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3-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello hello is a -- -- governor -- this is not going to work I can tell you that I'm buying a brand new set of headphones for the third time. And -- about headphones are working on the Jack is not working but. Right hand channel only so I guess I only have you ever showed me. Instead of the usual three I'll do an hour and a half. I've -- -- lot of liars I've used all the bad words -- we'll see where this goes. Yes yes yes I can take -- off like in the public network like that anyway it is a big company of sandy beaches is weird I bought these brand don't remember about the brand who had bombs very very nice about it -- three times. And I have one channel thank you Sammy. Sammy is brilliant he if people out there probably think what a prima Donna but the headphones are the most important thing. If you don't have. Now okay one channel that -- so if there that's not my headphones. Thank you very much we have Margaret and that are women of these. Thank you very much a house on the show so far I'm in the law and now we're giving a technical. Okay now that's good that's good thank you Sam so this mark that up which you're Tony this this Jack needs it needs a fix and thank you see them. It is a -- governor said he region of all days today we want and everything working perfectly. Because the debut of Michael Savage from the Savage Nation. Last night on non news -- 930. And I checked it out I listened to -- he's definitely a a guy with an opinion or two or three or four or five -- will be interviewing him. I just before we sign off today in the last segment. Before noon but meanwhile I don't know about you. But yeah I am it's the middle of the night and I have -- -- OK and I hear Tom Conley. Doing a a news wrap. And this is before John Susan sign on and I hear him say. Up to eighteen inches of snow that it's been revised and the northern counties where Tony and I live. Of a Niagara county today and blood Genesee and Orleans I think those with a three. They upgraded the stock -- who potentially. Eighteen inches and it's just woke -- up from the middle and I I just woke up instantly. And the set off now next Thursday. It is the first this spring next Thursday. And you know a storm is -- at the beginning of the season get a little excited and go out and get the emergency supplies but at the end of the season ending much fun. A -- we talked about him let me just make one little adjustment say something -- Well I'm very upset after I found out they were gonna get this much snow. But like I told you yesterday yes X amount against my -- its debt and if it runs out too bad they don't I searched. Grow at two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I said I'm not doing this anymore I'm not. I have a forward drive I can drive through anything in my driveway -- my driveway is going to show I'm going to be able to drive through. It's gonna -- God put it there God's gonna take it away but I ain't gonna do that I'm just not I was simply. Look at it like 37 degrees on Saturday so definitely it's a melting yeah and think about it via San -- a parade is a Sunday. So yes so let's hope that it melts often and that's that. OK we got a little late start to the show because of the headphone Jack but I'm ready to go ready ago lots that talk about today. Now it isn't often. That you'll hear me offer any amount of sympathy. To -- -- more head of the -- -- -- more but even me hardening broadcast veteran that I am. I have to say I'm funerals are reform I don't know if you saw this story by Sandra ten. In the problem goes on Sunday did you sit on there I didn't see it either. However a friend of mine a well known radio personality called me at home. I don't I don't I can't say who -- it is all I can say is. He's in -- halls of fame and I am. I'm in true he's in five okay five I'll never catch up ever okay. By live to be a 130 which is about two years away I I can't do but he he's always going to be had a right. But he said did you see the -- more stories crisis -- missed it. And then he told me and then he sent it to me. Here it is. -- teachers federation president Bill Maher has been laid up and in Albany hospital for a week. We've broken ribs and possible punctured lung after slipping on ice outside his buffalo home now okay that that sympathetic. Until you know the rest of the story. There's there's a comedic opportunity here usually broken ribs and punctured lung is not you know not suitable material for a lot of laughs okay. If he had a friend and her dog for dinner -- now I -- this is written. I don't know if he -- both of them or if it if if if they were just present when the food was being served. But that's the way it's written it's that after he had a friend and her dog for dinner. On March 1 he was carrying a friend's dog to her car. I guess the dog is not perhaps they via a manly dog probably want most awful little little you know ankle byters. So he says I'll carry your dog to your car and it's parked on my -- driveway. He slipped on the ice even though was solved that and landed on his back inside. He was and was urged to go to the hospital but the next day he was supposed to go to Albany. For some business so he didn't go to hospitals -- is that it went to Albany when he got very -- body. The pain was too much so he went to the hospital he was feeling ill and dizzy. And to have someone drive -- to the hospital I was in pretty bad shape I'm feeling better now but here's the good part. For those of you who have any business coming up with -- -- more. According to this story he has had a shower or shape since last Sunday. He makes I mean compare it had no way to negotiate contracts you just go in without a shower off for a week. And that would do it people would not wanna be in that room I've been in contract negotiations they go 4:5 in the morning. I've been in and contracts there where you -- -- for breakfast and come back. You don't know -- in a room with a guy who hasn't showered in a week OK the shaving it could deal -- but the showering would be different so why he hasn't showered and -- He said he was relieved however that. That he didn't follow on his girlfriend's dog imagine him following his -- schnauzer. That would be that would be really bad you know or -- though. I'm not really sure what what she has. But I do like defectors in Rutan told us that. He had here's the growth for an underdog for dinner and I want to. -- -- -- I can't joked I had great joke and I can't deal. Have them Mike into. A satellite and I don't know anything now where he slipped and water he slipped on Yahoo! which was a frozen and Yahoo!. Food and. Hang around with your six year old son too much what -- joint leaders double bubble again. Oh my god but he said he was happy to and fallen dogs. That the way the kids are describing and it is. Okay. A regularly back Lamar -- beach and company on the trader at 930 we are WB yeah. Now I'm glad to see that and Niagara Falls they have more polite robbers you know usually robbers aren't big on manners they come and handover of the billion dollars this trouble. That's right out of Warner Bros. gangster thing a lot but I gotta get out on me. Like saudis and a heater I loved I -- the -- and dialogue. But usually they get in there and cannot count it a practice. You know good manners but in this case I have to applaud does. A man and threatened a clerk at the 7-Eleven store on Niagara Falls boulevard Sunday night. Indicating. He had a gun and demanding money when the clerk refusal is the Robert tried a different tactic. He said please if I said days. She said no. And he left empty handed his historic. Man approached -- registered just after 11 PM carrying a bag with what appeared to be the barrel of a long guns sticking out. It's no longer Arabic make. Policies and Harry rains the match point in the bag at the Clark. He says you know what I want and she should've said what a bigger bag because he's got a bag pointed at the Clark. Says you know what I want the Clark said she did not believe there was a gun in the bag and told a man to leave. The suspect and said Connecticut is on ice you know when all else fails user is good -- the Clark said. -- -- -- Robert get out and that the man fled on foot. Became nine unit of the Niagara Falls share -- Niagara county sheriff's department was called Rambo was unable to locate the man apparently -- Bloodhound couldn't slalom however -- -- picked up film room or sent from Albany. After not showering for a week I'm thinking. Detectives revealed these security footage and described the suspect -- -- white male possibly as late thirties about six to 180. Wearing a white rag. To cover his face now know. It's pretty good indication their -- somebody walks into your store. And they have a rag on their face that they -- not in the air for good purpose you know maybe -- there to get something other than a -- to put on their face. He was wearing sunglasses this there was one that it was a migrant like 11 o'clock at night Levin at night. Comes in with a rag on his face and sunglasses. You'd think it was tipping off what he intended to do as soon as he walked in the door he has got a black hooded sweatshirt. Of course you got -- so you can deal you wholesome and Bobby got everybody. Hall holds up a store without -- funny how out of touch you you've got to Abalone and and to bury your head way in the hoodie so it your way back there they can release the UC IA's. Maybe some teeth but they can't see you and I can't describe you pulled -- -- -- weighed down and then putter gets had a -- A rag over his face and sunglasses. Kidding me. A ever joke is this guy I would ask about -- just take pictures are good short of my friends. He had blue -- on with the risks on both knees. While he's probably pleading will somebody please give me some money this is the fourth convenience store after a bit and tonight he was carrying a -- dark colored bag. All right that that narrows it way no of this discredit the description. But -- six to one -- -- over his face dark sunglasses -- quality. Genes were britney's sounds like our general manager Gregory idol out we should check his whereabouts where was it last night -- you have an alibi. We know -- he wasn't here are right now let's see what else is going on. The -- was in town -- you -- then yes I saw picture of him with. GP from 97 o'clock last night -- the buzz of Mary Coleman's Coleman says Geraldo is here. I was speaking at a job. -- -- at the millennium hotel and he went to the anchor bar okay to Percy via our air and got a picture taken out of there. And then later on he he also went to -- -- room Marty wanted to adds there's -- open tournament says. But that was nice around in and out quick good celebrity's visit. And he wanted to check out what he's turnabout wolf he's had tents and you -- he'll be back in oh or less a good part wants people I think that when entering the state or at least the county. Everybody should be required habitats are absolutely sure to get them excessively and is. Now I have a a ticket giveaway we have a four pack of tickets to see the buffalo bandits vs the Colorado mammoth Saturday the fifteenth this Saturday. At 730 the value as a 112 dollars 6449875. As a number to call right now general contest rules apply. Now here's where I get to Dubai. My John -- -- announcer voice you're ready. Don't miss the hard hitting high school. Journal Bible and its lacrosse. As the problem that hosts the Colorado mammoth on Saturday. Where. Over. Don't forget great seats are still available first Niagara senator box office or online Aventis dot com. Why did you see the video of video hockey player for Dallas that I read about it I saw the video it's like Walt. I collapse on the bench unity couldn't get a clearer view. But you knew that there was instantly action going on he apparently has had heart problems in the past. And he is on the bench and collapsed. And then you see everybody just flying over to where the bench is officials other players. Whatever and then you see it looks like they were although I didn't have a good view looks like they were carrying them out without a structure that's what it looked like. By the arms and legs. To get them back there in the dressing room but I guess he's -- he's going to be okay -- that's good but they after fifteen minutes they called the game and reschedule. Because nobody could focus and it's really is so. Are right we come back we're gonna talk about something you're talking about today you're not happy about it I'm not happy about it Tony's done about it Chris isn't happy about it. And guess who's really not that unhappy about it. Drivers because in most instances their contracts are already up for the season. Most of them expired in April -- some problem for some of them before that so if if there -- -- if they've expired then you might have to pay more mental here for some while drivers who will tell us that they're still gonna -- even though. They -- -- contract expired. When I pull out all contracts were April 1 and then anything. After that I -- it was you know depend on the size of the driveway. Like twenty dollar well no good for you but not everybody has the same conference. So a we've heard reports and others have already expired. And so will say. If you're gonna have to do your own driveway if you have a -- you're gonna use that are you saying screw it I'm done for the season against all laws. We'll be back tomorrow beach company. You can pay for yesterday's -- In print or get today's news three just use WB EN dot com. Ibekwe Beijing governor I hope you're the inaugural version of the Michael Savage show the Savage Nation and a heard daily now Monday through Friday from ten to 11 was last night. We'll be talking -- Michael -- event to go about quarter to twelve today so stand by for that is that we welcome him. To buffalo meanwhile we are birds about the problem with the Dallas Stars hockey player. And any mention somebody you -- admin group and come with a skate a memorable large check -- checked him being cut right here. And the blot on the ice made some people of physically sick and it would look really looks spirited -- -- you guys see that when it was the reported in the -- yeah I remember watching the animal like choking it was like -- job argue I remember it. Happening when I was a kid by read about it today just because. Predicts -- to them alerts are being came to mind is that have been came in my Honda and I'll tell you it's. I was surprised I mentioned this on the air that. And the Olympics when they have ice dancing in pairs you know where you're not dancing alone. Why nobody's ever been cut that I can think of by Gasquet when the flip it around there you know upside down and whatever and it is just amazing this case never -- anybody in. It's not that you want -- to but I'm just surprised it hasn't. And so will see that I hope the bills players and in good hands of curious about everything just stopped it was like you know something's wrong. All right now his talk about today we're talking about whether. All right you're as upset about it as we are because we thought we're missing a little progress here right next Thursday I think is the first this spring. And the snow is receding I have a couple of places as I look out in my backyard that had snow autumn all winter they don't have snow on -- now but by tomorrow at this time they'll have snow on him again. And I AM I gave up early. I get up early I said screw it I have a snowblower and argues that for years and it works very well it's it's it's a solid -- snowblower. And I set a few weeks ago I'm not doing this anymore I'm just not I'm out. I will drive over the snow if if somebody has to deliver packaged and let -- be on delivered that's as far as I'm concerned. I don't have any grandiose dinner party plans is scheduled for the house so I'm just gonna wait until a Peter content they'll -- top and on the bunny trail. And so I've already given up. But what are you gonna do are you gonna prepare for this arms wheels started to I am actually a little bit before that -- 2 -- -- The warning is in from 2 AM. Tomorrow morning till 2 AM on Wednesday morning got it. So that's it and could get depending on where you are up to eighteen inches more in the north and the south disarm so it's kind of reversed. Is this still exciting to -- hours of old hat. At the beginning of the season there's a certain excitement level. Where -- indeed if if you're expecting a storm. It's kind of invigorating OK let's as -- -- with a blower -- we have food in the house. Are they cars full do we have book emergency stuff in the cars now we're ready to go. That's passed -- the equipment that was months ago now it's at that. That's what they always say in the commercials. Ever noticed that what what they never say the third word I can't figure out what it is you can we got to figure out some time. So okay Tony are you elect position a UN -- now. Well first of all I'm prepared I went shopping yesterday. And yes -- do get milk and water. Did you get toilet paper. No I didn't need that usually are restocking promise Sheryl Crow planned they you know if it's a week ago at the seven individual sheets now we're -- were good on that even blossoms snacks just in case now. Ax while you know it's not you know you billion snacks on a snowstorm yeah and and I felt that the gas tank this more as Smart card that I go up this morning that -- basically all -- so hero thing is is -- you know you look at. What's the mindset right now over everybody it's pretty young who are they can -- express had a couple forty degree days we got saint Patrick's game got the NCAA tournament. -- on the corner. Ready to get explained I heard of some of the ski areas even though -- is pretty good that there weren't a lot of people so people of their minds it's changed what about you Chris are you also that are cleared up -- yesterday us. -- I already there are thirty years old I said it was almost like a good salary. Out brought out an ad it's just. Minorities I am I even here in one because of our hours. I am I get annoyed before the storm hits it's just like pre storm annoyance act -- you know yeah -- -- leave for work at you know like for 24:30 in the morning. And my first thought is over -- -- too -- the out of the plows lineup out there he had the Specter and how much time. Before you leave Richard and how much extra time -- gonna need. Then. They say it of the afternoon drive is going to be worse as I leave a new but it's not going to be bad by noon it's just an absolute nightmare well the warning goes in -- a two way -- there's going to be snow before that so you're going to be facing snow coming into work tomorrow so allied. And does so you don't. -- I've got a big challenge and in that when I leave here I'm on such tight schedule. I have just enough trying to get to next school to pick Kamal. Now I may have to look at at finding somebody to pick them up because you know they said how the that the -- homes going to be slow I'll never make. OK well let me give me some advice OK and this is solid models and I mean -- don't bring him in the work now on the always say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you bring a -- during -- moral issue. Tomlin likes the attention lights you know. More people more commotion in the India record it and your studio just yesterday and throw somebody out. Yes globally even good physically. But yeah verbally said that it was distracting from even though he has laser like focus. I'm they can bring in backhanded it a good idea who wouldn't -- a six year old precocious kid running around like a band -- I think you'll be fun and I'll get emotional about things actually. Somebody -- knots before the show somehow I don't think have video to. Okay I what we come back we want your opinion out there are you ready for this this storm. Yeah I didn't hear the man from the National Weather Service say that the drive home. Tomorrow could be. The worst one of the season that's not good especially since this this year for the very first time in all of my years in buffalo. During one of the storms I actually had to turn around because there was no visibility nothing. Didn't matter what kind of tired your -- on. Didn't matter what kind of traction you have. Doesn't matter how prepared you are if you can't see years. And sojourner Ronald waited a couple of hours went home -- all three -- 3018061692. Exits and start 930. Let's go to Dave in Lancaster -- -- set for -- mother winter here. -- I am not on inactive but only now in the color I look forward no -- in our back or my garage. I MP again I took oil lot of it over the optics are now. And -- -- need to act and minute by. For comment now you walk there at a mine my stupidity is still -- -- annual report electrical workers. You know myself. What my editor. And I can't so I'll use the old war. The other -- he does not Gloria is gonna have to relevant but have you done all that working or ready for spring. No matter what we get it'll be on a short time unless you have a lot of company or less you have a reason that it has to be cleared. I think you can get through. They think it would kind of snowball is gonna be that pretty triangle we're gonna get to be you know Bob Porter you know within like. In -- four -- -- is gonna come down straighter the gonna be one of them critical sideways and. -- it was probably one of the report said that -- during the height of that there might be aired a couple of inches an hour for a short time it's going to be one of those systems is gonna go through. And not not a super courtly but it's not gonna linger here -- so. We can get through it no matter what we have and who by putting your snowblower away and the spark plug was the last thing I wouldn't I wouldn't fired up again unless you have the day. Not via. And I got a couple no dog and I'm like Britain the other day I'm afraid they want the backyard it's not quite quickly. I've never felt so bad it might like they built themselves like little miniature inclusion in the backyard cool to sit out there are all day Bieber like. And and now you know they're going to be happy if he has. While either watching video Alaskan shows and they show a lot of sled dogs of their -- to an out of Alaska good -- Dave got through it always should do for Dave. I think Tony you should go to his house in jobless okay it will be the right things are you to -- I wish I could go to Cuba medical problems keep me from -- -- otherwise I'd be you know I I would be glad to help. No one's sure what you've taken a -- down you better on the gas out of it every year right because otherwise forget starting at the spread and in the fall walls are. They run -- gas out you do it he even drain the oil which I usually don't know but he drain the oil was ready to take the plug out and now we're gonna get some more snow is not cute anymore it's over and as far as all the concern we have no idea what the -- -- -- But most of them are pretty close to that either running out or already have run out about. Allotted snow days so they could be a little reluctant but of this things the warning goes from 2 AM. Tomorrow it's a two way M on Thursday. That would be a flying head start depending on how low how much it is that the beginning as to whether schools and maybe he might just let the kids go early. We'll go to school early -- and do half the day in and you know leave that I well it depends on when it hits and and what what -- what's there now -- is on the if we get a lot of snow people are going to be -- And if we don't get a lot of snow people are gonna be bitching because the forecasters have called for. And there have been times in the past when they've golf -- and it wasn't there you know it's like a problem you had to get those -- mobile's. Yes. Just when you thought you needed it wasn't there and so either way. You're gonna have Medicare a happy campers tomorrow I can tell you that right now. Let's find out what Renee is doing any spammers remain here on WB here. Good morning candy and we went looking picking up buying the document from the ES PD day without that we'll ever get here is a sled dog. -- one we get it. Anyway. He -- -- -- at the end you mentioned about pain extra personal filing we had a deal on -- Saturday we hired on a -- right. Do act badly this year and because. The no amount with a hundred engines. That four people they -- hired and they share into the street each got a built as an extra seven dollars. A wild sell your contract call for X a lot of inches rather than dates well. Well I didn't know that that's -- Now would either -- we got a lot of thought. Well I would suggest that. You do a eutectic check up on your garage door and elements he wants it he's got to -- was way him. Yet this the first time -- at within forty years. That this is yet and we've never been charged extra well a -- And and and to do the best you can -- a good luck to. Okay about life I never I didn't know if they charge like that how many inches of snow did you not know easily. -- -- -- -- -- dates or by how many times you visit now this is it is is not well I guess if they determine when they visit by how many inches of air. That would translate to a if you knew. You know sometimes they may have to do more of one day once in a day and you don't even know there were there twice that's right -- it's just that they wore -- A we haven't had a lot of complaints this year about them plowing. Even though we have a lot of snow because remember was of the year before last when there wasn't much. Of the few times that we did have -- the two of them of the -- response was not good right -- -- this this year. A people earning their money but she said they got a bill for 75 dollars. Because it was over a certain amount I don't know what -- what a constant for the whole season I have a war I don't use applause servicemen. So is its it's a big surprise for her. And I wonder if they'll come and include this snowfall as part of that 75 dollars and I don't know should read -- -- -- guy and if we get a -- how people out there. I'll let us know are you gonna charger customers more it has your contract not expired was your contract under. I didn't know they charged by the inch. But if the joke with regard to market. Thank you real market good excellent -- are numbered so thank you very much 83 -- 3018061692. Through six -- 930. We wanna know how you feel about the weather I know that I heard Tom Connolly in the overnight session here on WB and update the forecast. And I woke up it was one of those things where I think I was listening to him while I was asleep. And then it penetrated said hey he said that we could get eighteen inches here and I woke up just like that ball instantly awake not happy. So we like to hear from you. Give -- -- us know how you're dealing with this is going to be okay for you. Is it a pain in the neck what happens at the kids' schools close others are. -- is put away for the season of a plug -- gonna show up on news radio 930 we are WB yeah.

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