he's -- waited out the one thing about late storms. And late snow is the fact that it doesn't hang around as long. You get a sense. You know you're kind of can tell that is not going to be here for long periods I mean a lot of it. Let's -- what -- west Seneca is doing Iran Iran WB yen. -- -- Well yeah I feel anticipating this warm weather today I wanna help. And I -- mobile mobile. Backed up along both sides of my driveway backed out of a driveway anticipating that scum well I'll have loaned to put delusional. -- yeah because once you drive over it if you have been blown -- it becomes packed and it's really hard to get out so you're ready you're ready and the mother nature is the is ready for you there room. And I do a good job hang in -- -- I got here ever or your driveway is melting in the last few pieces you -- let's put it in the middle you break it up I want those ice choppers very and very powerful and I boom boom boom get Obama looks great and we get a forecast remorse now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because if you don't see -- -- or clean up the twinkies and -- grab all the salads and there won't be anything left you know -- -- about make sure you have enough clothes supplies. At home to get you through a couple of days you just don't have to go up nothing is worse than. You know you got some bad storm and there's something you have to have. You find out that your medicine has expired and you must have it. He got to go out there if you can get things done before it starts. All the better and other please desist from bar she says I'm planning -- staying off the roads at least until Thursday hopefully this is the last one we're gonna get this season yeah I would hope so too I mean -- -- here we are the same Patrick's day parade is Sunday if I'm not mistaken. But remember we've had that we've had snow once and -- -- -- -- easy to remember that. Another the final one this is from Charles he says it's now bad looks like most of -- have not Al's going to be melt enough by Saturday so it's not too big -- deal. We just need to get through tomorrow well he's right he's absolutely right but when you get a late winter storm like this it usually doesn't stay around -- you know. That if it's snowing in November you're gonna see that snow there. Through most of the season's meltdown that you might have a January -- although this year we didn't have a January. We were follow us. And does so you you know he's useless and all. -- -- -- And it's all piled up in its pristine. And then it gets dirty and it's disgusting. And it gets sloppy in the salt gets on your shoes and stuff why is it's terrible. But at the the year like now. It's not as bad simply because no matter how much you get it doesn't that doesn't stick around it melts off pretty quickly. And I think later on in the week a vis the temperatures will be higher so will gets a melting. Are right now the thank you for your road Chiming in on that issue and as I said we'll keep you informed -- what you need to know. -- -- about road conditions traffic certainly. Any possible closings whether they be municipal. Whether they be school closings and we do know focus I always have fun one million businesses are closed because every dance studio. That never spend a penny on advertising. They're the first ones to close so that you read their name over and over and over again for free. And they probably have seven people we're going to go back class and that thing runs 400 times across the screen. It's on hours it's on channel to channel for channel seven YN and the buzz it's everybody's got it. That this is I think that kind of pray for days like this so that the name can be seen by their humor is. Out of the you know out of this world. The number of total people that see that and avocado look forward to meanwhile they could've called seven people. Wednesday. Don't symbol Mary Lou tonight yup -- put her room red curly -- up on the -- shall we got to wait another a couple of days. So that's that now the big question besides the storm that everybody's talking about truly. It's a mystery -- one it's a mystery. Your mind starts to work. Where is MH 370. That is the missing airliner. It's a Boeing 777. It's not exactly a small thing. And they can't find they don't know where it is and the speculation has already begun. If you talk to world of people who would know pilots and whatever. It's a mystery to them to just remember this is not always a suitable answer to the questions we have. A million -- hearts plane has never been found I mean I would give me an idea what small plane and this certainly but the bottom line is the concern for the people on board. The concern for the families of the people on board and friends of the people on board. And how true how does this happen out of something just disappear the question is whether it was a catastrophic. A failure of the plane. Wasn't a problem with the terrorism. One could be a weather related there's a lot of questions and very few answers all the isn't speculation right now. But the problem as it's been -- It's been it elongated by the fact that they've had a lot of false leads. Where they think they may have seen something in in a debris field and it's not there. And if you think of how vast the waterways are. It's it's a wonder they ever find anything but there are transponders on board the black box as some kind of location device on it. And so far no I think. There was a question of whether on one radar it was seen turning around. And -- not clear on that. The one thing that is -- just as scary as the missing playing is the fact that we found out that there's only three nations. Us. The united Arab -- emirates and Britain that check the list of stolen passports. Now here I mean at times that's why they took away my large toothpaste. My Aqua fresh in the large joke because Aqua fresh can be dangerous when in the wrong hands but they took that away and yet. A bit there's only three countries that even check the stolen passports. And now they find out there were stolen passports on board and they even though the people using them. This is after the fact. So you tell me why if we have this database which they do. Of millions of stolen passports why. Who is forty million documents available to screen for terrorist. And only three checked the passport the maybe it's about a glaring omission. I was astounded when I heard that I would assume that's one of the first things they would do. Of the stolen documents so we'd like to hear from you what do you think and it's all speculation. What do you think happened to it emanates 370. Do you think -- -- it was hijacking. You think you was this a systems problem engine problem. Direction problem weather problem is a silly things -- have been. But for them to be missing this long and that no Trace of them is indeed a mystery. We'll talk to a comeback in 0309301806. On six degrees it's just our nine there. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. You writers today out leasing and it's all day. Don Don Don Don Dodd that the on that -- -- Signs that stands and that I and. Smoke on the water whenever I know that. It drives me crazy because I can't get out of my head I can get it out by the electrical torture yeah I can't do it once you're discharging your always of this -- Now I hate to blow and a fellow broadcaster. Early -- to do this. But I'm going to look at it it anyway okay. There are things we all do is broadcasters that we've fallen through. And we don't realize sometimes that we're doing them. And though you know the program director plays the -- plays something -- voyages said the 74 times and half an hour. And one of the things that George Noory does I just picked up after all of these years of George Noory okay. George arias the overnight show here and WB and and it is the place where not jobs go to listen to the radio. In large numbers in this role it's OK and there are always. Finished things they're discussing and -- -- -- some of this stuff and it's all they you know one person call a couple of weeks ago you know -- People claim they got abducted by aliens. This person claims they way they've been abducted three times I mean really -- it must be very popular in the alien community here. Or maybe it is just -- and ship them off the list. But anyway he has to talk to all these nut jobs on night and they say things that are just in -- and and how do you react of that. -- -- Georgia has a habit and I just skirted I discovered today and I should have picked up before this but I wasn't listening -- program director. I was listening as listen to these nut jobs event. When somebody says something to George that is so out there that there's no answer. Yes Jesus had four happens. And -- -- should do it there's just no answer to you got okay what George does and wants imports starting tonight -- -- -- Like this was a great revelation. Now he's not saying he believes that. And he's not putting it down is just say let's try it now Tony tell me Jesus have for an sandy did you know that Jesus had four hands. Like now people are going and what Georgia's thinking. Like is George buying the fact that Jesus -- is or is he repelling the fact that Jesus -- -- and figured I bet you that -- I mean that's when he doesn't -- starting tonight. And give me the over under for tonight Nazi on. I'm I don't personal lot listen before Johnson's run. So I'm saying the over under for people who was in his six who do six times than what you that's exactly number I was gonna cynicism about progress. How old go up to eight I also like that's fascinating it's -- That's how Roger gonna say that's exactly that out I've heard -- got a lot. The that's fascinating means that's the end of the discussion on hop means. Fill in your own blanks you know what I mean it's neat yeah so that's -- On this show now as long as we tell people were gonna do as long as they know. If you say something that's so in name to me so so long lead dumb that I go on hot. All right are you less important I don't know how many times I'll do it because I try and avoid. You know habits that would be MO that'll give you away but might happen might have been -- -- -- a crisis -- had a conversation with somebody. And they were talking about this missing airliner and they have a different take on it. Yasser it's you don't wanna go on the while I'd importer Amir good across. I said that the first thing she said was I know this might sound stupid or you're you know you're in trouble on and after being here for over seven years -- and you're you're right here in some deep water ya wanna -- -- -- in -- statement. OK and -- that I think that everybody's looking in the wrong place everybody's looking Dow Jones with the airplane blame for the missing plane and nobody's looking up. And I just hesitated for a second tour I thought who's gonna say aliens plagiarism -- she's -- what the plane just went up into the atmosphere. And I told her that I don't know if that's scientifically possible what if the plane went up into the atmosphere. -- -- Thank you. -- pass a law oh now and I'm letting you know what she says now did she skipped school today they talk about gravity. I mean there's got no. That of those planes cannot go up into the Davidson -- the storm runs through here tomorrow and it'll be in the cloudy out maybe who knows who. -- it is averaging governor or asking honest decide about the -- the missing -- -- seventy Malaysian airliner. A Boeing 777 so it's not a small plane has a large wind. And they have no idea where it is they they've widened the search pattern. We have lots of of of people looking to CEO for debris field. Are whether it was hijacked no one knows whether that had a catastrophic failure no one knows. But no one has any idea what happened to it there's no there's no hands on radar. And nobody seen that there have been no reports of and even though the bodies of water that these planes for over sensitive they're still -- outs in the as the other planes and there's radar nobody knows yeah you would think that the black box of from Afghanistan since -- -- pain or something yards I was that's the Chinese airlines yesterday -- just -- -- But yes no it does that they have transponder. And they generally. Have it's kind of connections so people know where they are not always but most of the time so over the fact that we don't have it. That the court of been brought to a destination without being picked up by radar I think that's -- Long shot if it -- blown up. Even if it was blown up even the terrorism they usually firing some transponder or something is sending out a signal plus -- somebody did something they would want to take credit for on nobody has yet and that's a that's a case they they usually do we come back we'll talk to you what do you think it is strictly speculation. -- don't speculate that it went out. Am page 370. What do you think happened to the Boeing 777. That everybody's looking for the world is trying to find it. On news -- and I thirty that Libya were asking what you think and it's strictly your opinion now no one really knows yet. What happened to MH 370 the Malaysian -- it's gone. And there's no Trace and they have been able find it and nations are getting together. Nine different nations which ships planes helicopters cannot find it. That the Boeing 777. It's a large plane but it's a big body water. It Austria all right trio 1806 with 6926930. -- -- Mike -- -- -- -- you're on WB yen. Might. I think that what happened with the rapid deep pressurization of the Kevin do well small explosion or metal fatigue. Now. That would suck the air right out of the pilot -- they think in all 1520 effect in people and have kind of to a may date. And he would. All found on the we all which why did they indicate our small turn on the plane on the normal procedure that. -- at 35000. Whatever they -- to be automatic pilot that would take over. I thought he'd be knew where it might be that they had happened. -- -- -- -- -- All they may not be broken at the right -- what their plane went down an automatic that we -- our part to the committee could even be over our land area. That's a good point remember there was a private jet years ago that was carrying some professional golfers including Payne Stewart. And they were oxygen deprived and it was on automatic pilot and they followed all the way until it ran out of fuel and and crash though. But you've been thinking this through and it's quite possible we'll what we'll have to follow that up and check it out thank you Mike thank you very much. You remember when that plane of Payne Stewart went down. That had to be spoken I think you'll like three or four people in that plane it was a private jet. -- you pet store was -- guy good golfer gotten used to Wear the traditional golf office the plan adds stockings and things like a big hats and whatever. And he was on his way to another golf outing. In something happened inside the plane where everybody inside the plane passed out at the same time there -- conscious. And the the plane was on automatic pilot. And they followed it knowing that these they only have a couple of choices against military -- could've shot it down. Or wait till ran out of fuel but there's always a danger where it's going to run out of fuel utilized the crash into it into a heavily yeah. Area with a lot of people so they it crashed and they fall down but them I don't know if they have that will be applicable something as large as the 777. Let's get your opinions here let's go to Allah and see what Alan thinks -- you're on WB yen. I it then isn't quite up I was there. -- is everybody's money and answer questions and there really strange. Questions we're asking I think only god knows what really happened but. Think that my -- and I am not that counted up I guess he. And the part that really puzzle me is if it's an automatic pilot why they would have their content kind of the signal. And the other thought that occurred to me. Is -- another smokescreen to divert our attention from something else. You mean you may like a Russian nodes and diversion. Okay. Like Ukraine that it. The bullets had been done before. Look at that Kathy. We have predicted that's straight in the way. Now we never were earlier if Hillary runs that's for sure -- -- you ever get could be I just I think it could be hijacked until the only thing about that is if they usually claim of that it's in this group or claim it's them that did it as soon as possible we haven't heard anybody claim. -- I mean if it is is that the plan to divert us from their -- saying. Rather than just destroy the line. -- I mean I I hope we find out for the sake of the family. Further I think it must be horrible. -- ideal life are they get. I think it would be worse not knowing. Then the bad news and really the uncertain because it keeps hope alive. Where maybe rationally. It's it's not going to be your first choice. Which you want it to you want it to happen and until you know it. You don't know any. -- arm hurt you know regarding finding something I mentioned this earlier they never did find a millionaire arts point -- in the world looking for that. Planes in the way it was set it I mean there is these. I think that beep yeah the you don't know nothing against hundreds of any kind of signals and am still leaning towards I guess it. Everything would have to happen like the last caller mentioned something -- gives credence to ever would have to happen at once if it wasn't -- instantly. If there was catastrophic failure and you would think that under most circumstances. That there be time to signals May Day. Time to signal of distress there were no signals like that given there's no. Hijacking and he wouldn't say I get her. Immediately cut off any kind of means the community. As best they could but remember -- most airlines have fortified cockpit it's. As they have to get in there and during the time trying to get him there there'd there'd be time to send out a May Day. If it was something structural on the plane. May be that knocked out all the communications person on the plane just went down you know we don't know we have no idea and that's that that's what drives us. The only one who really knows is he's not talked. I don't think so thank you Allan thank you very much. Yep well I guess if somebody were trying to get into the cockpit for. The wrong reasons you've got some time to send -- a mayday distress signal a hijacking in progress something. None of that okay. There was one's radar a -- advocated a small turn what that -- it could have been anything normal if there was on automatic pilot could noticeable turn so you don't know that. If -- if the if the plane were hijacked to bring to another place not bring -- down but to bring -- somewhere else. Surely will be tracked on Reagan wasn't a stealth it would be tracked on somebody's radar but. Nobody has an answer for this. And what we're finding out -- sometimes you don't wanna know how the sausage is made and this is an example. There are -- but there are easy card to access. A databases. Offer stolen passports. When we found -- forty million documents available for governments to screen for terrorists smugglers swindlers people who would travel the world forty million. But only three countries the United States Britain and the United Arab Emirates. A screen travelers against the agency's database for stolen passports. So stolen passports is a big deal especially in some parts of the world. And there are only checked through 43 countries jacket that doesn't sound right it doesn't sound sensible is certainly doesn't sound secured mate. So I guess where where where are we supposed to be checking everything we're supposed to -- but it's a little lax because why would you still a passport. While it might mean that you couldn't get out of the -- the country or and without getting caught -- going to jail or being charged with something. Or you had to have a different identity because maybe your identity as well known among terrorism suspects. It you know you have -- -- nation take over not to really affected the plane is. Going up not down that's a little bit too much imagination. But the bottom line is it's it's awful for the via the relatives the friends. The -- the relations and neighbors everybody associated with this. And there's no answer and it's gone on way too long and it's it really is truly a mr. we'd like your opinion as to what you think. Cause that you don't hear about 301806. On six -- of -- -- aren't.

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