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Missing Jet Update

Mar 11, 2014|

Shannon Van Sant in Beijing

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go live now to Beijing in China. Where CBS wish Shannon van Zandt is standing by to talk with us about the missing Malaysian jetliner Shannon good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning. Shannon we are hearing that radar may have detected. That missing Malaysian jetliner. Somewhere. Over the -- in the South China Sea. Can you tell us anything about this. -- -- -- That is true but it can confirm that get out of a cup conference -- the airlines are we went to make it now you earned entrant and they aren't they say they still have not found. Part the crying or anything that you treat a claim peaking -- thank you are. So that -- did you ever radar on the part of our -- it is buried very recent department and it's not something. And it's been confirmed it would Malaysia airlines -- they just gave a press conference. I just ended up -- been hectic. We understand -- that China is redeploying some satellites. To help in the search for this. After a string of critically and satellite. And they like -- search effort. And the monitor the latter. -- aren't quite -- -- heart strings normally the government and could strengthen. The search effort that range. And they're doing that you have -- the camera number two are all that's gonna -- out here and the Albert you're speaking. -- -- -- -- crap about you meet her needs and without any clear to what happened that -- in the middle of the night. Actually began demanding answered in the big -- and and and demanding unfortunate parent is well apparently airlines as to what -- now and when you hit an an any attorney -- court and could it be at -- Shannon CBS news is reporting that Interpol is now for the time being ruled out terrorism. In the disappearance of this jetliner. What can you tell us about the two passengers who boarded the Malaysian airline jetliner with stolen passports. While reportedly near the Iranian nationals. And term number I think that the kids -- my critique and a couple as I can eat -- he secured it well. I think we need to be very careful about any accurately and that he sneaking up without. I welcome to cling onto their mega event Korea -- and draw a lot. At apple and I I thank -- and Interpol are backing away compared to an electrical heat actually area they are against terror which -- -- Iraqi -- and are illegal migrants. Wasn't true -- -- other country a lot of legal legal -- Cherokee he used talent where he he's. Shannon go to Chapman used morning thank you for the update. That's CBS is Shannon Van -- in Beijing China.

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