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Missing Jet; Filibuster "Light" in DC

Mar 11, 2014|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us on the WB in -- -- senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity. -- Dave good morning. The the missing Malaysian -- how is the US helping -- -- one day. Providing intelligence they're providing security expertise that's certainly the United States as some of the Basque police sources. And the -- resources dedicated. Two issues such as it yet it's still though -- buried very rare instance when a plane goes down for -- and of course terrorism seems to be. Well at the other suspect content such as although we do not know yet they're there's no indication. One way or another that it is anti terrorism although we you know now that that some of the passengers. On the plane were using stolen passports. One election and post is reporting was trying to seek -- -- Asylum in Germany -- It's a lot of information right now that is still unknown and whether national transportation security port think he wore. Or other resources that the United States can bring the -- They will be helpful -- China Malaysia some of the that he's turned -- and countries that those are going to be the ones and articulately. David -- packed conference last week you were there. Williams -- Rand -- those were your most folks there work. You're incredibly impressive figure you'll rousing speech I want that many of the speeches apple conducted during the three day event that was characters -- and credit myself. And Rand Paul definitely got some of the biggest applause he was definitely one of the people who -- talked about a stop and the folks would stand with grandsons and T shirts and Kirk valued at about everywhere you went by hand that was the straw poll at the end of that -- packed conference. The very simple question who would you vote for twenty execs in the president's. -- got more than 30% of votes and that's against people like. -- -- and Chris Christie and Donald Trump and awful -- stereo. Clearly when it comes to the party -- all the conservative it's called grand pop the pop many people list as a potential candidate when he sixteen. There's been a filibuster going on all night by senate Democrats on that climate change legislation what's what's a solid active. Speaking in the fake filibuster it then. -- -- that something -- usually when you talk about a filibuster. You're talking about people who are trying to block legislation they're trying to. Prevent or delay legislation that -- sort of anti filibuster it away. The Democrats are talking about climate change issues that this is a thing of course says it's very important to ban also optically it very important event. Out politically and for a lot of people across the country. But Democrats acute that it has the last night and the morning he spent hours and hours and -- well into the night. Talking about climate change the I irony of all that is perhaps the Democrats want to bring -- climate change bill. To the senate floor all Harry Reid the senate majority leader would have to do. Is bring it to the floor at his prerogative. But it's something where they know that they cannot get enough votes are out -- comprehensive climate change legislation. And that in a way it's -- Effort to convince other Democrats to get on board the -- you'd have several Democrats who will not get on board because they're from oil producing an ever deeper it's in states like Alaska Louisiana. -- as a result that this is more. Show benefits. -- David Carl Paladino the buffalo businessman who ran for governor in 2010. And a -- worthy of the Erie county Republican Party chairman. Are now pressuring Donald Trump please. Let us know once and for all you're going to run for governor trump speaks in Syracuse tonight you think he'll play a little rules tonight. Release says something you'll see him. I would expect that he will continue to play by its own rules we talked last week about whether -- trump who caddies speaking slot. Keep Akron is that it's a forum platform and opportunity to garden. Perhaps announced that he was going to run for governor for at least a little bit to his political plans. He did nothing of the sort out in the -- -- -- that he may last week where is mistakenly saying that former president Jimmy Carter to die. So he would not appropriate now is thirty's obviously riding the popularity of publicity wave. I'm with again find it very dubious stat you would use this platform in the Syracuse area. The governor announced that he was running for governor is going have to do something at some point either say answer they'll. Or maybe just what the -- fatal way but that there is no indication although it could happen there's simply no indication that if any is. That's opportunity to say that he's going forward with a gubernatorial that -- Days thank you. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.