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Missing Plane Search Continuing

Mar 11, 2014|

Barnaby Lo in Ho Chi Minh City

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to the other side of the world to hold Xiamen city in Vietnam where CBS is going to be low. Is standing by to talk of those more about those missing Malaysian jetliner Barnaby thank you for joining us this morning. -- we are looking -- a report we receive a little while ago that says radar may have detected. The missing Malaysian jetliner that sort of thing you can tell us about that you know about that. Well where error has not detected that it believes Al Leiter it's just that radar indicated. That the plane may have heard back on the direction though the war. Beijing going to all of the important that would be expanded the search area. To a web co -- the -- initially. They were actually are cheating me. He area and off a little cold well Vietnam because apparently. I look where the cleanly -- with air traffic. But is it based. It started searching for the green and yet they. Nothing turned up that would verify the location of the wreckage of the plane or any part of green. For that matter last weekend. They discovered. Or sleep they also discovered -- every. These are all yeah low floating object in the lead but the check all of them. They all turned out -- -- and now to a possible as to what happened in between the lead airlines jet. And there are now more questions than answers. Now indications that this plane did make -- -- turn of some sort but we -- this almost from the very beginning is that right -- It. The fact that this jetliner made the -- -- as it was flying over the south -- honestly. And the sitting on the opposite direction we sort of knew that from the very beginning didn't win. Right we. Oh really sort of you've got we back in commissioner. All the that we can but they were still obviously hope that they would they will be able directions. Up the range somewhere in China sea between -- leader in Vietnam because that would be the logical that they think -- because. Ballot where between -- contact I want to welcome the -- in what. Our great way to Beijing. It was -- sort. All of them or on its way to Beijing insult that would make small change but right now they're not counting any possibility of rain could be anywhere they're not giving up -- And so there are urging the outpouring. And hired a good seat locker strained. And the iron call -- 500 nautical mile area. You know it is so hard for people in this country to understand how a plane of this size. Could go down without any sightings at all it is the country that remote and on populated. It is and. Malaysia. Barely aware that I'm pretty it is it immediately populated country choppy Asia. It's one of the rising economic regional bloc in the world financial. People here are equally -- what happened -- -- life actually answered. Good record. -- park -- well -- triple -- until. It is really well right now a mystery as to how old that he sort of just. Here in here. I'll right now and not -- really has been on the bloodshed that would be -- confirm. The location. The -- weather -- That he or whether it acts. -- and it really still. Question a lot of questions actually asked what happened there and believe -- police are actually looking. At an angle right now they're looking hijacking you're looking at shot -- looking at this and between. Yours and -- may -- Agree that treat. And so it'll all be -- are being looked at right now you mentioned awhile ago though. Terrorism. -- golden bears well you know you can't handle but they're still not -- that because until they fine. Yet we did actually I -- wreckage of the plane. -- not explain what happened. Barnaby aircraft that leaves the USA and arrives on the USA. The cockpit doors are locked what about that Malaysian jetliner was that -- cockpit door locked. And that is something that we cannot confirm right now because. We are not on the -- that lockbox would be very cool well. Are you out in the -- or what happened without any -- appeared why it appeared to because. It earned back the outlook or anyone -- they call -- what are. I -- on the air traffic there would have been distress signal. I wouldn't support a call there was not being built on what communication and. Not being -- old bat has really been big news here. In Asian experts suggest that the whatever happened it happened so quick. That there was little time to meet any communication. But again that still question right now because. Again we are not yet read -- to people who are happy it got -- that it. How many passengers from Vietnam. May have been on a plane and and what kind of health as Vietnam offering. Vietnam would actually offered a lot of help Vietnam has been very heavy. -- involved in the search and we're duke. We're here because again the initial functional -- The plane at optical out Vietnam but it but it's not just yet not involved in that court. -- And god and country are actually -- in -- and multinational effort EUS. That's directed. And the -- to the -- and the eat the search and our board of course I'd have a lot big here because two thirds of the 239. Leader onboard. -- IE that we said that there. There are ample the American. Also. Few other people -- conduct another country. Can you -- A tour and you know who what you see or reported it. -- thank you for joining us this morning we are very grateful.