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3-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What's happening Randy bush overcomes them from my -- room and we we're going back in time in the history of America. He came into the newsroom willing to trade -- -- for fresh water. I'd say we're going right back to pioneer days now I had some of the as a fox -- earlier this one us through doesn't. Sounds like something that I'm confessing. But I hit after I had some of his home made -- out this morning they're good they are really good. And I think I think we're going to all very nice automobile. -- how nice is that thank you -- while he offer that guy yeah -- So so I had some. And we have no water here and we've been bottled water for some time I I'm glad that that the people order the water for our radio station. I'm -- and on -- the space shuttle or anything like that because it -- -- like a week after or out so we had no voice at all hardly any until. Mike Newman executive vice president no local came through and sent a case of not only case the water was cold. And thank you mica now we can continue the show but yeah allow him. A bottle of water for fox not where you're getting into the trading thing whenever charge money. -- but I think we can trade. What can we trade of the promotions ladies. Non non non non non as a compliment him a year. My way to five cents and they've left the building already like the women there they entered my stomach -- yeah how many did you eat three. You have three threes -- you can meet you really carry this ball. Yeah yeah okay. That's what you always say take to this moment in a human ascendancy. I'm always say it to -- is that that. Big as stick to the smaller we have a large it have been nice -- you have got. Everything was nice would you recognize the -- Have you ever heard every evil these -- on a nasty -- -- -- -- they want when an attitude. Is some -- we're all little food and it is about. All right we're talking about Scott is a Rocha. From Hamburg not -- -- him directly but we're talking about the town board there. When the Tom -- was Republican. There was no problem with the assigned. And why is is a not SA FE stopped Cuomo preserve your right -- professionals final -- of professionally made very nice. On a wall. On offense that that this man owns. He has a right there is certainly to his free speech. And that what happens there's an election and now of the borders and democratic. Control and strangely. Enough. Once the board went Democrat. There was a problem with the side there was -- was signed before but there is now. And so of the tool Hamburg town justices. Recuse themselves is gonna go to Erie county accord for reassignment to another town near Hamburg. And don't take about two weeks. Tom prosecutor John K Jordan said. The -- is not trying to block free speech. Quote government can regulate the physical characteristics of signs. According to him we are not trying to regulate content. BS what you're trying to do is this and it's quite obvious to anybody. What you try to do is intimidate the man. You wanna get him so disgusted so tied up with. Legalities harassment whatever -- he just takes assigned Donna doesn't bother with -- anymore I think you're picking on the wrong -- to be honest with you this guys seems to have. Of the firm and his vote wanting to exercises. Right of free speech and having the ability to write it and he's got a lot of people on his side including us including people listening. Because that's the way it should be the government shouldn't be able to dictate. If you don't agree with something that they are doing or are or have already done you have a right. To make your opinion known this is not violent it's not a scene and it's not distracting. And then they go again officials have cited concerns. That the assigned might be a traffic hazard that is the old this. So that is little Amos BS excuse I have heard in a long long time but that shows you how bankrupt the board is. As I don't know who's on the board -- do -- care. The bottom line is I I do know that whether we agree with a sign or not I happen to agree with it has nothing to do with the weather -- -- -- think they should -- -- not. Whether I agree women -- not whether they agree within and not is not important. What is important is is does he ever right to do it and he does have a right to do with respect that's all restored. And don't believe me if they wanna start this sweltering free speech. They're gonna have a problem they're going to be spending a lot of time in court and losing. The show Wendy Republican aboard when democratic that's when a change. Now if he is convicted he could face a maximum fine of 250 dollars and watch my lips. Fifteen days in jail. -- That's not gonna happen obviously because I don't I think he's going to -- off the hook I think you're gonna find that video village board overstep their bounds. That indeed the way it is written. It is it does not violate their sign ordinance. Now I used to live in Boston so I've been you know eight years to for your stance and bosses I was in Hamburg all the time. And they're the ones that got in -- those little -- would be our garbage bags remember that a few years ago via -- -- -- so often times a small time -- a small town politics. They get a little full of themselves. They think they've got more power than they actually have meanwhile they show themselves for what they really are little people. And I'm not talking about Fisher Price little people I'm just talking about little diminutive people. -- very little narrow minds. And that that's the way it is if they don't vote alike the what you're sign says they'll find a reason through stop you from putting that sign up. But if this signs violates the size in. Code in -- in the city art subsidies in in Hamburg. That is pretty pretty sad but I think it's more than coincidental that it didn't before and it does now. Let's see Tony you said there's sine you like put on your -- Yes absolutely and by -- answer one poster on. On today's topic I am not running for dog catcher -- on Niagara Falls. I was just to -- just kidding I was just kidding I'm actually running for mayor but no -- on somebody's got to do. That yes there is there's an issue going on rate now we have a -- can't problem. Around my neighborhood to securities. Way to men -- -- -- the smell is unbelievable at times is that many did you could smell yes and no way and it seems like when the one problem is that he likes a parked itself next to my house. In just scream at 2 o'clock in the morning. As has been approved by the cat cats protest it we've been thumbing its value from my house that you need -- in the mornings of screaming it -- -- who at that it was a and I don't know kitty structure that Diego and that such talk -- my one neighbor and he said that the that there's a couple of losses on the street that are feeding it feeding the stray cats I was just simply put up a sign please don't feed the stray cats. You know and I feel bad for them many -- seen animal -- the cold you really -- -- special I shouldn't have to as a whole more Kamal and smell. The -- -- -- what are your putting a -- just don't -- please don't feed the stray cats. I don't think they'll get after you for that showed jurors then and and -- that is your opinion I don't know if there if that if there's a law that would cover veteran on. But in that case you lose your finding something it's unpleasant you won a lot of -- rights as anybody talk to the people feeding the camp. Yes he told me that a couple of neighbors had -- written a note for the the woman. And she ignored it he said he saw our feet and if he approached her and I guess he wasn't so kind and his approach. The second time around so she didn't like that either didn't pay any taxes so we're stalls. As. Where one right now I hate neighborhood dispute it's a really go because. It is you know usually they they should be able to be worked out sometimes not -- the -- them on the attitude of it. Other person doing what you want change and depends on the attitude of the person asking them how to do. And I understand -- one neighbor he's got a little dog in these camps go to the bats from the backyard. And unfortunately his dog you know gets in it and he's got to wash his dog in congress you don't wanna have to do that to know on okay. -- facilities and so you had Tony sign would simply say please don't feed the war of the streak or this flock of seagulls. It was the same time period blogs ago -- yet the guy with a wavy hair don't listen to -- casino and that's that shows extreme balances. -- will take a break or come back we wanna talk to you Scott the Russia argue whether. Are you what does that sign OK have you pass that side and if you pass that sign. Will you distract it like that town board says it could be mad Max beyond thunder dome are about to have some more but I see a whole lot bigger. Bloodier flashier signs -- that. And even they don't. Distract me this is a perfectly safe quiet. The same message in the township bow on this one will be back after. I now we're talking about the gentleman from Hamburg -- -- -- Russia. -- -- as a sign on his offense perfectly fine sign of -- wrong more than at all not outlandish not obscene not illuminate it. There's no singing and dancing around it's a simple sciences and why is not as a FE stop Cuomo preserve your rights. Which is well within. A decent speech. And I think it is free speech is his opinion about the law of the land in the State of New York. He's subject to -- so he has a right to protest that in his own way and that's a perfectly sane way but Schroeder -- in this article by Lou Michel. But Schroeder chairman of a scope of board of directors says he was not entirely surprised that the First Amendment was being encroached upon. I've been at Second Amendment activities a year shy of half a century. And of the Second Amendment can be fringe upon it only stands to reason that the First Amendment will be next in line. And this case is the start of the Western New York it's important to stand up for the First Amendment and ordered this board the Second Amendment. Added that the scope presents Steve and -- that we've had him on the shall report. We've talked about certainly. -- he is convicted he could face a maximum fine of 250 dollars and fifteen days in jail. If this guys convicted I think you we have our gross miscarriage of justice. And if he's convicted and sent to jail. It'll be so outrageous. That I can't name and comprehend that. I'm meanwhile I think yeah he's a good neighbor. He's a good person he's pays his taxes leave him alone we don't need some pin headed board member oh is a super. In engrossed in their own power. Are coming down on him in essence of this this is about free speech you have to understand. What do you like what are the necessary or not isn't important it is about free speech on hate speech not incendiary speech. It's simply his feelings. John and Lancaster John here on W via. They're wearing we're. Numbers you know you know. Because they're walking they're moving line. And the other the open and -- people -- not even on their property. And. Well that's a good point that that is morbid distraction because his movement in their right by the straight this sign is on his fans and it's not moving. And I I would say that you people have driven by many times and noticed that without being distracted good point John good point thank you very much. Distraction that that's the lame is -- choose. When people come up with -- excuses gotta be more creative than that that it's a distraction. And other any complaints as anybody signed the complaints saying I was distracted and I nearly. I nearly hit the back of the -- from now. Or -- -- who heard about it by now anybody here calling complained that it's drawing the look of the neighborhood. Now the sign looks perfectly nice. It's it's not outlandish it's not in fluorescent colors. There's no clowns out front I think you'll find more people on the street was signs that you have a furniture store going out of business. And get down there now because this free balloons for the kiddies and you know best and they don't cracked down on them here. Our policy -- -- give me a series opposing if you. Yet this is for let's see Stephen he says the situation makes no sense to me you know when officials run for office there are signs all over the place and nobody says anything about it now all of a sudden the size of the deal. He got and that you had that took effect that it wasn't out there wasn't a big deal. When the Republicans control the board now is controlled by the Democrats. And suddenly it's a big deal I don't think it takes a genius to make that connection. That what the sign says is maybe not palatable. To what some Democrats certainly a fair minded people -- not palatable but some people just go by whatever their party tells them a -- and they plug in and that's the only thing goes through life as a zombie for some reason or another. -- but the bottom line is it's only it's strange that because it criticizes. A fellow Democrat but suddenly the signs out of order you really think you can shut down. A group -- group think by telling a person that they can have a sign up to be kidding me it does is rejuvenate the movement. Paula does is give people to understand it as. As was said by the US official. This. This is no surprise because they've been going -- -- a Second Amendment for so long this is the first woman. The right to free speech you're going to give that up with some clown some one key in the in Hamburg on the town board. I mean somebody's probably wearing cardboard shows you gotta be kidding me certainly. It's not worth it to give it up to anybody but let alone some. -- some part time you'll never hear from again after it was first. Term whatever term they spent -- Lambert -- board and you're willing to give up your free speech rights for that I don't think so. Will be back for more -- region company like the cardboard shoes. And a belt through. -- cardboard belts as well we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo home. WB ENN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Tobacco -- -- loud during the Oscar for story is trial. I don't think things are going well form he bomb ended during the trial -- and that's surely. Not going to be to his -- Who has benefited you know when the judge describing carrots and potatoes and pays off they all rolled. I don't think it's a good idea really I assume his lawyer told him what every -- Oscar don't vomit on the judge. All the jury you know I don't know offered the jury -- -- -- the judgment. Good idea consummate soup will be good you know something clear broth at some -- before via the next one. That's going on there are now tomorrow. Adjusted in the last segment of the show will be target -- Michael Savage he starts tonight. On WB and at 10 o'clock 10 PM Dejuan you've heard of before Savage Nation. -- he's very well known nationally and he's -- he's a worker albeit -- a thing. I'm looking forward to hearing them as certainly have heard of him a lot of people have quoted him before and I IC imprint these. Mentioned from time time so good addition I think in addition to the staff that is a starts tonight and tomorrow will be talking to them. Meanwhile we're talking about it's -- Russia. Have you ever put a sign up on your lawn. Who maybe. If you could put a sign up and you wanted to what was good what was would be. Were you distracted when you went by his house. Andy's side of the New York is not safe stuff Cuomo preserve your right side. Today it's a perfectly acceptable side and who either except ago forfeit its right or you don't but is not outlandish it doesn't look cheesy it doesn't look go you know carnival like. And leave Malone it's that soon judges in Hamburg refused themselves and now the case we'll get reassigned. Two way municipalities somewhere near Hamburg. Let's go to. John I think is on line one John on WB yen. And a fine John thanks for holding a what do you think about this whole thing. Well a real quick actually ran for a City Council a lot so that was going door to door I sure things that the water colors -- What's the freedom of speech. I don't see ya think he -- somebody expressing their feelings I'm. Polish government -- their cheapest are what action what's stopping them from. You know entire per old pro like bumper stickers how are -- Well that's a good point because a free speech I mean without free speech we have no freedom and this is I think a very same way. To get his message across he's not beating. Carnival like he doesn't have about. You know music blaring or our -- fluorescent lights it's a simple sign it should be acceptable. Absolutely absolutely there's extra -- a certain I think era. They're trying to make well not all all -- They're good at -- and Hamburg sometimes thank you thank you very much. Yeah I remember the trash bag thing. They insisted that you had to use their trash bags and one guy held out held out and held out one of uses on trash bags. They where the guy wanted to use the trash bag you couldn't see through. They wanted the see through ones. And the -- that I thought was pretty good. A -- you can tell a whole lot about somebody in that house. If you see their garbage. If you see books on guns for instance or coins you might you might rightly assume that there's guns and coins in there. Okay and it's nobody's business with a garbage is. And that that they fought that thought that thought that for some reason small towns get involved with the -- Picayune -- deals. This is a big deal because it involves free speech. That one of these basic freedom we have without it. Packet and we don't. Let's go to. I mean it's. -- in a car and you're on W be done. I'm fine and when he got going on today with some of them. I just wonder the out of Hamburg calculate how much it caught it does it hurt and indicate -- the court. It's actually getting the record like that because I'm sure -- a lot of money. That's a good point because -- something important like this has to be pursued. A definitively and if they're not wise and it it could it could tie up the attorney there may have the -- outside counsel or whatever and and they're not gonna look good either does not you know. -- result is a town friendship built. Certainly doesn't sound like a with a sign. -- -- thank you very revised version did it. Did you did you remember their motto I'm hamburgers with conference ago they've always said that when I first came here which was long time ago. Hamburg was actually found it when I first came -- and but there's a village in a town and only get a mix up but that was Hamburg now for injured girls so. -- said he doesn't sound too friendly to me I don't agree with what your sign says so we -- down. They won't tell you that that's the reason and one of them are they were really really. Really -- -- you concerned. That it's a distraction. That they really believe that don't you wish. That they were hooked up to lie detectors. And when they make these kind of statements you watch women needle goes it'll go off the chart on this one. When suddenly via majority was. Democrat. He became the wrong sign it was -- -- before but now it's wrong. Because it criticizes a fellow. So willing at this. Some people sell out real cheap thing. Willing to try and try and get rid of your free speech in order to please a governor who doesn't even know who they are. Okay you got a citizen who's paying taxes to you. Who's providing you know -- community with life and they're going to throw you over the under the bus under the bus and over the bridge. Two to support somebody Albany who could give a -- much. Think the supporters for Cuomo I think it's for the party. It's to be good little -- so that the party continues to support. You well you are the party and and Cuomo are one is the other the other is the the first one absolutely. It's it's amazing how many people are are willing to sellout cheap though the event what are they get out what million dollar. The most they could possibly get out of it is to have the signs taken down and I don't think that's going to happen. So what do -- on the brand themselves as a small town pointy headed group. Exactly I mean that's that's exactly what they've shown to be because they want this down they don't care. The fact that free speech goes down with this is where we are with politics today it's pretty it's it's pathetic it really is. I would take a break will be back with more with -- -- company and we -- know. How you feel about it have you ever put a political sign -- I've never had a political sign up is something. If my neighbors and each item may put up a political cyanide did not agree with I wouldn't complain about it. Because I understand this free speech and they have a right to their opinion whether you -- whether or not apparently you don't believe that in Hamburg. The -- -- walls and barriers love will be back definitely. Don't forget tomorrow right at this time we will will be a welcoming the newest member. A WBN and that would be Michael Savage from Savage Nation. Big government is a syndicated guy who Andy has a big huge following he's -- he's quite out there is my understanding. I'm not familiar with the show but I'll become familiar starting tonight at 10 o'clock right here. A news radio and I'm thirty effectively listening -- and them and welcome in buffalo I'll do that tomorrow might show -- you can do it tonight. Let's go to Hanks in Forrest bill Hank you're on WB. Warnings and the you know this whole thing and I think it's far reaching. Politically because. Mr. Cuomo does not like any negative return any any kind of negative publicity. And you better be -- slayer. You noted authorities is space on TV all time become the New York for doing their. You don't campaigning. And I think one of those arguments come here -- I'm mark Everett was -- well. This kind of political in nature of political science speed down home and all this certain time prince where for election and that's the case. You know mr. Paul was basically campaigning every time which is based on the TV. Well that's true except I don't buy that argument from -- I'll tell you why don't you because there are already in office visits and about elect me and I'll do this this is about an existing law so there is I don't think. There is any political game here this is about a man who's not happy with the existing law does not run for Ernie thanks so that I don't think they have any any rights at all. They don't end you know there's this weather come and and you know my wife -- not account. And share media what's going on with the weather. And and Poehler oh what do you look quite what you get home and not accept seven to twelve inches and she was kept you there. -- Betsy wise I bet you are well it'll be the first time she's seen that much snowfall I'm sure thank you very -- very much. But it's not about I'm about it. -- out. How many times have you gone out of town. And -- comeback in them you forgot to bring a warm enough whatever because you get off the I remember coming back from vigorous ones. And it was snowing. At the airport and I had parked across the street took the shuttle there and I short sleeves on. Short sleeves on because I just came back from Vegas and we a freak storm. If it is not -- not pleasant sevens to a twelve inches. The last caller referenced that obviously he's dreaming. I think I'm not sure I don't know let's go to Suzanne and blaze Dell's son was abducted in a while what's going on. -- just like captain who ignore them still alive. Well I'm glad you are you -- my favorite people what do you think and -- your blaze Ellis pretty close there Hamburg what do you think -- his. Believe those -- Hamburg OK and I don't get to the towns often. But every February I get to go around town hall an empty out my state bank and checking account and all that you can't. Pay your taxes. So what I was going down there a few weeks ago I'm driving by but it it. I think you have said in common -- It'd probably village well it's definitely the tone down its near the Scranton area. You don't. And fixed. Square in the world is right before. Where he has said wonderful sign up. And I can look twice and that the that he put aside so you know put to good drive presidential while wanna come back. -- I'm going home six and I don't I I think it was. -- I think it's wonderful and I said to myself I wonder how long that stand up and I haven't heard about anybody squawking about it. Well that's right and had they start is garden about a one the Democrats took control board isn't that a coincidence. That. A so you -- -- drive by and at least two times without becoming. You know hysterical confused distracted or anything else that was there you saw that you recognize that was. 89 days are so that were audited beak can be continued because I don't know how long it can I don't know Holland was up there and give it. -- how long it's going to be out there was count anybody. -- That's how I look bad to. Because it's -- Yeah it's petty it's not inflammatory. It's that you know it's it's perfectly. Acceptable speech and and so you just don't need that hey thanks appreciate your call. Yeah it makes it look petty and small it was the same thing as. When they did the garbage things I think that was the village souls who says this is the town. Town board let's go to Dolores in Boston goal harsher on WB yet. Very quickly what about the big sign that they Hamburg fairgrounds -- it goes blinking that they have up there for the -- -- -- -- goal and that's true big banners they do and -- -- said this any individual citizens. I listen your program their truck cab and it went through. So quite bad -- the village big thing by the way he won the case and it's are at their expense. And what is happening is our government is using our taxpayer money and get stressed out. And in individual. This is the Corleone Adam now if standing up that we need to and people like west canceling one mr. Rupp got. A dollar for what they're doing to cover their -- because boy we you're getting fleeced beside saluting our constitution. Okay good -- send arrest true you can cover my idea why my dad to -- bank -- true. Thank you very much. A video below wall right away now I don't think. But it is she's right about the garbage bag thing it's like. For some reason. Small town politics you get petty is don't need to be -- in fact usually opposite way. Because we all live together we all meet each other at the stored in church and on the highway and shoveling snow and stuff like that. But when you get petty -- typed it paints a whole -- with that brush and it's not fair I'm sure that the majority of the people and in Hamburg. Who have driven by their word did not mind that there was assigned there because they recognize that what it -- it's a protest of an existing law it wasn't. Don't vote for it it's already a law that their protest again is nothing wrong about maybe there's some people who have a little bit too much time. On their hand well that's usually what happens you get people let me tell you something. You get people who. Get a little bit of publicity. And that what happens they go nuts. Pretty soon they claim that they started everything there in the middle of everything they have funny has funny hats on and they've law and give me that they do all of this crap. When indeed. They're no big deal right never -- never will be as is the way it is so if you're at a town setting. Get along. It is in the famous words can't we all just get along. Maybe but in this case we -- we'll see you tomorrow. At 9 AM under Israeli and I've certainly RW via. So much they never had to leave it be used she.

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