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Now A Winter Storm Warning For WNY

Mar 11, 2014|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head to the airport do weather station and a check in now with a meteorologist Jon Hitchcock with a National Weather Service John good morning. Okay the storm is on track as it has been for the fans stood twelve -- usual. Where is that right now on -- in foreign win. Well system is just beginning to develop in the upper plains early this morning. And there's been some interesting development the last 24 hours in the moral guidance we used to produce a forecast they've -- -- stronger. A little slower and a little farther north with a system -- to break that down what that means essentially from buffalo. North and east the totals have been increased. Who expects -- to develop later tonight. And really pick up in intensity during debate tomorrow and continue into the evening and by late tomorrow night we're expecting -- storm -- to reach. Twelve this sixteen inches with a piece but maybe getting close to put it half. North -- east -- buffalo. Now because that further north storm track in the suburbs here. There's going to be more make for the start impact it might started just plain rain tomorrow morning and I gradually transition. Particularly in freezing rain and over it's no less sleep later to mark -- -- but for area closed the PA state line they'll keep -- pulled down quite a bit. But did John -- an hour under winter storm warning we're had been a watch for the southern tier right. That's correct yeah we upgraded to warning for discovered here looks like the northern half of the southern tier counties will still be in for eight to ten inches. The right down near the state lines -- -- places like holy and a well -- you're my only seaport at six and is down that way. That we have a situation now where areas to the north are going to get more snow -- areas to the south that's what's -- usual. Those Lake Ontario or Lake -- have anything at all to do with that. Yeah Lake Ontario -- as a can do it that. Especially during the second half this system as it grows colder there will be lake enhancement. Off Lake Ontario with north and northeast wind. And -- produced a few experiences though from buffalo north and east. -- strong -- pushed back quite that far inland as well probably down to about the through waste so the way it looks right now I think the highest goals will be in. Parts of -- -- to Genesee counties. And over towards Rochester. And also those north winds will produce significant longer things though. Especially during the afternoon and tomorrow at near zero visibility. But what not the winds and what about that the chance of any power outages with news. Well the wins don't look quite strong enough for anything widespread as far as power it is go vote few isolated power it is certainly possible. But the main issue will be deploying leader and know especially on the east west road. Due to the northerly wind direction. And the wind will be strongest close the Lake Ontario short. The drive into work and school tomorrow morning Wednesday morning and that should be bearable but not the afternoon is that a. Yet the drive into work it's gonna be very slow this LB picking up in intensity will probably pick up. In Intersil overnight and it will be increasing in intensity during the morning commute so I think the morning drive will be -- But just after the morning your idol get much much worse I think snowfall rates may increase to near to it as per hour during the day. And they'll last through the afternoon to -- the afternoon drive. Could be downright horrible probably one of the worst we've seen the -- John I actually have to. Payroll meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the National Weather Service.