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3-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EF. I wore us down upon -- with great benefit then yeah. If you go to the -- looked up moderately anxious and my broke. That we have to pass the bill says that you -- find out what is it yeah but it's not my responsibility but if you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a they're ready if nothing like a shortened to. -- -- Today it's don't mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. It is about ten minutes after six said that Israeli and I'm thirty WBD. End. I got email here is that it's a valid point. About TWA 800 Tommy or being inconsistent who took credit for TWA flight 800. Just because you weren't told that somebody took credit for it did not mean that nobody took credit for. Nor does it mean that retribution was not handed out. Now it may be easy. Bet this. Malaysia situation. Yet maybe eight terror attack. It very well might -- but here's the efforts we TWA flight 800. There were numerous eyewitnesses. Numerous eyewitnesses. And of course those who didn't see the party line were told they didn't see. You know same old crap from dealey plaza. Unless you saw Lee Harvey Oswald in the six Florida Texas book depository you didn't see the assassination. So just because you worked hold nobody took credit doesn't mean credit wasn't taken. That's all I can say about that now as far as this. And again keep in mind there was a debris field found as well. -- the Malaysian flight there has been no debris field spot. Which would be consistent with a mid air explosion. And by the way let me also add something here. That -- this is always there. One of the things that has bothered me about the flight that went down in Shanksville Pennsylvania September 11 2001. The let's roll flight. If the play nose dived into the ground and why it was debris and paper found miles away. That always bothered me. And why did witnesses see. Mysterious aircraft flying overhead shortly after. The flight went down and Shakespeare. Are we to believe that they are all crazy. I've never quite. Let's put it this way. If -- to find out at some point in the future that the government shut down that flight. It would not surprise. If that happened. And what's really tragic as it may very well have been the right decision. No what I said earlier about the many verses the few. How many died at the World Trade Center. How many would have died at those flights been shot down before it crashed before they crashed into the world for its. The many verses the few it becomes a numbers game. And I'm not saying that because. Look all I'm saying is. I've never I've never quite been able to buy into that story about. Let's roll. And the plane nose dived into the ground. Not with the debris found where it was found around that site I've never quite bought into that. Maybe there's a logical plausible reason that I just -- not hearing. And I haven't been able to ask anybody I know about that particular flight. Or if they know they haven't told -- So there's some things I know -- -- somethings I don't know when that's one of the things I don't know. Sometimes people tell these things sometimes people -- only things. And I'll just I'll I'll leave it at that but no John I appreciate your email and I hope -- answered your question as best as I can't. I also got to be careful look at certain people into trouble. It is 64 theaters -- united thirty WB the end. By the way you can ask you can ask my attorneys that residence whether I keep my mouth shut when. When that people ask me certain questions that would tend to jeopardize other people's careers. Do I keep my mouth shut. And the residents will. Absolutely positively 100%. Backed me up on this bet I don't -- never have never will I read it people wouldn't trust me the way they trust me. NYC people -- it and I'm grateful for you guys obviously but I'm also grateful for the patriots in our government to over the years have. Presented themselves to meet. And it's on cases have become very good personal friends. Com and no man no woman can make in this world without France. So. Anyway just. It is one of the responded John's email on job -- good point. Tonight that definitely can see why you would see an inconsistency there and I hope of I hope that I cleared that up they're like to do it if we if we can't. If you guys are operatives are. Was it somewhat awkward. Meet -- to pocket that possibly maybe you know I did this on Friday. I am still willing to talk to -- about what happened with the missing 777. My own personal belief based on what I think I know at this point in time is. That it was not terrorism that it was in mechanical failure. That is my own personal belief -- explain why I believe that to be the case largely the lack of a debris field. That to me indicates that went into the water intact or relatively intact. Nothing has floated to the surface that has been spotted at this point. So. My belief is it was mechanical. I could be -- I agree welcome bureau. I. Hope I'm right. Because I hate the fact that this was a test run that's going to be used in the United States. I hope not. Now there is something else that with which ended the show last week. But I want to bring back today because of the weather forecast. Ladies and gentlemen. Never last Friday when -- that I wish I would started to show earlier. I wanna know your thoughts -- some out and you're sunshine getaways. And I wasn't expecting to bring it back today but I have to. I had a vision from god and about 3 PM today yes god personally tested myself up and he said Tom. I'm good at dumped eight to twelve inches of snow on buffalo. On Wednesday and Thursday. -- top. I'm giving you permission -- got text he really -- He. I wanna know where it is your special place in the sun now last Friday we lady who's gonna cost you know like 27 times. We heard from a young lady who outlet to Costa Rica and stayed in a rental apartment had a great time. We heard from a guy who is real big on at -- stop off. Which is on the Pacific coast of Mexico where it's at each stop -- -- -- a bit of those places at least when I was there they are beautiful. Acapulco is well I would not recommend Acapulco odd couple probe by the way is absolutely rife with crime. You cannot trust the hotel staff at -- hotel Acapulco unfortunately that's becoming more and more the case in all of Mexico. Where they will basically ripped off. And if you lose up and to get beaten up if he assaulted if you get robbed basically screw you that's basically. Mexico now. Which is why I don't go to Mexico anymore an opportunity to and I said no like -- -- -- for a but as the house in Mexico offered it to -- for week that's it now I I don't do Mexico anymore thank you very much. Nor -- why do the Dominican Republic anymore. Although favor once he might my ribs even more clearly -- -- back in 030 thirty -- the phone number where is your spot in the sun. And and I don't kind of awkward because we just on the plane crash obviously but. Do you read those cards would get on the plane. When you wanna know the service records of an airplane on which you apparently were flying because I gotta tell this up and if everybody -- How much maintenance every play in the air goes through or should go through a regular basis you would be scared witness. Every time he got to play. But players like your car with wings it's got to be maintained. Parts have to be replaced parts parts have to be swapped out the oil has to be changed filters out to be changed. And then magnify that by about it. -- and you've got aircraft maintenance and you don't even wanna know what goes into a helicopter. And if you fly a helicopter and a Third World country. You Patterson if you kilometres before you get on it. The -- helicopters need to be completely overhaul after X number of hours of service. And it is very expensive it's like a 50000 dollar repair they've got to do every X number flying time. And believe me. Those Third World countries no way to help the spent in that kind of money on those kind of choppers and happen I don't see. That's why periodically hear about them going down. -- what's lose and a few passengers and pilot. Easily replaced or insured out is that it's been in the money to maintain at the right way to begin with. Not that these things of course actually happened in the United States. -- No three on -- thirty there was pilot her start at thirty other cell phone 180616. WB yet. So a lot of I wanna get into a happier territorial wanna get into a happy result. With the sun error with the snow rather coming here. Wednesday -- Thursday another eight to twelve inches. When it comes to race a sunny -- And I did this last Friday but I want to give it more time today where is your place in the sun where is your paradise -- your personal panacea. You know our mind is I don't even have to tell you where it is. It starts with the letter -- And it's known for sunshine sand it. West Indies breezes. And in credible local agricultural products let's get to the calls it a moment but first there's traffic -- Allen Harris Allen. And -- my James Taylor concert ticket winners that jury to -- of Everest I'll have more biggest giveaway. Throughout the week right here on WB appear every day to give way deceit and Taylor in a concert. All right now AccuWeather. -- I hate to do this to you again believing I'm so sick of winter I can't even begin to tell you we've got a winter storm warning now in effect another eight to twelve inches Wednesday and Thursday. And I'm not a big fan of winter to begin with but this has been cruel and unusual punishment this winter has been unconstitutional. Now this -- violated our rights as Americans cruel and inhumane and would go so far is to say. Are right it will three on -- thirty start I'm 38 and 180616. WBE and the and the question is and we've been talking about the missing 777. But I -- take us to a happier place where is your place in the the sun. Mine happens to be Jamaica. And I don't know what there is about Jamaica but from the very first time I set foot there I thought. Well this is this is like poll it was the strangest feeling I've ever had never having gotten somewhere for stepping foot error in thinking. Well. This is really amazing I feel totally comfortable and totally at all. It'll actually. There let's get to -- in Cheektowaga. -- WB a share and you've got a beautiful place in the sun talked to me. I'm at bat on -- -- an X server -- Three and I went to -- this time you're my brother lives there. And we spend their -- Work in -- strapped for years at that burned out -- Blue chip out. There out how. To love what I want -- Well that I'm confused you said he worked at a restaurant down there. All can -- place it down there which which kind of -- -- And so he basically got burned out so he's he had the money to basically retire to -- or. -- -- There with very little and -- -- Work or are well local expertise to garbage scuba dive for Beijing. Are over -- in the area. -- -- -- -- So that's what -- We -- there aboard air beat all end AE pi RE bone and error. Is one of those places where you're going from buffalo it is a giant pain in the asked of sliders like -- of Bora Bora. Are you gotta make a million different connections. Well I'd be easy it sort. Happening in Clarke and Lee eight. Great right or my arm and there was that in their plans and act. At that. Late in the may think if you like quiet that you largest. Beautiful waters and -- -- lovely people. And that place. I've been to voter believe it or not and also of course I'll I thought was absolutely a gorgeous island but again. Both blown air and -- off from buffalo it is a giant. PI TA to get they're. A little. Thank you shirt -- got more to say have loved to talk to you but I need to take a break from the get whacked on WB yet. There's 33 raiders ready at 930 WB yen. I've decided to change topics funny not from what we just were talking about but we we've been talking about the disappearance of that Boeing 777. And that really there's no new information to give you on it. I wish I did but I adult. But I do know lists that were gonna get blasted a gain by snow Wednesday and Thursday. And I have had enough items I'm screaming no mosques Tomas mercy mercy and mother nature is saying take that you little whiny bitch. I'm saying no please no. And I'm try to remember the safety word for mother nature. I don't think she gave me one. And it just keeps and so on and so on and so on so we're trying to figure out your places to go now got to vote here for Bonior dignity. Now -- -- is one of the ABC islands there's Aruba Boehner and chorus now here's the problem. Bonior and chorus now if you wanna go there. You're gonna make about five connections the last I checked. I've been to all of those islands if I had my choice I'd go to chorus now. I would it. But. Since there's Jamaica. Who -- -- Prominently in the Caribbean in the sun Ellerbe -- It's 635 news radio 930 WB EN let's go to a mark. On -- Island on WB yet all mark you've got a you've got your getaway place where is your -- -- your panacea where it from this. Now we're talking Caribbean. We. All. Still I'd say fine I needed to be out for answering okay. I'll tell you. You know you like Jamaica which is cool and understood that I love Jamaica. I know I ride bark beetle. -- you're gonna have to okay you're gonna have to convince me why I should spend a week in Barbados instead of -- week in the grill Jamaica preaching to those horrible senators that he. Well. Exactly it's just so polite. And everybody is so night. And so English. And yet you work on like this -- may easing. Ireland. Which is actually fifteen years ago what I use there were no big highways are saying. I was there couple years ago and they actually have won four lane highway now but you can drive round -- just. Park your car. And anywhere any islands and the one side the island. Is fine the Atlantic Ocean is really just rocket. There are no problems whatsoever. Yeah Jesus sells at a lot of funny -- -- I really wanna go on vacation and then sleeper in this sleep in the -- get bitten by a snake and spiders about. That's the one side. -- all it's beautiful. Sport is the cleanest. City in here yet closed Bridgetown. I hear you I'm sorry I'm -- excited -- -- just wanna make sure my geography is right yeah I don't know Yuri Wright preached. It's just. Ambulance. It is obviously in and out and the hotels. Up and down their -- strip. And the beaches are fabulous. Right well. It's much. Sure we take girls Wear it well -- Well. What's. Well the point is that it's true. Well right now. I've been to England and with -- all due respect. I'm sorry go ahead I got distracted for a moment. Yet the police officers the right you know when they're directing you when your watch these -- like British -- they -- these -- -- with. Red -- -- around and you figure at one yeah. So I I don't know I'm just saying expand your horizons will I also. And by her hunger even where it let us. Just consider the irony here if you don't mind certain irony of your telling me. A lover of the -- Jamaica at a certain place there to expand my horizons. That's kind of like saying I mean how much further would you like me to expand them. -- Not an ally and I understand you're apt. I should call you like getting all the inside jokes I love you. Don't know but but also what other little place -- actually are rickety sailboat bear with my wife. The British. Virgin Islands that BP. They are -- will we are you or I could not our property I don't believe in the British version at your understand. I guess I don't you talking about price or citizenship requirements. Of requirement. OK but Barbados how long just just so I don't because you do -- intrigue I just looked up Barbados on my little. Google thing right and you have -- a little bit by Barbados I have to admit. And I want you to tell me how long is spent there and other than being on a beach. You know probably in one of your speed goes mark. What deserted him in Barbados because I do not drive in countries other than Canada refuse. Well okay. It varies dry -- okay for it I don't drive in other conflicts OK I just don't look at. Have to drive. The cab drivers are honest as the day is long. Okay. And they will take you to. One sign in Barbados eyes are better driver today. And he goes well you know you luncheon and says yeah wait and I would like lunch. And and he said do you mind going to a little out of the way registrar. And -- they're all you have got to be fine and then and so we go out this at all. And -- -- -- hole into. His mother's house. And there's two other. Drivers there. And then you notice these holes that were dug in the front lawn complete with shovels and a bunch of sweaty -- people all Malkin aren't. At little tables sitting out front and she made that watched all the day whatever fish she was making is what you rate. And the cab drivers just sort of sat in I don't know -- smoked a cigarette and talk with each other whatever. And you had lunch at this cab drivers mother's house. And it was not -- not going to wake. A restaurant. That's see that's very cool yourself school about the answer is actually got to meet. Real people who live in Barbados you had a chance to visit their home see how they lived and maybe make a couple of friends along the way. Oh yeah Karl apps will. So that's not really got a cold to me because what I used to go to Mexico occasion not used to hop on buses without even knowing where they were going it just end up in the small villages at some of it my way back to the hotel. Yeah right right it's I I used to use that it is my business and now partly the funniest Mexico's story. We're gonna lead -- to Mexico. Yeah I was driving. Along the coast because I wanted to see someone lose. You know those mine temples -- And I hit the border. And -- this is on doors. Oh no I don't they don't you want to put our two worst guys in. Machine -- I did not know and all I don't want it indoors or spun around and going there. -- -- -- Dicey in the jungle. Little minivans with blue lights or should image of Mexican. Police close. And daddy pulled me over. And they wanted everything you have on you including your wrist watch and jewelry and said that you can't go OK aren't. Not at all no way what. Until I have a great respect and fondness for Mexico right. I know you don't like it but. Any help. -- in the middle of the jungle and there's a gentleman in 8040 ish. And a young man -- maybe twenty ish in the in that area. And I he was oh we're so worried -- -- you sir you were driving so fast and at all yes our our source are. Where's your test ports are apps for certain what happened to resort it was stating it in this state. And I eat as well I don't know what to do in the Boris was right in the ticket in -- dole right dole right. Famous story and so he turns away and is in the -- -- Keep it more dating you know he would act. Are marked as I said I have about as much respectfully Mexican police is I'd do for. I don't know a snail. This just the way it works down there I mean look I should I should talk because I brought people back -- All the time in the Caribbean it's just how business gets done. But it was a speed trap and that's what they do how much did you tip the guy because I thankfully got out of there with your watch. No no I gained ten dollars. All my got a surprise it didn't shoot two on the spot. Not -- all they were very polite. I went back to the resorts. And these young people fifteen or fourteen or whatever would watch your car the minute pulled into the resort and you know YouTube or whatever. And I pulled it in the -- -- I knew he spoke English and I took him aside and I say you know I just -- I've just met but who the police. I didn't you know. -- the womb and and I said yeah. I didn't know what you actually -- dollars. And thank you all bets are very good it served up. Wahl. You know I'm sorry but man that's I think you got -- easy. I don't know how long ago that was but dale. -- it was only about. -- back five years ago or so. I made because you're you're what happened to me right -- that you -- mile -- here's what happened all right I get pulled over. Did get up to me they start talking and and I try to be cool in L and everything and out. It -- I'd probably say something Tony Soprano -- like gas surely gentlemen you are you are kind gentleman with wonderful families at home and you know certainly there must be a way to deal with this out of court and if 100 dollar bill were to appears suddenly would -- be allowed to just go freely that's how I would handle that except yourself would have ended it. It would -- ended with all of my money gone. With my -- -- my jewelry go on and -- with a bullet through the back -- my head rotting in a hole in Mexico that's how would've ended right then and there. Yeah there's yeah I think admittedly I was in a very nice area obviously I'm not. East Coast our guests. Well it was an old silver resort was in -- and also over at around. Well no there's there's reason why didn't. Who knows you don't even understand I don't there are our pyramid did look like Egypt. Being a little. Yes well there's also permits and errors she -- says there's huge pyramid. New Mexico. That -- will -- each. Because somebody who's having your Peerman I don't know. I got I got to go meant that a good actually -- great call you. You be the all of the days so far conjured up funny you know how to tell a story in the communique. I can't see the light side might agree. I was gonna say you're pretty you're definitely a pro at this thank you mark -- am glad you called brother. Thank you brother are right I will thank you I news yet because that's how you tell a story he had the totally into it. Well not. I -- -- the place and the -- we've heard from well we've heard about let's see bone air which is in the Caribbean. And I know everybody likes to dig UN I C a bone here because it sounds like something else that. Andyaat Barbados. Now -- the Barbados but the way the -- describes it sounds really cool. And now keep in mind to folks that we go to the Caribbean. I -- let's see let's just let's just cut through the nonsense here just keep in mind there are places you were going to go. Where if being around only black people make you uncomfortable. Then don't -- Seriously I I'm just I'm trying to be -- realist about it is if you freaked out when you're the only white person in an area. Did the adult don't Alter the Caribbean because most Caribbean countries are majority black and some like Jamaica I think in 1995%. Black. And just so you know. I have never been treated. In any other way in Jamaica but as a brother. Now in Turks I had a few uncomfortable moments not because the guys were black but because I didn't like the way they were talking to each other. And how close they are getting to me and I. May or may not take evasive action just is go up my own my own well biggest street smarts -- I didn't like there. Actions not the color of their skin their actions. But seriously if you go to Jamaica with -- open mind. Believe me a little better respect in Jamaica in fact in most of the Caribbean places that are majority black will go a long way. You're always gonna find con men you're always gonna find people who work in on the fix for example. Some -- you go to let me just a bad part about Jamaica okay. Now so go to Jamaica and you think well Jamaica -- -- second smoke all the -- I want you get off the airplane you get your bags and some -- at the airport says Mong -- I've got some stuff on you what stuff on ten dollar a month on it you'll thank yourself and -- this is a garbage bag full. Well here's the game. They sell you the -- you get arrested. You end up basically giving your vacation money to the airport cop who splits with the dealer. OK so use your common sense do not buy -- At the airport. And of course I would never condone anything of that kind of vacation anywhere in the world. Well no it's just -- mean the don't be stupid but I mean there are con man and cons all the time to speak of I'm here to help. 648 at news radio and and keep on your passport to. 648 you know thrilled I'm thirty you've got a place in the son got time for a couple more calls it 030 by thirty at WB. Our -- gang. This is some good news. I always like try to balance the good with the bad. Sometimes successfully in other times not. The out as is every day this week. Between three and seven all have a pair of two biggest giveaway to see James Taylor now don't call now because I already gave my tickets away that I had to give away worked however. I'll have another pair to giveaway tomorrow and then Wednesday Thursday and Friday so stimulus thing for your chance to win so that's -- -- Now the not so good which I will counter that with the not so good at least for those of us who have had it up to here with winter. Is we have a winter storm warning in effect from 2 AM on Wednesday. Until two way M on Thursday. And yes what. The timing will be late tomorrow night right after I get off the year hopefully through late Wednesday night. It will feature heavy snow and blowing snow. And anywhere from eight inches to twelve inches and the winds will be blowing fifteen to 25 miles an hour. And the -- abilities at times will be only a half mile. So we do have some more mother nature dirty little tricks coming our way. So. I just wanted to let you know. Now the good news is. That we here at WD and we live to help you through these thanks so I'm gonna suggest while you're thinking of right now not at your drive -- but. You wanna send us three texts. The first text should say news the second text should say traffic the third text should say whether. So you're gonna -- three different texts to 39330. 930. And then literally you will find out stuff as we five outs to. So please keep that in mind. Our way to keep in touch with you and we don't bother you with at least up every five minutes we just a run at that way also. Waddle -- to stay tuned because this is a very special late tonight. Not only eager Sean Hannity. Who's on the year from seven until tenth. But it will be the inaugural program here -- news radio 930 WB and for a Michael Savage and Savage Nation. On the year 10 o'clock tonight right here on WB yet until they haven't. -- tomorrow -- thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John German great work is always and folks know yourself. -- It.

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