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3-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. Doubles down -- you would you -- And that. -- -- -- -- -- No one ponds with an assault rifle no -- Yeah. If they -- -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got health care -- then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. It happened just. Got to recoup. The strong silent type. That was an American. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like Q. You have -- I'd like loan. -- -- -- Anyway -- all of -- earlier. Is are they under a birdie at 930 WBE. And ten minutes after three day and as a we're back in the saddle again I was -- it gosh I was excited waking up this morning. Grows every morning on this side of the grass usually good morning at a presented by and -- this crap. -- major winter storm is on the way for Wednesday into Thursday. It's we -- -- of course as the French and figure and a little. Anymore. And I don't. I don't wanna look at the snow anymore I know that somewhere there's a pot to lift my neighbors gave me they're gonna play into the ground of the should be a perennial. It's apparent this well I know that's where it is somewhere out there is a brush. And over after follow them IG. That's probably about a zillion reasons. Why. We actually like the fight it but they gonna happen with the snow that we're coming yen once again this week and I. I wanna remind you guys that we got at this last week during the happy ending our of the program. That I have a birthright. To bitch about the weather in Western New York -- governor of California or Florida or anyplace like I was born and raised here is that all the three years my miserable like here in buffalo Garrick. What your Florida two years Saint Louis. That and a buffalo so I have the right. To bitch about the weather. It is my birth right thank you very much but beat up before we go to that guys about this is gonna worker not. Because sometimes I -- topics and I I personally interested in them and then other people think. -- whom. Don't watch grass grow. Well it is all gunfight if you've got a Hydro products at your house. We know anybody you'd best but. Maybe you watch picture. But. Is anybody else just a little bit. WTO. About the plane that went off the radar this 777. Is anybody else a little bit okay. This is so strange. What happened to the play. The Clinton -- What happened to the plate obviously. And a look at trying to make light of at all because god bless that poor people who around were most of whom I'm sure were Muslim. Now the first their reaction here is well terrorism stolen passports. Folks. Are a lot of stolen passports in the world. And -- put this delicately there is a certain. A certain number people who legitimately have passports that are really -- -- real passports. And that's about all gonna say about that I don't know if these guys with those passports that were stolen had anything to do with any government or any thing -- download it. But a lot of people still passports. Don't ask me why. Well actually I do at all. Because they could not get a passport in the native country because they got some kind of a felony conviction sell what they do. In fact what -- Many of you in the past -- for re talking about a great movie the date of the Jack originally it was in novels written by Frederick -- back in the nineteen early 1970s. And it was turned into a movie with the Edward fox the data jackal. And you'll see in the movie what happens is he steals a passport. Are right he looks for guys who's about his fight about well certainly that is -- and about his right. -- steals the passport and -- -- does is he changes his appearance to look like the guy on the passport so we can pass as a game. And obviously there's a reason why he needed a great sport because the jackal. Wednesday Charles -- drop. Which really wasn't his name but we won't go any further into the plot of the book but he needed a passport to get around because he certainly was a good use Israel late. Back if you read at the end of the book where he watched the end of the movie nobody ever average tackles real -- it. But who -- easy nobody don't. So. The fact that. To all passports. Or more reviewed -- people who had no legal right to those passports is that significant to the crash I don't know. I don't wanna put undue -- -- that but I also wanna put not -- not do weight on you know what I'm saying it's like I'm aware that it's there but until they can track down the person. Who actually got on the plane using the fake passport I don't wanna jump to any conclusions. Because hey. The other person people who -- in Western New York have been busted in Canada for DW law. Even busted here for DW. And you can't -- -- -- they election. And vice Versa. Did you know and I kid you not ladies and gentlemen I happen to know Canadian defense barrister very well. And did you know that even if you're just caught with a gun. At the border that's like a year in in jail like note of snow and the robots do not -- -- it's like a year in jail. Are there might be some star asterisk exception to that but what I'm pointing out here is here's the point. Here's the point I -- -- turn around just because somebody has he stolen passport does not mean that they are a terrorist group. They may be critical but there -- not a terrorist criminal necessarily they might be a drug mule criminal. And believe me Malaysia they get pretty tough on drugs. For example a lot of well hanging people is is what they do in Malaysia for drugs. So who knows about the stolen passports. But some -- think what had to be terrorism right. Well it's a possibility. But if you're a terrorism there's a couple of things number one. -- folks I don't claim to be an expert please do not ever accused me of of trying to. A claim laurels or credit or. Expertise in something in which I don't. But I'm just walking us through a common sense approach based on. People over the years with too -- spoken things over the years which I have read its veterans that are. Now if a plane is gonna blow up in the year what do you well what do you know what happens when a plane blows up in the year past the obvious -- everybody -- Woody woody and -- okay think about Lockerbie. Do you think the damage was just done in locker may well they found wreckage from that -- and move miles around. Course there's also damage. Play in parts of paper in Shanksville Pennsylvania. Which was kind of unusual if it wasn't shut down but. I don't get comfortable going bare back to September 11 here's a -- and the possibility of their own at our own government shut down that play. I'm not saying it did but I -- I hold open that possibility has to metres to the question marks about that but getting back to. If this was an act of terrorism on this 777. Here's what I would expectancy I expect to see a debris field of. Least twenty miles. You know I'm talking big pieces of debris. And probably because if the plane blew up in a year by this point bodies I forgive my being graphic year. But bodies would have gast op. That if they were punctured they would have risen to the surface if they were floating free from the -- so by now there should have been some bodies. If the plane blew up in mid year. All right you you would at least think that the -- protect the future paction process would have given you some bodies define. And as of this broadcast time seventeen minutes after three. In Buffalo, New York. I haven't heard any reports at all of a body being found or any wreckage being found. So in the absence of any debris field and the absence of bodies being found there over 200 souls and may they rest in peace. May they find paradise in the beyond I don't know what their belief system work was were were but. I feel very badly for them and and very very much so for the families. Great loss. Indescribable loss we can relate we have a plane go down in Clarence a few years ago. But Durbin nobody's and there's been no wreckage found now they did see a couple of oil slicks but apparently those oil slicks were not related to the planet. And you know somebody in our newsroom has a funny line. We can put cheese -- camp. But we can't figure out how to fight a plane in the oh. Well. That's an interesting point. That bothers me. Because I would expect that the little. You know transponder thingy. Is as it would be curricula that up by now. And I always thought that wins the well again I don't want you to detail just forgive forget. The possibility is is it could have been terrorism yes it could've been terrorism. But there's another thing that bothers me in addition to no finding of any bodies and no finding of any wreckage field here is what bothers. Has there been a claim of responsibility. By any terrorist group at all. Not aware of unless somebody from one -- Alphabet soup -- contacts me there has been no claim of terrorism responsibility for this at all. So what good is blowing up a plane and killing a bunch of people most of whom are going to be Muslim by the way what does it. If you don't say it was a girl we got it I don't our product what -- that what you. Nothing -- like if the forest. It was what are your best ones well there are good for -- but nobody else really appreciated. So terror and it's a possibility. But. How can do it why would it if nobody's claimed responsibility. At this point and folks again that aren't here yet understands up. I'm speaking about what we know and what I -- surmise and from what we know. And what we know is there have been no wreckage found nobody's found -- no terrorism claims of responsibility that have been made at least done to which I am pretty the year for. Could it be terrorism -- of course it could be. But as the days go on. Without any claim of responsibility. That terrorism options seems less and less likely. The sad fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen is that planes to crash. The sad fact of the matter is the ocean is a big freaking place. Yeah well. A lot of put this in some perspective for. And I I cannot put it in proper perspective without sharing with you a couple of tales from the Great Lakes one of which is -- -- -- Lake Erie. A long long time ago. There was a there's a ship actually was a ball at a city beaches -- the difference between a ship and vote. Actually. On the Great Lakes not to be confused with the beautiful ships it is going to be -- because he's right he's going to be in Asia. But the Great Lakes boats generally are called votes the lakers are called votes some of -- all these still call themselves ships but on the Great Lakes is supposed to be a vote. Direct infusion -- okay. That's that was my intent all along obfuscation communication that's what I do. Well anyway back in -- ladies and gentlemen. There's a a railroad car ferry and it was called Marquette and Bessemer number two. And this was one big bastard of a ship. And his job. Was to -- railroad cars across lake here. -- from. I think Erie Pennsylvania. Or -- Ohio. Across too well one of the Canadian places and then the railroad cars would be often loaded from the car -- Then -- on to railroad tracks and then they would make their way out west. Well there was one day and I believe it was November of 99. When the Marquette and -- number two ran into a ferocious storm. Absolutely cataclysmic storm. Indeed designers of the -- Suggested. That this vessel had a stern gate on it we're not talking about Howard here. We're not talking about them. We're talking about a stern did it. In other words they gave up the rear of the vessel which would have kept the following seas off of the boat thus insuring it's stability. In a -- Well they didn't put the store data. The thinking at the time being if the captain finds himself in a situation. Where the wind is coming from one direction and the waves are coming in one direction -- you -- you turn the note she turned the ball into the direction of the weddings that way you don't need to stargate because the front of the ball the ball is taken the hit. Well it didn't work out that way because he had some maneuvering today in a fierce storm. The you know. That happened in 1909 ladies and gentlemen and it was a mention it was a huge Great Lakes are very. To this day it has not been found we're not talking about the ocean. One up talking about the vast reaches. Of the underwater realm that is Oceana. We're talking about Lake Erie. And we're talking about an area of Lake Erie that is roughly between long point. And Cleveland. In fact smaller than. That's all we're talking about they still have not found that shipped. In over 100 years. So when you say to me I can't believe they haven't found his jetliner. Plot. The ocean to big place they haven't found it yet it's -- only -- Marquette and Bessemer number two no big gas -- They haven't found that thing over 100 years that is the current price. Of Great Lakes divers and explorers right now who go -- content. Nobody has yet found the Marquette and Bessemer number two and that's only a small area of Lake Erie and they still don't know what the hell happened to. Well we can surmise but we don't know. I'm I'm gonna educate you a little bit more because this is what I do. This this is what I do I stay awake at night reading books -- Great -- ship wrecks and then. A news story happens where people say why can't we find the jetliner 24 to -- and I go back to my days of historical knowledge and say well this is not exactly without precedence in fact did you know. That there is a jetliner missing in one of our Great Lakes that has been missing now for over sixty years and they still haven't found it either. Well I'm -- which are gonna look like new. Because I'm a geek it's what I do. Next on news radio 930 WBM. And I do encourage those of you who are of the religious persuasion whatever persuasion to our. To say a prayer 4% positive energy to the souls of via poor people on board that 777. To tough way to check out and I hope was swift and merciful. And that may there souls rest in peace. I just kind of thought of spinners on my vehicle Korea. -- -- Didn't put to -- to gather and we don't all like god. All -- know that did not that actually it was not intended that way. I was just -- now lives quietly this led to avoid dig myself that way you're fired all. I'll I I just put some pictures up on FaceBook a Friday night and I go to -- a local band into -- run. And so they accused me of trying to steal Ronnie van stance look. I beg your pardon. Still look at it still no luck if somebody died in the 1970s. I'll make my -- thank you. So well they these guys play it working for MCA in honor obviously of this picture I put on FaceBook and but I realize we're talking about flight. Yeah that was unfortunate and very awkward and I do apologize that in Munich quite the way it's not so like I told earlier about. The fact that big if things go down and our phone for quite some time. Let me give you another example -- -- folks. Because some people are still saying I can't believe they haven't filed a jetliner capital I can't believe they have a jetliner. Went in general. Let me up. Let me but I try to sending a little bit of a song. That you with which you may have some familiarity. The legend lives on from the chippewa on down and actually that's -- Sawyer -- cigarette. The wreck of the Edmund FitzGerald. 1975. And we have some guy is listening to the show who used to work on the effects obviously they were not on the final voyage but they used to work on the parents. That was a big -- It went down. Quite near white fish -- in Lake Superior in 1975. It went down and people on the Arthur Anderson saw it. Go down they sought -- right off the radar screen. They didn't find it until it expired and they can fight it until after the thought. They they did not they had a general idea where wives. But they didn't find it until months after it went back out. It wasn't going to do any good anyway for the crew obviously none of them made it tragically. It went boundary suddenly. And it wasn't terrorism by the way I should point wasn't terrorism it boats -- planes crash. Unfortunately. It happens. Now here's another thing. I mention the FitzGerald mentioned. -- Marquette and Bessemer number two just as examples of really really big objects which had disappeared under water which. It takes a while defiant in the case the Edmund FitzGerald that took months. In the case of Marquette and customer number to know which sank in 98 or nine ladies and gentlemen they have not found that the they found some. Wreckage from and actually they -- the lifeboats in the outer harbor here in buffalo. In the spring or summer nineteen -- iron nineteenth. -- -- The fact that they've not found anything from this jetliner yet does not. That somehow it gained altitude and ended up crashing on the moon. As some people sure are gonna say. So. There's another instance here that is very very relevant. And again this is why I stay awake at night. This this is what I did I read. I try to put little things together that. I think might be relevant at some point. In my broadcast career. In order to share them with you. Whipped out the 777. That went down how many of you notice that in 1950. In 1950 an -- all the Great Lakes. An airliner crashed how many notice. OK it was like 2501 northwest orient airlines I guess we call it northwest here today. It is northwest it is still in business I don't even think -- -- I don't know they are right. IDs book by troops -- travel agents and just hope I end up in Montego. So it was really a DC for. And it was I do and a daily shuttle daily Iran between New York City and Seattle. And it was off at the harbor Michigan. Overlooked Michigan. I guess what. Fell off the radar in the Lake Michigan. Then it fell off the radar in Lake Michigan. In 1950. What's -- again can we please -- calendars it's 2014. Ladies and gentlemen then have still not found the fuselage the wings were cockpit where the tail section of flight 2501 in Lake Michigan. We're not talking about the ocean we're talking about a can find Blake based haven't followed it. The only thing they ever found from that crash. Was a little better wreckage. Upholstery. And bits and pieces of human remains that's it that's all they were found. So well it may very well be that this play is never found. Or it's never found in one piece highly unlikely I would think that the bodies are going to be recovered. Especially depending on how -- around this thing went into the ocean. Now the question is what brought it now. What do you think. Mean I've I've been. Trying to share with you some what I think. Just because a plane crashes it does not mean it's terrorism and believe me if I thought it was I would tell you. But as of right now I. If you're gonna do a terror attack what does it election tell the world what -- that. And so far nobody's done that at least nobody I'm unaware of anything I haven't heard anything through back channels. I would have heard it if -- happen but I haven't. So. Planes. Unfortunately. -- crash. My guests and again folks this is only guess I'm not try to take expertise where I don't have it. My gas issues. What happened it was a mechanical. Failure. Of such a kind that bad. It was obviously it was sudden. Because there was no distress call now what does this make this is made an engine blew out no not necessarily because you can still fly at one engine. It takes in training and practice but these guys who do these flights are really good. Better and however. If an engine had burned out what do you think it would've done. They would -- a mayday message they would have given their approximate location they would have said we've lost an engine looks like we're going down remember what Sully captain Sully did. When it went down into the river. They were gonna land where in the river. And everybody was saying it could -- I was one amazing and is one amazing human being. -- Obviously it wasn't something like that. It would have been something that so affected the aero dynamics of that plane. As to require every bit of attention on the part of the pilot the co pilot and navigator anybody associated with that crew. And here is where I think the answer is going to be -- again it's only eight gas on my part. My guess is. It's gonna be metal fatigue. My guess is it's gonna be metal fatigue related to. The fact that that play in the very players that went down. Clipped off a tip of a winning several years ago. I have to believe that played a role in this catastrophic. Failure. Now -- not -- engineers and maybe we have budget affects I know we have engineers listening and I know we have people were in the metallurgy who listen to this show. But if you place a winning a part of away. With a brand new -- Don't -- then increase. The load if you will. On the remaining on damaged wing in other words is -- going naturally to be unstable. Because you've got this new winning. That is you know factory new its pristine part of winning its factory -- and pristine while the other one has still undergo an hour after hour after hour of metal fatigue. Is it possible that maybe the wind came off. Or maybe the one that was repaired came off I don't well but whatever it was. It seems to me was so sudden. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this plane just corkscrew right into the ocean minus a win. It would not surprise me that that to me seems very likely. Not an expert but based on what we think we know right now that's what that's what I would be going with. -- showed they won't know until they actually sent a submersible down to get pictures out. When they do find it. -- but not late Asian gentleman now here's here's the good news that I wanna share with you it is not going to be of any use to the families because they're going to be in morning. They're never gonna see their loved ones alive again. Unless there's some incredible story of survival find out which I doubt unfortunately. But. They will there was a time. Ladies and gentlemen. We're we had no idea where the Titanic went down you know that right. For some view like Joseph the next room and John in the next room in their twenties. Now their entire lives they grew up knowing exactly where the Titanic sank the fact that the expeditions had been to the Titanic at photograph the Titanic. I had recreated the Titanic. But there -- a period between the time it went down. And the 1980s I believe where nobody knew where it's. It was as this ghost ship went down somewhere in the North Atlantic had a general idea but they didn't know where -- Exactly until relatively recently. And you know the additional treasury of course is what has been found. That vessel is. Every day every hour every minute every second of every day it is deteriorating because the salt water and everything else that is gonna decompose it underwater. So the Titanic eventually will cease to exist altogether. But there was a time we did not know where what's. In that was a big ship bigger than a jetliner. I just through some rough calculations in my head bigger than a jetliner yeah bigger than 777. Certainly in height. Certainly in -- length. I think so as well. So what do you think guys I would love to hear from those of you in the aviation community. On a hell all I don't even -- my pilot's license all of them as if you solos in a single engine airplane so hardly an expert. Like I can take off I can fly I can kind of land except in a crosswind done that's my experience. And I am pretty good and I have to admit it is what is one of those natural skills that somehow I had and I didn't know I had. Well what I wanted to say. I didn't get the pilot's -- -- busy doing other things. But anybody wanna help me out here what do you think happens. Whether you're an expert or not. Do you think it was something sinister or do you think it's what I suspect catastrophic. And sudden failure probably a wing falling. Which will wreck your entire day. 803 on I thirty I think this is an interest in -- person. But then again you may be watching grass grow response. 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WB yet and -- won four. OK I can't speak for for you guys but I wanna know about you guys. When I got an airplane. You don't total safety cards in front. This in front of you the safety cards every single time I get on an airplane I read that. I'm sorry but I do know. It's part of my training it's part of my discipline I don't take anything for granted because even as a novice pilot you've got a whole checklist you go through. And I think that part of my responsibility as passengers to know which play and I'm gonna. You know three all right thirty. Start I had 3180616. WB yet what you read the cards and I. Question when your pocket a trip. Would you know the maintenance record of the flight you're going to be on. I'm gonna tell this up and if you know the maintenance records a most of the planes you've flown in your life you never would have gone anywhere in your life. You know they say about politics it's like going into a sausage factory everybody likes the taste but nobody wants to see how it's made. I honestly think that most of you understood. What goes into maintaining an airplane or helicopter. Whether to jet a prop a single engine. I think -- most of you put on adult diapers before he got on a plane really go. Like everything else is gonna be maintained that it's not pretty. All right it's 347 news radio 930. WBE NS -- hourly what do you think happened to that 777. In the ocean terrorism. Or just it it just crashed. It it crashed. Made planes to crash and it's terrible when they get really is 8030 lead their. And while there's a 22 delay at the southern border for Mexicans trying to get in the United States illegally you've got a 22 delay so I just wanna be advised that. As far as AccuWeather goes up crap a major winter storm is on the way April Wednesday into Thursday. And -- -- that's that's all I wanna say about the weather mother nature see there's sit on spit. 41 degrees at news radio 930 WB -- observers that little on forward toward mother nature that's right. The schedule -- angiogram today doctor Levy we've had a on the show is the concussion guy he's are going to be doing the angiogram because they got to figure out how messed up my brain is. Good luck with that but anyway -- all the way to get the best I said. There I'd be the equipment lady portion -- actually you know lot. It was kind of funny. Because she's tell me all these things -- got to do we've -- -- have a EKG done you've got to have blood worked and got heavier analysis done you gotta adjust fixed -- got to get clearance from a doctor like I just as soon I. And out finally that's all right all right let's just get all these things straight and then. After she was done saying it I said this year and I just have won a special request she said what's that mr. buy -- I said Sharon. If somebody's gonna be touching my groin and I'm paying for it I insist that during the entire procedure they say mean love you long time mean love you long time. It's like -- ever caught somebody trying not to laugh. But then they just can't help put anymore they just break up so I'm glad I could make sure and stay today a little more pleasant thank you sharing your sweetheart. Cheerleaders. That was the last thing I was expecting at Vonage is gonna reschedule it wanna get it done I wasn't expecting the ratio the pre game. All right anyway she put the scanner app on my -- would put this get up on my web page well. The big news is like I've got such a high IQ that even if I want to -- minutes they'll be smarter than. Are never nevermind a ticket back let's get back to the calls and WB EM. We are talking about something serious here okay and this guy is in Clarence is name is Phil. Now -- they tell me you have a commercial license so safe to say you have a few more hours in your log book and I have in mind. Well Natalie good idea yet -- polite well as for fixed wing but I was. Working in Southern California -- re ordered and biographer of helicopters. And that's 8000 hours and their compel. Hardest part as far as your helicopter pilot or first week just fixed wing pilot. I'm actually a pilot and a lobotomy helicopters that. They they hear me -- You know what this your base your -- like I'd rather -- fixed wing but the anyway that's immaterial I suppose what do you think have. Happened -- what's the most likely explanation based on what we think we now now. Well there are several elements it really be put into perspective. Most a lot of which you you've already mentioned but what are -- If there is 5000 feet I bet I'm assuming they were out of radar contact. Because there's just too far away from the greater. No they were not. Don't know they were in radar can't that they were in civilian and military radar contact. Hold on hold out my my friend. You are good caller and if you hang up -- the during the news break I'm going to send my security guy over to your house at 3 in the morning and break your leg okay. So hope I hope so hold on okay players. Are all -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- but don't -- take -- -- And I got a security you know he wouldn't -- 356 news radio 930 WBM's -- what happened that 777.

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