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3-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I watched the rope and he would -- great. Thing. But hold look. -- My brother maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- why can't really feel stupid. But apple people in charge. Practice. I'm not only can I -- know what this. Good. Kind of -- people know me. I'm very happy. These mediums including you know partner one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks let her make her. There is wrong with wearing a cowboy style with a suit in time. There is nothing wrong with that first of all okay. If you have long -- you can not where if the door right. Unless you get a custom foot -- which I could -- as we got a guy locally but does that there they have done. -- now. But this was achieved at forty dollars at the Vermont store. I ain't. Gonna Tom Petty had well that's the Tom Petty looked. I ought to look like Tom -- anyway because he did that neck profile video last dance with Mary. It's about pot it's about drugs no it's about -- yeah I don't care what sex. Thank you John German humorous answer you were my own personal sir Thomas More. All right we're talking about that 777. That that went down in the ocean. Where did it and edge Ifill is back with -- from a player itself Phil says he has a commercial pilot's license. I he's got a few hours in the cockpit of a chopper. Which automatically makes him braver than I I will not fly a helicopter flight helicopter. But. This thing was on. I believe it was Indonesia and on military radar in civilian radar -- just it just. Managed to just let. -- And greater. And I think that could've happened this year but that's kind of go through that few of the possibilities of responsibility is. That it exploded in there okay in instantly. Turned out all the electronics. No no distress calls -- transponder not just. Disintegrated in -- now. If that happened a few years several years back. In WA flight 800. Year Long Island and -- That's what happened there it exploded in the air. The debris field was expensive yes very very expensive and there's no. I know there's there's real serious question too weird it was when it dropped operate. Well okay we cannot evade the TWA flight and I've said this before have -- this before on my eight. Informants you know these things. That was an act of terrorism. The plane was deliberately blown up. And it was blown up and it was covered it up actually because Bill Clinton wanted to preserve the myth that he had brought peace to the Middle East and stabilize the region and that he single handedly had brought the Islamic fascist and Jihad movement to its knees even before reared its ugly head in September 11. That was an act of terror the government has lied to you and will continue to lie to you about that. And that -- And doubt in my mind here well it's intentionally blown up a netbook but it exploded near -- that note or. You know we -- in the hours let's just talk about what happened it was a massive. Debris field. If that happened and -- an idea. Weird thing was dropped operator which obviously they do because it was generator at that location. -- -- -- under what circumstance. The second possibility. It's fear. When. Into. A -- and personally it and the pilots were incapacitated. Or. -- it and you know some electrical failure we're here. Again everything off. Now we have a time out until I have to interrupt you because this is important now as far as I'm aware. There are only a finite number of reasons why -- commercial airliner would suddenly go into a tailspin and corkscrew into the ocean we saw that off California with the Alaska Airlines flight eat your -- that story about ten years ago. I covered that story I was over there even -- helicopter. And juror juror Barbara what happened on that flight that originally the pilots lost control regain control and then as other pilots looked on in horror the plane. For whatever reason it just corkscrew right into the ocean again. Well that was there was I trim. A screw and if it moves the year runner. Rather the elevator up and down and it -- it -- to run away which. As they aren't they tried to control the crap they couldn't get the -- just basically go into the water. You know. Altitude could -- Again I was over the scene it was one of the first people. To be taking pictures and reporting. Crash. Well I'm glad I remembered that because it's it's just got a weird pillows thinking about that over the weekend what are the chances my first call this week is from a guy who actually battling remembers that but it was there among the first on the scene so that's small world. Yet it. And January of 2000. Like 61 who let -- air and -- actors felt that the aircraft was still. It it -- and it probably within about ten minutes after I was there but. The debris field one expensive there's a lot of things in an -- that will well that are you know like oh it is -- There has been going through water act in into the it's very very good almost impossible. Though there -- be looking for. A crash site yeah we have to expect and I that you're talking earlier about bodies you know that's one thing but. The debris in the -- Luggage and parts of the plastic. Gordon in the olympians. And all the -- well. And in their mistake and you look at from miles and miles and miles away so they have -- -- where went down. There should be agree. Amen. And by the way -- again -- I your expertise is very valuable but I want to reinforce something you said earlier. When you talked about the beat the elevator and and the runner situation with that plan. You're right it was a simple little freaking screw. It was an over used screw that was not properly lubricate it and as much as I'd like to make a joke I can't with so many souls that died in that crash. And it's something that simple the cause such a catastrophic failure and would always amazed me about Alaska Air to 61 is the fact that. The first -- nose dive the pilots were actually able to get it back under the control to me that's amazing. Greg kite and you know what -- -- -- they were hadn't scored LA. And they crash probably less than five mile importantly do which is I'm very airbase in a day. And a little bit more. Control. And and you know wanted to get it down what kind -- problem and an airplane I want to go to the ground quickly. I mean there's no question in my mind. Helicopter aircraft. -- wing aircraft. He -- it down on the ground and figure out what's wrong you know don't fool around in the air. Troll or just a question reduced -- to wrap this up and I hope you'll forgive my interruption but of only erupted to try to augment what you've been saying with the additional fact based on what we think we know. On what do you think happened with this 777. -- -- -- it defies logic right now it you don't want solid -- but you know what there's a third possibility. It it's very very unlikely but it's not impossible. Yet. There was a hijacker onboard and he you know at gunpoint or -- with a bomb threat or whatever. Made the pilots turn off. The transponder. And dive below waiter they were 3035008. But they don't count to 101000 feet or 5008. Nobody we're -- even primary target and radar. And you know of and you take you're playing some pre planned. You know place certainly and it paid an airliner for -- symbol whatever. I doubt that this happened it's very very you know. But they're we have I didn't. Even the United States to set it and forget about -- year we have intelligence assets boots on the ground all over the world and it's something like that happened. I think by now we have a pretty good idea at least general vicinity of where the airliner was. Right there which is why it appears likely that that happened. I -- -- -- there's -- possibility. Is and I bring that up is because there's no debris field and an aircraft. Like that is going to crash into the -- Without some kind of -- do you feel now maybe they -- it -- you know but the program that was good from bird. So it wasn't like -- broke open a thunderstorm like the one over the -- the Atlantic some years ago. It's just to it it's it's a real. Problem until they are saying. Some kind of wreckage you know thanks. Element. Oh and as this that there are their are radio in the cockpit that we replies. The radar -- an aircraft. Crashes. Those that -- company LC an emergency locating him that are in the yeah it would have a light and that thing -- Internet. There will go law it will hurt. Signal a locating signal to satellite it will go one in Atlanta they found your -- Why isn't hanging her her her I mean he just just so we know just so unclear on this in my audits is clear is that it's gonna just be -- bout we just haven't narrowed in enough on where it is paying. Yeah it's at the bottom of the water I've heard this that the relatively shallow relatively speaking to a 250 feet. Yes it may he give it that much water they need to get relatively close in order to be able to. If -- you have been you're gonna make you drop me an email at some point so in the future when stuff like this happens I can hook up with you and you know pick your -- so I sound a lot smarter than I really am. I -- drop me an email what we know that we talked to realize it really has been a pleasure speaking with you and I think you know if I'm reading you correctly. I'm going with catastrophic failure probably metal fatigue is that where you're going to. I -- my my first instinct is to say that those guys on board we have stolen passport. 9/11 trade. Terror unit take over the aircraft. And basically set up a bomb more. Or diving into the ocean. Maybe the passengers rebelled and we have a situation like that which allegedly happened in Shanksville. An act that could also be the case which would explain a mid air explosion in the debris field. I'm Phil I love the way you think I love the logical way you presented your argument I hope I did the same thing an hour ago and I'm very happy to hear from you thank you. That is what I call one hell of -- way to start off the week what a great call from Phil thank you are usually don't keep callers on that long but that obviously he knew of what he spoke let's go to traffic right now with somebody else who knows of what he speaks -- specially when trucks decide to do -- is all over the road here's Alan Paris. Our allies just like you do good weather forecast is I'm gonna -- is that the man if I have to do this weather forecast much longer on an end up all kinds anti depressants because I can't take it. Winter storm warning for Erie Niagara Orleans Genesee Wyoming counties to -- Wednesday in the 2 AM Thursday. Jas -- yeah it was a right now it is up 41 at news radio 930 WB -- what do you think happened to the 777. That just disappeared. And our last caller I posited an interesting idea. That maybe it was taken over by terrorists and maybe and I added on will may be the passengers rebelled. And the terrorists -- crashed the plane into the ocean. I don't know if the cockpit doors on that airlines are as secure -- -- they are on the United States airlines. And even you know what even after 9/11 I got to play this up and I've been on some flights were when the pilots come out to take away his. There's still really careless with the cockpit door and I watch like a hawk it's almost like -- do you not remember September 11. Me if I can see it you think somebody -- -- -- can't sit. So. I think your pilots need to be I'm not your criticize guys who know how to fly a lot but are however not apply and his and that if you've got a lot to whiz. You know you've got -- -- that door a little bit better than some field do because -- your preacher. For 24 WBA and we need to break and then more wisdom sick yesterday and theories coming up what happened to that missing plane -- Based on what we think we know right now I think it was a catastrophic mechanical failure. To me that's the most likely explanation as we've had no claim of any terror responsibility. At Ole. I would think there would be stay with us on WB. And for. It scored 34 at Israel -- third AW DNR -- Asian ally I do multitask. Now sit. HE he's sitting mocks me for multitasking during the show it's what I don't it's just it's how are all. Because I I always think the occupied I think I have ADHD or something. But it is true I do multitask sandy I do and I did put a picture up of all these bitch I have a listener named Ali. And he is into the hole dog show thing. I don't know that he is at the level of the people in that movie best of show. But he isn't -- and he's at Adobe's doberman pictures. And he just acquired in 215 months old her name is Zoe and I -- always picture up on line. And I hope Ali appreciates that and I'm also looking for pictures of potholes. If you have giant -- good this man eating pot holes in your neighborhood. Safely take a picture send it to -- Tom at WB EN dot com so I can put it on my FaceBook page just let me don't you want to credit your first and last name. And also let me know most importantly the location of the pot hole just setting a picture of the possible doesn't do me squat I didn't awareness. In order to do it the right way. And I did put a couple of pictures -- over the weekend. Actually went out this week and -- really go up that much anymore. Kind of exclusive actually but I did on Friday night and I had a chance to -- boys and I hit -- run. And they like I have so much that each of them had to Wear it for a song so now I have to have a -- oust. Where do they have to have a deal announced. I'm not sure if they put a -- -- their -- first but. Well we'll see I guess soon enough it is up for 35 at WB and flight. The out of the flight number doesn't matter B 777. You might have flown on a 777. I prefer the 767. I actually love 740 sevens but generally flying out of buffalo what are we yet. Yeah we get the old ones we have -- flying cigars although I love those new fifty passenger jets will -- bet you. But that might put -- one of those US air I love whatever you do them one of those ball fifty or sixty passenger John Roberts level. Love them love them love them now if you -- can just go direct from buffalo to -- back a light would be even better. But what do you think happened to this plane and by the way no matter what faith you are. If you are of any faith whatsoever. I do say a prayer -- positive energy for the souls on board that plane. It could be you could be a family member viewers. And the heartbreak through which they are going. I'm sure none of us knew the people involved. But. Certainly. And I say this in all sincerity. Rick we are Scott in pot she rest in peace. What a horrible way. What a horrible way to check. That's all I concern and I just hope with sudden and quick. Unfortunately. My sense is based on the available data. That what happened it was it mechanical failure my guess is it was metal fatigue or something like that. The cause the pilots to totally lose control. I think the thing duck dive right into the ocean intact. And I think that's why they have not found wreckage field and why they haven't found any bodies yet. And they might not find bodies depending on how badly beat up -- war. Without being graphic here. If there's a body it was not in a seat belt and it was not punctured about the thorax or or the abdomen. And the gases are allowed to form and if that that it will flow. But if it was badly mangled the gases may not build up enough for the body itself to float. I'm not try to be graphic -- -- -- -- -- I'm being graphic but not gratuitously so I try to explain why sometimes you find bodies and sometimes your belt. For example Lake Superior you know the Gordon -- -- Superior has said never gives up for dead and the reason is because generally. The bodies get so hold that -- faction is delayed so you don't get the gas buildup generally speaking. Let's get back to the calls on WB and what do you think happened here is Dave in Lancaster day about what is your educated opinions -- Yes sir. Well I have had a lot to hear from bill com or call my theory is technically I think it was stolen. And I'm only saying that and I think about one year ago there was a plane I think it was going over Africa are all over it was going over land. That plane disappeared to a bit I don't know how many people and -- But -- that we disappeared they haven't found yet gotten from the summit is an extremely large. Plane. They have to order could be some -- people wanna. I as you are well aware sir against the backdrop of the ocean the 777. Or even the Titanic is not even a black -- I ignored up that they would that that what bill that why he unequivocally. Stated that is. Physically impossible. Four point disappear. Arab weather that the order 84 different. He said there something on a plane kind of what he did say that. This point had nothing floating. That's that's presuming that it was explored that there was an opening in the plane through which the floating parts can actually gul. In other words of the plane was intact it might be on the bottom of the ocean intact and this stuff that would float is still trapped inside the fuselage. Completion. I'm not trying to be a jerk I just I'm just trying to at all I'm a -- to clarify here and I'm without I'm trying to put you -- owner. You know pork won't -- rain and -- parade or any thing but. I think that that was the caveat still kind of threw in the. Well reinterpret here womb when they finally do come up with something else that's all I have to say thank you very much. I want both fake IQ and a please don't feel like I was trying to you know be a jerk there's just that if if something is gonna float it's got to escape from a closure sort can -- -- the life preserver under your seat is not going -- of its own free will and volition. You know will work its way through a crack in the fuselage if there's no -- And also keep in mind the vastness of the ocean. And remember what I told earlier about the Marquette and Bessemer number two that old railroad car -- just in Lake Erie. -- mean a real small area of Lake -- they still haven't found that it has been 100 years plus. The airliner that went down in Lake Michigan they never found just -- Lake Michigan. So. Yet again this is not something that has never happened before. Just I'm just trying to give us some perspective folks in please don't think I'm. I'm trying to dis anybody I'm not I'm just giving you perspective based on stopped I know. Here is -- David who's calling from Florida where about Florida sir are you David. -- edit you're on sir. Did and I certainly hope about interrupting your preflight cocktail. They did read. That David your WB yet. But don't let background you I'm mechanic. I may play here I am a commercial and -- I don't know I'm back there. And -- is there you got to understand that that the new airplanes are you see -- I probably. Can't wait there there is no way. But instead they're one of the AEA compression. -- reflect on the air I knew it would not fire. OK we'll explain that a little bit further just for those of us who don't quite understand. Luckily you can -- -- electronic control unit it automatically. -- everything you aren't really that important copy everything. Sort of enterprise regulatory and special -- that until the I -- the 38 and an end and stuff and I haven't. They admit it automatically. -- -- back at what the company. Please let -- because -- -- forward in the air flight you know that that's what -- magical flat failure and automatically notified the company. Okay but we know. I'll give it -- I guess there's where you lose and we know the plane crashed we believe the plane crashed. You know I think it crashed. Actually 7000 people got -- let -- the 300 mile per hour yeah really eight feet. And you're gonna pick -- -- I'm gonna look a -- can't what you're saying there is out of the country. Right. Under understood and I'm asking you the question. -- Do you think it crashed. Well it got weak and actually try to crashed. The new economic cultural failure -- -- ET unit where we've what do related information -- -- -- compliment calling. -- -- -- The computer would not that. OK but as far as the finding -- right now. Let's put it this way how to -- is backtrack for a moment. You say that this flight. It was equipped with that machinery -- with computers that would -- allowed to be in direct contact every second of the flight with Boeing headquarters the plane was made by Boeing B 777. I think -- product. I'm sorry you have to repeat -- when you speak while speaking I can't hear you. Okay so is it possible that that particular bit of equipment also malfunction because computers do crash we -- daily here at the radio station. We cabinet wider street reform and planning consultant and I am looking down at him and it's one argument back out of balance value -- back up. We will call on -- Yemen is one issue that you have and that he didn't want it goes on -- you can quickly and that he would. You'll let me OK let me give you another example. An -- and it's this member of the the last space shuttle that that went down during the re entry into our atmosphere. Mean you're talking about so people that were in direct contact with air control with flight control on the ground they went into that zone where they were actually out of contact. They never got back in the contact because today and think disintegrated. Is it possible just like in a cell phones -- that this particular play in. Entered into I don't wanna -- -- Twilight Zone but entered into a bad cell spot or bad communication spot and that's why. Boeing did not get the information. But don't satellites also have bad spots where you lose I mean I've got friends with DirecTV they lose their signals. I've got like YouTube and you don't -- like -- like 48 satellites up there for the government that they monitor everything. And especially American play that doesn't just happen. Something happened on that plane there. -- -- ultimately. Why we have like that blew up in the count but if you -- A -- hot air I believe. Yet they want and check Google would have had a lot all of -- blue dog and the Democrats in the mountain. It on the ground yet you see it. Our friend back -- -- and up -- I mean. Nobody believed you and partly because. The. And I don't let them blow up try to -- -- I am a mechanic and try to you know and I was I don't know I don't I -- are we trying to play and I'm absolutely. When we're putting out like a line that played and you'd I don't wanna say it -- it -- there and we are responsible. And recruit -- on an airplane. And a mechanic -- don't worry about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so what do you think based on what we think we know that we know what you say your background is -- a reason -- doubt that and we know what you said about the constant communication with Boeing. What do you believe happened. I've heard a lot of Obama playing. I know the only reason why all the cellular telecommunications -- report we got. You know I can't say I'm probably set them up and play into -- had to go to any logical fair ball player. You know without it you still -- on the carpet -- airplanes you might not be the right thing like Ukraine and god. But but -- date you you're communicating. No actually I don't have a license I just have a student pilot's license our -- load and I -- call almost under fire my flight training insult my driving dramatically like you wouldn't -- but let me let me just ask you this -- because you alluded to the the Air France flight that went down in the Caribbean. In the thunderstorm remember that -- my previous caller also mention that one. Now even with that one -- terrorism was not a factor they did find it debris. Relatively soon after it went down with this particular plan. It blew up in error wouldn't you logically expect to see a rather significant debris field at this point. Isn't that even more the reason why you would see a significant debris field the altitude. Frankly I was actually I tell you what can happen aren't actually that at 30000 feet on the blow the -- there. It could be on and see your your occupation government where. That's why I'm asking why they haven't found the debris field Jumbo. I mean wouldn't you think they're flying at a low enough altitude. With broad tech technology enough to detect. Stuff that might not be visible to the naked -- Well because I need it in -- -- like that element in that it lightly in any air speed at all. And then with the -- decompression. Than 1000 feet. That that the people on an airplane that there's not a lot. And I don't think about -- The group ultimately I don't. -- report on the look and Libya and on a little hard because that little -- it harder -- concrete. Well unless you -- unless -- solely captain Sully and you just know exactly what to do it -- to bring that bitch and like a glider which is still one of the most amazing feats of aviation spiel I've ever seen in my life. -- I -- I do thank you very much for your call I appreciate your insight I did not know about the bowling. Direct communication with Boeing or the redundancy of the system. And YouTube fake and it blew up. At a high enough altitude that would ever debris is there is so scattered as to make it impossible to detect. OK that's fair enough David mama -- magical place for put up with me. Right Michelle thank you. All right it is up for 49 news radio 930 WB Ian Barbour passionate guys just they're so there's a time of the call I felt there was like -- I didn't pull up the planet. -- didn't do it. For forty united news radio 930 WBE and by the way those -- or James Taylor fans. I want you to stand by because they're not later on today I'll actually have tickets to giveaway that this guy's show. Ten don't Caldwell and a phone -- -- Don't call that. And now. The the bad -- now when you hear me play a James Taylor song and tell you to call that's what I'll give away the tickets for the show this coming this summer. And thanks for being so cool guys appreciated. In a minute we'll check traffic on WB and Andy are really crappy weather forecast. -- -- Let's start taken prozac because mother nature's just driving in the dumps here. You know your driveways all clearest known and you can walk out and everything. That we have a winter storm warning in effect -- it's gonna kick in here. And it's gonna give us several inches of snow in March. And it's gonna started 2 AM Wednesday and go until 2 AM Thursday. I guess the only good news about that is we here at WBM. If this is what we do I mean we went in and we certainly had a lot of practice whether this what are its 41 degrees but let's just say this you've got John second Susan rose in the morning with Alan Harris and our newsroom. You've got sandy beach from nine until -- You've got rush -- until three you've got me three Intelsat. So as far as local. Coverage we've got -- we are the place to be and what I would do if I were you. I would send the following words and three different texts to 3930. The first text should say whether. The second tax should say news. The third text should say traffic. So -- sent three texts. 30930. And that every time we get updates on news traffic and weather you'll get them simultaneously. So. We've got that going warrior and we appreciate your help and hopefully you'll appreciate hours and it's -- save my about a few times that service and it's free from WB EN and we do not annoy the -- lot of yet either rocket text -- 3 in the morning to tell you that you know the Edmonton Oilers traded some third round draft -- to the Chicago Blackhawks for future considerations. We'd like to to sleep. Part of the full listener experience let's go to hell and in buffalo what happened that that Jeff what are you what your theory Helen. Well I -- theory is that. There must have been working cellphones. Among the passengers. Cell phones do not work on a plane I've never had one work. Cell phones don't work -- me as far as making phone calls like it -- make a phone call -- past a certain altitude. Well. I can't even get my GPS. Well whatever but if I think it. It incapacitated. Everybody on the plane who want to. Are we talking like your -- your partner want. In -- that it did you. I knew -- -- doesn't want a laugh but it could help yourself. I do think that maybe it was some kind of a noxious gas. But then how would they against. Him but how they've smuggled out on board because even though. But if you're gonna have a small pellet the person with the -- gonna wanna be able to presume save the plant in other words away and that somewhere where -- use it in the future. Out of these are bad gag he's gonna take a Democrat chip or put it in Google and any option. All of one piece. So you think that somebody basically put everybody on the plane to sleep including the passengers. The passengers pilots and somebody maybe with a -- -- some -- maybe those two men have masks and they just. Are well that's an interesting theory except. I don't know where the plane would be in by now our intelligence assets and we have -- everywhere would have given us a clue. Of course we have a president who has no clue that information may be moved for 55 at WB --

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