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3-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can we -- backward vision governor this is all those stories that if you are fair minded person. Whether you agree with the message -- -- you should stand up -- somebody's right to free speech in this case which target -- Gaza Russia. -- Hamburg who has a sigh and analyze it is not SA FE seminary so they've obviously stop Cuomo preserve your rights. A very neat sign it's on his stance is on his property. Nothing wrong -- it but according to the article move Michelle. They're charging him with the -- an ordinance. Against though the rules and regulations they have for signs. And they started this war -- -- going to finish at those are the words of Gaza Lucia. I Hamburg to town justices remove themselves from the case. To avoid potential conflicts of interest he's charged -- violating the town sign law says his motive is to preserve the rights. Of other citizens when it comes the free space and that's the case. Would yield like New York safe or you don't lightning or say if we don't care at all about New York State. He should care about free speech and -- and the last thing we want is to have public officials telling you. Well that window like that. No you can't do that that's -- out you have rules regulations you have laws and they have to be followed. But if so if you're following the rules you should be able to -- put any message you want. As far as -- as large as ours has not seen one would gas. Because it is your speech the case will now vote Erie county -- for reassignment in another town near Hamburg. Expected to take about a couple of weeks for that to happen. But. I am in -- I am in favor of of this manned up prevailing. Even if I didn't agree with a -- I happen to agree with the -- but that's and that's almost secondary. The fact is even at the sign -- war against what I believe and I would I would say you have a right to put it up there. And I don't know why in Hamburg they think is necessary to trying to squelch speech. To try and quiet people down. People have a right whether they live in Hamburg or anywhere else to make their feelings known New York say it is something that sparks a lot of vote. Debate I'm firmly against New York State an idea shooter for many many years. The first shooting -- it was them on a regular basis. In Hartford Connecticut in 1965. So I've been around the block when it comes to shooting. And I enjoy it and I don't want to New York trampling on -- On what we consider. Fair and equitable grounds on how we can use our firearms New York safe. Is is the argument here but be the bigger argument is freedom of speech. 8030930180616926. 930 because I have a feeling if it didn't say that. They wouldn't have come down on them and they and they came down on them. For that going against the sign ordinance when it turned democratic Wallace isn't that a coincidence. So there again -- got a lot of little narrow minded pin heads who only look at the party label whatever the party says that's the way it is. And -- you can think like that you can you can paint yourself into a corner all you want but don't expect the rest of us the gladly go with you. We will fight for our right of free suite they do it all over the world as a reason can be done in Hamburg. I mean if if -- survive the garbage bag controversy. Then certainly. They should be able to the survive this let's go to stand. In Rochester stander on WB -- It goes and he finds us there what do you I'm gonna go to town board I tell you why freedom of speech -- -- -- got put to sign up in the yard. Now remember. We have the same freedom you me everybody else out if everybody did I support for five signed under front on which we couldn't know. And -- from. Like up by polished to. Extremism. Like ID part are always enjoyed viewed as a problem Ted Cruz -- We can't have this I don't want to write honesty before five -- because -- of freedom of speech. All the indicating what date field and our arch. Well first of all of first of all if if you had something that could be fairly described as obscene. We wouldn't -- talking about this this is freedom of acceptable speech I think NY is not SA FE stopped Cuomo. Preserve your rights is perfectly acceptable was nothing obscene about it it's not even really that controversial. Well here's -- point B can twist words. And you can't have something that devastating. Play like music but you get the message and that's what you'll see probably are no -- You get the message but it's not the verbiage that you that would be a doctor to be hateful. Well Lois I mean every year the neo Nazis. Again -- parade permit for Skokie Illinois. And if they have rights of that if they have a right to parade down a public street and they and they do. Then you tell me why this perfectly tame message should be banished from hamburgers just known resorts just more. In Skokie they got a permit. Here they didn't he didn't. Well it. By as the as really as the person and his lawyers say there's all kinds of signs on fences with commercial advertising. What is the difference was the difference. And it is not my front. And I don't have size and in my year you. What you have controls stay and you have control of your yard but you don't have control of everybody -- and other words if you're not in a Condo. Where you have a Congo border when you buy a Condo you accept all the rules of the association. This is a town and it has as an -- sign ordinance it either violates a sign ordinance or doesn't that's why it's going to court. But it seems strange that it didn't violate the ordinance and so the board became democratic then suddenly it did of the messages -- change. Well this is because we have a -- biggest side. You have to get a permit and as everybody in Iran like loose -- we haven't -- Well first you don't know in Hamburg if you -- -- to get a permit I don't know event. -- -- don't -- so you're you're you're not you're you know I -- because you don't like what the message that it's how what if you put something up that said. I go to church on Sunday save your soul. And your neighbors and atheists and and your neighbor doesn't like what you say would you feel comfortable in selecting the town board on him. Well yeah you know I probably wouldn't and invited him -- I don't want to write bad housing 500 year old kid is saves. Well double what I'm saying is. The -- share the world with everybody else stand at the world can't -- according to stand only and there are rules for everybody if he's broken the rules the justices will decide that -- has witnesses -- up thank you very much. There's an area -- would that be great if we. Could decide everything for everybody in the neighborhood what color your house should be a kind of signs you can put. What they can say. The color of the car in the driveway. Which way it's face seeing I mean we know we get to pick our own stuff we don't have bigger body else's. And unless it's in violation and I would very much doubt it will find out. When it does get the court will find out if it's in violation and there's -- their lawyers involved. It will be a court of law and we'll find out I don't think the town has any right at all to squelch what I would consider and -- would consider free states will be back after the -- we are so -- here. We have no water we've been out of water for some time my throat feels like right Chris. And here's how much water right have liked to golf so I got sick one now I do sing on the flat out I've got after competence to dwell on it. Has yet to do more to our men and my voice is going yeah so. They you know they don't seem to have the cycle down right now -- -- how much water. To order or when to get it right now but few people drink -- -- half -- A they ought to put Joe Camel on the air as somebody that doesn't need much water and you better off. Today's the day from our buffalo perks is a fifteen dollar civilian. To Rubens New York Delhi on maple and Williams over just eight dollars. You'll love the great breakfast selection in the cozy New York style deli go to WB and our comic Akamai buffalo perks logo. I'm not -- misses this girl. Do you think kill him. -- -- we send anybody out for water. I mean there there's no water in the whole building right and right and I'll be a baby about this but my voice will -- in the water -- -- -- 100. -- -- -- that's very -- -- -- -- but no I'll -- -- -- -- -- thank -- thank you very -- -- I used to like the old movies where they would when they were really parts they -- a cactus and half. And they were drained a drop of water another cactus like in the news room or in the front lobby that we could cotton and in squeeze a drop out Boris. I always has water I'd bet sales -- water that's down the opposite end of our building it's about a cab right away. A but I bet they have. It will Gilani re going our -- mrs. commissioner in the next newscast okay we're talking about this gentleman from mom Hamburg. Who wants is a free space -- don't blame him and we all want free speech and it's just he's just shouldn't be for those who we agree whether it should be for everybody. Those you agree with those who don't agree with the sign is not overbearing that he has NY is not SA FE stopped Cuomo preserve your rights it's neatly placed on the fence it's not an eyesore and -- Hamburg should allow their own citizens the right to free speech. We're not a Third World country yet. Apparently -- people on the town board think we are. So to Peter in Ontario Peter on WB again. Eight any critical. Look at it. I really believe and I'd I'd try to get it's that we get it beaten burlap. The -- that people that -- will really complain about it's on sports or probably. Not involved in any politics are about 8% of the US population. About 30% I think they're very strong conservative. But the next sixty ports that are up for grabs as let's call low information voter right there -- -- start learning from the -- the well it could collapse. On you do not like strangling. Well you know he's irrational guy but he didn't like it because the doesn't wanna be bothered with -- there are too many signs to read while too bad. But I don't think that's gonna be an issue and you know that as well -- that's true but -- You -- what you do go to a local church or a local. It's been a prayer services they're pretty guilty in a country country but I believe there could be another corrected it. -- -- you -- nobody's getting -- their responsibility in DC they're able to only one. So I would see it coming out municipal level or local level you don't need. We're kind of limited as to what we can -- oh yeah how weakens and emails that we can protest or write a letter column to our show whatever. But I think you get to a point of frustration and where you say I've got to express my similar people on field. That's right and you know nothing we -- and I'll make it different. -- when it comes -- real all the different. Like pretty good Democrat that would make it out -- or whatever who will do. Because they have and mainstream media at a Rangel or is different but you know also a leader quickly clothes that I believe. -- I believe that media. To go after the meeting. The conservative may have to go you gotta get a guy Fox News. You've got to get anybody could it could go up and say to a -- from ABC -- the -- below their independence it's so blatant. -- -- -- People that you protect mr. Cummings -- some of the great things. Are being trampled on in this in this great country why didn't it now collapses that. Or is he not agree. -- -- Elijah Cummings outburst was inexcusable and then they try to turn via. These tables by saying yes there is a is a racist I mean that's the card they always pull out. Nobody is criticizing his lack of decorum at the meeting and so first is last last this person it's crazy with the mainstream media you're right thank you very much. We want to know. If Bob if you feel that this man should have the right according to visit the laws or the the bylaws in the town or village of Hamburg wherever he is located. To have that sun it's free speech whether you like it or not is unimportant it's free speech. I would I would support a sign on a lot of somebody wants the what is ours is not seen you can't or certain. Things you can you can abuse as long as not a -- and this one certainly isn't and I think it it shows how frustrated we are would go a lack of ability to get anything done in New York State. If you don't quite get too bad that's the way it's it's a it's its past we have strong arm tactics usually in the middle of the night you have to follow that solar is still. I think something like this is away for a citizen to safely protests. And a and legally protest something that has a great impact on him has great impact on me and you as well. But don't get don't fall into the trap of the only ones who defend -- the ones who agree with. Because that isn't the way democracy works sometimes we have to defend speech we don't agree with. Concepts we don't agree with simply because they have a right to be heard and I think Scott does a rouge has a right with that sign up. And the town -- keep their -- out of it. You'd go to -- stick to be important issues what color trash budget. I hope that's working out really well for. Meanwhile you'll be seen as a small group of Novo pointy headed people who simply saw a sign that they didn't think. Went in line with their political beliefs and -- Did you woods use the power of of elected office to squash political belief. And that's that's the way it is this is the law that was passed that sponsorship does not agree with a lot of people like Scott. I'm asking if you had done that sign in your neighborhood would you complain about it. Or would you see it for the way I see it is the issue of trees -- 03093018061692. Through six are 930 will be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Now we're back put Beijing government they were talking about -- -- Russia and is. Running and where is the town authorities in Hamburg. Come prosecutor John Jordan this is according to Lou Michel story in the Buffalo News Tom prosecutor John Jordan said the town's not trying to block free speech. Government can regulate the physical characteristics of signs Jordan said we're not trying to regulate content and be as what they're trying to do. Is trying to intimidate -- provinces and that's what it's all about. Town officials have of cited concerns of the sign might be a traffic hazard. I'm busy sub -- -- have a note could cause a collision. On give me a break first of all. It is not a little little nominated sign. It's not neon there's no flashing arrows. There's nothing besides the attacks on the side and very little of that and why is not SA FE stop Cuomo preserve your rights. Dignified sign. Look like a professionally made sign is nothing -- -- Avaya magic marker leave the guy alone basically is is my feeling. And and also one of the people. Of protesting. The action was supervisor Steven Walters. He says my position has always been supporting people being able to express their first amendment rights. And we as it's now -- went on record last summer opposing the New York -- back calling it they are calling for its repeal. The action occurred when the three member board had a Republican majority now they have a democratic. Majority. And they're cracking down on the side what does that say nothing but punk politicians. That's -- that way they are there they take their marching orders. As soon as they see a that's always that's all they need to know they don't need no on the merit of anything. Though his do what they're supposed to be a do -- doing and told what to do by the party basically that's it. Not trying to regulate free speech of course sure I mean -- at least have enough ball to tell us that you don't agree with the sides want it now. Even though that would be patently illegal I'd like to hero of refreshing bit of canned or. From the -- -- let's go to a Filipino -- in Hamburg on WB -- Yes -- and and disgust that I had seen that sanity again. It put back off road racing and -- -- -- -- events and people have no problem because we -- and I expect this year. And -- you know and say -- -- at all. I'm what do you I see the sign a I have a picture of right here in front of me. And it's perfectly fine but they -- intimidate the guys they wanted to just give up and take it down. Well that's because we've got a bunch of content on the board over there. That's what happens in small town politics they get to a big yet. I encouraged -- -- their own no authority and then sometimes they overstep their bounds and told me and I think this is low level. This is very very upset over this. I thought like -- say the man leave them alone he paid taxes. I'm what you don't elevate a thank you very much I agree with fellow man who does pay taxes and he's not going to just back down and good for him. Good for him. Saw -- you know isn't it amazing that just coincidentally when the board went from. Republican the Democrat that suddenly the sign was not in compliance. And I will tell you this. If if you as a lawyer or lawyers check around town and see how many other signs. Use the same size -- friends and whatever I think you'll probably find. That they have a pretty secure case. Whatever. They're trying to do isn't working -- -- tell you that because it makes them look like a bush league town. Really does a like Hamburg my daughter went to Hamburg high school. But the bottom line is you can't be doing this stuff and expect to be thought of as a forward thinking community. Let's go to. Yeah Olivia would be next -- you're on WBL. I. I'm under the -- billion dollar an area and sign up for Albert it's. Stop police corruption. You know and you've read it -- okay well as a what I am concerned you know. And more or wanted to bring it. You know everybody is not a hidden who decides what -- -- Well that's true wave -- -- Supreme Court the very famous quote -- -- stored right. I can't define pornography but I know pricing at ya know each commit acts each community would have their own. Ordinances regarding signs but it's funny that it didn't it didn't violate these standards until the board went democratic. The user where that is. When. It. -- out that we're getting so that. Government is overstepping their bounds in many many ways and we have fewer and fewer ways to protest this is a peaceful protest. I I see nothing wrong -- what he's doing at all notify our resident of Hamburg. I would I would. Speak loudly as as best we can't say stay out of our business. The take care of the other business of the community and leave us alone the regular. That's basically the way it is now we have some Buffett's proposed things -- -- -- -- add this is from detainees as I have zero problem with the sad and Hamburg not only is every speech it's the truth if there is no safe back there would be no -- Well that's true and it's a peaceful protests. They're not threatening anybody they're not throwing anything and anybody that I lighting anything on fire it's a very peaceful protest its its feet. While -- Meet his former protest megabyte of putting a sign -- and this is how I feel people look at it they either agree or disagree some will disagree on those on the policy that some will agree policy effect is outrageous. But that you are I think it is your right to express your opinion especially on her own property. But this happens in small towns a lot. You'd get small town people in their elected to some position of power. Maybe they've that I have power before maybe they haven't but suddenly they feel empowered by the fact that. They enforce the law. Well you look foolish when you do stuff like this you really do because if it didn't violate it when they board was Republican it shouldn't violate one of them. Well what about all political sides I think paranoia maybe we should take them down well that's a good point that that's an excellent point. I'm not those suggesting any vigilante type action but I wonder are those same politicians when their running for office would field. If they're right to free speech by their campaign posters were removed without there or they try to get -- move without their permission. There wouldn't be very happy they would be shouting the same thing. That this homeowners -- Russia is is shouting is that these are my free speech rights will take a break will be back. -- more -- beach in company. Now thank you thank you thank you we just received a gift over -- a case of water. From no go thank you thank you and you and it's from Michael Newman and Mike Newman is executive vice president. So not only are we getting water we got -- from the biggest wheel in in and -- thank you very much. We appreciate it because usually. His average usually when we run out of water witches all the time OK we joke around a little bit about not having any water. But it's there within a couple of days without water for some time now in the studio is very dry just so you'll know when not when -- babies is very drive. And when you're doing commercials and you're talking as much as we are your throat dries out like a piece -- congress. And you can't talk. And so while I do thing ago Mike Newman from no go for sending the case we have now stash the case so it'll be -- over on the air people. And thank you very much Michael. All right that's good -- that's a lot better yeah it's a lot better to be able to enjoy. You don't realize how much you miss and LeRoy -- yeah you don't realize how much water you go through. I like this and I filled up my cup before I left my house and I'm just about empty you know we're we're not even analog clock first Brenda came down number no -- if redden as -- Came down from the other end of a building. Two words it brings some water so that we could get through the show and thank you for that and that might Millman came through like a champ perfect from from local. Thank you for alright we're talking about the sign and in Hamburg. Scott as a -- says it's free speech and he is absolutely right you know what. It's not hate speech it's not obscene speech is perfectly. A acceptable speech he disagrees with a New York -- back. He says the sciences and why is not SA FE we -- census. Stop Cuomo reserve your rights is nothing wrong with that at all it's it's what our country's founded on the right to disagree. And we're asking what sign if -- -- put a sign on I've never had a sign him ever. But would you if you did that put a sign on your on something that would express your views of the world today what would that sign say. Like it's not this is an an anti. Cuomo it's is that. Stop Cuomo preserve your right -- asking is to stop this kind of legislation. And remember Cuomo low. Proposed it and pushed it through. But it had to be voted on. And so I think it's a general protest sign perfectly acceptable what's the difference between that signed in vote for Kelly jury for. Hound dog catcher while the differences of course that you're not running for town dog catcher but if you are -- Now there's nothing wrong -- -- and the politicians are very happy to have all kinds of signs up their political time Arctic. Very pleased with that but when it comes time to an honest citizen taxpaying citizen. Just trying to express themselves and they get their -- -- -- not over because you -- what they don't agree with it and when somebody votes for something because they don't agree with -- That shows how small and petty. Some people can be on and that's not the kind of representation I would want. As we said in the article. One of the supporters of this man was supervisor is Steven Walters. So the supervisor said that in the in the prior recessions. That the town board. Voted not that they were not in favor of New York say it. And now wants it turned Republican. Who wants it turned Democrat suddenly it was a big problems sign right petty petty petty. That's all it is and it shows you for what you are you're ready to lead. A good leader says that I may not agree would you. But no I understand the rights of free speech. We have too -- of -- put everything up for approval to some politician before allowed to say it or or display -- I shouldn't think so. And -- a -- if this sign. Doesn't pass Muster I would be very very surprised. It's not outlandish is not designed to distract you want to say it could be a distraction as the cheesy way out you know what that's like. It's like when people don't want a business built somewhat near them they say too much traffic you know -- traffic all the time anyway. And in this case people driving by. You have big plans they glimpse of the sign and are turning into raving lunatics. They just the stored away in their mind and they decide whether they agree with -- -- or disagree and that's what the that's -- the country supposed to be about. OK let's go to Tuesday and Everett moderately is that him in Arlington apparently it's -- check out. I'd -- whoops I punched it and that's weird. I punched it up and disappeared the agency. We're iPods I just did this and do it every call and it was nothing personal. It was and it was a wardrobe malfunction in this case in this case it was a button. I -- so I don't have before there it is on the screen it's all laid out on the screen a punch the button and it went -- it did instead of accepting it. It's just it's just went the other way in and show right down. 8393018061692. Visits in an interview is over doesn't who would miss one. Bill in Buffalo Bill you're on WB yen. Thank you -- I'm glad talking to serve out my life I didn't spit on when it comes to the nature vote. People understanding about what this sign actually mean. It in my opinion it's become -- two categories of the nature of to a different types of people. One part of that and the other night. The -- it would be set up. The people that you do don't collect a government check or do collecting government check -- one category. Sad that a site. And the other cited the negative side the people that do collecting government check. But -- going to do let's say. Very negative about the -- things and -- collect backed government check. -- point and otherwise the ones that I have a gotten power through an election and don't know how the how to proceed. Was something like this and and just going blindly to try and shut them up instead of following -- of the law following very. The rules and the regulations. And this is what they're gonna try and get them on and -- easy enough to find out. A when he gets accord broke my feeling is this is not a distraction anybody driving on the road and this is simple vindictiveness thank you. OK let's try again never again hello Dan. Well. Yeah yeah. While you something to. Court he mentioned some. Are. All. Right now you're on these and or not. Or not. There are. So. -- -- -- got -- all it was you're supposed to un un -- -- them when you take them out of the dryer before you actually slide them on then. Well didn't they let them very and and that's not a not at the chokehold. Well. They are so you're still live in Hamburg was a tomboy always that many -- -- ambulance and amber. -- I know it -- And but. So. Check it. Oh -- as. Well I don't. I -- have you ever put -- now -- Margaret I'm I'm I'm gonna go against having a sense of -- -- come -- take it down. Put the -- Well I I don't care and day let me ask you are you going to have a history museum and see yet. Our Rick and the guys. At the podium. Matter fact we're going to be there because I don't enjoy it. Well that's why talk you I didn't Jordan Iraq people from lectures and learn a lot older than me. A hook up a Republican Tom India history museum that should be a good panel hey thanks that -- those them doing it. Good luck what your undies. -- Rebecca --

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