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NHL Player Collapses During Game

Mar 11, 2014|

Dallas Coach Lindy Ruff

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Lindy Ruff has been through some things some other before this some medical emergency on the -- affecting a player. In the game at home in 2008. With the Florida. Richard zednik suffered a cut on his neck and was swiftly treated for those serious injury. This time as coach of the Dallas Stars. -- saw what was wrong players collapse in the first period the game was postponed correctly. And -- spoke with the media about the medical response. I thought -- is a medical staff admiral William Johnson. And I was there first and it wasn't for her doctors and all the members. -- reacted so quickly. The story officially. -- understand you're a different story really didn't absolutely fabulous job. So you came off JC he's clubs and I actually sit on the bench and started screaming oh my god for doctor. And then actually there was there was a big one related her hand up. Just to -- -- chargers -- -- doctor -- just screaming left doctors -- We need some -- -- and -- ASAP. And they were variously. -- -- -- -- -- -- Peninsula good. Tomorrow what you went through. Ask me no discussion of the players first. -- addressed. Just seem perforation. Can thank you know that he was OK in. And told them -- the first thing you ask me was. How much time left in the first period. You know content to the typical athlete can only. But there's someone there. All right now and tonight I'm not there and persuade them play and I want to coach Jay -- -- you. When will we we got to get by this moment. In London that's the furthest thing from my mind around the world. Roll plus there was richer for this period of time India. You know he's he's going to be OK you're very feels that. Carries and given in the Karen future role. We the most important thing he can possibly go through your seriousness we actually shaken easy injuries don't. Things like I mean this is just such different love. What's your feeling it's. In the I was scared -- just. I was my first emotion was we need some heroic and -- we went in when he dropped to listen. -- -- -- to gain -- worry about anything else just draw strength from doctor. There's always just let's give him -- -- help she needs and they came down and help us. For me it was -- into something I don't wanna Wear this again. We know we play him until there's a lot of emotion and a lot of passing in front. Doing the first thought of -- families -- and ignore your person isn't. Can just prayed -- -- appearing to be okay. Now contrast the league's decision in the last night to that game back in 2008 which was continued. Rough was not happy about that. That went -- I was able to do anymore she wasn't a game there was. You know it's a guy just told pleasurable -- through what you imagine yourself are your thoughts your viewers -- require that. I just went by an advantage. Trevor leaves wife by the way it was at last night's game in Dallas traveled to the hospital with them by ambulance.