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3-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well this region governor and I'm sandy beach. And I think I think I've been stocked by beautiful old. Female anchors. Television anchors and over the weekend at a couple of examined that I do not think are coincidental. At all about it all over it. Good idea luckily I feel comfortable live in my own skin but I think I'm being stalked by a beautiful women. Have a have a Miller suddenly beautiful woman temperature on the shoulder and starts a conversation wouldn't. Just got a little you'd never avenue and now are you agree it's only have like I'm in their -- just -- -- -- well I happen to make it happen to me twice and this is one of those things where you can say hey it's not a big surprise but eyes. I think it is I you couldn't make a bet that this would happen. On Saturday. I'm in now I'm in Clarence examined Clarence and suddenly I hear is pretty. Age. And I turn around and there is a beautiful woman. And she doesn't have. Any makeup on and she's still beautiful now if you vote no make up on it's something as she's wearing a very tight. I like workout pants. And her hair is back like this I'm doing under backward this thing gets back their and as you wearing like this watcher aren't. So she's in. Each and I turnaround this year as. You know was. -- who was. One of the beautiful women of tone of this -- Rosemary -- them Mary has that it would no cup if you -- public -- -- make govern and look that good. You're you're you're all right okay she's my party she certainly is a pretty person. I'm so -- her that Saturday. Sunday I'm I -- can more. And I EC. EO Leo and I look as. Terrible woman yes it was I know cause I saw the picture on -- Air Canada being our parent so I see Mary Alice demo on Saturday -- walker on Sunday I'm expecting Joanna considerate dropped by today he'll have all covered it -- but it was good to see them I could see each other in the business a lot. For some reason usually edit. And an award show but I stopped going to award shows you know like Tony I got to. You know -- I have no room for awards I you know some some dodger -- you know kind of big for awards not me. I have too many in fact. I sometimes ship my awards -- to Lester talks -- I I think is the right thing to do it -- them up I think I never stands so tall when as when I'm handing. An award to someone -- right that's just the way -- is it a bigger house -- it violence or just an extension built exactly just the award an extension. -- that but EI it's and it was good to see both of them they're both. Terrific people obviously. Yeah in them that was that so I don't think it was a coincidence I think there are stocking -- Andrea every stock you might as would be stockman beautiful women. Now -- out of police usually if if they catch somebody in the commission of a crime they'll say. -- drug and something like. But in a -- -- They said three -- dirt bag because there was a freeze -- -- In a town of block port home on BD AM you know that's not too far from more of worries about -- -- And here's what happened. The homeowners said to the sheriff's someone. Broke and it was house went into his freezer and -- meet the gift of -- about that. He says it was sometime between February 14 in last Friday. And here's what's missing. Thirty pounds of cubed steak. Fourteen pounds -- breakfast sausage. Four back strap sounds like Tony's breakfast. At. Nothing else was taken the loss was estimated at 200 dollars so it's hard to track down frozen meat -- that. -- asked about. Thirty. -- Q. That's why that's a lot of Q today. I mean seriously at its native assistance the hollow -- way. But that's it so be careful if the freezer bandit is in your neighborhood -- you wrote a -- reports a little close to me. A Michigan lottery ticket I love these stories I love these stories not for what they say on the face but for what's gonna happen now maligned. A Michigan lottery ticket worth a 138000. Dollars. Was unclaimed for a year and sold it goes into the states have fun for schools and the person. Who has the -- policy imagine one day that piece of paper's worth a 138000. The next day it's a piece of paper. -- use it as a bookmark. I know at and I kind of hoping it happens. I I know that somebody is down low line is going to say let's these old pants out -- You know we're gonna prove your closet now you reach in the pocket and is a lottery ticket. And just for a laugh -- look it up on line and you find out it was a 138000. And I mean happening. People oftentimes by lottery tickets on a regular basis and and they forget to check human stuff but a lot of money yet and it's funny every year to -- Now I was checking my Twitter over the weekend and about right thanks throw a lot of over the weekend a social media. About our show about though about kids opting out of test. And not to not having them have them sit quietly that I've felt so much warmth over the weekend and all. That at a there's a logic there I'm now a lot of -- I wrote to us and Fuzzy the actors you know it's a Fuzzy is never alone. It's always warm and Fuzzy new severed just Fuzzy. As it's just warm but it's never just aren't here this -- from Josh Groban. He -- idea turned 33 innocent later became obsessed with -- Bengal. This doesn't farewell to my next forty or so years. Yeah if you -- -- -- 33 you're you're accelerating the -- -- Of the pants under your arm between noise at which Coleman will be doing that again just you either you guys are wondering oh yeah yeah well when I was younger my mother would take heed my Brothers every week we needed it never went -- thing. I think I -- ones of our eucharist. Yeah at my old parents company picnic now wave back at that that we won -- A little laugh man but -- planned -- -- -- It. Time he was talking. I formulated the joke. My migraines -- -- is a joke going to be -- wish it will be well I get in trouble for doing the Nokia issue 00. Feel like you're getting tangling horns it's early in the morning on Monday forget the joke. -- happen in just like this home. It's amazing -- the mind works it. Really as I assume he's grandfather. I used to work. Be involved with the rapid fire department Monday and that they had bingo she says just goes on that for fun. And we nominal one there really was now you got to -- nine regular bingo players like myself. We didn't have the voodoo dolls out there and you know -- as the special. A fixed up -- the good luck charms we didn't have a seventeen bothers. I mean people go to Bengal big already to win oh -- they are ready to went as the one place you -- not -- joke around. I mean I've been offered a choice a chance to do clubbing -- numbers from the time I never do because of that. People like do not there on edge bingo is very edgy for them. Don't wanna get between them and the last the last number he was the terrible part of it for us as kids because that was the time. When you can smoke indoors and they -- they settle a lot of Egypt. But so John show Groban has hooked on bingo. And this is from Elizabeth -- you know shoes -- oh -- offices and if you're judged by the company you keep. Are you also judged by the people you follow on Twitter. That's interesting it's an interest in and now you guys there and I don't know if you're more in social media because we're all totally engaged. -- -- that the but I -- are you judgment your friends and the people that you keep in touch -- on Twitter. In. Hand birds of other bankers probably an ever really thought about that but it's probably true. The biggest misnomer as friends. I'm mean of us are of the definition Franzen and by -- -- -- as your friend is different now even home right most of them and -- -- -- asked that he. If it. So that's that that's so Josh -- says that don't avoidable from the angle. Okay tomorrow's going to be fun the last segment of the show tomorrow. -- will be a target of Mike Michael Savage from the Savage Nation that show starts tonight. On duty and tonight at 10 o'clock OK so don't miss that the inaugural broadcast the -- -- I've heard much about him I've not heard -- -- will listen make sure -- you can listen tonight and also -- line final analysis there. But he's very much talked about talk show host an integrated vision for the radio station. And so will be talking to him. You know. I understand he's like a real sharp edged. And reappear like -- right. He know me at one -- came off totally. Mighty mites animal off -- the -- I could light the fuse and you know. I don't like I kind of things drive me crazy shall we do that when -- and what kind of play policy with CBO estimates. I -- yeah I'm always up for trouble -- will be back with them earlier at least half rights will be back ago -- -- our way of beach and company. Have you what I have as his snowblower still actively read ago you know -- lot. I have a little bit against left my plan announced it about this morning when I saw WB and tweet that we know that the storm. Was I'm going to run it whatever I've got and where there is no runs out then too bad the -- gonna stay there until melts my suggestion is that and then to take. Your blower out in the street work your way again. You don't wanna have a nice colored clean driveway and and not do the ridge that they leave at the street level. So that people come in and they see a good drive over the can't get him right so I just -- literal word of advice oxygenated that Tony. Actually -- wanted Don is on both sides of the vehicles so we get the kids in and out that's all I need. I've got a four wheel drive genius four wheel drive right over now that's the best defiance and you know what's next Sunday go to the saint Patrick's favorite gas that's all right now I've -- it's no wonder if we do get -- what is it is 72. Twelve inches that's a foot of snow is obviously. That -- -- melted by Sunday now even though we are looking in mid -- our next weekend of course that's so long term. All of those little girls -- the parade that have the red curly wigs yes the object -- fans and they do and the Irish dancing -- it a bit or -- good are they really doing a big long red -- in fact I think you're getting levels where they -- my size while I think would be very I'd look very enhancing. I could dance yeah iGoogle like a little -- thing never have the red curls on there because my hair used to be read at one time right. Right in the early days of the of the -- And now it's gone I guess it if I don't -- is under my scalp. Probably not red anymore. But that you have a -- on their souls who happens today's deal of the day from my buffalo parks is a fifteen dollar certificate to -- New York Delhi. It's on maple and Williams though because we thought it's easy for you to get there and then go to New York. It says so it's Rubens Nardelli. Maybe go in waves over just eight dollars you're going to law of the great breakfast election in this cozy. New York style deli go to WBN dot com and click on the my buffalo -- Nobel. -- the knicks are trying to get -- Phil Jackson. A legendary coach one of the best of all time you know he has eleven championship rings as a coach in two as a player that's right to the next yeah so he's got to. Sept thirteen rings here's the problem. If he goes to the knicks. As as president a bid that's what they wanted to know. -- is a genie Bowe -- your boss' daughter -- -- issues and general manager of. Like the lakers saw what happens when they may. I mean really you think there's a Mexican standoff there because of the -- -- -- Don't wait for that happened -- although not -- yeah very good guy exactly. But -- now here's what they said they said if they can get him it might it might convince Carmelo Anthony to stay in New York. You'd think you have to change the top management to get a player Tuesday. You know the NBA so crazy wouldn't surprise me what do you think -- players in the league you know you think Chris is that -- a logical management move. It doesn't but in the NBA you deuce Tony's right you see stuff like this all the time our armor when LeBron James are still with Cleveland. -- right before -- left for Miami. There were rumors that he didn't like the coats so they fired the coach job what the general manager at any bulk of the Miami anyways and then you lose your coach or GM and your best player in the error that the course of a week and and he got to pick up the pieces -- -- as the recovery -- this was the end. Here. Don't have that kind of power now were treated. Hours body and need more power I would take a break when we come back we've got. It would just think five man electrical band that's the name -- showed today for those of you know cinema classic rock type music you'll know -- talking about those of you don't you have to -- long as we have a couple minutes break the will be back with the agent company. -- WB and wherever you go with the WB an iPhone app powered by the final out the best in -- railings index. The -- governor name. It was tough getting -- Joseph Torre you know -- look I only have a couple of swallows of water left -- -- there's no water in the building now now and we're out we're. -- Friday. There were still out today there's still there's still no water in here. I've got just about to two -- left and stride in studios when you're when you're on the air it's organs very dries you have to. You have to hydrate OK and this is audio left I'll give you some mind. Thank you I appreciate that you know it's very nice. So did you any of you guys have seen the -- Vitaly Klitschko know denies he's the eucharist I didn't always heavily involved in Ukraine out. He's from Ukraine. And -- Why can't we say value -- I know is I don't it's Ukraine but every time I say Ukraine I have to thank you don't say it's just Ukraine okay. And he's gonna run for president of Ukraine. Got it and be a reporter female reporter I'm not sure I don't him shoeless. Asked if he would fight because studies she says the would you fight group of Putin. And he's that'd be a tough fight. And she said well you said in the past. No no fight no win and he's at that's correct no -- always knows she said are you ready to fight these India. So there isn't a base of four countries a pace we all know. We may not be that familiar with Ukraine but we are familiar with him his brother's still the champion he's retired. And so that's it you're really brings it home when you see somebody in there that you you recognize. And they're a tough spot and the -- And you say and that was the only good part of senator Nightline did you see the opening. No I just know I write about I heard I heard -- -- -- and I was fabulous they got guys on -- they start the show with -- Obama really Obama but this guy -- players Obama looks like him he's got the speech pattern down to. And he's he's saying that they're having problems -- Ukraine. But based -- paraphrase but basically. We've got a secret weapon and outcomes Leone's. Himself not somebody playing him it was in recent Annie Annie was so good he looks at the camera and he he calls. Dolls a potent you know. Mr. Bolton. Blog he said though I'm your worst nightmare I have a I have a special set of skills and the use all the language from his movies at eight. It was really really good now the rest of the show could have been written by a chimpanzee. It. That's you know us live -- always been like that you know when you -- the compilations and stuff he realized that if -- a ninety minute show. Like they do I'm guessing not more than 57 or eight minutes is really funny the -- -- the rest of his Phillip matier so the opening was. Idealist and then. And he he shows Obama as a tougher guy over and these in and they show they put Obama's face on a guy wrestling a lion. And then they put Obama's face on his arm wrestling a biker. And it's written it was really funny and edits available on line and get on Google -- YouTube -- our go to YouTube and -- there. But it was a great opening but the show. -- It's seriously as well wells unfunny shows -- -- except for the opening stuff that was very very good. Are let's say have a giveaway here who would like to see the buffalo bandits vs Colorado mammoth. So -- Saturday march 15 this Saturday at 730 call now six to a four minutes of random caller went. General content rules apply obviously hard getting high scoring action I don't know buffalo bandits lacrosse. As they host the mammoth on Saturday great seats still available. The first that are box office for congress in a box office on line Aventis dot com that's that. So check that out they won the tickets we gave way last week they won. So that's and I come from behind to win today at right. Guests. Beat tiger down by one. Corn and I think the fourth in they came back in big and that was a game that they should win. People who who see the bandits who loved the bandits. And they do very well I'm very enthusiastic and they and they usually have. Equip themselves pretty nicely my neighbors -- and I'll have season tickets and think oh absolutely bonkers it's great they bring the banners to -- signed -- -- numbering a deal on offense now they don't do details -- the -- saying -- -- Out neck who's at Tony's son who is what 46. -- six I missed a couple of -- are a six he has his own computer okay. And he likes to apparently has intellectual curiosity. Is every once and a while he likes to do things on it. That maybe aren't aren't the best things that though he changed the language settings. From English to what Arabic Arabic. Oh yeah did you know how to change it back to English no I went on her and I could not figure anything out I'm. It's not Arabic so Mel had come from across the street and help you inch luckily she knows exactly where the these are signs in -- that means an audit. It's issues able -- -- that I -- left it in Arabic and and have him learn Arabic and then like when you go to Delhi he can run and gets there which he wanted to go he. -- all different kinds of foreign languages well that's good and he said he likes to read -- that's always it's yeah he loves -- -- you like three to put he did the one armed paper errors while it's reading it's exhilarating and sort articles. Right Ed if you've been following this. A a gentleman. In me and Hamburg. And I'm going to I'm gonna try to pronounce his name properly. Scott is a rouge that's that's the way I'm going to say it looks like it's a -- a polish name and every time you have a polish name. You get people like myself who try and pronounce -- the easiest way possible. And then you get regal polish people like John -- Or Roberta paw like and the lady from the parade go right -- is pricing -- old clutch they -- they don't -- -- legitimate pronunciation. And you can't figure that out from what you what. At its -- out so what is got a call him Scott is a Russia that as a Collins say that is and how to pronounce his name -- If it's not right it's not right but that's who we're talking about. And as you know he had a sign on his offense in Hamburg at the city fathers would not happy with. And that we're gonna take our look at that we come back we'll take a break now on newsreader and I'm thirty we are WB yeah. He's got a long ways since the -- swinging days of the bachelor. Remember when I was single before he had children and two children and a wife. He would -- home. And -- whipping up a batch of -- beanie casserole. At Lewis and jealous because you know everybody -- -- -- weenie -- -- -- whatever they want it that that's a freedom we doll like right but you gotta have scared you got more stability. It's you know you have two kids a house and house and a wife. And now what did you -- and -- made stuffed chicken breast and -- crab stuffed. Chicken breasts stuffed with crab grass now a check into a crab in real life hardly ever meet now they don't and they don't run into each other don't hang out what makes what makes you think if my chickens that game that crab over there is some day. It's going to be stopped in my breast and somebody's gonna eat it. I mean here you've you've taken a dangerous path here combining things that don't necessarily again usually. Like to try new things to him that's a good good winter -- a quarter. Tomato soup and a -- she's real real cheese right not liquid -- real cheese and tomato stupid and with some crackers and so I wanna try making a group she's with some fancy. Because spicy -- -- -- -- you -- the new congress. I do all sort of -- my wife and I kind of split that that's good whichever one now feels like mechanism that I mind cooking. But I hate the cleanup part. At I hate before I got married an identical -- -- I would never cook anything that required a lot of pots and hands I wanted to minimal. And as I'm making it I'm cleaning the pans out he's just got through use I do so that when you sit down at the table. You can enjoy the meal without looking over there are on now now I gotta do that. So I've been that would be if we didn't have we have totally disposable -- the man that I might not -- you just -- the cleanup zones that's when the coach he can do well that's nice Michigan as a team thing going there and this week I'm gonna try and know you're gonna want more for dinner for -- beef cabbage. The clock FaceBook Google lightly while my real view of the armed Marine -- leaving the average of the new web site. Thank you very much -- doubt -- Hamburg. Once that a wild things happen in Hamburg that you got to ago Monica -- is going -- Boston. Of their for four years -- went through the West Coast and Texas and came back and went back here in the living room for your -- -- the -- through whatever all the time. And that mr. Larry the flaming heterosexual hairdresser. Has the shop there in in Hamburg and I used to get -- -- them. But everywhere it's probably they do things that you kind of scratch your head. And one of them was remember the garbage bag thing that they didn't want to allow anybody to put out a garbage bag that you could see through. Or the other way around the -- have a way around they want -- one currency through. And that's on the bottom line is they got in this big garbage war between the village in the town and and that was fought for a a while and now we got this. We got a person. -- -- -- -- -- Who is. Who is not in favor of New York saved back as we aren't most of us around here or not. And he decides to put up a sign on his own property on his fans. NY is not for sale is not proceed is not safe SA FE stop -- Preserve your rights. And it's it's it's neat site it's on his it's on offense and some small repeal. A New York -- signs there isn't it is certainly isn't outlandish and it's not. Ridiculous is not distracting it's something you would see and then -- -- and you don't but it's it's the remind you about the New -- a fact. Well a city fathers were not happy about it and now there in the dispute and is going to court the first two huge town justices recused themselves. Of a possible conflict of interest so it's gonna go to a another court. Probably somewhere in near Hamburg but we don't know where it's going. A so this is the WV every article I'm working went. Hamburg it went in Hamburg court or man is up on charges because of an anti safe act. -- he hung on his fans. Scott -- the Rocha is accused of a village code violation for large banner on the fence and so park avenue property. In November he had a similar size similar and the one that though we have Euro webpage. That he says was also related to gun control in the -- back and said sheriff Howard fighting for your rights. Which is a good thing physique as mr. is -- -- -- being told in November that the side was -- in January. He served a violation -- take it down only after the Tom board majority flip to Democrats. Well what a surprise. When the media when you know he puts up a -- criticizing Andrew Cuomo who happens to me -- me scratch my head a Democrat. Then the people who are Democrats in power in Hamburg decide to. He can't have the sign up their. This is a First Amendment issue he said these our fences with cameras there are fences with commercial messages all over town and he's right. He's right it is First Amendment and it's free speech we are certainly know that I'm surprised that amber doesn't recognize that. And any justice worth their salt is gonna sing and -- free speech. So now if we get to the point where. We go only allow things that we agree away at -- in Europe our Europe powerful position at least four of the town village and city we're here. Talking about then it's right you've got to understand it's not right we can't be in favor of free speech unless we don't agree with that that doesn't that that doesn't work at all. -- open the the scope was there helping amount. And where hoping that as he is that it gets dismissed thrown out of court I think that. That that well because I don't think you can stand on its own it is a basic free speech issue. It's not like it's neon -- arrows pointing -- amendment you know it's got nothing to do with anything. Distracting. It's it's a neat signs it looks like a professionally made sign so. I'm asking have you ever put a sign up on your lawn for anything. And would you like to put a sign up I'll tell you -- -- we'll try it out on the air give me a verbal signs that you would like to put up on the law. Something you like to say and let all your neighbors and friends who drive via walk by. I know how you feel they don't realize Israel wanted to under 616926. Star nine.

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