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Missing Jet Investigation

Mar 11, 2014|

Mike Liwicki

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael Wiki is on the WB and -- and retired FBI supervisory special agent Mike nice to have you here. The Malaysian jetliner in hand GPS. An indestructible black box in a beacon designed to float to the surface. How in the world as a Boeing 777. Just Spanish. Well you know we don't have to go to our remember. Other incidences. For example are Air France 447. In 2009. TWA eight. 800 in 960. Plunged into who I think people are very similar to -- -- I'm not a mechanical that that first. An airplane technology and it really can't tell -- that -- how it happened. But I can talk a little bit about perhaps. I happened. And -- it will. -- Well you know I think I think that people in the United States are more worried about one thing right now they're worried about what happened in the United States. And I think it's very very. Highly unlikely that it would have been here passports. In other trail -- to -- immediately untrue FBI and her whole computer databases here. To protect their lost or stolen. We seat from luck in the news and everything that we heard that the police and security -- -- not -- air here in the United States. -- Passenger manifesto all international flights. Are checked against international data bases there's a lake that departs or lands in the United States. So you know we can put that to rest people in that picture a little bit better about that. I think they get what we really have to look at art the -- the transport the passport issue. The black market for passports especially an island which is huge source. Restore -- and sports. And they -- -- market for freaknik that that's I think that's what we have to look at I think Interpol. As this morning. Taking an opportunity to bring their probation two world. My Interpol is also ruled out terrorism. In the disappearance of this jet airliner. Now I guess we're wondering how can they say that -- them we don't even know where this plane is at this point. Well. Grant you can't find the plane and and frankly. Ultimately what will determine what happened is the recovery of the aircraft flight data in the -- voice recorder. Or any crash debris. But again. -- that OPEC to Air France took five days of intense searching. Before it even the first -- supporting wreckage was recovered. So we got to keep that in mind it's gonna take a long time and the investigation. And take. Many many months if not years the the the Air France and verification took over five years. Mike I asked them earlier guest -- they had any knowledge of the cockpit door those Malaysian jetliner. Whether it was locked or not they were unsure do you have any idea. I can't be -- about it but I won't be very surprised if if there wasn't. Ever since endeavors in the World Trade Center bubble. The the airlines and take them very very secure route in the end ensuring that the that the cut the doors are locked and sealed. What else. Kind of intrigues you about this dismissing jetliner. The fact there was no communication. Dissent -- -- strike anything with you. Well you know again that this is this is pretty much what happened in you know and the other two airline disasters and and others. We really have to wait until until some recovery of of the debris or at the or the -- What you quarters in Israel recovered. And that's really the only way to ordered to -- and we know what else. Mike we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. Thank you Michael Wiki is a retired FBI supervisory special agent.